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Lora and Chaz learn to never judge a book by its cover.

"Then in the first semester of my high school senior year everything changed. Contacts replaced the glasses and the braces came off. My hormones kicked in and I virtually went from an AA-cup bra size to a full B-cup. The only thing that did grow were my inverted nipples that remained hidden in their tit slits." By now, Stella was slowly licking my penis like the way a little girl would lick an ice cream cone on a hot day. "Instead of being bony and gawky, I now had some meat and curves which didn't go unnoticed by the neighborhood Mexican boys...them horny Mexican boys."

As I felt her jacking off my thickening shaft and slowly pumping life back into it, I realized that her husband, Darren, was certifiably retarded for fooling around with some cheap knock-off when he had a consummate professional cock-sucker at home. Stella was any man's ultimate wet dream, a sexual slave willing to satisfy her man's every sexual whim. Somehow, I managed to get her to continue her tale.

"Emilio was the older brother of my best friend at the time. In the beginning when I use to go over, he never knew I existed even though I thought he was cute and hot. However, once I 'blossomed' he was on me like a wolf sensing fresh meat. Emilio was smooth, walking me home to 'protect' me and sweet-talking me all the while until I was utterly infatuated with him. Playful at first, his touches became caresses, and innocent kisses turned into hot little make out sessions when no one was looking...a stolen accidental groping of my boobs...a hard cock pressed against me through layers of clothing."

"So..." I asked as Stella, "Was Emilio your first?"

"In a way he was, depending on what you mean. At the time I met Emilio, I was convinced I had to be a good girl and remain a virgin until married, and as much as he pleaded and tried, I somehow managed to stop him. However..." Stella said in between kisses to my mouth and neck, "I was willing to do anything else.

"During the Spring Break, I turned eighteen and little did I know what was in store for me in the months to come. It all began when one day I visited Emilio's sister only to find that he had sent her on an errand supposedly for their working parents. Emilio was quick to take advantage of the situation and had me half-undressed in a matter of minutes right there on the living room couch. I don't know how he unhooked my bra but to my surprise my ugly tits were falling out my unbuttoned blouse and undone bra. Before I could react, Emilio was sucking my sleepy nipples into rigid attention, and I quickly discovered just how sensitive my little babies were.

"However, when I resisted Emilio's attempts to get into my panties, he complained that I had given him a severe case of 'blue balls' and that unless relieved, the excruciating pressure would cause him irreparable injury. Naively I asked if I could do anything to help him. Emilio's response was to pull his cock out of his shorts, press my head to his lap and shove his cock into my mouth. He then uttered that unmistakable phrase that would forever change my relationship with men, 'Suck me!'"

With a swift nod of her head, Stella deep-throated me with practiced ease before resuming her story. "I cannot describe what it was like to have a cock in my mouth for the first time. To feel a hard erection throbbing between my lips and in my mouth, and to hear Emilio cried out as his body trembled made me feel like I had the power -- to please Emilio and to be pleased all at the same time.

"Emilio rested his hand on the back my head as to reinforce my lack of choice, but my head was bobbing up and down of its own. I could feel him building in anticipated release, and when Emilio finally did, I remember my mouth being flooded with his hot, thick, sweet cum. Some of his load escaped my lips, trickling down my chin, and then I gulped down his delicious seed and became instantly addicted to a man's sperm.

"After that, I couldn't seem

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