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Lily doesn't let up.

She too has nipples that stand up large and tall but not anywhere near the __" of an inch that my new potential slave achieves when her nips are fully aroused.

Reina immediately got into position on the floor directly in front of me. She sat on her heels with her knees spread ultra wide apart. I could see her hot bare pussy was already excited. The outer lips were puffy and more deeply colored and the inner lips were rapidly spreading themselves further and further open from the stretch of the spread of her legs. Her hands were locked behind her back and the riding crop was gripped in her teeth with her head tilted way back and waiting for my next action. This position also had her back arched and her beautifully full tits thrust out from her chest in proud formation and on display for me.

Both of these girls were very similar in their shape and features. I guess I just can't resist long, light brown or blonde hair and really deep eyes. Both of these girls have a very rare and special quality in their eyes. If you have the ability to look into people's eyes and instantly feel what is in their heart, then you would be able to look into either one of these two girl's eyes and easily see forever.

The first time I met Reina, I knew instantly that she was a submissive looking for someone to control her life. She's very successful on her own but that was never enough for her. And she had never found anyone able to fulfill the needs she had as a woman. Not until that very moment in time when our eyes locked onto each other and her entire body suddenly stiffened and froze in place for a few seconds. She had instantly recognized a particular ability in me, something that I had absolutely no idea that I had to the degree that Reina said was obvious to her. She said she new instantly that I could look into her entire being through her eyes and see what was in her heart and soul. I knew I could do that to some extent. I learned at a very young age that I could get a sense of a person by looking straight into their eyes. I learned also that this made many people very nervous and uncomfortable and most would look away very quickly. What I didn't realize, as Reina first explained to me, was that I also projected what was in my heart at the same time. She told me later that she had never met anyone who could do this on a continuous basis. She told me that she knew instantly that I would become her Master. And that was what convinced me beyond question that the submissive is the one who is actually in control. She had already decided that I would become her Master long before I even began entertaining the possibility of her becoming my slave. And all of this before a single word was spoken between us.

I reached down and gently took the riding crop from Reina's mouth and she immediately moved her hands from behind her back to lay them palms up on each leg. There was a twinkle of anticipation in her eyes and a slight all knowing smile on her lips. Sometimes I think she knows too much.........

"Karen Kelly!"

"Yes Sir," she said with a startled jump at the sudden switch to putting her back as the center of attention.

"I have decided that 'cum slut' will actually be your name for the rest of the weekend. That may even become your permanent name. You begged fairly well for a beginner when you pleaded with me to allow you to have an orgasm. I'll decide later about your namewhen we find out how hard you beg and work for my cum."

"Yes Master. I am your cum slut in every way you chose for me to prove my willingness to be your slave."

"Is you pussy still wet cum slut?"

"My pussy is so wet I can feel the juice making it's way down the inside of my upper thighs Sir."

"Do you want to show me your pussy?"

"Yes Sir. I want you to see how wet my whole cunt is right now. I want to spread my lips open so you can see how much liquid there is in there and to see how shiny it makes my cunt when it's spread wide open."

"Lift up the front

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