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Love becomes a refuge in the deepening crisis.

did you think you and Craig got to be here? The stork?"

"Well no, but so often? And so loud?"

Jenny chuckled, "They're in love. I hope someday somebody will complain about the same things about me and my husband."

Cindy shook her head, "None of my friends have parents like them."

Jenny chuckled, "I bet. I've heard a lot from Craig about them, but Cindy, the thing is, your parents are crazy in love. That's sweet and beautiful. Honestly, I wish I had them for my parents some times."

"I'll trade you."

Jenny laughed louder, "Wait until you meet mine first before you go making any deals like that. Cindy, you can talk to me any time. I don't mind at all. But remember, don't let anyone push you or tell you what to do."

Cindy nodded, "But how will I know?"

Jenny smiled, "That's easy. It's when you are so in love you can't help but make your partner feel as wonderful as you do It's when it's you who is doing the pushing, not out of obligation but out of desire."

Cindy smiled, "Thanks Jenny."

When they both stood, Jenny reached over to hug the startled girl.

"Give me your phone," Jenny said.

Cindy watched as Jenny programmed her number into Cindy's phone.

"There. You call me anytime you have questions or need to talk to somebody. If I'm in class or busy with Craig, yes, because I am crazy in love with your brother and, ewwwwww, want to make him feel as wonderful as I do, I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

When Jenny handed the phone back it was Cindy's turn to hug the other woman tight.

Jenny walked out of the room, closed the door and turned to see Sue leaning against the opening into the kitchen, smiling.

"Thank you."

"For what?" Jenny asked.

Once Jenny got up to where Sue was standing Sue reached out to hug Jenny, "I know Cindy doesn't know what to make of her parents most of the time. I'm just glad she has somebody like you that she can talk to."

Jenny laughed, "I'll let you know one thing I told her. I told her that I hoped someday somebody would make the same complaints about me and my husband."

Sue grinned wide, "You are so sweet."

Sue kissed the surprised girl.

Jenny felt a burst in her stomach she now knew to be her butterflies.

Jenny held Sue's hand and let the older woman guide her back into the kitchen.

"Where's Craig?"

"With his father in the den doing manly things."

Jenny laughed, "Great, so I can be here in the kitchen doing girly things with you?"

Sue beamed, "I would love that. Coffee?"

Sue set to brewing coffee after Jenny nodded her head.

"Honestly, I hope 'your husband' and Craig turn out to be the same person."

Jenny smiled, "Me too."

Jenny gladly took the mug of hot coffee and waited until Sue was sitting across from her.

"Can I tell you something?"


Jenny took a deep breath, "Craig and I had a long talk, and I know all about the parties and sex and stuff that went on with you and all the others before he met me."

Sue just took a deep pull from her coffee, "I see. And how does that make you feel?"

Jenny smiled, "At first confused, bewildered and a bit upset. But I asked Craig to leave and the minute he did I felt so lost without him. I ran out and dragged him back. I love him so much, I know that for sure."

Sue smiled, "I'm so glad to hear that, the last part especially. Based on the dinner tonight you're not upset with me I guess."

Jenny shook her head, "How can I be? You are so filled with joy and love. You make me smile."

"Let me guess, Craig deliberately kept you away from us so you wouldn't find out?"

Jenny nodded.

Sue gave a soft smile, "It's a tough thing. It truly feels wonderful and amazing but in 'normal' society it is horrific and disgusting. There is no guide book for any of this. I'm happy Craig, Matt and Chip got through it okay without any damage. It's funny, Chip just told his girlfriend about it as well this week. I'm so glad you both are okay with things. I don't know what Craig told you but believe me once he fell for you he was done with us. I guess too done with us."

Jenny gave a soft laugh.

"I know.

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