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And then it happened in the aftermath.

ring fiercely as she hands her another cider, "What are you two going on about over here in the corner?"

"What? What do you mean? Keith just asked me if we could talk like a minute ago?" Angie says with a look of confusion.

"Minute, hell! You've been over here yakking it up with Keith for close to an hour now!" Cathy replies.

Angie's mind spun with the evenings events. She had spent nearly the entire meet-and-greet lost in conversation with Keith, much to the chagrin to more than a few other women. Now she struggled to contain her composure. Having found secluded corner near the bar, the one on one conversation with Keith continued and was becoming decidedly more flirtatious with each passing drink. A seemingly unintended brush of her arm here, a momentary contact of bodies as the crowd around them milled.

A slight rolling of the ship and Angie leaned in toward Keith ostensibly to maintain her balance. Her hand on his chest, she looks up at him coyly; eyes locking together instinct took control. Keith leaned down; her lips rose to meet his.

She closed the cabin door with her heart pounding. She knew what was coming and was both exhilarated and frightened. The shaking of her knees was a curious mixture of fear and excitement; that peculiar foreknowledge of something that will be singularly fantastic and surreal.

Her hands reached for his shirt and began to open the buttons. At times feeling as if she were perhaps watching herself in action she continued peeling back his shirt. His hands pressed in on her back and drew her inexorably closer. Her nose pressed close to his chest, she inhaled deeply of his skin.

Still struggling to process the concept, the reality of having Keith here in her cabin. The climax of her actions were a certainty. Tilting her head upwards her lips met his in a cascade of his long blonde hair. The electrifying touch of his lips immediately energized her, kissing him deeply and passionately.

Her hands exploring his chest she freed him from his shirt and nearly clawed at his belt buckle. His strong large hands boldly explored her; wandering freely from her back and migrating to her ass, gripping firmly and pulling her to him.

With his belt unfastened, Keith's kilt smoothly fell away. His lustful interest in her was now unmistakable; proud and erect. Still exploring his lips with her own she pressed into him fiercely; his impressive manhood throbbing against her blouse.

Eagerly her lips pulled at his; gingerly she felt the caress of his tongue with a jolt of exhilaration. His hands freely roaming now, boldly squeezing her ass and drifting up her back and around to her breasts. With a certain urgency she started unbuttoning her blouse while still locked in a kiss with Keith. The ferocity with which she returned his lusty kisses shocked even her while her hands deftly unfastened the last of her buttons.

She thrust her arms down and back as his hands instinctively swept her blouse from her shoulders to the floor. In a fluid motion her hand unclasps her bra. With her large proud breasts laid bare she steps into Keith's embrace and the passionate kissing resumes. Feeling her tits pressing into Keith's muscular chest, her heart pounds with expectation. Their arms and legs intertwine groping and feeling and responding to a primitive impulse. Vaguely she is aware that her course is set and that sex with Keith is a certainty. Part of her mind is already trying to grapple with the thought of him penetrating her.

Slowly Keith's hands slide downward; his easily slipping inside her waistband. With little resistance her skirt eases over her ass and over her hips and crumples to the floor. The shock of the cold air draws her in closer to Keith. In a shiver of excitement and the coolness of the cabin she presses her clearly excited mound against Keith's leg.

Pushing back she breaks free from Keith and stands proudly exposed.

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