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You finally meet after cybering for two years.

" Bif suggested.

"Yeah, lets take her into the back room." Jif added.

Bif took out a set of keys from his pocket and started undoing the locks around Slave 34's wrists. He unlocked both of her wrist shackles, and her arms fell down limply. Her wrists were red and irritated, and felt so good to be released.

Next, Bif unlocked her ankles, and he and his brother picked up her limp, weak body and started carrying her into the back room of the dungeon.

The two boys carried the tired, feeble slave into a small room, which contained only a stool and a table. They sat her down on the stool, and the slave rubbed her wrists achingly. She sat there on the stool, her thighs spread apart, as the two boys stripped down completely naked.

She looked up at the two boys. At first she thought she might be seeing double, afterall she was very weak from days without proper nourishment. The two boys were identical, and both sported identical hardons as they prepared to have some fun with their new found toy.

Jif ran his fingers through the slave's silky, white hair and admired her pretty face, while Bif was squatting down now, caressing her toned, smooth calves. "I don't think I've ever seen someone as gorgeous as this." One of them said. She didn't know which, or even understood what they said for that matter.

The two boys each sat down on one of her thighs, straddling her leg, both of them facing her. With the two boys sitting in her lap, their stiff cocks pointed right at her, they each leaned forward, holding one of her enormous tits in both hands.

She felt both mouths press up against each of her nipples, and the two boys began sucking each of her swollen nipples. Her breasts tingled slightly, and as they nursed her, her nipples filled their mouths with warm, sweet milk.

Bif and Jif nursed her tits, holding them in both their hands. They drank down her sweet milk as they pressed their faces into her gorgeous tits, and their cocks only swelled up further, aching and dripping clear precum down onto her thighs.

"Oh my God, she is absolutely delicious!" One of the boys exclaimed.

She reached down, and in each hand, she grabbed ahold of a cock. The slave wrapped her fingers around each of their stiff, horny fuckrods, giving each a firm squeeze.

Bif and Jif both moaned deeply into her tits as their cocks got squeezed, and she felt some of her milk dripping down her tits while they squeezed her jugs, milking her. Their tongues lapped against her breasts, slurping up some of the drips.

She started stroking her hands up and down each of their stiff pricks, jerking each of the two boys off at the same time. Her thighs were spread apart with each boy sitting on one leg, which also opened her pussy up to be exposed. As a slight breeze blew by, it tingled her cunt and she realized just how dripping wet she was becoming.

"Ohhh mommy, you taste so good!" Jif moaned into the slave's tit as he sucked and nursed her, rubbing his hips back and forth, fucking his dick in her hand.

Bif was also whimpering with joy as he nursed on her other tit like a little baby. His hips also rubbed back and forth, pushing his aching cock into her hand while she jerked him off.

Slave 34 arched her back, pressing both of her huge, bulging melons against each of the boy's faces. Their constant nursing had really turned her on, and her pussy was dripping down onto the stool like a faucet. The thought of escaping lingered in the back of her mind, but all she could think about was getting one of those stiff pricks inside of cunt... or both!

Her hands were pumping up and down each rock-hard prick quickly, when she heard each of the boys moan in unison, and each of the cocks exploded, splattering her tight stomach with jizz.

The boys each pumped out their load, streaking her stomach with cum blasts, and dribbling the last of their loads down onto her thighs.

"Oh my God, that felt sooo good!" They both said in stereo.

But they wanted more, too.

"I want to fuck her." Jif said.

"Ok, I'll have her blow me." Bif said in return.

The slave was

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