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"Yeah, sure. Come up whenever you like," I replied, Memories of penetrating Lisa's pussy meshed with the thought of dicking Jennifer at the same time. I knew if I played it cool, I might get twice as lucky this time.

"Thanks," they said at the same time. Then they turned away and ran across the sand, bare asses and barely covered tits bouncing. What an eyeful.

The sun was setting and the ocean looked like a rippled sheet of metal. My dick was like metal, too, as Lisa and Jennifer arrived at the stand. They climbed up the ladder as I gave them a hand. The two teen hotties stood next to me as we leaned on the rail. Most of the beach-goers had gone.

"Wow," Jennifer said as she looked over the ocean, "It looks totally awesome," The same thought was crossing my mind as I examined her well-toned body. Her tits were A-cups, like Lisa's, but they were firm and round like her butt. She was wearing an ankle bracelet and she had a tattoo of a butterfly there. I'd heard that who wore ankle bracelets liked it in the ass. I hoped I'd find out soon.

As we stood there, enjoying the last few moments of the day, I saw Lisa glancing towards the storeroom. She didn't say a word and I pretended not to notice.

After a few minutes, I said, "Well, girls. Maybe you'd like the nickel tour of my humble station,"

The two looked at each other and exchanged knowing glances, "Yeah, sure, okay," Lisa said.

"Great," I replied, "Come this way," I led the girls inside and closed the door behind us.

"Cool," Jennifer said, looking around the station. She examined the paddle boards, ropes and scuba tanks., and ran her hand along a recuse pole, "Look at this equipment," She smiled at me with mock innocence. Then she saw the camp bed, "What's this for, Steve?"

"Uh, that's in case somebody passes out from sunstroke. Or if I, uh, want to take a siesta. You know,"

"Sure, Steve," Jennifer looked so fuckable I wanted to nail her right on the spot.

"Steve showed me all this a few days ago. We had fun," said Lisa, her lean thighs rubbing together, "Didn't we?"

My loins were on fire. I tried to look like I was in control, "Yeah, it was a lot of fun, wasn't it?" I smiled.

"So, what did you guys do?" asked Jennifer coyly. I was sure she was wet between her legs, too.

"We did this," I said, approaching Jennifer. I held her face in my hands and lightly kissed her pouty mouth. She slipped her tongue inside ,my mouth and kissed me passionately. Our tongues were like two snakes thrashing. She rubbed her crotch against mine and ran her fingers inside my Speedo, tickling m asshole.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lisa playing with herself as she got close to us. I put my arm around Lisa's waist and stroked her bare bum, kissing her now as I laid with her dental floss-thin bikini bottom. Here I was, arms around both girls, alternating kisses while we felt each other up. Lisa and Jennifer were giggling softly as they kissed me and each other. I licked my way down Lisa's as my hands danced all over their tanned asses. Their nipples had escaped from their microkinis and were cold and hard against my chest.

Their hands were busy, too, pulling my trunks down to my ankles. My cock was like a flagpole, waving and swaying, twitching up and down as I rubbed myself against their young bodies. The girls were sizzling.

"Touch me," I whispered and their hand immediately slid up and down my rigid cock. Their breathing became laboured, more excited, almost frenzied. Their microkinis came undone and fell to the floor. I sucked Jennifer's hard nipples one moment and munched Lisa's big areolae the next. The girls massaged my rod like two busy little beavers. I lay down on the floor. They knelt beside me, rubbing their hands all over my thighs. My penis was a steel pipe.

"Lick me," I panted, "Lick my dick," The girls took turns suckling and lapping my shaft.

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