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An upscale hotel led to an upscale experence.

Calm, assured.


"Good." Miranda felt the tension in John's body relax at this understanding. She paused in this moment of triumph - and then threw all her remaining strength into three - mighty! - slaps to his limp cock and balls.

His howls was heaven to hear as he fell to the floor. Not pausing, Miranda got up, straightened her skirt and took three steps in front of his prostrated naked body, then put her left foot forward. On all fours, John gazed up at Miranda, his resistance was gone, his body buzzing with pain and humiliation. He now looked to Miranda as his undisputed master, the only one who would relieve him of this pain.

Raising an eyebrow but remaining silent, Miranda stood above him, eyes fixed upon his.

Without any further command, John crawled forward and kissed her shoe. John's pounding head was awry with confusion. This was a woman, how could he reduce himself to this before her? And yet it felt so natural, on all fours, worshiping her feet.

Miranda felt liberated. How did she allow a boy to ever treat her with derision? It was so easy to bring them to their knees. Obviously their natural state. She pranced a few steps further away before turning and presenting her other foot. John crawled to her and fell over himself passionately kissing her shoe.

This continued a while until Miranda's phone bleeped. She was now six rooms behind her cleaning schedule. A terrible feeling overcame her. How could she possibly go back to such service after proving capable of such feats? Looking at John, no longer with apprehension, but with complete contempt, she grabbed his ear and dragged him into the hotel corridor. He came with her like a pathetic dog.

"Rooms have to be cleaned! And you're going to do it!"

John was dumbstruck. He was a businessman destined for riches. How had he got to this situation?

"No." He said, the pain of Miranda's beating now subsided, John regained his composure, this was a joke, the hangover had got him into this, and he would now get himself out of it.

"I'm going to the conference and you can fuck off."

Miranda didn't hesitate. Her foot smashed hard into his cock, bringing him to the corridor floor instantly.

"You seem to be forgetting about the pictures." Miranda stated calmly as she proceeded to take the cleaning products and throw them in front of them.

"You will do this for me or else I will destroy you." Complete confidence flowed through Miranda's words. She was no longer afraid of this dick, he would be made to submit.

At this point both Miranda and John were startled to hear a cry.


John's mighty cock shrivelled up in terror. Laura and Michelle were marching down the corridor! Laura's face a vision of fury, Michelle already laughing uncontrollably. John was paralysed on all fours. Ideas raced through his blurred mind, some sort of reasoning, some excuse...nothing. He whimpered as Laura and Michelle stopped above him, looking down with pure wrath.

"You represent Osiris investments." Laura said coolly, standing above the pathetic, naked John. His arse glowing red.

"And here you are, 20 minutes before the conference, IN THIS STATE." At this point Michelle was bent over cackling at the sight of the man who considered himself the 'alpha male of the office', his arse bent up after clearly being spanked, surrounded by cleaning products on the floor.

"Perhaps I can explain?" said Miranda quietly.

John looked up to her with sheer relief. She would explain this all away, as surely she'd be in trouble if the truth was ever to be found out.

With a merciless glance at John, Miranda turned to Laura.

"My name is Miranda, I'm afraid I found this...'man' completely starkers licking my cleaning products, when I confronted him, he got on his knees and begged to be left to it, clearly its some sordid fantasy.."

"BOLLOCKS!" Cried John. But the three overbearing ladies just looked at him with scorn.

"So how do you explain this John?" said Laura, hands on hips, leaning into John, displaying a glimpse of her glorious cleavage.


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