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Her lust for her brother finally comes to its conclusion.

They kissed again, hungrier than before. He pushed her against the wall, the hardness of his manhood throbbing against her.

Morion's hands moved to her buttocks, hiking up the skirt of her dress, then gently lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist allowing him to enter her warm, receptive body.

They gently rocked together against the wall. Her lips touched his ear, she let her tongue play with the outline of it, teasing him. His thrusts grew wilder, grunting softly in her ear. His strong white teeth touched her neck, biting softly at first then more insisting, relentless even. Morion's strong body pinned her back against the wall over and over again. Suddenly he climaxed, his teeth piercing the creamy flesh of her neck as his seed entered her womb. His manhood still strong and throbbing inside her.

She straddled him as he lowered his rock hard buttocks onto the cold stone of the floor.

"I've longed for you," his voice intense and sincere as his strong hands held her hips, gently thrusting himself into her.

Breathlessly she watched him underneath her, his eyes lit up with ecstasy, knowing she wanted him as much as he craved for her. His hands started to move across her dress, teasingly brushing past her breast, erecting her nipples once more, as he reached for her neck. He pulled her close, still moving inside her. She picked up his rhythm and when their chests touched the electricity between them sparked. Her lips searched his as they kept moving.

She kissed him once more, softly biting his lower lip as she did. Her lips traced a path over his face down to his chest. Teasingly she let her tongue circle his nipple then biting it softly. With his manhood still inside her she pushed herself up. Letting the full length of him fill her while arching her back and running her fingers through the little damp curls his chest. Her nails scratching the skin underneath them.

Temptingly moving slow on top of him, she sent him a seductive smile. His hands slid under her dress arousing the skin of her legs before finding her hips, firmly grasping onto her. His nails embedded in her skin as he forced her to move faster. Their motions grew wilder, uncontrolled in a way, and she almost reached a climax. Taking his hands into hers and pushing them to the ground she fell on top of him still teasing him slowly. Her bare breasts gently caressing his chest she made her realise she felt inhibited by the remainder of her clothing.

As if he had read her mind he started to fumble with the buttons on her back. When they did not want to budge he tore the back of the dress open, pushing her up and pulled the dress over her head. The diamonds and emeralds from her belt bounced through the corridor. Throwing the torn gown aside on the floor, he stared up at her, the small triangle of dark hair in her loins touching his olive coloured abdomen and his black hair. He caught her in his arms against his chest and rolled her on her back. The coldness of the stone cooling the heat of her skin.

He kissed her while still thrusting inside her, his masculinity stronger than ever. He slowly showered her with butterfly kisses across her neck and breasts, then moved downward. He pulled himself away from her, as he gently licked her abdomen tracing her curves down to the triangle of dark curls between her legs.

Phaedra gasped for air as his tongue softly teased her inner thighs, yet she remained motionless until he found the warmth between her legs. A quick sigh passed her lips when he did, his fingers parting the petal-soft folds of her womanhood. His tongue skilfully flickered like a butterfly inside her. Her hands slowly ran across her own body, in a teasing motion, before her fingers lodged themselves in his thick dark hair.

Suddenly she felt a tingling sensation travel through her body as she climaxed in convulsions on the floor.

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