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A newly divorced woman starts her life anew.

I think he'd like naming him after his father though. What about you?"

"I've not thought of any. I have no idea what my life's going to be like. Will I be in a new country, dead, in hiding somewhere? I have a difficult time imagining a child, though I want to keep it."

"Aye. I'm sure."

"Don't look around, Ailene but there might be one or two men looking at us right now."

"I hope Blackthorne wasn't stupid enough to send only two. I'd be severely disappointed. You told them how many to use, didn't you?"

"Thirty to forty."

"That should be sufficient. Forgive me for what I'm about to say to you soon," Ailene said, a big smile splitting her face.

"Forgive me for spying on you."

"Long past forgiven. Are they still watching?"

"No, I think they're gone."

"Maybe a small scouting party to see if we're really alone or if we'd set a trap." Ailene continued to gather plants. "I must come back here and collect these if I survive. It'd be a waste to leave them rotting on the ground given I spent an hour of my life collecting them."

"How can you be so calm?" Te__rlag asked. "My heart's racing."

"I'm going into battle mode, focusing on the task at hand. Worrying about what might come reduces my focus."

"Ooh, there's more; men on horseback circling around the outside of the trees."

"Don't react until they say something or enter the meadow."

"I love you, Ailene."

"I love you, too."

"Some men have dismounted and they look like they're trying to sneak up on us."

"Tell me when they're about 40 feet away."

"It won't be long now, three, two, one, now."

Ailene looked up like she was stretching and seeing the intruders, jumped to her feet and drew her rapier.

"Te__rlag, run to the Keep, get help. I'll try to hold them off. Go now!" She screamed.

She looked around, evaluating, calculating. Seemed to notice Te__rlag still standing there.

"Run, Te__rlag. Why are you standing around?"

"There's too many, Ailene. Give yourself up. You'll get killed if you resist."

"You traitorous bitch. I'll kill you, myself."

She started approaching Te__rlag as if aiming to do just that and Te__rlag fled between a couple of men.

"Capture her alive, men," Te__rlag said, backing. "Blackthorne wants her alive. He'll cut the balls off any man who harms her. She's ransom."

Ailene began backing, seeing the men slowly approach her. One man made a quick run at her and she ran him through, still backing.

"Why, Te__rlag, why? Thorburn gave you a home, he loved you," Ailene screamed.

"Not as nice as the one Blackthorne's giving me. The Keep is old, dusty, dreary and gray. I much prefer the Manor."

Ailene noticed a couple of men carrying a net. So they hoped to keep her from fighting, huh. It would take more than that. She backed her way to the pond, kicking off her slippers before going into the water, standing about waist deep. It would prevent men from circling behind her.

"Come on, you bastards. Are you afraid of a wee lass now? Bunch of fucking cowards. Come on, try and take me. I'll carve your nuts off."

A couple more started wading into the water trying to approach. She skewered the closest one, then turned and got the farther one. Their bodies floated like lily pads in the water.

"What are you waiting for?" Ailene screamed. "A fucking army! You don't have enough men here to take a woman?"

Three more went into the water. One slipped on a stone and got stabbed in the neck. One shivered a little when the cold water hit his balls and Ailene was on him in a flash, taking him through the heart. The third one backed away, slowly.

"Run, you coward. At least your friends were willing to face a woman."

Ailene had killed five already and the fight had just begun. They weren't allowed to kill her. They could have shot her up with arrows; several men had bows, but they had to take her alive and how they were going to do that was looking more difficult by the moment.

"Bring up the net," Ian ordered. "Throw it on her."

Ailene had chosen her position well, the bottom of t

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