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these on?"

Joel smiled, "Yeah, I think you better!" He was totally excited. "What's in that bag?"

"Oh, I almost forgot...the shoes!" She grabbed the bag and as she was pulling the box out, she suddenly remembered her promise from the night before and shoved the box back into the bag. "Um, oh these are for work!"

"Let me see!" Joel said, suddenly suspicious.

"No, these are just for work. I'm going to go put these clothes on!" Kelsey was trying desperately to distract him.

"Kelsey! Don't be a ninny! Let me see!" He was still smiling but the smile had just a hint of disappointment behind it.

"Ok, well...." She pulled out the peak-a-boo pumps that she just couldn't live without and guiltily smiled, "See, no big deal."

"Kels. Those are leather." He said quietly.

"Yeah, but aren't they cute? They make my legs look really good..."

"Let's see. Why don't you put on your outfit with the shoes?" His smile was gone and what was left was a very intense look that said he was planning something.

"Really?" Kelsey was excited again and ran off to the guest room. "I'll be right back."

Kelsey dressed quickly, when she floated back into the room Joel's face lightened a bit. His eyes were all over her and he was definitely pleased with her appearance. Kelsey felt her clit constrict, her legs were quivering a bit, like they always did when she was going to have sex with someone for the first time.

Joel motioned to her to come to him. She walked over to the couch and stood in front of him. His eyes went down the length of her; he put his hands around the back of her calves (her perfectly formed calves) and ran them up the back of her legs. Goose bumps chased his fingertips and Kelsey gasped.

She sat down next to him and put her face next to his waiting for his lips to join hers. They stayed like that for a few seconds, she was breathing hard and waiting expectantly for his next move....and was totally surprised when he threw her face down across his lap.

"Kelsey you promised not to buy or wear anymore leather." He said calmly but firmly. Then he started spanking her...hard!

"What the hell are you doing? Is this some kind of a joke Joel? This isn't funny...stop it!"

"You broke your promise Kels and you're being punished!" His hands intensified their attack and her bottom was ablaze.

Kelsey screamed and begged and began kicking high up in the air trying to get his hands or his face or anything that would stop him. Joel grabbed one of her legs and with one hand held her down and with the other took a peek-a-boo pump and threw it on the floor, and then he took the other and...started beating her bottom with it.

"This is about all one of these is good for! How well do you like leather now Kels?"

"Ouch! Jesus Joel please stop! You asshole, stop it! You can't do this!"

"You're right!" He laughed. He then pulled down her soaking wet thong and threw it on the floor as well and started spanking faster and with more force until her bare bottom was a coral pink and emitting a heat that he could feel on his face.

He mumbled all of her little infractions of the day as he paddled her. "I found all your organic matter in the trash! WHAP! I found all of your paper products in the trash! WHAP! You left the coffee pot on! WHAP! "

As he spanked he noticed that Kelsey's flinching was slowly turning to thrusting and that her screaming had changed into quiet gasps and little moans. When he had completely satiated his need to spank her, he threw her shoe and sat panting and quivering, his own cock was stirring against his jeans and he was aching to let it out.

Kelsey sat up abruptly and stuck her tongue firmly into his unsuspecting mouth. Her tongue was hot and desperate to feel him. She was breathing hard and her hands were going everywhere, through his hair down into his shirt, down his pants...searching and reaching for his anxious cock.

She tore open his shirt and the button fly on his jeans and grabbed his penis hard.

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