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A women walks into a trap, but it's not quite what it seems.

Charles tried it once, and hated every moment. No safe word could save him, he got what I get almost every week. So if you mis-behave, you think about that." She then whispered into my ear, "Uncle Paul once did a guest shot as a Discipline Psychologist, and caned me. He joked and said it was for bad behaviour off set. But it was real, that's when I asked, begged for a slave to be here. Now please me."

I don't need to get into the mechanics of all the sex that was involved. Some of those sex films from the 80's and 90's when I was young, so mechanical, just different position hump hump hump. She is not an Ancient like me, but she didn't tire of it all. Eventually she relaxed and the robot gave he a sedative. Lunch hour was an hour and a half long before Dianna came out of her dressing room refreshed, in a new costume, and butt still red. I was untied but confined to the dressing room, and a full platter of some very nice food on the tray in the corner of her room, including some real coke-a-cola 1950's blend, no cocaine, darn!

I didn't notice the shooting that went by nor was that Dianna and her Posse on their ways back to the dressing rooms. I was caught red handed like, .... a naughty slave boy. I ate all the sandwiches off the platter except the blue egg-salad sandwiches. Four bottles of coke, half a chocolate cake, fourteen chocolate cookies, and was reading a fan magazine while listening to Dianna's ear candy.

"Opps," was about all I could think of saying before they rushed me. I was carried into the recovery room, the table bowed up to present my ass, and that was it, a very painful punishment. Every dream about being spanked by several women, forget it, it's a nightmare.

Nino Patton, Mistress Dianna's personal secretary, opened a cabinet and passed out leather paddles. Sonny the hairdresser was the first to paddle me very low on the bottom. Rota Shickelgrouber the Gofore was ordered to fetch more food and had to leave. Buddy while happy to get a better look at my privates since the girls were getting pissed off at guys in general. The process of my spanking stopped when the first signs of blood started. That left Buddy, oh dear for Buddy as he ran out of the room.

"This isn't over," Dianna warned me, before she left the room and the robot medic applied a healing lamp on my throbbing ass.

Sometime later Ice Yellowknife the head costumer came in and started applying something thick and gooey on my sore bottom. She warned me to keep still and look forward as she kept putting it on. Finally I felt a tongue on my ass. Ice had taken her favourite meal, blue egg salad sandwiches and smeared the contents on my ass. It got very arousing as her sandy tongue worked its way up the crack of my ass and poked at my asshole.

"This taste interesting," she purred, "my body is so different to you humans. I wonder, some humans I can eat their waist products. What do you taste like?" She stroked my cock and her claws touched my balls.

"You want to taste my cum," I asked her.

"No," she lightly bit my bum, "I want a sample of your shit stupid. Ancient shit, taste great on raw meat. You have lots to learn."

"What are you two talking about," said Mistress Dianna as she walked in on the conversation.

"I was explaining the differences in our bodies to your slave," Ice told her as she finished the last blue bits on my sore ass.

"She says she want to taste my shit," I whined, "I'm not into that kind of stuff."

"Too bad," snapped Dianna, then to Ice. "Maybe we should have you over for an evening. We'll put Al into his diapers and after he shits himself you can take his soiled diaper some place private and taste it."

"Maybe you could strip me," she purred and leaned against me. Her body felt so erotic as she purred. "Punish me, and make me taste his dirt hole for you. Especially after your husband has buggered him. I think he likes that, being buggered," she stroked my cock.

"I'll discuss it with my husband," Mistress Dianna cooed back at her.

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