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Son becomes the centre of her lustful feelings.

Her gyrating pussy smeared joy juice all over my face. She was pressing my face into her pulsating gash so hard it was becoming difficult to breathe.

Finally the intensity of her orgasm began to subside. Leaning against the wall Joy gathered her strength; as her breathing returned to normal. With her hands no longer holding me against her pussy; I raised my cunt cream covered face; looking around.

Since I was no longer occupied with devouring Joy's delectable jelly roll; my thoughts returned to what Cynthia was doing. Looking to my left; I saw Cynthia slumped in an armchair; head lolling to the side; tongue licking moist pink lips; blue eyes glazed. Her legs were hooked over each arm of the chair; clearly revealing her wide open shaved pussy. Three fingers of one hand delved in and out of her inflamed gash; while the thumb strummed her clit. Cynthia's love juice glistened on her crotch; pooling on the leather of the armchair. The other hand kneaded the flesh of her big tit; while the fingers ruthlessly pinched the taut pink nipple. Soft moans of joy came from her mouth; as Cynthia lost herself in the pleasure of the moment.

Cynthia was quickly forgotten, when Joy exclaimed, "You've really got me fucking hot now! I'm ready for you to slam that fucking big white cock into my hot black cunt! Split me wide open! I want to feel it all the way up to my belly button. I want it hard, hot, and fast! I'm not one of those simpering white virgin cunts that want to play coy games! I want to get fucked now; so let's get to it!" Joy demanded, tugging on the slippery lips of her labia with her fingers, until her pussy was wide open.

Joy's hot talk had made me forget Cynthia. With my attention riveted on Joy, I rapidly moved to a kneeling position on the seat of the Wheelchair. This placed the head of my bobbing erection at the entrance to Joy's wide open hole. With Joy's fingers holding the lips of her pussy apart; I inserted the purplish helmet inside her juicy snatch. When she released her labia lips; I could almost hear them snap shut; as they gripped the head of my shaft. Kneeling there, I was mesmerized by the sight of my white spear penetrating Joy's smooth brown crotch. The sight was so erotic I thought I might shoot my load right then. However, I had already climaxed three times so far that evening; so I knew I would be able to hold out until I had satisfied this wild black bitch.

"What the hell is wrong?" Joy demanded; gripping my white cock with her brown red nailed fingers. "Don't just kneel there with a stunned look on your face. Slam that big cock in me." She ordered; pulling on the shaft.

With Joy's lusty encouragement and Cynthia watching; I knew this was going to be a very hot fuck session. Leaning forward; I hunched my pelvis forward; driving my rigid pole into Joy's honey hole. I did not stop until I had buried my lance up to the balls inside her quivering quim. When I felt my nuts caress Joy's ass, I knew I was completely buried in her love tunnel. Giving a grunt of satisfaction; I ground my pelvic bone hard against her pussy.

As Joy thrust her crotch back against me; she let out a gasp, squealing, "Right on! That's exactly what I wanted! Your big fuck pole has completely filled me. I've never been stuffed so full in my life." Wrapping her legs around my waist; Joy used her feet to force me against her; instructing me as to what she wanted, saying, "I just want to hold you inside me for a few minutes; until I get accustomed to the way your big cock stretches my cunt. Then I want you to start pounding my cunt with long, hard strokes."

While we held each other; I sought out Joy's lips with mine.

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