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Randy shows an interest in Michael's wife.

I can't explain why that mattered. My body just seemed to contour to his. The kissing started. I thought it would never stop if I had not pushed him away and pulled off my bra and panties. Next time, he better rip them off me himself I thought. God, I was already thinking of a next time. I had not even started this time when I tried to maneuver his dick to my opening.

"I have a condom in my shorts in the living room. I can go..."

"Just shove it in, I have my tubes tied."

"Look, I don't know your sexual partner history."

"One guy for four years that divorced me for another fucking guy three years ago."

"What?" He said.

"I have not had sex in three years, now shove it in. I need your dick."

"I have to go slow. I don't want to hurt you."

"HURT ME!" I screamed.

He pushed that manly flesh into me and I was so wet I didn't notice how big it was at first.

All I felt was just increasing pressure and the sensation of being full.

"Yesssss..." I hissed as he pushed in slowly.

After a few seconds I felt pain. I shoved my hands into his chest so quick I almost pushed him off me.

It felt like his cock was in my gut pushing on my internal organs.

His face was scrunched in a grimace.

I rested a moment and looked down at our connected bodies. He was more than halfway in, but not all the way. Maybe two fingers width still to go. He pulled out slightly and the pain left and pleasure flooded my body.

I pulled him back down and whispered into his ear as his chest pressed into mine, "That was as far as you can go right now. I need to get used to it."

His deep voice responded. "It's fine. We can try a different position later." He pushed back in, and did not go in as far. Suddenly my pussy convulsed around his shaft. He withdrew, I came. Shit! Shit! Shit!

This can't be happening after only two strokes. I was so pissed at my body as he pumped. I slammed shut my mouth as he continued to fuck me. I didn't want him to know I was cumming.

Yet, I did cum, then again only a few moments later in a much more vulgar manner that I couldn't hold my mouth closed any more. His silent pumping was giving me too much sensation. "Ahhhhhhh!! You Bastard! Ahhhhhhh!! More, I need more!" I screamed.

My bed creaked with his efforts of fucking me. My legs spread wider and wider the more he did it. I think I came eight more times before he pulled completely out. I was sure he was going almost all the way in the last few minutes.

"You didn't cum." I said.

"Jesus, I was doing all the work. My hips are sore." He said.

I looked at the clock. It had been almost a hour since he had arrived. My neck was tense.

"Are you holding back? I mean, you don't find me attractive enough to cum?" I asked.

"I am holding back. I'm not twenty anymore. When I cum, I may not get my cock up again soon. It has nothing to do with you."

I felt like it did have something to do with me. When I had sex with my ex last, before his change, it was only a few minutes and he was done. I did get an orgasm, but never so many as now. This guy was good.

"So, what can I do to help you along?" I asked. That felt weird asking a question like that. It was like I was trying to be more intimate with him.

He laughed and it eased my anxiety about what he might tell me.

"I think standing up works for me, with you bent over the bed would work. Less energy for me and I can look at your sexy ass at the same time."

"You promise you will cum," I asked. I needed him to cum.

"I will give it my best try," he said getting off the bed.

Once he got off the bed I was almost in a panic he would leave.

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