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Alice is hooked into more humiliation.

'Nice, at least it is not our car!' I said to myself. Then the guy ducked low next to the car and I realised he was actually jacking off and was keeping a look out!

I decided to leave and go have my own fun, so I went down stairs. As I came to the bedroom door I saw B sitting on the bed with her eyes shut rubbing moisturiser into her arms, neck and upper chest (she was wearing a black lacy strappy top and jogging bottoms). I also saw that the window was open and the wind had blown the curtains apart. I instantly knew what the guy was getting off on, B was looking very hot. The first thought that went through my head was anger at the guy but I then got really turned on and wanted to see how I could make things hotter. I grabbed my Bluetooth camera and laptop from our home office and quietly rushed upstairs to install the camera on the window. I knew B would never believe me later without proof! Getting back downstairs I put the laptop just inside the bedroom on the floor so only I could see the screen and started recording. I could see the guy on the screen hesitate as he saw me come in the room but he stayed where he was.

I offered to give B a back rub with her moisturiser she nodded drunkenly so I climbed on the bed behind her. I began massaging her neck and she leaned her head back and sighed. I moved my hands to her shoulders and slowly down her sides. I was so turned on by what I was about to do my hands were shaking. B was almost passed out with all the shots she'd had and I could now see about five other guys were in the car park and obviously looking up too. I moved my hands over onto B's boobs and slowly massaged them until her nipples felt firm and stuck out beneath the thin lace of her top. I slid my left hand up to her top strap and slowly pulled it down whilst slipping my right hand beneath B's top onto her left breast. Her nipple felt amazing as I pinched it, even though she was out of it her body was still responding to what I was doing.

I could see the guys on the webcam were all rubbing themselves and at least one had his phone out. 'If I stop now I hadn't done anything but tease a few drunks' I thought. But I was so turned on right then so I grabbed the right strap of her top and pulled that down too. B's boobs were now only covered by her top because her nipples were so hard, so I slid my hands onto B's boobs and her top fell down. Now it was just my hands shielding her boobs from view. I rubbed her nipples a little and moved my left hand down to the flat of her stomach. Now the guys in the car park could see just how perfect B's 36D boobs were. I kissed B on the neck, 'Umm' she mumbled. She leaned her head so I could reach more of her neck. Whilst I was kissing her I moved my right hand to her stomach and circled both my hands there.

I could just hear a wolf whistle from out the back and as I imagined what they saw I was very excited and surprised that I wanted them to see much more, so I decided to change positions a little. Firstly I got off the bed leaving B propped up against the wall. I then turned on a small lamp which was by the window, this lit the bed and B up amazingly so the view from outside could not have been better.

Going back to where I was behind B, I propped her legs on the side of the bed so they were wide apart and I slowly slid my left hand under the waist band of her jogging bottoms. Pushing down I could feel her smooth shaven pussy under my hand and as I began to rub her lips she responded with a low moan. B was actually very wet as I found when my finger just slipped inside her, this caused her to moan very loudly and arch her back. First just one finger then two, (this is usually her limit, but tonight I had other plans). As I pushed a third finger inside B's tight pussy her breathing became very rapid and she started to grind on my hand.

The faster I fingered her, the louder she moaned 'Fuck me harder!' It was obvious our audience could hear he

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