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The footsteps paused behind her. "Sorry, I'll be done in just a minute" She put the hot mug down on the counter to moved aside for the person to reach the coffee or hot water maker. She felt a hand come around and cover her mouth. She attempted to scream but couldn't.

Her mouth was covered but that didn't stop her from trying to display her anger. "What the fuck? What the hell do you think you're doing? This isn't funny. Let me go now!" She felt a blindfold go over her eyes and another set of hands grabbed her legs carrying her off to the corner of the dining hall that nobody used.

They roughly threw her down on top of the table. By this time more people were shuffling into the dining area, moving chairs out of the way and grabbing each arm and leg so she would stop moving. She started squirming even harder, trying to get good leverage to kick them off of her. However, she failed. At this point she felt rope go around her hands. It was fed under the table and tied to her other wrist so she was bound to the table. The same happened with her feet. Her head wasn't on the table. It was hanging off of the side. She was straining hard to keep it lifted.

The blindfold was ripped off of her eyes and she saw her captors. Damon was standing right over her head holding a knife in his hand. He must surely be joking. He can't kill someone in the middle of a camp. He has to be drunk.

"Enough games Damon! Let me go or I will scream for the managers to come down. If you so as lay one hand..." Elizabeth gasps. The knife is right at her throat.

"My dear Elizabeth. You won't have enough time to scream." Damon looked up and nodded. Elizabeth put her head back to look at whom Damon was communicating with. A hard cock was plunged directly into her mouth. She started to choke and sputter. The cock was beginning to swell even more as it slide even father down her throat. Bastards. This is why my head isn't on the table. Elizabeth tried earnestly to lift her head up and get out of the bonds. She felt hands touching all over her body. She was trying to count just how many there were. There had to be at least 2 or 3 other men besides tan Damon and Bruce who is face fucking me.

She felt a finger slip under her pants and move her panties aside. They slipped into her wet cunt. Elizabeth gasped, opening her mouth wider. Bruce slide is cock farther down her throat.

"Oh come come Elizabeth. We all know you know how to circular breathe. During last week's show you were a little show off bitch. We want you to show us. Bruce is not going to let up until you show us your skills. After all, we watch you blow so hard night after night" Damon sniggers tracing the knife down Elizabeth's breast.

Fucking Bastards. I'm going to kill you all later. Jesus fucking Christ. Elizabeth realized that it was too late. She had to comply with them or it would be hell for the rest of the summer. She started to raise her soft palette closed off the air from her throat and breathed in through her nose.

"Look guys! The little slut did it! She must be a pristine cocksucker. Haha!"

"Hey Damon, check out her panties!"

Damon stuck his fingers into her cunt. "Hah! Feel this little whore. She's soaking wet...Keep it up Bruce. I think she likes the taste of your cock"

Elizabeth felt the knife get closer to her breast. RIP Fuck. I liked that shirt. She felt cool air on her nipples. The rubbing of the clothing on her skin was irritating. Her skin was still healing from the sunburn. Elizabeth grimaced at the pain and grunted with her mouth stuffed.

She felt hands grab at her breasts.

"Hah! Her breasts are so full, my hands can barely get around them" It was Nick. Wait isn't he gay? Like most of the men here? Oh right...he has one of the biggest dicks. That's why he is here.

Her nipples were pinched and twisted pretty hard.

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