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Jennifer gets laid, and responds to mastery

The pretence of distraction had been that she was reading a book. This time she hoped it looked like two women lost in conversation. She felt the hem fall back, to reveal stocking tops, on the leg balancing at the edge of the sofa.

The marvellous tingling up her spine, was way out of proportion with the sensation of silk running over her leg.

The two men didn't know which way to turn. Sitting opposite them were two sexy women, oblivious to where they were, or what was going on around them. The two women were enthralled with each others' girly gossip. The men were tensely watching every move, yet trying to be inconspicuous.

"Please Barbara, stop this now. It's degrading," Suzanne complained.

"You will do as you are told, naughty slutty girl," Barbara taunted her. It was a surprise that Suzanne continued with the pretence, indicating something else was keeping her going, as well as the threat of divulging her sordid little secret.

"You are feeling aroused, aren't you! You are a bit of a slut after all," Barbara laughed. Watching her friend's face turn from pale white to puce was a treat. She had guessed correctly. "Your panties are soaking wet, isn't that right, slut," Barbara stated.

"Don't shout, please," Suzanne warned her. Their voices weren't raised, it just felt like it, from such an intimate detail being broadcast in a public place.

Barbara sat back with a smug look on her face. It hadn't been denied. Both women were looking at each other, now genuinely engrossed in their duel of wills. Suzanne had little chance. Her eyes were kept locked with her friend, unable to look away. It was as though the older woman knew everything, yet she hadn't a clue why this was happening to her.

Barbara leaned forward to whisper something in her friend's ear. "You're a naughty little slut, and I've caught you out. You enjoy being a dirty slut," she whispered.

With one hand she held onto the hem, and with the other gave Suzanne a playful push, not caring if it looked like an accident or not. Suzanne lost her balance, and slid to the edge of the slippery leather sofa. She gave an added shove, with the hand holding onto the hem.

"Whoops!" Barbara loudly declared, to the whole coffee shop. The guys sitting opposite got an eye-full of Suzanne, on her back on the floor, with legs spread. A line of waiting customers turned their heads in unison. They all watched the poor woman trying valiantly to pull her dress down. The white panties were on view to all and sundry.

Her friend waded in to help, though purposely getting in the way. Barbara seemed desperate to cover her friend's embarrassment, and leaned over to help her up. Her stockings and suspenders were revealed to the two guys ogling the spectacle. Her dress was crinkled up from where she had been sitting on it, revealing all, when inelegantly bending over.

Obviously she hadn't meant to flaunt her body, it was an inadvertent mishap, while helping her friend. Or, so they thought. Their elbows nudged each other, but they didn't look away from the show. Barbara's perfect smooth cheeks were on display, framed by suspender belts and stocking tops. The panties were creased between her cheeks, tantalisingly revealing one rounded cheek completely.

Barbara manoeuvred her friend over so she could get up on hands and knees. She made a fuss of pulling the dress down, while revealing her own backside. Barbara looked suitably flustered, and Suzanne was beetroot red, brightly flashing an obvious state of embarrassment.

They left the coffee shop in a hurry, with everyone silently staring at them. It didn't suit Barbara for them to start applauding the show. She needed to keep her friend relatively quiet, fearing too much attention would have her rebelling. She found the game so exciting, she planned on playing it again.

It wasn't until the first bottle of wine had been killed off that Suzanne relented.

"Yes, alright, I give in.

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