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With a deep sigh he closed his eyes. Sasha laughed at his familiarity and settled herself in as well. Switching off the light she reached out and gave the cat one last stroke before drifting off to sleep.

During the night Sasha woke to find the cat pressed up against her side, breathing heavily and twitching from some dream. Stroking him lightly, she waiting until he sighed and rolled onto his back before getting up to go to the bathroom. Coming back she almost sat on the cat who had rolled over into her spot. Laughing she picked him up and tossed him back onto his side. He padded back over and climbed up on her stomach. Lying down he stretched out his head and licked her once on the chin before she fell asleep again.

She woke again in the stillness of the last hours before dawn. Sometime about the room seemed different and rolling over she nearly screamed when a pair of yellow eyes stared at her from a rugged male face that smiled at her with elongated canines. She felt the heavy soft blanket of sleep still fogging her mind and she decided that she must be having a dream. Satisfied with that explanation, she didn't protest when he reached out and pulled her into his arms. She lay on her side with her back pressed up against his chest, noticing in that weirdly clear way of dreams that he was naked and very aroused. She didn't usually have erotic dreams, but this one was rather nice, so she just went with it.

He began kissing the arc of her neck and she stretched to give him better access. When his hand came up and cupped her breast she sighed and settled against him, feeling his cock press up against her butt. His fingers began gently squeezing and twisting her nipple, causing it to harden to a tight bud that he flicked with his fingertips. She moaned and arched against him as he pulled away. Pulling her over onto her back, he lowered his head to her nipple, sucking it gently into the heat of his mouth, making her gasp and twitch. He continued to suck and nip at the nipple in his mouth while his fingers began teasing the other. Sasha felt a molten heat begin between her legs and relished the feeling. When he bit harder on her nipple and a bit of pain mixed with the pleasure, she couldn't distinguish between the two. Holding his head in both hands she begged him silently not to stop. He didn't. Pulling hard on her nipple with his fingers while he bit down on the other sent her a bit higher as he moved his body closer.

Switching his mouth to the other nipple, he bit down on the sensitive tip as he gave the other a hard twist. Sasha had never felt anything so good in her life. Always before her sexual experiences had been ok, but never this rough, or this erotic. She writhed under his hand and mouth as he tormented her nipples, twisting and biting till she cried out in need. Moving his other hand down across her stomach, he felt her wetness seeping through her underwear. Biting her nipple harder than before he gave a sharp tug and ripped off her undies. Moving his hand back, he slipped one finger inside her for an instant, and then slid up to her clit. Stroking it gently with his thumb and licking her nipple with a tongue that felt rough as sandpaper, he let Sasha cum gently in his hand. Before she could come down at all, he drove two fingers viciously into her pussy, slapping her clit with the heel of his hand. She let out a scream he barely managed to muffle with his mouth. He fucked her hard with his fingers as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. He twisted her nipple and slapped her clit with the palm of his hand as she cried out again and again into his mouth.

Letting go of her nipple he found her hand where it was clenched on the sheets.

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