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The thrill of fantasy becoming for real.

I put my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He obliged me, adjusting his position and kissing me with bruising force. He pressed his knee against my pelvis, moving it back and forth. I slid one hand down the center of his body. The head of his cock jumped as I stroked it with my fingertips. I broke the kiss.

"You are already hard,"

"Yes I am," he murmured His lips took mine again, more gently this time, his tongue searching for my own. I gave it up to him, tentatively.

He controlled me by touching the underside of my tongue. It worked like a switch- it made me ravenous and helpless. We both knew it. When he had my tongue securely locked in his mouth, he grazed it with his teeth. Slowly. Agonizingly. I uttered a sound deep in my throat. My body ached. My legs closed around his and I ground hard against his knee.

My hand trembled against his cock.

He began licking the underside of my tongue, over and over.


I grabbed at him.


Whimpering, grinding harder, feeling my pelvis start to slide on the juices I was leaving on his knee.


I broke away breathlessly. "Please. Please master. I want you. Please!"

His smile was dark, his eyes held the secrets of what he wanted to do to my body. Forbidden things we had not even talked about. Sick, twisted things. I saw them there and was afraid. He saw my fear and his smile widened.

"You want me?" he whispered.

"Yes!" I pleaded with him.

"You want my cock in you?"

"Yes, Master, please,"

"You want it in your pussy?" his hand idly pinched the nipple of my left breast, squeezing it cruelly.


"You want it in that tight ass of yours?"


"You want to suck me off, after I've been in your other two holes?"

"Yes," I answered. Somewhere deep in my mind, where I still had a mind, I knew I did not want to suck on his cock after it had been in my ass. In fact, the thought disgusted me to the point of feeling nausea. And he knew it.

"Damn, you little slut, my knee is soaking," He got to his knees, looming over me. I looked up at him, as bound by his gaze as I ever could be by ropes or cuffs. His fingers separated my lips. "Fuck, you are so wet," He drove two fingers inside of me, rubbing them against my front wall.

I moaned and arched my back, trying to drive his fingers in deeper. He pulled them out quickly. I whimpered, my eyes opening in time to watch him shove his fingers into my mouth.

"Lick them clean, bitch."

Screwing up my face in disgust only made him smile.

"Do it." His voice was sharp. I opened my mouth a little wider to take them in. He lodged his fingers against the back of my throat in one swift movement. I gagged. He smiled again. I placed my hand on his, but just left it there, far too afraid to rebel, not over something like this. He withdrew his fingers just enough so I could lick them with my tongue. "Mmmm... admit it. Admit that you like this."

I shook my head.

"It's dirty, isn't it?"

I nodded, sucking his fingers into my mouth with hesitation.

"You like it; there's that dark part of you, the one that begs for pain when I'm fucking you. That part likes it. Admit it." He took his fingers out of my mouth and slapped me lightly across the face. "Admit it, you dirty little slut,"

I glared at him. "No. You know I hate that taste,"

He smirked, amused. He dipped down and kissed me, taking my tongue with his, caressing my tongue with his. My mind went blank. "Admit it," he whispered.

"That part of me... that part of me likes it. But...."

"But?" he breathed the word against my lips and kissed me again. He broke off the kiss. The world swirled around me.

"I... what? I can't remember...," I looked up at him helplessly, confused, drowning in his eyes. "What were we talking about?"

His lips tugged upwards. "Never mind, slave." He climbed overtop of me until his cock poked my cheek. "Make me hard."

My hands, craving the soft, pliable flesh over his cock, eagerly grasped its thick head and body in my hands.

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