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He finds perfection in the night.

As soon as he left Kalendras slipped back in front of her and then whisked her back to the sidelines of the dance floor. Livinia was just about to resume their previous conversation when she saw Aegon walking over to them. Kalendras saw her stiffen and turned around, then let out a low growl that only she would hear.

"Livinia." Aegon said as he approached, with a broad grin on his face. "How are you?"

"Good thanks Mr. Sharpsword." Livinia responded with a forced smile. She could see Kalendras crossing his arms over his chest out of the corner of his eye and bit the inside of her lip. "This is my friend, Kalendras Totemrunner." Livinia said. Aegon offered Kalendras his hand, and Kalendras grudgingly shook it.

"Good evening Kalendras. I've met your parents before. They're both wonderful people." Aegon said politely.

"Thanks." Kalendras said, voice clipped.

"Did you enjoy the exhibition yesterday Livinia?" Aegon asked, oblivious to the way that Kal was radiating pure animosity.

"I did actually- I was quite surprised." Livinia said with a smile.

"Belcarm loved it. He couldn't stop talking about it all night." Aegon said. "He's here, but the way."

Livinia's jaw almost hit the ground. She sensed Kalendras tense beside her and had to stop herself from putting a hand on his arm to calm him.

"Really? He said that your roster was too full." Livinia responded, eyes looking around widely for the familiar stream of black hair.

"Alex Goldspinner's wife went into labor early this morning- I wasn't going to risk him missing the birth of his child, even though he offered to come. Bel stepped in for him." Aegon explained. "He's posted over by the balcony door."

Livinia's eyes snapped over to the double glass doors and her entire body froze as Belcarm's emerald eyes captured hers. He had probably been watching them the entire time without her knowing. Her face turned deep scarlet and she looked back at Sharpsword senior.

"Well, I'd better keep doing the rounds." Aegon sighed, "Nice to meet you, Kalendras... And Livinia? Be sure you come around for dinner some time, okay?"

Livinia nodded mutely as Aegon turned around and walked away.

"What the fuc-"

"Kal, I didn't know!" Livinia said, turning to him and putting her hands up defensively. "You heard what Aegon said- Belcarm stepped in because someone's wife was having a baby."

"That prissy little conceited son of a -"

"KALENDRAS!" Livinia barked, slapping his chest angrily. "Enough!"

"He had two whole days with you Livinia! And now he thinks he can come along while I finally get to spend some time with you-"

"Do you want me to go and tell that man's wife to hold the baby in for a little longer so you can get everything your way?" Livinia snapped "Enough Kal, this is ridiculous."

"Livinia Sunspeaker!" Her Mother's voice cut through her argument and made her cringe.

"Yes mother?" Livinia turned around, and had to stop herself from wincing at the expression on the woman's face.

"Care to explain why the hell you threw a knife at Rioden Swiftspell?" Deanna's voice was dangerously quiet.

"You threw a knife at Swiftspell?" Kalendras laughed, his anger forgotten in his disbelief. Liv nodded but held back her grin. "Nice."

"Kalendras, please don't encourage her." Her mother gave Kalendras a withering look. "You are nearing your twenty-first birthday, it is time you started acting your age. Kalendras, I hope you don't mind, but I have someone I want to introduce Livinia to."

"I suppose I'd better go and socialize anyway." Kalendras sighed. Deanna gave him an approving smile and then whisked Livinia away.

After that, Livinia's mother made sure that she was kept busy with dance partner after dance partner, each one more insufferable than the last.

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