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You have an erotic dream about a party.

Carl played in her hair while kissing her, driving her mad with desire.

When they broke their kiss, Carl left his hand in her hair and said "You'd think I could remember this soft hair and soft lips but I'm really sorry, I don't. We've done this before?"

Danielle couldn't continue the charade and said "We've done this a thousand times in my dreams but this is the first real time. Sorry to deceive you, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity."

"But I'm still supposed to know you?"

"Yes. And I'm sorry about kissing you. I know you're married. I just couldn't resist."

"Well, I'm not married anymore and I'm not sorry about the kiss, this was nice. I haven't kissed that way in a long time. Part of me is thinking I should just forgo lunch and just take you to my room here, no matter who you are." Carl used his other hand to pull her against his hardness. "I haven't had a hard on like that in months and months."

"Mmmmmm, I like what I feel. Hooded or not?"

"No hood. Does it matter?" Carl was grinding his hard on against her lower abdomen and kissed her again. Danielle responded and when they broke the kiss, she replied "No, it doesn't really matter although I do prefer hoodless ones. I am just trying to get a mental image of what to expect. Where's this room of yours?"

Carl pointed to the Travelodge behind him and said "Lady, I don't know who you are but for the longest time, I thought my ex-wife had succeeded in emasculating me and now you're proving me wrong. Say you'll continue with this proof." And he kissed her once more, deeply, passionately.

When they broke the kiss, Danielle said "Let's go up to your room before someone calls the cops on us for indecent exposure."

Carl grabbed her hand and they walked towards the Travelodge. Once in his room, they didn't waste anytime and started taking clothes off each other as they kissed. Danielle rubbed Carl's hardness through his pants. Carl paused when he took off her blouse and saw her bra. He ran his thumbs over the edge of her bra, barely caressing the top of her breasts. "Wow."

"You like my breasts or the bra?" Danielle was wearing a gorgeous Freya bra that really enhanced her large breasts and supported them without looking like an armour like most other bras.

"I like both. I can't wait to suck on your nipples." He reached behind her and unhooked the bra. When the bra was removed, he bent down and sucked on one nipple, gently thumbing the other one to hardness. Danielle moaned.

Danielle continued to rub Carl through his pants and then tugged at his belt. Within a few seconds, she had his belt undone and his fly down. She pushed his pants over his hips and down. Then, she did the same with his briefs. Then, she did what Carl had been waiting for: She finally caressed his cock. Up and down, she rubbed his hardness. Then, she pushed him against the bed and he fell back.

Danielle lowered herself to the side of the bed and, still caressing him, she took him into her mouth. It was Carl's turn to moan. Using her hands as well as her mouth and gave him as good a blow job as she could. She'd dreamt of this so many times and now had a chance to make it happen and she was going to make it memorable. Up and down his shaft she licked and sucked and caressed. Carl was enjoying every second of it and his moans let her know she was doing some things right. Several times, Danielle took him to the edge and eased back, making the pleasure last.

After a while, without taking her lips off his cock, Danielle reached for the purse she had dropped next to the bed. In it, she found a condom and opened the package. Then, she stopped licking him and unrolled the condom onto his hard cock. She then climbed up on the bed and straddled him. Just before she was going to lower herself onto the hard cock she was craving, he said "Let's move up so we're more comfortable."

They moved up on the bed and Danielle finally lowered herself onto his thick cock.

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