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"That's unlikely but it doesn't matter. I'm a highly trained software engineer, a rare breed who works on logic plus intuition boosted by the occasional ingenious irrational approach that sometimes works. I would still be doing it but got bored. But it's your niece and her people who face embarrassment if they fail to publish so you and I are the cavalry."

As they hurried to the car Aunt Rebecca said: "This is very exciting. She might date you if you succeed but don't get your hopes up because she's forty, almost over the hill."

"Whatever," Jed said, his mind working to narrow problem areas in the software, knowing the IT department would have already tried reinstalling suspected sections of software and used diagnostic software. As they neared the plant he said, "If it's this bad why didn't they call in experts from the suppliers."

"They are located in the south where airports are closed because of bad weather. Engineers are rushing east to the nearest operating airport."

The hassled niece Samantha said, "Two minutes Aunt Rebecca, two minutes is all I can spare."

Her aunt said firmly, "Well if the problem is not being fixed what is the urgency?"

"Because I have to run around looking like I'm leading the charge to fucking fix something," Samantha yelled.

"That bad language is uncalled for Sammy."

"Oh AR (Aunt Rebecca)," the stressed niece said, hugging her. "I'm sorry."

"Well," snorted her aunt, "Meet Dr Smart."

"A doctor who can give me Valium?" Samantha asked hopefully.

"Computer science."

Sammy's dull eyes lit and she brushed her blonde hair back. "Newspaper systems?"

"Some knowledge."

"Full production line systems?"

"I've worked on them."

Samantha almost whispered, "Software diagnostics."

"Yes, and pathology -- they were my former specialization."

"Oh Holy Jesus. Come with me."

Aunt Rebecca smiled and told Samantha, "Fetch him home in time for dinner."

Half an hour later Samantha with her management team watched the presses work up to a full-powered test run. And when the pressroom engineers began running the down to end the test the bystanders went to the staff cafeteria for coffee.

"It was fortunate for use you were familiar with our German-supplied presses," said the IT superintendent pouring whisky into Jed's coffee." Everyone hung on to Jed's reply.

"I guess every experience counts towards the whole but after I went through what you guys had done and checked and double checked I was confident if I looked at the big picture systematically I would find areas worth examining and then up it popped."

"The conveyer feed controller to wrapping," a senior engineer mused. "Command instructions were being run and re-run on continuous cycle instead of sequential cycle due to a slight controller malfunction, so slight it didn't report itself but signaled errors without logging them so when we analyzed the logs we couldn't detect where the problem was and why the whole system was shutting down."

"We don't need that crash team from the suppliers coming but they'll have to dissect the problem with the controller," said the supervisor.

"They'll send it to Germany and you guys can claim compensation for this entire stuff-up and if you are the first to report the fault if it's found to be potential endemic you'll get a fat reward," said Jed. "But that will be peanuts compared with them replacing all 7485-A-OOO6 controllers free of charge on all its presses."

A few minutes later Samantha took Jed by the arm and said, "Come on, I'm taking you to dinner."

She and Jed left to a barrage of whistles.

Outside the door Samantha stopped and gave Jed a long sexy kiss.

"Wow. Do you thank all your workmen like that?"

She grinned and said while he was examining print-outs she suddenly recognized who he was, the hero who'd saved Kitty McCain's baby."

"Kitty and I are related as I was a McCain from that family before my tragic marriage."

"Tragic?" Jed asked as they entered the elevator to the basement, suspecting it was an expected response.

"Gus was an older man and less than

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