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Two people love each other, but lose their way.

On being pulled closer to Som Dev who was dressed only in his brief underwear and in the presence of both Shanti and Ram, Jayanessa suddenly went flaccid expecting him carry on from where he had left her day before. She was relieved a lot when Som Dev let her free and smiling at her put on his robe.

When everything had cooled off he looked up at Jayanessa and taking her hand in his and fondling it he asked her to be early the next morning and when she accepted his invitation, he looked up at Ram and Shanti and told them that to-morrow they would have to massage her.

Jayanessa hearing these words blushed, her face turned red and to hide her embarrassment she ran away from the room.

Jayanessa after completing her house hold chores and winding up for the day, as she settled on her bed, she saw a shadow pass through her door.

At first she did not bother about it and was thinking of what was store for her the next morning. She was certain that Som Dev was going to put her on the massage table and in front of both Ram and Shanti, he was certain to fondle her intimately. He was so kinky she feared that he may denude her in front of them and while playing with her body he may pocket her inner wear.

Though she loved having his hands on her body, she wanted it happen in a cozy dark room and not in the open with a couple watching. She knew that if she was alone with him, she can make him dance to her tunes, make him rub his nose on the floor, but when he had two of his trusted workers along with him, then it would be impossible for her to overcome three of them at a time. She wished she could have him at her mercy and thinking of it her body started to get ignited.

Just while Jayanessa was dreaming of how she would make Som Dev to sing to her tunes, she again saw the shadow and this time it did not pass through but saw it entering her room. As she saw the shadow moving towards her, Jayanessa who was in a state of heated passion, said 'close the door'.

Som Dev was ecstatic to hear this command and turning over he moved across, to close the door and making sure by bolting it, he turned and carrying a huge erection in his night suit, he moved closer to the bed and stood staring in awe at Jayanessa who was lying on the bed in a seductive pose, draped in the rich semi-transparent sari which he had presented her.

Ogling at her as Som Dev came over the bed, Jayanessa looking straight into his eyes, holding the loose end of her sari by her teeth, smiling at him, lifted her eyebrows in such a way like questioning him for what he had come for. Seeing the change, the seductive look, the raw passion and also knowing her teasing skills, Som Dev was totally aroused and looking below her navel he pointed a finger directly upon her woman hood and by way of answering her question, nodded his head.

Jayanessa shook her head, intending to say no mischievously and smiling at him whispered, 'it is your son's property'.

Som Dev being excited by her words replied.'My son is my property, and whatever belongs to him is mine'.

"But your son paid for it very dearly" said Jayanessa.

"I can pay anything," replied Som Dev, settling down by the side of her, on her bed.

"Are you sure;" asked Jayanessa humorously?

"Try me," said Som Dev and taking hold of one of her hand in his and fondling, he kissed it.

"Are you positive," she asked again?

"Yes, you have only to name it to have it," replied Som Dev.

"You" said Jayanessa and by the time Som Dev could figure it out, she moved a bit away from him.

Som Dev was ecstatic when his brain absorbed the full meaning of it and when he turned himself towards her and looked at her, she had a mischievous smile on her face and her lips were trembling with desire and as Som Dev caught her face in both his hands, he could feel her shivering and as Som Dev moved his face closer to her lips, Jayanessa suddenly bringing her arms around him and drawing him closer to her, hugged him passionately to her body.

Embracing him and pressing his body to hers she did not let him go and a

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