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Camila Tanner meets the Deacon.

His hands made quick work undoing the knots of her bikini. He leaned her away so it could fall off her. Picking it up, he tossed it out into the lawn, saying it wasn't needed anyways. Her breasts were fully exposed now, and he marvelled at the sight before him. Her creamy breasts were just big enough to fill his hands, her nipples were small and pink but it looked just right on her. One hand came up to squeeze his prize, her head rolled back from the sensations he sent through her. His fingers grasped one nipple and began pinching it, rolling it around between them, as she let out moans of pleasure. His mouth came upon the other one, his tongue gliding around her, his teeth catching and biting the sensitive nub. Her hands were on his shoulders, her nails starting to dig into him, the sensations taking control of her body.

He undid the last ties on her bikini bottoms and sent it to join the rest of her suit. His hand gave her breast one last squeeze as he slid it down between her legs, his fingers parting her folds, finding his prize. His hand glided gently over her clit, rubbing it as his fingers twitched, hitting every nerve. Her body was shuddering, her breath was ragged; she was under his erotic spell. He slid down from her clit and pushed two fingers inside her, finding her pleasure spot and massaging it, his thumb was still rubbing her clit exacting the most pleasurable torture. His fingers worked magic inside her as he could feel her muscles tighten and the first wave of her orgasm take her.

As his fingers slipped free of her she leaned forward into him, sliding off of him. Her hands found his trunks and he lifted his hips so she could remove them. She tossed them, it was only fair if she didn't need hers he defiantly did not need is. She came over him once again her hand moved down his chest making a trail down his stomach. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, he wasn't lying when he had told her he was big. To her best guess he was about seven inched long and thick. She slide her hand up and down his shaft, squeezing gently, her other hand was playing at his head. Deft fingers began rubbing him all over the most sensitive areas. His breath caught and he was having trouble paying attention, the assault on his senses was exquisite. She brought her pussy over his cock and just as he thought she would slide him in she started to rub her clit on the tip of him, her hand still moving on his shaft. It was sweet torture but her body started to warm, her tremors began to mount again and her breath was as ragged as his. Her eyes found his as her second orgasm hit her, she was a sight to behold in the throes of passion. Finally, she slid him into her. She was tight and made for him, she felt velvet smooth. It was almost too much to take as she started to slowly grind on him, trying to take him in as deep as she could. His hands were on her hips, moving her faster. Fierce lips claimed hers, their bodies moving as one against each other. They couldn't get enough, franticly their mouths devoured each other's, their tongues in battle. He felt her explode, her muscles jerking and tightening around him making him lose all his senses as he exploded his release into her.

OMG was all he could think of.

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