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The battle on the homefront.

It takes me about five days to get back to normal after having a really big one because that's the surest way to get caught. Hell, what are you going to say when your husband can't feel the walls of your cunt?" she told everyone logged on the site. "Honey it was just a cucumber. Like he'd believe that," she told everyone.

"Try an ice bath," my wife piped in. "It maybe a little cold but after ten minutes your pussy will shrink almost back to normal. I can guarantee you it works. I've taken some long and thick ones that would have made a horse jealous and after a ice bath or two, presto I'm a virgin again," she wrote.

The more I read, the more doubts I began to have. This was way beyond the fantasies of a bored, married, white woman, as she sometimes called herself. I wasn't sure about anything anymore.

For the next two weeks I plugged in my computer every night and got more than one surprise when I'd review what she or her other buddies had written the previous night.

If I believed what she wrote, she was fucking our neighbor Rob, two doors down, when I went out of town on seminars and an out of town salesman from her work once a month along with the husband of a friend of hers who had an open marriage. All in all, in two weeks she'd laid claim to have fucked at least five guys including Carlos in the last two months.

I started pulling back from her. Hell, I couldn't stand the thought of her even touching me anymore. The final straw was on Monday morning.

I didn't even want to crank up my computer any more. It seemed to be getting worse by the day. Hammer was logged on along with Mark and two other handles, I couldn't tell if they were men or women.

"I was so wicked this weekend, I don't think I can even stand myself," my wife Lisa wrote. "I went to my waxing this last Saturday and ending up getting another Carlos special. We were shooting the shit afterwards when he asked if I'd ever brought my husband home a cream pie."

"No way I'd ever do that to my husband," she told the group. "Besides he'd know something was different and then what the hell would I do?" she tried to explain.

"Not a whole one," Carlos told her. "Just a little taste. You know, just the essence. I'm told that there's no greater turn on for a woman to know that her husband is lapping up what was left behind from one of her lovers," he told me.

I lost it all. Sandwich, coffee and the donut I had this morning. You see, when she came home from her waxing Saturday she had to show me what a good job they'd done. One thing led to another and we ended up screwing in bed, not before I'd gone down on her for about twenty minutes.

"The bitch, the fucking bitch," I yelled out before realizing where I was. "I'd been so horny that I couldn't tell you if she was even on the rag. I just got her off twice and then laid the meat to her. We didn't make love, we fucked."

"I tried to remember if she was any looser but like I said, I just couldn't remember. But that was the last straw. No more," I said to myself.

I know what you're thinking. Did I talk to her or even confront her? Nope. I got macho stupid and did what a lot of other idiots before me have done; I contacted a lawyer and started the paperwork.

We'd probably end up selling the house and splitting everything else down the middle. I'd never get custody of the kids so I resolved myself to get the best deal I could. I just wanted to get as far away from that bitch Lisa as I could.

The only thing I wanted before I left was a little revenge. I wasn't going to hurt her, but I wanted something that had been denied me all these years. Her round tight ass.

Saturday night, after the kids had gone to sleep, I brought out a couple of bottles of my wife's favorite wine. I didn't care if she was sober or drunk; her ass would be mine tonight.

After she was totally drunk I told her I'd give her a good back rub with massage oil. She slurred something back to me as I undressed her and laid her on the bed.

I soaked her and my dick with oil.

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