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"Can I try something," Michelle said from the other side of the room, where she was supposed to be working on the other experiment. The teacher nodded and Susan's nemesis came over and picked up the sliced jalape__o from the table. She took the two halves and approached Susan with a smile. Reaching down between the bound girl's legs, Michelle rubbed the pepper against Susan's sensitive clit. Susan gasped and screamed but that only encouraged her tormentor who slid the sliced pepper between Susan's pussy lips. The girl felt like her whole body was on fire and she wriggled around, trying to shake the offending vegetable from her vagina. Her pussy was burning and throbbing and her body's natural urge to expel the pepper caused her to cramp.

"I don't think I even have to ask what number that one is," Michelle said as she turned and headed back to her experiment with a huge grin on her face. Susan pleaded for help, tears rolling down her face. A couple of the students looked at each other uncomfortably, and, concerned asked about whether the pepper was causing any serious damage.

"Jalapenos are actually one of the milder peppers," he said. "Only around 3500-5000 on the Scoville scale, which is what is used to measure the hotness of a pepper. Maybe we will try a Haberno next time." Susan did not like the idea of there being a next time as the fire in her pussy was unbearable. "Why don't one of you fish that out," O'Gill said to the boys standing hear Susan and the girl felt a pair of fingers reaching up inside her and digging the offending peppers out of her slit. Even though the peppers were gone, their offending oil was still burning her from the inside out and Susan thought she might prefer the Bunsen burner in her vagina over this pain.

"Now, use this," the teacher said, handing over a small bowl of liquid. "It is a dairy-based creme. Dairy works best for numbing capsaicin, the chemical responsible for the burn of a pepper. I thought about using the ice cream, but not really a good idea to use that inside a girl, despite what the movies might have you believe." The boy rubbed the creme against Susan's pussy lips and fingered her with it as well. The girl moaned a little at the touch as he rubbed the creme into her crotch. The creme cooled her almost instantly and she wanted the boy to stop before he started to turn her on.

"Y'all can continue to play," the teacher added. "I need to see how our next experiment is going." He walked over to the lab table where the group of students had been working. "So, you combined the sulfuric acid and potassium nitrate, as the lab sheet recommended?" Susan was a little worried when she heard the words 'sulfuric acid' but she was trying to concentrate on the fingers inside her. The teacher continued, "And you chilled it and soaked all of the cotton in it?" A student nodded yes. "Ok, someone untie Susan and have her lie down on the lab table, please." Two students got to work releasing Susan's legs and they helped her up on the table. They untied her hands and pinned them down at her sides. A piece of rope was wrapped around her ankles to tie them to the table and another was pulled across her neck to stop her from lifting her torso. Another rope went around her waist so she was now strapped tightly to the table surface.

The group of students brought their experiment over to the lab table and the teacher directed them as they carefully placed the soaked cotton pieces in a line starting at Susan's crotch and continuing straight up between the girl's breasts.

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