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A couple receives a very indecent proposal.


He curiously asked, "And what would you define as a proper striptease?"

I knew I'd get his undivided attention though I already had it.

"Burlesque," I firmly stated, "The aged old tradition of classic burlesque, not some shabby and poor rendition in a bikini." I leaned back, my eyes focused on his fabulous mouth. Boy, I wondered in thought what those lips were truly capable of doing.

With obvious intrigue, he slyly asked, "And you're an expert when it comes to burlesque?

I watched those lips move with every syllable. "Oh," my lips puckered a little more and I confidently stated, "I know it very well."

Yes, I dropped a huge bomb of a hint then I stated with a slightly pout, "But unfortunately I haven't had as many opportunities to share my talents for traditional burlesque because those men I have had the misfortune of knowing wouldn't care to take the time to enjoy something so classy and very sexy compared to what I witnessed back in that pit."

"Hmm," he hummed with intrigue then inquired, "And is that what you do for a living?"

I giggled then said, "Oh, no." but I added, "Yet, it would be an interesting profession."

"And what is it you do for a living?" he asked.

Our drinks were set down before us.

He grabbed his drink then leaned back to wait for my answer.

"Thanks, Carl," I said then returned my attention to Mr. Dandridge. Closely I watched his lips sip from the glass then afterwards he licked the very tip of his tongue against them. I sighed, "I'm a journalist for Moonlight News."

"Ah, the tabloid." he stated.

With a short nod, I proudly stated, "Yes, I'm In the Hands of a Vampire Vivian Addams." then added with conceit, "I am Moonlight News top journalist."

"The monthly articles proclaiming proof in the existence of vampires." he stated his knowledge with a broadened smirk then commented, "Interesting subject matter." then he asked, "Do you believe in what you write, Vivian?" He sipped his drink.

I took a bigger swallow of my drink then lowered the glass and tapped my lengthy nails. "Yes I do." I stated with conviction then defended my beliefs, "I know it sounds crazy but I do. I believe I have since the beginning, since I was seventeen."

"I believe you." he commented.

I wasn't sure if he was mocking me or not.

Then he added, "I believe you believe in their existence."

I pressed my lips together, uncertain of his comments. Defensively I asked, "So, you think I'm nuts?" Perhaps, I fearfully thought, my evening was going to go bust again.

"No," he slowly shook his head and stated, "I believe you are a perfectly sane and logical woman."

"Then what?" I asked, knew something was a misfire because my instincts caught onto something fishy.

He set down his drink then slid along the booth seat, delivered himself beside me. He strangly asked, "Do you have something in your purse with a mirror?"

I frowned then slowly nodded. I lifted my purse, opened it, then removed my cigarette case.

He requested, "May I see it?" He lifted his hand.

I handed it to him, felt awkward or was it nervousness?

I watched him open the cigarette case.

He lifted the cigarette case so it was aimed at both of us. "Look in the mirror, Vivian." he urged me.

I continued to frown at him, not sure what he was getting at.

He repeated, "Vivian, look in the mirror."

With a slight nervous swallow, my eyes shifted and looked into the mirror within the cigarette case.

Firstly I saw nothing wrong, saw my reflection, believed his wasn't there because he wasn't quite in alignment. Then, the moment I felt his lips press against my cheek, my eyes grew wide. There was no Mr. Dandridge in the mirror kissing my cheek but I damned well felt him kiss my cheek. My head turned and his face was right in front of mine. I again looked to the mirror, no sign of him. Again looked at him.

I quickly leaned back. Holy shit and that's exactly what came out of my mouth, "Holy shit!"

My statement of surprise caused him to smirk wider with a laugh.

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