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Around post-midnight - Shanti demands her pound of Ratan.

It tells me you are enjoying this, too."

He pulled his hand away from her slit and put his fingers up to her mouth. She looked at him, confused. "Open your mouth and lick your juices from my fingers." She wrinkled her nose and he said "don't worry, you'll learn to like it. Now do as I say." Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and licked his fingers clean.

Now he took her hand and guided it down between his legs. She could feel his hard cock underneath his shorts and realized he felt bigger than her boyfriend. She wondered how that would feel. He pulled the waistband of his shorts down so she could see and touch his cock. She assumed he wanted to her to stroke it like her boyfriend always did, so she placed her hand around it and started to stroke up and down but he stopped her.

"Get undressed for me," he said.

"Everything?" she asked. When she and her boyfriend had sex it was always in a car with just her skirt pulled up. She'd never actually been naked in front of a man before.

"Yes. Everything."

She turned her back to him and started to undress.

"No. Face me."

Her face turned red again as she turned around and continued undressing. While she undressed, Mr. Johnson removed her shorts and she could see his hard cock. He stroked himself while he watched her. When her clothes were off she crossed her arms in front to cover herself. He said, "Put your hands by your sides. I want to see your breasts." Slowly she put her hands down and wondered why he was embarrassing her like this. She already said she would fuck him.

"Very nice, Susan. Tell me, what size are those lovely tits?"


"Come here and let me suck on them." She approached and he reached his hands out and cupped her breasts. He softly sucked one nipple into his mouth, then the other. He moved one hand back down to her pussy. She didn't shave and it was covered with soft, dark hair. He loved it. As he continued to suck on her nipples, he gently inserted a finger into her now very wet cunt. She let out a soft moan as his finger went deeper inside her.

He stood in front of her and kissed her again, reaching behind her head to the hair at the nape of her neck and gently tugging.

She realized it made her pussy tingle even more when he pulled on her hair like that. But then the pulling got more insistent.

"Mr. Johnson," Susan objected, "You're pulling too hard."

"Only because I'm trying to pull you down to your knees and you aren't going," he said.

"My knees?"

"Yes, Susan, so you can suck my cock."

"Mr. Johnson, I've never done that before. I don't think I want to."

"Susan. We had a deal. Having sex with me includes sucking my cock. Now if you want to renege on our deal, I will take you home and have a talk with your parents..."

"No please don't, Mr. Johnson. OK. I'll do it."

She knelt down in front of him and opened her mouth. She leaned forward and took just the head in her mouth. She wasn't sure what to do next and he told her to lick all around his cock and get it nice and wet, and then try to get as much in her mouth as possible. He pushed his hips forward, and she tried to pull her head back but he still had his hands in her hair and he held her still for a moment, then released her.

"See, that wasn't so bad," he said. "Now try to go a bit faster." He pushed his cock back into her mouth. She may have been inexperienced but her mouth was warm and wet, and knowing his cock was in the mouth of an 18-year old was turning him on immensely. He held her hair and started thrusting his hips back and forth, starting to really fuck her face with his hard dick.

"Susan, in a moment I'm going to cum and I want you to swallow every drop.

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