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Alan meets Beth's Master.

Her long gold hair tumbled forward and framed them. He waved his gun at her which meant for her to continue and she unbuckled her gun belt so it clattered loudly at her boots.

She tossed her head and her hat fell as she peeled her blue jeans over her toned thighs.

Kid whistled at the sight of her puffy lipped mound with the triangle of blonde hair at the top of the shaven pussy.

"I guess you're clean." He turned to the nervous little figure.

"Now you Goldilocks."

Tami tossed her Stetson off her mass of curls and removed her shirt and revealed her massive tits that seemed too big for her tiny body. As she stripped off her jeans she stared at him with big blue eyes. Her smooth lipped pussy had a tuft of blonde and ginger pubes which he thought looked like there was a film of moisture that dampened them.

The shootist sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned them both to come closer. They walked over in their cowboy boots and he could smell their sweet bodies. He reached out to Victoria and ran his rough hand up from her knee, along the sensuous thigh and around her back to clutch her generous rump. She sighed at his touch and she moved her right leg apart from her left so he could stroke her groin better.

His fingers probed her crack then she felt his thumbs separate her labia and poke at her cunt. She stifled a groan as his finger went in the tender flesh up to the knuckle. It felt warm and wet and he wiggled his digit in a circle and looked at her with dark eyes.

"I reckon I need to get these jeans off."

He yanked his boots off and then stood and dropped the Levi's and let out his large erection that curved about half way up like a banana. He stood in his red checked shirt and grinned at the two wide eyed girls.

"Who wants first go." He twirled his gun in his hand as his angry cock pointed at them.

"'re serious?" Mumbled Tami.

"You betcha, two stacked fillies like you don't exactly come by too often."

Victoria thought hard. She had been impressed by his well endowed prick and she hadn't been with a man these last summer months. And she DID like sex.

She bent at the waist and took his root and held it steady and turned to Tami who leaned over and took the big tip past her lips and made little bobs on it.

The Kid put his hand on her head and guided her down further so that three inches slid into her small mouth. Her head moved back and forth on the thick shaft and Vic met her with her hand as she jerked it in her right fist.

"Nice team work girls, now you suck it."

Victoria took the place of her partner and the tight seal of her lips felt like a tight pussy as she slid up and down the rigid prick. Her mouth moved rapidly and her tongue worked wonders on the underside of his hard stalk.

"FUCK, but that's damn fine cocksucking darling'."

Little Tami had moved onto the bed and frantically rubbed her soft outer lips as she watched her sidekick jam her jaw down on him. He looked around and tapped Vic on the shoulder and she released him with a pop sound.

He looked down at the incredibly cute babe and climbed between her thighs which he held up by the ankles and let his stiff pole push at her mound.

"Put it in for doll."

She reached around and found his fat cock and placed it at her slit in one tiny hand and he pushed with his hips and plowed into her opening and up her wet pussy.

"Fuck, its huge!" She cried out as the big rod thrust in deep.

The twist in his cock gave him a shallow angle and she felt her pussy walls fill with his hot meat. The sensation was amazing as he held her legs out as wide as they could go and fucked her fast. Her magnificent tits jiggled on her ribcage and her head shook on the solitary pillow.

He was in total control as his six foot frame pinned her small body flat under him as he pounded her mercilessly.

"You're so fucking tight, I can't fit it all in."

Tami could only whimper in his shoulder as her butt was slammed back into the mattress.

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