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A father and daughter grow close.

It was a quick decision that she would only allow herself to orgasm once she finished all that she had to do before going home. As such, Kim could enjoy increasing and decreasing the vibration in her vagina based on her wants. Kim softly smiled with pleasure, placed the remote on her desk beside her keyboard and turned to dig into her obligations.

Kim was enjoying the private vibrator session as she read through the client contract proposal - really, it gave the task a whole new dimension. She was redlining the document as she went and was making great progress. Just then, she realized someone was standing in her office doorway and it startled her! Kim jumped and her colleague Rob apologized for startling her as he laughed at her reaction! She was laughing too and immediately realized that she had a vibrator in her vagina, and it wasn't necessarily discrete.

Rob asked, "Kim, I saw you and I were the only ones pulling double-duty on a lonely Friday night, which might I add should be illegal, and I wondered if I could buy you dinner and have it brought in for the both of us?" Rob was a colleague whom everyone liked. He was fit, fun, energetic, educated, and what always seemed to be in motion - thinking, meeting with clients and delivering on the firm's expectations. Kim always thought Rob was out of her league, but she saw no reason to not enjoy his presence.

As he asked Kim about dinner, he picked up her stress ball from her desk and walked around to her wall of windows overlooking the capitol and continued to carry the conversation - sharing that he just got in from Dallas and decided he would stop at the office to bang out a couple of reports before heading home. "I don't know about you, but if I went home on a Friday night with the intention of working, I would simply fuck off and not get anything done," Rob said with a light-hearted chuckle. Kim laughed with him and confirmed that's precisely why she was still at the office. All the while, Kim was reaching for a folder so she could put it over the sex egg remote.

Too late, Rob noted the sex egg remote and walked over to Kim's desk as she was just getting that folder and as he was reaching to pick it up asked, "What's this cool little device?" Visually, he was following the thin little wire that Kim knew was attached to the vibrating sex egg hidden deep into her pussy and instantly panicked. She thought, "Oh fuck, what am I going to do now?"

Kim assertively looked at Rob and said, "Please don't touch that - it's something personal."

The smile on Rob's face was full of excitement, as he had a good idea what the remote may have been attached to, and he wanted Kim to be completely comfortable with him, as he had often admired her as a colleague and fantasized about her during his occasional private time.

Rob leaned on Kim's desk next to her, and Kim could feel herself uncontrollably blushing. All the while, Kim was enraged with herself for doing something so dumb in her office! Though she trolled the premises to ensure it was vacant, she became so focused in her work and the vibration between her legs that she clearly missed the sound of Rob entering through the loud, glass and brass lobby doors. Rob so badly wanted to comfort Kim and he considered that maybe this could be his chance to enjoy her on a completely different level. So, Rob being larger than life, and always going after what he wants, decided to put all cards on the table and said, "Kim - we're mature, middle-age adults and I will level with you and share that I have long thought you are THE sexiest woman in our office.

We've been in meetings and I have become aroused by just looking at you.

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