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Beautiful friends get together for a swim & a shave.

A minute later everything was set.

"OK. Let me see if this light will work," Jeremy said. He peered through the camera at Karen and took one picture, spending the next few seconds staring intently at the image on the LCD of his digital camera. "Good. Now just get comfortable."

Karen sat on the floor, adjusting the pillows so they encircled her on three sides. She took some sense of security out of the wall of cushions surrounding her, as if she could hide in them temporarily. She stretched her legs out a bit and leaned on one pillow with her head in her hand.

Jeremy began shooting.

Karen's light blue blouse clashed somewhat with one of the pillows and Jeremy asked her to toss the pillow aside. She adjusted the remaining cushions and resumed posing. At this point the photographer was concentrating on the striking light blonde steaks in Karen's hair. She wore it short and straight, curled closely around her face. The light streaks were in the front, very visible no matter how she sat.

Those streaks, combined with her wide eyes and infectious smile, were the highlights of Jeremy's first set of pictures. But there was more to this young woman than her face and Jeremy was anxious to see if Karen would consent to more revealing poses.

"Do you want to take a break, or keep going?" he asked.

"Keep going. I'm fine," she replied.

"Can we try some more informal stuff?" Jeremy inquired politely.

"Sure. Like what?"

"Will you unbutton your blouse one more button? Just look a little more relaxed."

Karen smiled and opened not one but two buttons. She glanced over at Ashley and got a smile of approval in return.

Now Jeremy had something to work with. Karen's cleavage was easily viewed from several angles as he circled her, taking pictures the entire time. As she turned her body to continue facing him, her breasts stretched the blouse's material to the limit. In some instances, only her nipples kept the shirt from falling open.

"Lean back," Jeremy said between shots.

Karen slid her body away from the pillows and lay on her back, her head resting on the edge of one of the cushions. After a few seconds she put her hands behind her head.

"Perfect," Jeremy encouraged her.

Karen's shirt was stretched apart at the top, exposing nearly half of the woman's bare breasts. Jeremy stood behind her, shooting down the length of her body. Karen arched her back and looked back at him. She felt the shirt pressed tight against her skin. Her nipples hardened.

Without being told, Karen unbuttoned her blouse all the way, pulling it out of her jeans at the end. She told herself if she could manage to have Jeremy take just one picture of her uncovered breasts she would get the courage to do more. She wasn't sure yet how she wanted to do that.

Jeremy took care of that for her.

"Roll on your side," he told her.

She did, not knowing what to do with her hands until deciding to put one on her hip and the other by the side she rested on. To her it seemed both of her breasts were hanging free of her shirt. Jeremy, from above, had access to one of them with the other tauntingly close to view.

"Pull the right side of your shirt open," Jeremy said, referring to that part of her blouse farthest from the floor.

Karen moved her hand from her hip and delicately lifted the right half of her opened shirt. This was going to be it. She'd either end up topless or on her way home.

She watched Jeremy kneel in front of her, reorganizing the pillows. By the time he was set, Karen had the shirt so positioned that it covered neither of her breasts. The right side was pulled back along her side and the left flopped onto the floor. She smiled as Jeremy focused his camera on the top half of her body.
"On your back," he said casually.

Karen rolled. When one side of her shirt rolled with her, she pushed it aside and made both breasts plainly visible. Jeremy and Ashley admired the large mounds and the cherry colored nipples extending from them. Then Jeremy resumed shooting.

Karen ended up on both sides, her back and stomach with the shirt open.

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