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They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and dozing until sundown brought its daily end to the beach scene. Gathering the seaside paraphernalia, they retired to their nearby art deco hotel suites to prepare for a night on the town.


Boyd was casually dressed in a white linen shirt, lightweight khakis and sockless loafers. Fabianna sat across the table at the Ocean Drive sidewalk table. She was wearing a knockout pastel cocktail dress and stiletto heels. They were surrounded by similarly garbed revelers crowding the avenue-turned-pedestrian-way for this biggest party night of the year. The food was typically fabulous for this playground of the rich and famous.

The younger sisters had departed for their own ventures. The twins were working the crowds, distributing samples and marketing their fruity sunblocks. Fortuna had gone off to prepare for her dance in a samba parade scheduled to strut down Ocean Drive later this evening. Boyd and Fabianna relaxed over dinner, conserving their energies. It was prudent to start slow in this long evening that would stretch well past the midnight fireworks show.

A commotion up the street got their attention. Drums rattled and whistles pieced the air. The samba parade was making it slow way down the blocked off street. Boyd could see the mass of the crowd move back as the obscured bodies of a dozen samba dancers processed through it. Their costume headdresses bobbed and weaved above the crowd, marking their progress.

Eventually, the traditional regalia drew nigh and Boyd saw Fortuna amidst the action. Every part of her body was moving in time with the music. Her high heeled legs stepped and twisted, causing her nylon covered ass to wiggle adorably. Her stomach was taut and rippled as she moved. Her tits were buoyed by the jeweled bra straining to hold its jiggling payload. The feathered headdress quivered in the night air. Boyd was impressed with her skills and his cock stirred from the sensual display.

The parade passed, the waitress brought their check and Fabianna steered Boyd to a nearby nightclub and their reserved circular booth in the corner.

The drinks arrived just before the twins. They had distributed their samples and garnered a few orders. Their work for the evening was finished. Fabianna let them sit either side of Boyd who was stationed in the center of the cushioned booth. He smelled residual lime and mango on their skin.

The night was still young but the alcohol was flowing liberally. Boyd was feeling a small buzz, just enough to dull his nerves. He was laughing at the sisters' jokes and generally enjoying the nightlife. From his seat he could see a few scantily clad patrons dancing on table tops. The music was peppy and the volume subdued, not bombarding his eardrums like cheaper venues.

Through the crowd, he saw a familiar sight approaching. Fortuna had finished her dancing for the evening but she was still in costume, or as much of it as there was. She had dispensed with the headdress but retained the heels, jeweled bra and a short low-rider skirt barely covering her vulva. She walked with a bounce that jiggled everything and excitedly pranced the last distance as she spied Boyd and her sisters.

"Did you see me dance? Did you like it? Was I the best one in the crew?"

Boyd answered positive to all of her excited queries. Fortuna looked for a seat to join them in the booth but the spaces were full. Not to be denied, she crawled over the table and plopped herself in Boyd's lap. She hugged his neck and snickered as she jostled her supple boobs against his chest.

"Last but not least! I'd say I got the best seat in the house!" The others groaned but laughed. Boyd got her adjusted comfortably on his legs and the group went on drinking and partying.

Boyd was beginning to feel his liquor.

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