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City people didn't have drive-ins.

You two were really easy."

"Oh, fuck, I can't... Holy fuck, you mean, we coulda..." Sam's mind was blown and he could not form a coherent sentence, "I ... you... I coulda stopped you from shoving that fucking huge cock up my ass..."

"Yep," Ten-J was enjoying Sam's discomfort. "But, then, you did come back for seconds the next night, didn't ya? And, apparently, the night after that too..."

Sam stopped sputtering, sighed and said, "True."

"So, it couldn't have been all that bad. Besides when you walked out of your office right now your cock was hard as fuck. And it was hard as fuck because you were expecting me to fuck you again with my 'fucking huge cock,' ain't that right?"

Sam hung his head and nodded sheepishly, "Yes. I want... no, I need, ...damn it, I need that monster up my ass again. I've missed all you guys using my ass and my mouth. But mostly my ass. ... Why did you stop us from coming around again?"

"Because, like the note said: Christmas break is over. With the holidays at an end we had to get back to work and school so we wouldn't be there for a while. There was no point you guys wasting your time coming to the building."

Sam sat, "Okay, so if you're not a gang, what are you?"

"Six friends, well, seven really but Anton was away. Anyway, friends who hang out together, talk about our lives, girls, the future. Sometimes we drink. We were drinking that first night. I think that was one reason we did what we did."

"Why at that empty building and not at your homes? That would be more logical for guys not in a gang."

"Three of us live at home, three live with girlfriends and Whisper's place is just a single room - too small. Jamin's dad owns the building so we have access."

Sam needed to clear his mind of the confusion and misconceptions, "And you don't have criminal records?"

Ten-J chuckled again, and answered formally, mockingly, "No, officer, we don't have criminal records. ... Well, technically Whisper does but not the rest of us. Our one criminal act was the 'rape' of a couple of police officers but there doesn't seem to a record of that crime."

"True. No record of that crime. No complainants on record. ... Technically Whisper has a record?"

Ten-J's mirth evaporated and he answered seriously, "Yeah, he was wrongly convicted of an assault charge. The whole thing was bogus."

"What do mean 'bogus' and wrongly convicted?"

Ten-J took a deep breath, "Whisper was walking home from work one night and he heard a woman scream. He went to help, 'cause that's who Whisper is, and spotted this big guy beating on this little woman. He jumps in and knocks the guy out with a couple of punches. Then he goes to help the woman who was real beat up. When the cops come, Whisper's expecting to be a hero instead the bitch..."

"Let me guess. The woman tells the cops Whisper was the aggressor who attacked the two of them for no reason, so he gets arrested. Right?"

"How did you know? Were you there?"

Sam shook his head, and responded, "I wasn't there when Whisper was arrested, but I've been there before.' Ten-J looked puzzled. "When I was new to the force, my partner and I responded to a domestic violence call. When I was cuffing the husband, the woman, despite being seriously hurt by him, jumped from her chair, grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to stab me. To stop me from arresting her husband. Fortunately, I had on my vest and had a partner who was quick on her feet and was able to stop the woman. It is not uncommon for the victim of domestic violence to turn on her rescuer to protect the fellow who was just beating her up."

"Why would they do that?"

"Good question. There are lots of reasons, social, psychological and emotional. None that make total sense to someone who has never been there." Sam paused, "When did this happen? Because if Whisper is already out, I have a feeling the courts didn't believe he was actually the aggressor. What's Whisper full name and birth date? I'll look into the case."

Ten-J brightened, "Really? Marvin Anderson.

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