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Mary learns of Farragut's fate; Ted and Jock go on the prowl.


With that, she reached back without looking and expertly grabbed me by the waistband of my pants. I surmise that having children blesses mothers with the ability to hit targets without having to see them. Anyway, she pulled me forcefully up against her backside. A second, blind probe by her hand found my shoulder and drew my chin down onto her's. I put my right hand onto her right shoulder for balance as my entire body now pressed firmly against her. Holding my chin in her left hand, she directed my line of sight in the direction she wanted me to see. The cheek of my face rubbed gently onto hers as she pointed at what she wanted me to see with her right hand.

In the far corner of her yard, I saw our dogs wrestling with each other, or so I thought. A closer look revealed that Harry was once again mounting Princess. This time, however, she seemed to be in no hurry to run away when he finished. When he ended a session of thrusts and got off, she stuck her head between his legs and licked his little, hard, pink cock. She then circled him a few times and offered her backside to him once more. Unwilling to disappoint a lady, Harry happily mounted her once more.

"They've been carrying on like that for a while now," Jean said with a laugh.

"I guess they're having fun," I said.

"I guess so."

The two of us remained as we were, hypnotized by the fornicating exhibition our dogs were acting out for us. When the older woman in front of me shifted the weight of her body to get a better look at our dogs, only then did I realize how fast my heart was beating and how heavy our breathing had become. Her sudden silence revealed that she too was now aware of our problematic situation. We both froze, knowing that any movement might change our lives forever. Instead of helping to alleviate our predicament, our lack of movement only made us more aware of the subtle, delicate stimuli that would finally make both of us loose control.

Our slow, unmatched, rhythmic breathing quickly harmonized. I became acutely aware of the sound made by her nose as her hot breath exited through her nostrils. I felt my chest bounce against her back as my heart pounded with ever increasing power. The scent of the perfume and powder she had adorned her body with that morning increased in strength as the heat of her body amplified the intensity of their chemicals. I was now able to discern with my sense of smell that she had placed her perfume on her neck, and her body powder had been dusted lightly between her breasts. Although she had drawn my lower body tightly against her ass, previously camouflaging the size and shape of my hard cock, I was positive that she was now extremely aware of how excited I really was. My rock-hard, erect cock pressed deeply into the left cheek of her ass. In a vain attempt to stop anything more from happening, Jean halfheartedly tried to divert our attention away from what we truly felt.

"Who's your dog's vet," she asked in a faint, hesitating voice.

"Why?" I asked, determined to not loose my real train of thought.

"Just wondering," she replied as she took a long, deep breath through her mouth.

Recognizing that simple questions would not stop what was happening, she stood silent and still once more. Unable and unwilling to fend off what my body felt, I turned my face into her and put my lips onto the nape of her neck. I didn't kiss her, but allowed my hot breath to caress her skin. Still staring out the window of the door, she automatically tilted her head in my direction and then surprisingly tilted it in the opposite direction, presenting her entire neck to my advances. I opened my mouth slightly and kissed her softly on her neck. She quickly took another deep breath as an almost indiscernible moan was generated from her vocal chords. When she suddenly realized what I was doing, and her acceptance of it, she quickly tilted her head back towards me and lifted her shoulder, trying to stop my advances.

"No Tommy. Don't," she said softly, but with very little conviction.

"Why not?" I whispered, dragg

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