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The Italy dreams (and films) are made of.

Only darker, more color."

"What do you think so far honey?" Jim smiled at Lisa.

"Humiliating actually". Lisa smiled back. She had a lot more room to give, let's see where he went.

"What do you think for a back ground? Maybe some music. I'll be smoking constantly of course, but where should we shoot this video?" Lisa finished writing and looked back to Jim for his answer.

"Oh for something this special, perhaps a motel room." Jim kept his poker face. Now to hit Lisa with the ultimate. Her secret fantasy. Let's just see if it strikes a cord with her.

"How about Crystal's motel down in Indy. Perhaps she'd even be willing to act in our little video?" Jim settled back and watched Lisa's reaction. Lisa continued writing. That bastard. Oh shit. Now the balls in my court. Let's see if he can handle the same. Like for like. Humiliation.

Lisa finished writing and set the pen down. "I think I'll have a cigarette. Do you mind?" Knowing what Jims answer would be Lisa went to her purse. Fortunately she'd remembered to pick up a package at the gas station today. She'd even had one on the way home so the package was open. I'll bet he notices. Not waiting to reseat herself, Lisa took a cigarette and placed it between her lips and brought it to life with the lighter she was now routinely carrying in her purse. She took a long drag, keeping one eye on Jim to gauge his reaction. He looked to be calm and smug. Oh he's not gonna like my next sentence. Lisa expelled a plume of smoke towards the kitchen ceiling. Jim noticed her deep full drag.

"OK, I'll ask Chrys if she'd be willing to partake in your little fantasy. But I think we need to have some rules put in place first."

"Which are?" Jim reflected back to Lisa.

"No sex between you and Chrys. Not intercourse anyway. And you have to behave. Chrys is a lady; you must not embarrass either of us in any way. You don't put any pressure on her or me at all. We do what we feel like. You watch for the most part."


Lisa took another strong drag on her VS120, and looked contemplatively towards the ceiling with her next exhale. "And" Lisa smiled her special smile as the thought hit her.

"And What?"

"You wear......... what we wear"

Game Set Match

Chapter Four

By the time Lisa worked up the courage to call Crystal the games were well afoot. When Lisa told Jim that he'd be dressed a little differently he turned white as a sheet. Lisa knew some of his secret fantasies, just as well as Jim knew of hers. And if he was going to pull that card out of her deck, she had every right in the world to pull out one of his. But after a few days, Jim hadn't chickened out. Lisa would push a button here and there, but it appeared as though he was willing go forward.

"This is Chrys, sorry to keep you holding, how may I help you?"

"It's Lisa. I'd like to make a reservation." Giggle.

"Hi hon. I sure miss you. When. You coming down here. Bringing Jim?"

"Yes to all of the above."

"And what's the occasion. Indy is positively hot right now. We've got Air Conditioning of course. The pool maybe?"

"Well, I'm gonna get myself knocked up."

"Oh sweetie. I love it. A romantic get away for two. We don't really have a honeymoon suite. But I can get you into the hot tub after hours if you'd like. This is way cool. When did this come about? I thought Jim was a bit reluctant."

"Well, he agreed. I had to make some concessions if you know what I mean, but over all I think he'll take to fatherhood just fine. He's been so sweet and supportive."

"When hon. Weekends are pretty tight right now....but..."

Lisa interrupted. "Not until August 14. Actually my "prime time" should be the Saturday, but my thinking is just the Friday night before. It's part of the concessions I mentioned."

"I'll look see here....yeah. King Size bed and smoking of course."


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