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Gemma, a frustrated housewife helps her loving son.

"Please sit Lady Laura. I bring your coffee immediately." As I scurried back to the kitchen.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself as I pushed the button on the toaster before pouring her coffee which she drank strong and black.

As I brought Lady Laura the steaming cup of java, I informed her "Your English muffins will be ready in a minute. May I get Lady Laura something else while waiting?"

"Yes Marta." Laura replied. "Where's the morning Times? Would you please go get it?"

"Yes Lady Laura!" I had forgotten to get the paper. "Right away!"

My heels clicked on the floor as I quickly walked to the door. I paused as I reached to the door knob, realizing what I was dressed in. I had never gone out of the house fully exposed in my female persona.

"What are you waiting for Marta?" I turned to see Laura watching me. "Go get the paper!"

I turned the knob and opened the door. I cautiously stuck my head outside.

"Hurry up Marta!" Laura prodded me. "Don't make me tell you again!"

With trepidation I stepped outside to find the paper. It was in front of the landing only about 10 feet away. I was so nervous, if felt like 100 feet!

I looked left, then right and dashed as best I could to grab the journal as quick as I could. Just as my hand touched the newspaper, I heard a slam and click.

I looked up to see the front door closed.

I grabbed the paper and dashed back to the door. Locked!

I rang the door bell..... No answer! I rang it again...... Still no answer! Desperately I started ringing the bell and banging on the door. Finally the door opened. Standing there was Laura. She seemed to have a little smirk in her smile.

"Why Marta! Did you get locked out?" Laura asked in a so sickly sweet innocent tone. "I heard the door bell but assumed you would answer it! What do you think you are doing going outside half naked in only your underwear? Come in! Come in!"

But Laura didn't move out of the way immediately. She grabbed the paper out my hand, unfolded it and looked at the front page. I stood in the door way for a minute before Laura moved. I had to wait until I could pass by without bumping her.

Finally being able to pass by, but still in front of the open door. "Thank you for letting me back in, Lady Laura." I said graciously. "I'm not sure why the door closed or why it was locked."

Laura stood there and nodded only slightly; pretending to be engrossed by an article before slowly closing the door. I think Laura wanted to push the limit to how much humiliation I would take.

Laura sat back down at the table and sipped her coffee. I brought the English muffins and place them in front of her. I stood there and waited.

Laura put the paper down, took a bite of the muffin and chewed. She looked at me and asked "What is it? Is there something else you want Marta?"

"Lady Laura, I know it is not my station to questions, but I was wondering about Lady Laura's reaction to finding out about me."

"You mean about you being a panty wearing sissy?" She asked me as I nodded my head up and down in response.

"Do you think I'm that stupid?" Laura accused me.

"No Lady Laura, but I ...." Laura interrupted me before I could finish.

"Shut up!" Laura glowered. "Don't you think I started noticing things?"

I stood there with my mouth agape.

"One: MY lingerie was not where or how I placed them when I put them away. They were almost always moved. Two: some of MY bras and MY panties were stretched out of shape. Even some of MY shoes were loose. Three: I wear lingerie everyday. Don't you think I wouldn't notice when you wore MY things under your sweat pants?" She told me.

I stood there stunned.

"I know you wore my things under your clothes in front of me. Didn't you realize Marta, that when you wore garters tightly as you did, they produced a kind of indentation and showed through? The garter clips show a bump and bras produce a small but notable bump in the back." Laura explained. "We won't even discuss the fact you played with yourself even in front of me."

"But you .

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