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Betty has 1st sex with others on work trip with husband.

If we fool around first, I'll have to start all over. We'll miss the movie."

Dan relented, especially because what I said seemed to give the promise that we could "fool around" after the movie. Dan took me for a nice dinner, where Dan did his best to try to get me drunk. He succeeded too, albeit to a limited extent. I tried to split the check, but Dan insisted he pay. I let him.

When I'm taken to dinner on a first date, and do not want to put out for the man, I try to pay my share of the dinner check. That way I do not "owe" the man anything. When I let the man pay for me, in my mind at least, sex is a strong possibility.

Walking to the theater, which was close by, Dan's hands seemed to be everywhere. We were in public, on city streets, and it was a bit embarrassing to be so flagrantly sexually mauled as we walked. I let him get away with it, however, because counterbalancing the shame and embarrassment by letting a man be so free with me in public, was the huge turn on I felt from letting a man be so free with me in public.

Anyone seeing us would have thought I was a floozy, and that Dan had already laid me, perhaps many times. Maybe I am a floozy? I thought. Sophia Floozy Bacchelli? No, fortunately it did not sound right to my ears. No floozy here.
Then I thought of Sophia 'The Floozy' Bacchelli. That has a good rhythm to it. Uh-oh, I thought. I do not want to be a floozy! I could see it now: "I'd like you to meet Sophia, also known as The Flooze."

We watched the movie, and then Dan took me to a bar for a drink. After two "nightcaps," I was thoroughly wasted. He took me home. We stood at my door and kissed, like people on a first date. It was our first date, actually.

"Would you like to come in for a drink? We could listen to my moans, if you like?" I said. Now there's a line for a woman to invite a man inside on the first date, I thought!

Dan gave me a huge smile. It was a winning smile. I realized just then he had been unsure where he stood with me. After all, I had shut down his earlier attempts to date me, and I guess he was thinking I would take things slowly, like most girls do. Was I moving too fast? Am I a hussy? A floozy? Sophia 'The Floozy' Bacchelli? Does it matter?

I thought about my neighbor Bob. I turned on the lights, making it easy for him to see in, in case he was looking. I led Dan to the kitchen. "I've had so much to drink, Dan. You have, too. It's smart to drink some water." I knew Bob could see us in the kitchen.

I gave us water, and as expected, Dan put the moves on me in the kitchen. I knew he was not going to waste any time, He could not wait to get inside me. A girl can tell.

He began by kissing me. That's a nice way to begin. He then pulled back and slowly, even painfully slowly, unbuttoned my blouse. This made it eminently clear he had a green light, as I did nothing to stop him, and I made no protest.

Quick as a bunny my bra was off. He played with my boobs, kissed me some more, and then my skirt came off. I was now wearing panties and high heels. We kissed some more, and I undressed him, too, down to his briefs.

I got on my knees, right there in the kitchen, pulled down his briefs, and saw his gorgeous cock, all engorged and hard as a rock, all for me. All for little Sophia. All of that nice, throbbing cock was for Sophia 'The Floozy' Bacchelli. Yum.

I gave him a nice, slow blowjob. I had rarely given Mike a blowjob, and since I was sure they had talked (Mike was a fuck a girl and tell his roommate a blow by blow account kind of guy, I now knew), I knew Dan would not be expecting one.

When the time approached, I could tell. I was going to say, "Cum in my mouth, big boy," but it was not necessary, because he unloaded his stuff before I could even begin to speak. I swallowed it all, cock sucking champion that I am.

I got us another drink, since especially in my case, I wanted to wash down the cum with something sweet.

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