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I hurried to the dresser and their was a new plate of food waiting for me. It was even warm. I had to stifle a sob. Although he is very angry with me he still cares for me. This time I wolfed the food down not daring to leave yet another wasted plate of food. Daddy must have heard me because he suddenly appeared in the doorway to my room.

"Did you have a good nap?" He asked his face much more relaxed now. I nodded,

"Yes Daddy." I whimpered. I realized my mistake the moment the words where out of my mouth. I looked up just in time to see his hand past my face, I flinched, he gripped my hair and yanked me onto all fours, he guided me out of the room and into the kitchen.

"I was going to just spank your ass and leave it be, thinking my poor kitty was so upset that she cried herself to sleep before she even had a chance to eat, she's had enough I'm sure she learned her lesson, and then you have to go and ruin it." He said leading me to the kitchen table. He yanked me back by my hair as if using it like a dogs leash and commanded me to sit. I leaned back letting my ass rest on the back of my legs. He raised his hand in front of my face.

"Stay." He ordered sternly. He dropped my hair and went to his room when he returned he held a black bag. I gulped knowing that anything could be in there. I wanted to beg for forgiveness, tell him how sorry I was, how bad my day was I wanted to say anything to him that would make him put the bag back, but I was sentenced to silence.

"Stand up." He ordered. I quickly obeyed as he reached into the black bag. Slowly he pulled the ball gag out and smiled wickedly. Fear caused my heart to race, I knew that whatever he had planned he didn't want my screams to bother the neighbors. He took care to make sure it was tight enough.

"Put your arms behind your back." He ordered as he fished around in the black bag. I whimpered as he pulled out a nipple clamp and then went fishing for the other one. My eyes welled up with tears, it was good that I had the ball gag on because it saved me from a lot more trouble. Daddy knows I hate nipple clamps. And if I didn't have the ball gag in I would have been crying and begging him not to use them. As the tears traveled down my cheeks Daddy gently swiped them away.

"I know Kitty Cat, but you've been very naughty and I did promise you that it would be the last time. Remember?" He asked rather gently. I could only nod. With that Daddy caressed my hair then went back to adjusting the clamps. I simply lowered my head in shame. He was right I deserve much worse. I came to that conclusion at the same instant that he clamped my left nipple. I screamed behind the gag. He ignored my wails but when I move my hand from behind my back he was quick to slap it.

"I didn't tell you to move." He snarled and glared at me until I resumed the position he wanted me in. Then he went back to adjusting the other clamp. Again I screamed as he clamped the right nipple. The clamps weren't so bad once the numbness starts as long as you don't move. It's moving that hurts, the weight of the clamps swinging with each breath and it hurts like hell. It doesn't help that Daddy likes to randomly pull on them. Just as the thought hit my head he made it happen, I screamed again more tears pour down my cheeks.

"Turn around and get back down on your hands and knees." I obeyed quickly. "Spread your legs more." He ordered as I heard him rustling in the bag again. I spread my legs as I glanced back to peek I watched in horror as he removed a small butt plug. That was all I needed as my hands and knees began there quick retreat to carried me away.

"Whoa." I heard daddy say shortly before I felt his hand in my hair. I yelped out behind the gag.

"Where the Fuck do you think your going?!" He demanded loudly as he yanked me to my feet by my hair.

"Damn you just can't play it straight today can you?" He said as he shoved me back toward the kitchen table.

"I was looking for a clit clamp.

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