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Zendaya meets with her master.

Hey, it's my orgy and I dictate the rules as lady of the house. No one gets to sit around doing nothing. Everyone must play. I gesture Areebah to make herself useful. The chubby and matronly Egyptian woman smiles and joins Malik and me. She squats over Malik's face and the handsome Somalian stud starts licking her pussy. Areebah clucks her tongue and grins as Malik works her magic on her. I know just how she feels. He's so fucking good at eating pussy. Malik is my first Somalian lover but he's not going to be the last. This I silently promised myself while trying to get his eleven-inch Black monster cock in my small mouth.

Folks, I give up on trying to fit all of Malik's cock in my mouth. Now, I know my sweet Saudi Arabian pussy can take him. My pussy can take dicks of any size. I climb on top of Malik and lower myself onto his member. I take his big Black dick and push it inside of me. The Somalian stud thrusts upward, slamming his cock deep inside of me. Grinning, I start riding him. Areebah and I face each other as we both ride on Malik. I kiss the chubby Egyptian woman, and she pinches my tits. I smile. She's so naughty. I can feel Malik's big Somalian dick stretching my pussy even more than my Ahmad usually does. I like it. I rode him hard, pushing downward and filling my pussy with his dick. I've got eighty percent of it inside of me already and I know I can take the whole thing. I just know it. A sharp scream causes both Areebah and I to look up.

Our eyes turn to Atifah, who's getting the fuck of the century from both Farouk and Ahmad. The Egyptian-born Toronto policeman and the Imam are double-teaming our favourite Libyan slut, and she's loving it. Atifah is riding my Ahmad, who's lying flat on the mattress with his dick buried deep inside her pussy. At the same time, Farouk has big long dick buried deep inside Atifah's asshole. Wow. Atifah screams continuously as both her holes are filled with dick. Hot damn. I knew my best friend was a freak but I had no idea she was such a rough rider. Wow. I can and have taken dick in my pussy and asshole but never both at the same time. Maybe it's something I will try someday. Not today, though. I'm loving the feel of Malik's dick in my cunt too much. I ride him until I feel I can't take it anymore. Malik is still hard, and I allow Areebah to hop on for a ride. I finger my pussy while watching Areebah climb on top of Malik. Now the short, chubby Egyptian matron is lowering herself onto Malik's big Black dick. Until she's impaled her middle-aged pussy on his thick Somalian cock.

I go for the bag of toys and reach for two dildos. A blue one and a purple one. Both have rounded handles to prevent them from 'getting lost' inside someone. I dip both of them into the bottle of lubricant, then I slide the purple one into my pussy. I watch Areebah squeal as she rides Malik's big Black cock. Her big butt is jiggling under the force of his thrusts. He's really pounding the older Egyptian woman's pussy. Filled with naughty inspiration, I decided to try something. I whisper something into Areebah's ear. She shrugs, and I grin. I pry her big butt cheeks wide open, and press the blue dildo against Areebah's asshole. And just like that, I start fucking her in the ass. Areebah gasps as I penetrate her asshole with my dildo. I smack her ass and push the dildo deeper inside of her. Her screams change in tune. Malik continues hammering her pussy with powerful thrusts of his big Black cock. He's really tearing up her pussy. And I'm happily filling her asshole with my dildo. Areebah screams like a woman possessed as both her holes are filled. Her screams aren't that different in pitch from those of my friend Atifah. If double penetration is that much fun, I've got to try it someday.

Farouk and my husband Ahmad are really working Atifah over.

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