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Carmen has deju vu when she's around Jacy.

" Although he had indeed inserted toys or his fingers within her rear passage, he had never actually taken her. With how good the stimulation he'd given her before could be, she didn't doubt that being taken by one such as him could be a very pleasurable experience. She'd received several men that way, and although Zande was very endowed, she still tingled pleasurably at the thought of having him back there and stimulating her through a venue that generally was only accessible to men.

"You are certain of that?" he asked in mild surprise.

"You've inserted plenty of things up there," she shot back playfully. "Besides, my pussy is a bit sore from your roughness. Would it be too much to ask for that opening to have a bit of reprieve?"

He stroked his tentacles wonderingly, much like an old man might stroke his beard. She'd seen it before as Zande weighed various decisions.

"If that is what you want," he finally said. "I will admit, I am curious to see how you will react."

She grinned at that. "There is no doubt I am a woman, but I enjoy things much the way a man does..." She looked down a bit shyly at that. There were some who considered that route to intercourse, or even simple pleasure, to be vulgar or dirty. The followers of Kada though, had a more open philosophy and their priests and priestesses were trained and tested in various forms of pleasure.

In that sort of environment, its followers were quick to learn their own sexual proclivities and talents, and explore or develop them suitably. Leneivi was not unique in enjoying pleasure as it was traditionally done between men and women, but she also sometimes enjoyed double penetration, or a man using both of her orifices, one after the other. Her response to prostate stimulation was as strong as any man's.

He caressed her stomach and thighs with his fingerpads, and she shifted around a bit, her mostly-soft cock resting against her lower abdomen, still tingling faintly. When he started to roll her over, she offered no resistance, and she found herself on her chest and knees, one of his hands holding onto her hip to keep her rear end elevated.

She felt the firm throb of the pulse within her neck and temples as two fingers trailed along her leaking pussy, gathering moisture to rub along her sphincter.

A soft gasp escaped her throat as he commenced to rub the puckered opening, a slick digit working its way in before being joined by another. Her cock started to twitch to life as the fingers slid in further, sliding against her prostate. She arched and moaned, imagining what it would feel like to have him take her in that way.

Pulling her so that her lower stomach was now resting in his lap, he moistened the fingers on his other hand, sliding two of them into her and massaging the straining opening.

"Zande..." she groaned, feeling him open up her most private part. Four fingers now hooked into her, two from either side before a tentacle worked its way inside, massaging her prostate in an expertness that came from long practice and intimacy. She whined out his name again, her cock coming to full hardness and hanging just centimeters above his thigh. She moved her hips a bit to the left, and felt her penis come in contact with his own organ, pressing upward, making its intent clear as he continued to massage and stretch her out.

"Fuck me already!" she gasped. He laughed at that before he slid out his fingers and tentacle. For several moments, she felt bereft, almost empty as she clenched onto thin air before closing. With a gentle push against her hip, she was directed to lay at her side while he positioned himself over her.

He lifted her knee with one hand, and shifted around so that his cock nudged at her. She looked up at him, shivering in anticipation, her own organ nearly as hard as his own.

She glanced up at his face, framed between her knees as she felt it press at her again, pushing against the slickness left behind from his fingers.

Her hand reached down to grasp her organ, feeling her sphincter involuntarily resist

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