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Returning to Iceland reveals a big discovery.


Donna retorted, laughing as she extracted another spurt from him.

Logan finally climbed into bed & caught Donna up in his strong arms as she half heartedly tried to wriggle away. He caressed her soft warm body moving from her face down over her neck to her perky upturned breasts, nibbling the lobes of her ears. Donna shuddered in delight as his wet tongue tickled the inside of her ear.

Donna's back arched to push her hips to his hand as he travelled over her flat toned belly , pausing to wiggle his fingertips in her dimpled navel.

"PLEASE LOGAN, fuck me hard darling, I want you so bad."

Donna moaned pleadingly, squirming & writhing, her legs opening wide & knees bending to give him full access to her sopping wet love tunnel. Logan moved between her legs his palm flat & pressing on the hard button of her clit & his cock head slid easily into Donna's eager waiting pussy.

"OH YEAH, now baby, now, that's it, fill my pussy"

Donna's cries filled the room & she moaned in ecstasy as Logan settled into long firm strokes letting her pussy muscles hold him on each stroke, gripping his hard shaft as he fucked her. Her hands stroked along his muscular arms & gripped his shoulders as they both stiffened & their orgasms began simultaneously, Donna's nails raked down Logan's back but he felt no pain as he emptied his balls into his beautiful horny wife. Donna's cum flowed over his shaft in soft warm waves of womanly honey & mingled with his creamy spunk & began to ooze from around his buried cock & trickle slowly to her ass crack.

"Was that ok baby? Enough for you?"

Logan smiled down at Donna, her eyes closed as she lay panting heavily, her golden hair spread over the pillow like a halo. Logan grinned as he thought how she looked like a newly fucked fallen angel.

"You better rest now Logan, you've got Laura to take care of tomorrow, we don't want you to disappoint her 'cos you're all worn out."

Logan nodded, he wanted to be at his best if he was to give Laura what she wanted, what she deserved.


There was an air of excitement the whole evening during dinner & the three of them kept exchanging glances, each with their own thoughts. Though nothing was mentioned of what was planned for later it was on their minds.

Donna was overjoyed that she had convinced both Logan & Laura that it was a practical & sensible thing to do. Logan of course knew her reasoning as she had told him of her first experience all those years ago.

Logan was nervous & still thought that it was wrong & immoral but he couldn't back out now so he decided that he would try to not think of Laura as his daughter but someone Donna had found to fulfil his fantasies.

For Laura this was going to be the best night of her life. She was going to made a woman by the man she loved most in all the world. Unbeknown to her parents she had fantasised about Logan ever since she was fifteen when he had inadvertently caught her masturbating by the pool. He hadn't scolded her but discreetly walked away but she had seen the bulge suddenly appear in his shorts. She felt the heat between her legs as they finished dinner & her eyes shone as Donna said it was time to get ready.


Logan lay on the bed fondling his limp cock; desperately trying to get it to grow, Donna & Laura would arrive at any moment & his cock was like a stick of wet celery. He heard them outside the door, Donna giving Laura some last minute advice no doubt. The door opened & Donna purposely dimmed the lights apart from one that shone directly on to Laura as she entered. Logan craned his neck & took a sharp breath.

Laura was stunning, she wore a simple diaphanous robe tied with a single bow at the vee of her cleavage & thin shoulder straps.

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