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Playing lost and found and hide the shaft in Paris.

I let my hands rest on your stomach while tenderly licking your nipples. They become hard with the touch of my tongue. By now your cock is getting quite hard also and it compels me in my attempts to seduce you.

"Where did a nice woman like you learn how to do things like this?" Your tone sounds half-joking.

"You'd be surprised at what a nice woman like me can do." I figure I must take this opportunity to 'up the ante' if you will so I add, " Maybe if you continue to be good I'll let you see, or should I say experience, what else I know."

My offer proves too tempting for you and you find yourself squirming with excitement as I continue my descent down your body. Kiss after kiss I tantalize you just as you did me. I brush my lips gently all over your stomach. Your hands are cupping my breasts and lightly stroking them. When I am close to your belly button I teasingly stick my tongue in and give it a quick lick. A soft chuckle escapes you but is swiftly replaced by a much more audible moan as you feel my fingertips toying with the waistband of those sexy silk boxers.

I let my fingers glide back and forth between the waistband and your skin before taking my hands away to run them down both hips. I can't help but to take pleasure in the texture of the material. It seems such a drastic contrast that something so soft and silky could be on the body of someone so big and rugged. Once I get to the bottom of the boxers I let my hands slip inside them and creep slyly up each thigh. I don't look up when I hear the long sigh from you.

"You have no idea what you're doing to me." You sound almost breathless.

But you're wrong. I do know exactly what I'm doing to you and I'm loving every minute of it. I move my fingers higher still until they are casually grazing your balls. This time I do take a quick peek at your face and find you biting that upper lip. You don't know how sexy you look when you do that.

I can wait no longer so I hurriedly peel off your boxer shorts and toss them over the edge of the bed. I settle into position between your open legs and find myself looking right at your fully erect cock. It is extraordinary as it stands so tall and firm. The veins are protruding because of your hardness and there is already precum on the tip. I lean over this wonderful sight before me and just take in its splendor.

It's like I'm being beckoned to touch you so I take my index finger and place it in the small drop of clear dew that has formed on the head of your cock. I rub it slowly all over the tip taking my time to coat the entire area. You groan gently at my touch and it motivates me even further. I begin to run my fingers up and down the strong, stiff shaft. I can feel the heat from your body on my fingertips as I continue to tenderly skim your cock making sure to give attention to every inch of it. Your precum makes a wonderful lube and my fingers glide so smoothly over your skin.

I glimpse up to find an almost pleading look in your eyes and know at this moment you would give anything to feel my lips touch your aching member. I remove my hand from your cock while making eye contact with you and slowly I lick each finger clean of your wonderful juice.

"I can't take this torture anymore," you beg me. "I'll do whatever you want for the rest of the night if you just give me some release right now."

"I'm going to hold you to that statement." And with that I willingly oblige.

I place a tiny kiss right on the head of your cock and lick my lips to further enjoy the taste of your precum. I open my mouth slightly to allow my tongue to make slow circles all around the head. I run the tip of my tongue over your small slit several times before letting it slowly slide down the underside of your shaft all the way to the base right above your balls. Your body is reacting so strongly to me. I kiss the area between your cock and balls with a passion that is building feverishly.

I run my soft, wet lips up and down the sensitive underside numerous times before stopping back up at

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