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A Halloween quickie with a real twist.

I was already breathing heavily, and my juices were flowing copiously as I diddled my own clit in my arousal at what I was seeing my friends doing together.

Josh broke his lip-lock with Brenda, and, while both of them continued their genital playing with each other, he moved his head down and took Brenda's breasts in his mouth, licking and sucking them and causing her to writhe and squirm at his attentions. I watched as he sucked one nipple, and then the other, into his mouth, pulling her soft tit-flesh into his mouth as he did. With one hand, I caught myself massaging my own tits, in time with Josh's movements on Brenda's.

The two of them played together like that for a while. I saw the telltale clear fluid leaking from Josh's cock again, and Brenda's pussy-lips were swollen and puffy. Her pink inner lips were beginning to protrude, and her pubic hair was matted with her own wetness.

Suddenly, Josh sat up. Sliding himself down the bed, he placed himself between Brenda's legs. Folding her legs above his own shoulders, he was face-to-face with her pussy. I gasped involuntarily as he leaned forward and licked along the length of her entrance.

"Oh, god, Josh," Brenda moaned, "that feels so good. Eat my pussy, Josh. Make me come."
I watched in fascination as Josh tended orally to Brenda's cunt. Even though I had sucked his cock less than an hour ago, it hadn't occurred to me that he could suck her off, too. And she evidently liked it -- she was twisting and squirming and groaning with pleasure as he licked her.

I watched as he covered her clit with his mouth, leaning in to see him pursing his lips and flicking his tongue across her little hot-button.

"Oh god!" she cried out. "Oh god, Josh. . . I'm coming. . . Stay right there. . . right there. . .Oh YEEAAAHHHH!!! Yeah, Josh! Oh, shit! I'm coming. . . don't stop. . . Oh, Babyyyy. . ."

I don't know how long she was coming, or whether she came once or a dozen times, but every time her climax seemed to be subsiding, Josh just kept at it, and she'd be twitching and writhing again.

I was grinding my hips against my own hand inside my panties, gasping for breath as I watched her. I had never seen anything so erotic in my life. My hand flew across my pussy in my excitement, and soon I was groaning with my own self-induced release. "Ooohhhh," I groaned, as orgasmic spasms wracked my body, and I slumped in my chair. When I came to, I stood up and quickly peeled my panties off myself, deciding that, by then, whatever modesty they were serving had long since outlived its usefulness.

Brenda, who had finally come to at least a temporary pause in her orgasms, turned toward me and laughed. "Was it good for you, too?"

"Oh, very," I gasped. "Don't stop. . ."

She laughed her open, hearty laugh again. "I wonder just who is the one being fucked here?" Then she turned back to Josh, saying, "Fuck me, Josh. Put your big, hard cock in me and let Amy see you fuck me!"

"As you wish," he replied. Then, sliding himself up along Brenda's body, he brought his cockhead against her opening. He paused for a few seconds, tantalizing me with the anticipation of his cock penetrating Brenda's pussy. He placed his cockhead against her cunt-lips, even probing it gently between them, in a sensual genital 'kiss', looking directly into my eyes, to be sure that I could see everything, as he prepared to join his body to hers.

"Come ON, Josh!" Brenda cried, with a tone of desperation. "Don't tease me! Just put your cock in me, and fuck me!"

"As you wish," he answered. Then slowly, inexorably, he drove himself into her.

Brenda groaned a blissful, "Yessssss!" as he penetrated her.

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