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Our first meeting goes places we didn't expect.

" He leaned forward and said with a heated voice, "I just love to hear you scream your pleasures as you tighten around my shaft." Then he picked her up and ripped the skin suit from her body before shoving her onto the bed.

"Hey!" was all Teri managed before he landed on top her, supporting his weight on his arms above her. "This is not part of the agreement," Teri complained, before giving his chest a hard shove. He didn't budge at all. Instead the heat from his body transferred onto hers and made her feel even hotter than before. The heat in his eyes added to the sensation and she felt herself drowning in the presence of this dominant male who was so much stronger than herself, but who could still touch her so softly.

"Sure it is," Connor replied. "You said 'No sex'. You didn't say anything about touching or kissing," before bending down and massaging her breasts as he kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Stop...," she barely managed to say before his lips captured hers and he placed kiss after kiss on her lips, before stroking his tongue along her bottom lip. She shivered as her body melted to his touch. She kissed him back and stroked her hands across his shoulder.

He lifted his head. "So, how long can you last before you'll demand to be fucked again? I'll be happy to oblige you right now," he said smugly while rubbing his hardened cock slowly against her thigh.

The smugness in his tone felt like ice water in her veins and she wanted to kick herself for allowing him the upper hand once again and so easily. She could not afford to let him control her body, making her salivate just by the thought of his touch and become brainless just with a kiss from his lips. It was embarrassing to say the least that she could let herself go this easily. It had never happened before. She collected her straying thoughts again, before giving him a large shove. This time he budged and fell to the side on the bed.

"You have to do better than that," she lied to him, before quickly escaping the bed and his tempting presence. Realising her nudity, she grabbed the bedspread and draped it around her naked body.

He leaned back on his elbow, following her every movement as she wandered around the room. "Looking for something?" he asked interestedly.

"My clothes," Teri replied. "You ruined the only skin suit I liked. You could at least have brought along more of my own clothes on this kidnapping."

"I prefer to give you some new ones," he said smilingly. Stroking his hand slowly across his chest and moving it down his body. His clothes were tight against his skin and she could easily make out his muscled chest through the light-coloured shirt he wore. Glancing downwards she stared at the large bulge in front of his pants. She had tried to avoid looking directly there, knowing she would have difficulty dragging her eyes away.

The pants seemed to be tented to the utmost of their ability and it seemed they would snap any moment. That erection must be painful, Teri thought suddenly. No wonder he was so grumpy. Suddenly his hand came into view and he made a circling motion around his cock. Teri stared spellbound at his actions, and noticed the bulge growing even larger in his pants. Now he stroked directly at his cloth covering his cock and rubbed slowly up and down the hard shaft that was just waiting to be released from the tight pants.

As he stroked his hand across the large crown on the top and made a deep groan, she stopped breathing. Her tongue darted out and she licked her lips just by the thought of him loosing his pants and her taking his large member into her mouth and sucking him off. The idea of giving a male head had never given her joy before, but with this man it felt absolutely necessary. As if she could not help herself from drowning into his touch, his body, his heat.

"Want to join me?" he asked silkily before patting the bedspread beside him.

Teri just shook her head and collected the strength to turn away and to start thinking again.

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