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Wife finally has her first threesome.


We both chuckled and I went back to the hotel. It was a little past eleven. I turned on the television, scrolled through some channels and turned it off.

I picked up my cell and scrolled to Tanya's number. I hesitated a moment then dialed.

"Hallo?" Came the voice I had come to recognize.

"Tanya? It's Dave Daniels. How's it going?"
"David! So glad to hear. Where you are?"

"I'm in New York on business. Are you girls following our schedule?"

She giggled. "You mean with stretch and run. Sure."

"And diet?"

"We are sticking to it. I clean out my refrigerator. Alina do the same. Just healthy from now on, good?"

"Excellent. I'll be back in town on Thursday. Saturday good for you this week?"

"We both looking forward to it, to everything." She laughed.

"Okay, Tanya...have a good rest of the week."

I hung up, shook my head and turned out the light.

Every morning I was on the treadmill in the hotel gym. Two days of meetings and conferences and Friday I was on the plane home at four.

I have to admit, I was really curious as to how the morning with the two Russians would go. Yeah, last weekend was one of the strangest and most different experiences of my life. I never was a sexual adventurer. Pretty much a few affairs before I was married and a few after, but they just seemed to taper off.

This was really different. Training two good looking ladies and being expected to satisfy them sexually at the same time? Yeah, really different.



Saturday was gratefully a bit overcast as I ran a trail route early. By the time I left for Tanya's, the sun had assumed charge again and it was another hot one. I threw on a clean sleeveless running shirt and a pair of shorts.

How would this day unfold? Well, just in case I packed my ditty bag, a sport shirt and a pair of jeans in my gym bag and tossed them in the Porche.

I pulled up to the house, saw Alina's minivan in the driveway, parked behind Tanya's Hyundai. I went up to the door and rang. I was wearing running shorts, a sleeveless top and a pair of casual Nikes, I didn't intend to run any more today, just work with the girls on pacing and form. I wanted to see if there was a school track nearby.

Tanya answered the door. Now, it might have been my imagination, but I could swear she was thinner. Her chestnut hair framed her face. She was wearing a loose fitting tee shirt with sleeves and the same shorts as last time I was here. She had the colorful Nikes on her feet.

She took my hand and pulled me into the little foyer. She grabbed me in a bear hug and licked my neck. "Great start for training," I thought.

"Dave, I miss you. Alina and me, we been doing what you ask. I am down five pounds, you believe that?"

I had extracted myself from Tanya and walked into the great room. "Yes Tanya, I can tell. The first weight is the easiest. You will plateau, but don't get discouraged. We are on a path here."

Just then Alina came out of the back hall. She looked about the same. She was wearing a matching sleeveless tee shirt and running shorts in pink. I could tell she had on the running bra, because her breasts were obviously restricted.

"Me, Dave? I don't lose any weight, is okay?"

I went over and gave her a hug. No preference between these two until they declared it. "Fine, Alina - with you we'll just move stuff around a little."

Tanya told me the kids were at a birthday party and another sleepover. She said the middle school track was about three miles away. We piled in the minivan and Alina drove over.

For the next hour I stood in the infield and helped both of them with their arm placement, stride and breathing. They both were excellent students. Mostly I thought, because they had grabbed this healthy lifestyle thing and were embracing it.

It was hot and they each went through a twelve ounce bottle of water during the hour. They both stood in front of me, winded and flushed.

"Tanya, Alina? You guys are awesome. Neither of you has any quit in you. I'm really proud of both of you. Let me take you lunch."

Tanya grabbed my arm.

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