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The best thing to do is start to tongue kiss him. He will welcome it. Then tell him that you have wanted to do that for years then compliment him on his kissing. You can spice it up if you put two fingers inside your wet cunt and take some cunt juice and spread it on your lips and tongue. This will give him the taste of your cum. If he likes it then you have him hooked. Do you enjoy oral? I love it, giving and receiving. Kisses Jack."

He had a message from 'Hot Gran', it read, "Thanks Jack, I love to get compliments. I see that you are twenty-six. I love that age. Any younger and they shoot their load during foreplay. I have a wonderful imagination too. I am very excited as I am taking my grandson out for dinner. I will wear a very sexy outfit. I don't know how to let him know that I am attracted to him subtly. Any advice would be most welcome. I am interested in having an online affair with you. I have attached some not so innocent pictures. I would love to see your Big Thick Cock. Kisses Pam."

He sent her the pictures and gave her the same advice with the tongue kissing and the cunt juice that he had given Babs. He also asked her if she liked to be submissive or dominant. He also asked her what her feelings were regarding Incest. He had a WhatsApp message from Babs which read, "Kate has arrived. Her blood is good. They are doing the x-ray scans now. The hospital phoned her ten minutes ago to tell her George has died in his sleep. She has taken it well. She is in excellent condition when you think that she is three years younger than Nana."

"We will go for some supper after we finish here. I don't know when I will be home but think around nine. I have Champagne in the fridge. If you are home first then start without me. I am so proud of you. I want to give you a special kiss tonight. I have thought of you all day. Tonight I want us to kiss and touch. I want to explore all of your body, and I want you to explore all of mine. All my love Babs xxx."

He replied, "Darling, I want the same. I wanted you last night. This morning when I saw your swollen vulva. I can't get the image of your vulva out of my head. What are you comfortable with, submissive or dominant? How do you feel about Incest? I am comfortable with it. I want to kiss you everywhere. All my love Bob xx."

He had a reply from Pam. It read, "What wonderful advice and so simple. My cunt is always wet, and my cunt juice is so sweet. I have no problem with incest. I have two daughters and a younger sister. I have had sex with them all. I was comfortable with this, and they were comfortable with it too. I love to be submissive. I love to be dominated. My date is due any minute, and I still have things to do. I don't know if I can write later. Kisses Pam xx."

He had a WhatsApp message from Babs that read, "Darling, I am so happy. I can't wait for tonight. When we are alone in the house, I want us both to be naked. I like to be dominated. I want to be your slut. I have no problem with incest. I have had sex with my sister, mother and aunt. We can have a lot of fun if we keep it in the family. I am going to fuck Kate tonight before I come home. Are you comfortable with this? Tonight will be so special for both of us. All my love Babs xx."

He replied, "I have no problem at all. I have been fucking her for the last two years. You will get the benefit of what she has taught me tonight. She has a massive clit, and she loves it sucked as she is finger fucked. I can't wait for our first kiss. All my love Bob xx."

He sent Kate a WhatsApp message to say that he was sorry to hear about George but it was the best thing that could have happened. He told her that he had a lot to do tonight and he would see her tomorrow. He checked the time. It was five forty-five. He would be at Pam's in five minutes. He would spend the next three hours with her. They wouldn't go out but would order an Indian takeaway. Then he would be home for Babs.


All the tests were carried out.

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