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Can Hannah and Donna be more than the product of their past?

Two, however, showed signs of regular inspection.

He opened them and, after examining the contents, found items he thought were relevant.

Stephanie is a brown wolf with green eyes. Her forelimbs are lighter in color, as are her ears. A dark stripe of fur runs down her spine and tail.

Lyssa is amazed at how readily the woman strips naked and changes in front of her.

"Please come with me." Stephanie gestures, and Lyssa is brought to the roof of the building, taking stairs up from the fifth floor.

There was a parapet around the edge and Stephanie led her there. On the way to a corner, they pass a couple vigorously fucking. She was astride him, bouncing up and down, her small breasts jiggling with her movements. He held her hips, caressing them.

Stephanie simply stepped around them while Lyssa gaped. She stared, mouth open.

The woman showed her teeth at Lyssa.

Stephanie took her hand. "Don't stare, you're upsetting her."

Lyssa passes by as the man reaches for his partner's breasts.

"The property has been in the family for decades, 630 acres of meadows and woodland, wonderful to run on, full of prey. The full range of the pack, however, is larger."

"Do you all live here?"

"Most do, particularly the young ones and the pups. But some have property outside of the den. They normally don't stay away long."


"No one can stand to be away from the pack for very long." A doubled howl indicates the couple has found their climax.


"Wait. What's that?" Lyssa points to a clearing, rounded, with stones set in, and dirt exposed at the center.

Stephanie looks at her, thinking. "Nothing that should concern you. Come."

Lyssa is shown the dining hall, the recreation hall, the exercise hall, the gardens. Then, around the back of the house, down the stairs and beyond heavily fortified doors is the medical ward, the nursery, and its maternity ward.

A wolf lays on her side nursing pups. "Alison had her pups two days ago." Alison bares her teeth at Lyssa.

"Are you..? Are you all born that way?"

"Not all, but the vast majority." Young children are being taught in the back corner of the nursery. Others, screaming and squealing, are chasing each other around, naked as the day they were born.

Then again, maybe not.

A small boy stops abruptly in front of them. "She smells funny. Is she a strange wolf?"

"No, Paul, this is a human."

"Oh. Why is she here?"

"Emmett brought her."

"Oh." And he changes to a wolfling, dark in color, and takes off after the others.

Stephanie takes her to the store room and collects some clothing for Lyssa then shows her to her room.

"Please do not leave the room until I come to get you for dinner. It would be unwise of you to try to walk the corridors alone."

Lyssa could imagine not. She had seen many strange things as they walked around. Large wolves fighting in one room, snarling, bleeding. Wolves chasing each other through the corridors, tumbling, and coming up fucking. People walking around, some naked, others clothed, all turning their heads to look at her, sniffing. Couples kissing and fondling one another. Children stared openly and followed them.

She'd been dropped into a hedonistic den of canids.

Joanna had helped her pick out some clothing from the store room. It was huge. Apparently they went through a lot of clothes.

She chattered almost incessantly as she went through the clothing, bringing things over to Lyssa and having her try things on, her light brown hair bouncing down aisles and into cabinets. Stephanie had spent the time frowning slightly.

Joanna was 16, and third in line for Alpha. She talked about Emmett, a lot. There was obviously an infatuation there. But she also kept talking about how happy she was that he had found her and that she hoped they would be great friends.

The clothes lay on a chair, ignored now, as she sat on the green clad single bed and debated on how much she cared about any of it.

Emmett went back to his room and stopped dead as he entered, sniffing.

[Ariel], he growls throug

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