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Loki and his relationship with a mortal woman.

Her hand caught on the thin fabric of Kelly's bikini; she gathered all of her strength and tugged, she decided if she was going down she was taking whatever she could with her. Kelly Yelped as her top gave way; she and Christine took a deep breath just before they hit the chilly water. As she resurfaced and opened her eyes she saw the triumphant grin on her friends face, still clutching her favorite red bikini.

"I bet you think you're funny, huh?" She laughed as she lunged at Christine. Christine assuming she was trying to retrieve her top jumped into the air to keep it from her, at the same time she felt a tug on her own bikini top, and Christine's breast poured out of the already strained fabric.

"Ha!" Kelly exclaimed. "If my tits are hanging out so are yours." She giggled triumphantly as she held Christine's top behind her back.

Christine pounced on Kelly trying to get her own top back. She wrapped her legs around Kelly's waist to keep her from squirming away, her breast just below Kelly's chin, she tried to grip the top when Kelly, moved her arms around Kelly's waist, bringing her face closer her breast's. She felt strange warmth moving through her body, as Christine tried to turn and her right nipple grazed Kelly's lips. Both women froze as they realized the compromising position they were in, but neither released their grip on the other. It was Kelly who moved first, the bikini now long forgotten; she moved her hands from the curve of Christine's back to grip the soft flesh just below the remaining bikini. She took Christine's Nipple in her mouth and she heard a groan, which urged her to go on. Christine wove her fingers into Kelly's wet hair; she gave a tug pulling Kelly's pout lips away from her breast, and she began to devour her mouth. This was the first time she has every felt another woman's lips on her own and she wanted more. Once they made their way to the stairs leading out of the pool, Kelly broke away.

"Are you sure? I've wanted this for a long time, but I don't want this to ruin our friendship." She croaked her throat hoarse from her arousal. Christine leaned into her friend and took her lower lip in her mouth as she said.

"I don't think I have ever wanted anyone more than I want you now." That was all Kelly needed to hear, she pushed into the kiss, and ran fingers up Christine's leg. She froze for a fraction of a second as she reached the seam of Christine's bikini, she rubbed the firm nub through the fabric, and Christine's head fell back as she spread her legs wider for Kelly. While Kelly was still kneading her clit with her thumb, she gasped as she felt two fingers slide across her slit. Kelly Grinned as she watched her best friend's eye roll back as she let her fingers enter her. Christine's breathing was rugged, which only fueled Kelly's fire, she began to pump harder and harder until she knew Christine was going to cum. Christine felt the tremble begin in her toes and works it way up through her body, as she experienced her first orgasm ever caused by another woman. Kelly's let her hand relax and her friend's body seemed to go limp. She bent down and began to lightly sweep her lips against her friend's breasts.

"Do you want to go inside and finish what we start...?" Christine stopped as she caught a gleam from the corner of her eye. She turned to look and leaning against the frame of the sliding glass door, was Dave, Camera phone pointed directly at the two women.

"H-honey, I'm..." She began apologetically, when she realized her husband had his hand resting on the bulge in his pants, and his eyes seemed to be glazed over. A terrible thought came to her and she looked to her friend for approval, Kelly smiled a wicked smile as if she could read her friends mind.

As both girls stood up, Christine trembled from the orgasm she just had.

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