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He accidentally falls in with them.

men did you fuck this week?"

"Four men and one woman, Daddy," I moaned as John's big cock filled my pussy.

"Oh, you have been a naughty little slut," John said as he lifted my legs to his shoulder and began to stroke in and out of my pussy.

"Yes Daddy," I cried out, "fuck me hard for it."

John slammed his cock in and out of me without mercy. I moaned with pleasure as I told my husband of the week's sexual adventures. It felt like his cock grew harder inside me the more of my slutty story I told.

I began to cry out as my orgasm overtook me. I felt John's body tense as his cock head expanded inside me filling me with his seed.

John let my legs down as he leaned over kissing me. His hand came down playfully popping me on my ass as he did.

"Ouch!" I cried out.

John grinned down at me and said we had better get our shower. He led me to the bath where we soaped and caressed each other's bodies under the warm spray. John watched as I shaved my legs, underarms and pussy, making sure my skin was silky smooth.

We dried off and I went to the vanity and started doing my hair and makeup. John got dressed as we talked back and forth. John explained that the negotiations with Allen and David, the client, had went well and they should sign the contract tomorrow after the golf match.

He was tying his necktie in the mirror and grinned slyly as he told me how two of David's personal assistants had entertained Allen and him last night.

"Hmm, so I wasn't the only one that was bad this week?" I giggled.

"Far from it lover," John said, moving behind me kissing my neck, "I think you may have the opportunity to be very bad again tonight."

"Oh, is he handsome?" I asked.

"I don't think you will be disappointed," John replied, "and he does have an eye for married women."

"Mmm sounds like fun," I laughed.

I piled my hair on top of my head and went about getting dressed, slipping on a black lace thong. I had chosen a black halter dress, with an open back and plunging neckline, and a pair of 6-inch heels. My legs were nicely tanned so I decided against hose.

I turned and faced John and asked, "How do I look?"

"Absolutely delicious," he replied.

I gathered my purse and we headed out the door to the elevator. John kissed me in the elevator and told me to have fun this evening.

Allen and David met us at the entrance to the restaurant. Along with them were Ginger and Ashley the two personal assistants John had spoken of. Introductions were made all around and we headed to our table.

Dinner was delicious and we shared a few bottles of wine. The conversation started out the usual business talk but I noticed David began talking more to me as the evening progressed. John and Allen seemed engrossed in the two personal assistants as well.

With dinner finished, David suggested we retire to the lounge for some dancing. We all agreed and walked over to the lounge, taking a seat in a horseshoe shaped both. I ended up next to David with Ginger, a tall blonde, next to Allen, and Ashley, a striking brunette, next to my husband.

David asked me to dance a slow one with him. I agreed and moved to the dance floor with him. The others soon followed and we were soon separated in a sea of couples as people got up to dance.

David and I made the usual small talk at first. I could definitely feel the growing electricity between us as well as his erection pressing against me a few times. His hand drifted from my back down to my ass a few times and I would smile up at him each time, letting him know it was ok. We returned to the table to rest for a moment and were soon back on the floor. The second dance he not only caressed my ass but a couple of times held our hands between us and brushed across my left breast a few times.

We danced several more dances, David holding me tighter each time letting his touches linger a bit longer.

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