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A mother takes the cherry of her son's friend.

Watching this, Bobbi began squeezing her legs together, reaching down to press my hand tightly against her crotch. I pulled her to me for a deep kiss, then pulled her polo shirt up and off. As I kissed her again, I reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She shrugged it off. Completely naked now, she leaned back against me so I could bring my hands around to cover her breasts, then twisted her head on my shoulder so I could lean down and kiss her. I did. I rubbed my palms in light circles over her nipples until they were hard, then moved my attention to the rest of her breasts. Avoiding her nipples, I ran the tips of my fingers over her breasts, tracing circular patterns until she was wet with desire.

Eventually she pulled away from me, tucked her legs under her and knelt with her knees spread, sitting back on her feet. She grabbed my head in both hands to pull my mouth to her nipple. Knowing what she wanted, I nipped first at one nipple then the other. I slid my hand between her legs and found her slit with my fingers. Caressing her lightly, I nipped, kissed and licked her breasts, stopping now and then to lick and kiss her nipples.

She reached between her legs to guide my fingers where she wanted them, pressed against her clit. Her second orgasm of the afternoon soon overtook her. Cheryl and Deb had stopped to watch us. As Bobbi came down from her high, Cheryl slid out of the booth to stand behind Bobbi, then reached around her to cup her breasts. Bobbi turned her head so Cheryl could kiss her.

Deb got up to make certain the front door was locked. While she was gone, Cheryl sat back down sliding into the corner of the booth that Deb had vacated. She looked up, over my shoulder and grinned. As Deb came around the corner of the booth, I saw why. Deb had taken her shirt and bra off. She leaned over so her large breasts hung down, begging to be caressed. I did. After a minute or so of that, Deb moved around the table and slid into the booth to cuddle with Cheryl. Cheryl slid her arm around Deb's shoulder and put her hand on Deb's breast. Deb turned her head around for Cheryl's kiss.

Bobbi leaned forward to kiss me while reaching for my belt, opening my pants and freeing my erect penis. She stroked me for a couple of minutes, then breaking our kiss, lowered her mouth to me. She took the head penis in her mouth biting down just behind the glans. After a moment of that exquisite agony, she opened her jaws and took me deeply into her throat. Bobbing her head up and down, working her tongue over my penis as she sucked, she soon had me ready to explode. Like I said, talented mouth. Without breaking her rhythm, she snaked a finger under my balls and found my anus. She pushed her finger in to the second knuckle and massaged my prostate. The sensation was indescribable. I erupted in her mouth. When she had cleaned me, she sat back down next to me, put my hand between her legs again, kissed me softly on the cheek.

We sat there in comfortable silence for a few moments, watching Cheryl play with Deb's breasts. Deb had her shorts open and Cheryl's other hand was shoved down the front.

I stroked Bobbi gently for a few minutes, until I had her wet again.

"Do me?" she asked.

"Up on the table," I said. Bobbi knew what to do. She got up, turned around and sat on the table facing me, on leg on each side of me. She leaned back on her hands and brought her knees up, spreading her legs widely.

I turned my head and kissed the inside of one knee. With gentle touches of my lips and the tip of my tongue I licked and kissed my way up the inside of her thigh until my nose brushed her pubic hair. Lifting my head, I came back to her other knee and started all over. This time when I reached her vee, I kissed the tip of her clit, then began licking her cunt lips. I licked slowly up and down her nether lips, stopping occasionally to kiss and lick the tip of her clit. She shivered and moaned as another orgasm shook her. I continued to lick her for several minutes, through two more orgasms.

When she had rest

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