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She becomes addicted to the fit of his cock.

Looking up and catching his gaze Wendy smiled but said nothing, and Colin looked hastily way, his heart pounding and his penis throbbing in unison with it.

They drank coffee in awkward silence, Colin striving to stop his hands trembling.

As if to break the silence Wendy said, "I told you I'm making some changes around here and I've had a spa bath installed, it was only finished yesterday, would you like to see it?"

Colin's interest was far away from a spa or any other sort of bath but seeing Wendy's enthusiasm for her new acquisition, and out of politeness, he said yes, he would like to see it.

Since he had spent a lot of time in the house and sometimes stayed over night, Colin was well acquainted with the bathroom as it had been. On entering the bathroom he was amazed at the transformation. The old bath and the bathroom fittings had gone and in their place was a magnificent in-floor oyster shaped spa bath.

Despite his other distractions Colin gasped enthusiastically, "It's terrific."

"You like it then," Wendy said, obviously pleased with his response.

"Yes...yes," Colin said, "it looks really is great, I wish we had one at home."

"Like to try it?" Wendy asked.

"Mmm, yes," Colin replied. "You know, I've never had a spa bath."

"Well now is your chance," Wendy said cheerily, "and I'll join you. I got a bit grimy sorting out that rubbish in the spare room."

That brought Colin up with jolt. He had thought that the invitation was for him alone to use the spa. " haven't got anything to wear if we're both going to..."

Wendy laughed and said, "Don't be so silly, you don't take a bath in your clothes; keep your underpants on if you have to wear something, but I'm not bothered."

As if to reinforce her point Wendy turned on the spa and as it started to fill she took off her dress and throwing it aside she stood before Colin wearing only her panties and a roguish grin, and then she slowly took off her panties and kicked them to one side.

Colin was dumbfounded; he had often fantasised Wendy naked, and now with incredible equanimity she had stripped in front of him. She was all he had fantasised and more, with the swell of her hips, pink tipped breasts and the little triangle of pubic hair at her groin. He stood staring at her, unspeaking, unmoving.

She looked at him coolly and said, "Well, are you going to undress?"

Colin hesitated because it wasn't only the undressing that troubled him, but the fact that Wendy would see his out of control erection.

As if enough had been said Wendy stepped into the spa, and after fiddling with some gadgets the water began to bubble and swirl. She sat, her arms resting along the edge of the spa, the tops of her breasts showing just above the water. "If you're worried about stripping in front of me I won't look," she said playfully, and closed her eyes.

With sudden resolve Colin quickly undressed and joined Wendy in the water, adopting the same arm resting pose as Wendy. At least his erection would be hidden beneath the rippling water.

Sensing that he had joined her Wendy opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Colin found the swirling and bubbling of the water relaxing, but it did nothing to reduce his pulsating manhood, on the contrary it seemed to make it worse.

"You know Colin," Wendy said, "I've always been fond of you, very fond."

"'m very fond of you too," Colin responded.

"Mmm, yes, I've seen how fond you are of me," Wendy said, her mischievous eyes looking directly at Colin.


Wendy gave a soft laugh and moving so that her shoulder was touching his she said, "You don't think I haven't noticed do you?"


"Colin darling, what you've got can't be hidden, I've seen that big bulge in your groin lots of times, you naughty boy."

"I...I'm sorry Wendy, it just...I can't help it, I..."

"It's all right darling," Wendy said, I don't mind you being naughty about me, it's rather flattering; I feel a bit naughty myself at

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