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Renna's Master finds out if she is really His.

"All the members have sex parties. Usually at SAMS in the private section or my house but sometimes at their own houses, and those who have sex slaves share them with the other members. There are a total of eight sex slaves, two of whom Richard and I trained. What you're going to learn over the next several months is how to say yes to any club member who wants to sexually abuse you and have sex with you."

"Any kind of sex?"

"No we don't allow bestiality, urophilia, coprophilia, necrophilia, pedophilia or sex with the mentally handicapped among members. Nor do we allow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and none of us are involved in incest or associated in any way with child pornography. All the members take a pledge not to indulge in those perversions or any public displays of sex and nudity. You will too eventually."

"What happens if someone does those things?"

"They'll be voted out of the club. We've all agreed upon that and if they're an owner the other owners will buy him or her out. But so far we've never encountered that problem. I guess that's because we're so cautious in who we allow as members."

"How can you find out if one of the members does indulge in one of those perversions?" Beth inquires.

"Let me just say that we have a friend in the district attorney's office who can investigate any kind of rumors that may arise and we'll leave it at that."

"But I still don't understand why you're bringing me to SAMS. I mean if you and Richard are going to train me on weekends and on Monday and Tuesday evenings at your house then why are we going to SAMS?"

"Richard and I have talked extensively about this. All the other members share their sex slaves and their spouses with us and we feel it would be an insult to them -- some of whom I love dearly, like Raymond and BlackVelvet for instance -- not to share you with them. I wouldn't hurt any of them for the world. So, we're going to SAMS and there you'll be inducted as an initiate sex slave. Richard and I are going to share you with the other members."

Beth does not answer Amy. She is lost in thought.

"It's not like you don't have a choice in the matter. You can always back out. But Beth you are a natural born sex slave. I have met many women and men who live for sex. But I have never met a woman who is as willing as you are to have sex . . . I don't know of anyone who has a desire as strong as yours to get her ass beat and to get repeatedly fucked."

"I let you and Richard beat me and fuck me because I love you."

"No Beth, I've watched you. You give into Richard and I . . . you give into your sexual desires because you want the sex. Period! You want to be dominated and fucked. I've never met anyone who wants to get spanked and fucked as much as you want to. Not only that, but you go out of your way to please your sex partner. In fact, other than training you to put your duties first, Richard doesn't even believe that you need any training to be a sex slave."

Beth still does not answer her. She realizes that Amy is right. Lately the only thing she thinks about, her only desire is to have sex. She masturbates almost every afternoon upon coming home from work or returning from school on Wednesday and Thursday evenings; whereas previously, she only masturbated about once every fourth or fifth day.

Then every night before she goes to sleep, especially on those nights she doesn't sleep at Amy's house, she fucks herself with a vibrator. She is not surprised that Amy thinks she's a nymphomaniac. She wonders if she is one and comes to the conclusion that she is.

Amy continues, "Richard thinks that your sexual slavery and your desire to please come natural to you and the only training you'll need is to teach you how to avoid becoming addicted to sex. I think he might be right too. Your sexual slavery just might come natural to you and without proper training you could become obsessed with sex."

"I never used to be like that. I mean . . . I never use to have a desire like that."

"No I

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