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Daddy takes his foster daughter on a BDSM journey.

Then the girl was forcing in between our knees with her slim hips, shoving my drink aside with her elbow as she transposed herself between us and the bar, biting Rosie's lip, kissing her neck, trailing teeth over the white mounds of her breasts, then tearing at the laces of her corset.

Rosie wrapped her legs around the stranger, and I could feel her moan in my chest. I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt dizzy, as if this weren't real or as if I didn't have enough blood to support the hard on raging in my jeans.

Rosie made no move to stop the woman as she tore the pretty red bow that bound the corset open with her teeth. They seemed mindless of the crowd gathering as the stranger's long, pierced tongue shoved between the corset and her breast, scooping out a peachy nipple. The woman raised the breast fully free of the corset with her teeth, leaving angry red lines on its snowy perfection, making Rosie arch her back and yank the woman closer with her legs.

The stranger bit Rosie's lip, shoving her feet up onto my knees where her sharp heels dug and caught on my jeans.

The girls dropped to her knees so quickly it seemed as if she'd vanished. In the mirror above the bar, I watched her tear Rosie's tiny lace panties aside with a black-polished thumb, reaching up to twist a pale, quivering nipple with her other hand.

Rosie's pussy was rose pink and dripping nectar, her petals already parted.

The woman opened her mouth wide and set her teeth above Rosie's clit, and I felt her growl against my leg.

I vaguely saw a flash from a phone's camera as the woman bowed her head and licked slowly from Rosie's puckered asshole to her scintillating pussy, her tongue pressing hard enough to dimple the skin.

Her next lick struck down even further, raking over my throbbing dick on its way to tease Rosie's glistening clit.

Rosie swept her fingers into the stranger's hair, holding her face down to drown in delicious pussy.

The woman's hand was craning under Rosie's ass, scrabbling for my zipper. I leaned back to give her better access, noticing as I moved multiple phones trained on us.

Some people were leaving the bar. Some were recording us. Some were starting to pet themselves or each other.

But then the stranger freed my cock from my jeans and I didn't care what anyone else was doing. Her warm hands wrapped around my girth, gripping me slowly and firmly as the Rosie began to come, her juices dripping down the strangers' face, onto my cock to provide lubrication for that slow, hard stroking.

The stranger's face was wet with come when she licked a line from Rosie's pussy back to her gasping mouth, trailing teeth across her neck. She let my throbbing cock bob freely as she kissed Rosie gently, wrapping her arms around my wife's legs.

Then she lifted Rosie as easily as if she weighed nothing, turned and laid her on the bar, shoving several glasses into the floor. Rosie fanned across the rough wood counter like a goddess, her legs seeming turned to jelly, her skirt rolled up to her thighs. Her breasts were quivering as she shuddered in the wake of her orgasms, and the view was captivating

The stranger's ass was against my cock when she leaned down to kiss Rosie's mound gently, tasting it now more slowly and sweetly as she unbuttoned her shorts, let them drop, and kicked them aside. She threw a leg over mine, then the other one, mounting neatly, her face still buried in my wife's pussy.

I held on to the bar to keep us from tipping over as the stranger's wet pussy slid across my lap. I flexed my cock upright, angling my hips for the perfect...

I slid inside her, filling every millimeter of her tight cunt. She slammed her hips down and I could feel every bit of her. I groaned, and nearly lost my grip on the bar, my body hanging on in desperation as every thought in my mind was taken up by that pussy pounding savagely against me, taking me all the way with every thrust, arching her back to take me further.

Rosie came again and let he

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