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Troubles only make them stronger.

He looks over his shoulder and tells her that we are going to have such fun getting to know each other.

When they reached his room, he leads her inside shutting and locking the door. He instructs her to kneel, with knee's wide apart and hands palm down on her thighs. He informs her that this is called the submissive position, and that she will become very familiar with it. Master Hard yanks her hair and pulls her to her feet. Then standing behind her he reach around her and pulls on her nipple rings she screams out in pain and her hands automatically goes to them and tries to protect her sore newly periced nipples.

Master Hard tells her what fun they are going to have and that he is going to enjoy making her totally his that this will be a night of firsts. Then he will think about sharing her with the rest of dungeon guest tomorrow she cries out noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Master Hard pulls her arms back behind her and binds them so she can not protect her breast this time. Then he yanks hard on her nipple rings causing her to cry out in pain eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk Master Hard growls into she ear that she will learn to do any damn thing that please him that she now belong to him and that she is His Kitten now. And she will learn to do what she is told to do by him.

She scream at him nooooooooooo never I do not belong to anyone. But for now until she could find a way out of it that it would be very hard on her if she did not obey him she realize. But she could not help herself for she hated to give in to anything.

Master Hard wraps his hand in her hair and pulls her head back and leads her further into the room. Then Master Hard pulls her bound hands above her head and secures them on a hook stretching her arms out. Then standing back from her and watching her squirm trying to get away. The rack he has attached her to is a strange contraption to her. Master Hard tells her as he looks at her that it is no use to struggle, but to go ahead head as he moves forward and rubs his hard throbbing cock against her leg telling her it only makes him more excited as he pulls her nipple rings out causing her to eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk scream out in pain.

He laughs and tells her not to worry about it, That she will learn to like having her nipple rings pulled. Then Master Hard attaches her legs to the two poles on either sides of her. Master Hard says that he will also be using the other bars to position her there are two more bars going out in front that curve and are waist high and two in back that curve in a different angle about waist high.

Master Hard stands back in front of her looking at her. He ask her if she knows why this is a night of first, she glares at him Master Hard continues to talk telling her as his hands caress her body that this is the first time He has bought a slave such as her. This is the first time that She has been marked as belonging to someone, and such lovely marking they are to he tells her. She scream at him that they are not lovely markings.
The first time to have her tit rings pulled as he reaches up and pulls them again eeeeeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkk she screaming out in pain again. Then Master Hard reaches down and pulls the clit ring for the first time and her body withers and jumps in pain as she scream out eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk and Master Hard says your first clit ring pull and your first oral fuck by her new Master.

Master Hard tells her , it will also be the first time he fucks her pussy and then her asshole making sure to take all of her totally and that she will learn who her Master is, as Master Hard backs from her and removes his hood She see Master Hard's face for the first time. She see the soft gentleness upon his face the short light hair and clean face and eyes full of excitement.

Gasping slightly as she looks at him for the first time, seeing what a handsome man he is.

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