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Amanda's sex life goes from father to her son.

The feeling of knowing that a black man was fucking him, and the sensation of his black cock in his ass, as well as licking cum from his wife's breasts, was too much. He was cumming. His half limp penis spurting cum onto the floor beneath him.

"Oh god." Meghan caught a glimpse of her father's penis just as sperm shot out of it. She knew exactly how he felt, she had orgasmed the last time a black man had fucked her in her ass too.

"Mmm, now you know how good Meghan and I feel when black men fuck us in our tight asses." Nancy smiled at her husband who had such a dreamy look on his face.

The black man looked at the two beautiful and slutty women in front of him as he slowly slid his big cock out from the white guy's ass. Once he saw the tip of his cock make its way out of Jim's ass, he shoved it back in and started fucking him again.

"Ah ah ahh." He looked up and held onto Jim's hips as he pounded him. Then, with a satisfying look, he glanced down at his big black cock and enjoyed the way it kept disappearing into the white guy's ass.

"Ah yeahh." The black man felt so empowered. After a long hard day, working for a stuck up white man, this was the life. Fucking a white man in front of his wife and daughter, whilst they, in turn, were ready to do whatever he wanted. That thought brought him just over the edge.

"Fuuckk, come here!" He gripped his cock hard, so not to come, and pulled out his ten inches from Jim's gaping ass. He was going to empty his balls on the women's faces.

"Oh yes, give us your cum." Nancy scooted up next to her husband's butt, as did her daughter Meghan.

"Oh yess." Meghan looked down at the man's big and beautiful black cock. She couldn't wait for it to burst and cover her face with sperm.

Jim slowly crawled forward on all fours to give more room for his wife and daughter. His penis still dripped cum, and his butthole felt so stretched as he sat up on his knees and turned around. He didn't want to miss the black man spraying his wife and daughter with hot semen.

"Ah aahhhh!" A manly grunt came from the black man as a big chunky load of cum shot out from his big cock and landed straight on Meghan's forehead.

"Oh, mmm!" Meghan moaned with excitement when she felt the warm cum land on her face.

"Ahh!" Another big wad splashed across Meghan's face, this time right across her nose and cheek.

"Mmm..." Nancy leaned in closer to her daughter. She wanted some of that hot cum as well.

"Ah ah ahh!" Even with his intense climax, the black man had no intention of missing out on shooting his load on the other white woman as well. Still cumming, he bent his rock hard cock over to the side. Just as he did, another few heavy streams of cum splashed right across the older woman's tongue and into her mouth.

"Mghmm..." Nancy felt the hot cum land on her tongue and run down into her mouth. She loved it. Greedily she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the tip of the man's black cock, and felt as her mouth filled up with his hot semen.

"Ohh." Meghan enviously licked her lips. Her mom had her lips around the black man's cock, and Meghan could tell by the expression on the sexy black man's face that he was still cumming hard.

Oh yess... Nancy was in heaven. She had a black man's cock in her mouth and he was cumming. Some of it she swallowed, but most of it she tried to keep in her mouth. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She planned on kissing her husband in the most sloppy way possible.

"Ahhhhh!" The black man exhaled and bucked with his hips as the climax subsided.

Yeahhh... He smiled to himself as he looked down at the big tittied white woman who had just taken his big load in her mouth.

"Mghmm." When Nancy felt that the handsome black man had finished, she looked up at him and attempted to give him a smiling thanks, though with her mouth full of his cum, she only barely managed to smile.

With such naughty and horny thoughts, Nancy turned to her husband.

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