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She meets a Dom for the first time.

Every so often our breathing would hasten and our bodies and kissing become heated. Our tongues played with each other like dancing flames whilst our lips carried on touching, moving, gently brushing against each other. Our hands were all over each others bodies, one hand of Mel's gently running through my curly, blonde hair and forcing our lips even closer together, whilst her other hand travelled down along the length of my back, down my t-shirt and over my ass to the hem of my short skirt and then back up underneath the fabric, caressing the back of my thigh, causing an almost electric feeling in my spine as my boss did this to me. My hands followed a similar suit, first caressing only her long black hair, but as my confidence grew and my awkwardness subsided my hands began to explore her body some more until I began to really feel her ass through her flimsy ankle length skirt.

It was my legs that began to give way first and slowly, our lips still together, we moved down to the floor, where Mel seemed to jump on my whole body, her weight pressing down on top of me, gently pinning my body to the floor which was turning me on in itself. The thought of Mel on top of me, leading me in these new directions and new heated actions merely forced a greater patch of wetness to form in my damp crotch. She pulled back, sitting up on top of me so that if I were a guy my cock would've been right in her pussy. She began to slowly undo the buttons on her white cotton blouse, and my temperature began to rise as I realised that I'd be seeing her breasts, my own pretty bosses' breasts.

"How do you feel?" She asked as she discarded with her blouse somewhere across the floor. I lay there on the floor looking up at Mel, glancing from her bra-encased breasts to her lust-filled eyes. Mel bent forward and grabbed hold of my hands, bringing them up to the white lace bra that was now on show to me and me only. I began to moved my thumbs across her still hidden nipples. I could feel how hard they had become, and even as I ran my thumbs across them a little moan escaped from Mel.

"Excited," I replied. Mel began to rub my hands over her breasts even more before I broke her grip and reached around her and unclasped her bra. I pulled Mel down on top of me and kissed her hard, our eyes staring deeply into each other as I did so. Mel broke the kiss, raised her upper body up and let her bra fall loose and so letting her breasts fall free.

Mel brought each one of her breasts down into my mouth in turn and as she did so I admired each of her perfect breasts, at least a 36 C, slightly bigger than mine. I slowly used my tongue to lick around each nipple before flicking and gently nibbling each nipple as I felt each respond to it's treatment and become hard in my mouth.

"You sure you haven't done this before?" said Mel, breathlessly, giving me an indication that my actions were turning her on.

"Quite, only I know how this feels and what turns me on, so it must be doing wonders for you."

"Really?" said Mel, a mischievous look on her face. She stood up, reached behind her and released the buttons that held up her skirt. It immediately fell to the floor and I couldn't control the gasp that escaped from my mouth. Melisande knelt down again, this time placing her pussy up close to my face so I could stare lovingly at her pussy and inhale the smell of her sweet juices, but I couldn't help but be surprised. As she did so I simply stared at what she had reveal beneath her skirt. A pair of white suspenders held up with a white lace garter belt, but it was the absence of any panties that took me aback.

"I bet you didn't know that I often don't wear panties.....?"

"No," I gasped.

".....and that I often come to work with one of my little helpers tucked inside my pussy or over my clit to make the day pass a little happier?"

"I couldn't even have guessed, but now your little secret is out," I said, slightly teasingly.

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