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Always in the last place you look - even for Lucifer.

His hands smoothed the oil along my arm up to my armpit and I shivered imperceptibly as his fingers lightly touched the mound of my right breast. I smiled to myself as the erotic images playing in my head mixed with the feelings that Andrew's hands were enticing in my body every time his fingers played along the side of my breast. I'd never known Sandi pay this much attention to my upper arms!

Letting go of my arm, he ran his hands down my right side, over my waist, under the sheet and firmly kneaded my right buttock. His touch on my arse was electric and I found myself entwining the feel of his hands with the erotic scenes in my head. His hands worked their way round my buttock and onto the top of my thigh, firmly grasping the bottom of my arse cheek and the top of my thigh, just as Edwin ran his hands over Hope's naked flesh.

Suddenly I snapped my eyes open. Was that my imagination, or did his finger just graze my… no, it couldn't've done. I must stop thinking about Hope and Edwin at a time like this.

His hands were moving up my buttock again and I closed my eyes. At my waist his hands stopped and moved back down to my upper thigh. My eyes shot open again; there was no mistaking it this time as his finger lightly, and seemingly accidentally brushed my pussy lips. I almost raised my head, but at the last second decided to stay very still. His hands moved up my arse again and he lightly traced a contour up my side across my shoulders and onto my left side. I smiled at my silliness as I closed my eyes again. "He's just caught up in the massaging; an accident. It won't happen again."

He replenished the oil on his hands and took hold of my left arm. He again moved up my arm to my armpit and lightly grazed the side of my left breast. His touch was sending signals firing all over my body and I desperately tried to will my body to relax and give in to his supple hands. He returned my arm to my side and started working my waist muscles, again running his hands down my side to my left buttock under the sheet. No, not under the sheet; the sheet had slipped and was resting on top of my legs and I realised my arse was completely exposed. I couldn't move. I knew I ought to say something but with the scenes in my mind and the attention of his hands, I was completely turned on; more than I had been in a very long time. His hands massaged my left buttock and then moved down to the top of my thigh and there again was that light grazing over my pussy lips, twice, and then his hands were gone. That was worse than the grazing! The sheet was moved to cover my back. Andrew ran his hands lightly over my back, over my buttocks as he moved round and down my right side again. The sheet was moved to uncover my right leg, and was left to lightly fall rather than being firmly placed between my legs. I knew that at the right angle my now damp pussy would be exposed. A wicked thought crept into my mind, "thank god I saw Helen at the weekend and everything is neatly waxed!"

Andrew's hands worked my foot, plying enough pressure to prevent the touch being ticklish, but not so much that it hurt.

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