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Where there had been a bed and a row of fitted wardrobes, there was now a bed and a row of fitted wardrobes. Okay the bed was now a sturdy wooden affair instead of the plush king-size divan, and the wardrobe doors had been replaced with heavy looking wood to match the bed. The walls had also been repainted a calming apple green. Other than that, it wasn't what Zabina had expected.
"What do you think." Alex asked smugly.

"Well it is very nice." Zabi replied trying to sound impressed. Admittedly, the d__cor was very tasteful, now it was more a functional personalised space, than a spare room used for storing clothing. "Are you moving out of our room?" She asked quietly.

A look of horror crossed Alex's face. "No." She cried. "You misunderstand. Let me show you."

Alex opened a draw in the base of the bed, cleverly crafted to be hardly visible. Inside the draw nestled polished metal rings attached to leather lined metal bands. Alex withdrew these and slotted then over the bed's corner posts. They softly dropped in to place and the bed was transformed from a normal sturdy bed to a place where someone could be restrained.

"Ah I see." Zabi nodded in appreciation. "Very clever. Hidden in plain sight."

A wave of relief washed across Alex's face. "That's just the beginning." She opened the two centre doors of the wardrobe and flicked a catch in the door frame. The frames then swung out and locked in to place with bolts in to the floor, a brace was then added to the top to create a solid frame. The sturdy wooden frames had polished steel rings fitted at various heights. It didn't take much imagination to realise a 'victim' could be attached to the rings and put in to a very vulnerable position. There were also no insides to the wardrobe so the 'tormentor' could have easy access by walking through one door and around to the rear of the 'victim.'

"Did you do all this?" Zabi asked. More than a little impressed.

"I would like to say yes." Alex began. "But to be honest it was my design, and Jinn brought a few contractors, who had worked on the club in."

The famous Zabina eyebrow arched. "Any more surprises?"

"One or two." Alex giggled. She tugged the other doors open. Inside one cupboard was a very large selection of chains, cuffs and other assorted restraints. The contents of the other made both of Zabi's eyebrows arch towards her hair line.

"What is that?" She asked a little astounded.

The wardrobe contained several different types of vibrators and wands, but sat in the middle was a padded semi-circular cushion with two different slots in the top. It rested on top of a short stand on wheels and a square control box was seated on its base.

"It is a Motorbunny." Alex grinned inanely "It is supposed to be the new Sybian."

Zabina could easily imagine how the setup would work. The victim could be chained spread-eagled between the two doors, then the 'bunny' could be positioned between their legs and the height adjusted until it either penetrated, or nestled against the victims most sensitive areas. The tormentor could basically sit back and relax with the control box and torment the daylights out of the victim.

"I am impressed." Zabi said with a low whistle. "If this is what you get up to when I go away, I'll make it a regular occurrence."

"Don't even think it." Alex laughed nervously. "If you only knew what I had been through to do this."

Zabina reached out a hand and caressed Alex's face. "I love it, and I love that you did it for me."

Alex melted a little under the touch of her lover. Grateful that she appreciated the redesign, and the thought that had gone in to it.

"Are you going to get undressed so I can test it out on you then?" She asked happily.

There was a pause for a few seconds.

"Not so fast young lady. I think we ought to make this a special occasion." Zabi suggested as an idea raced through her mind. "I propose a small challenge that will satisfy us both."


"Remind me again how I let you talk me in to these things.

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