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Troubles only make them stronger.

A short while ago my sister was greatly embarrassed when her next door neighbour told her that she felt she could no longer sunbathe in her back yard because when she did Denis looked at her from his bedroom window and wanked himself off. I sympathised with her and said that I would talk to Denis. He has sexual needs and you can't do anything about that so I resolved to try to find a way to help him understand that he could get relief without causing problems for his mother.

I asked Denis if he would like to come out for a ride in the car with me. He loves going out so he didn't take any persuading, especially as he knew his Mum wasn't pleased with him. While we were driving we discussed how he liked ladies and told him that he should only play with his dick or get it out with a lady who wanted him to do it. He got a bit upset because he thought he was in trouble again. Then I asked him if he would like a lady he could touch without her clothes on. Very excitedly he said that he would.

We drove to my place. When we got indoors I called Wendy over and she welcomed Denis. I explained to her that Denis was feeling unhappy and we were going to help him. I told her to go to the bedroom and present herself. There was a momentary glance of surprise towards me and Denis, but she said nothing and didn't delay.

I got Denis a Coke from the fridge and sat him down.

"Auntie Wendy would like you to touch her and she will do things to make you feel happy. It is allowed with Auntie Wendy and you won't get into any trouble at all. Do you understand?"

Denis nodded, but he looked as though he was still out of favour.

Denis finished his Coke and enough time had passed for Wendy to prepare.

"Come on Denis."

When I opened the bedroom door and showed him in, Wendy was kneeling, naked and with her knees apart. She had her hands clasped behind her head. On the bed were her correction implements laid out in a line.

Denis stood with his mouth open. I started to take off my clothes and told Denis to do the same. He looked at Wendy and then me.

"It's OK Denis. Get your clothes off. With Auntie Wendy it is allowed."

"Wendy. Tell Denis that he can do whatever I tell him to with you."

"Yes Master. Yes Denis I am yours to use however your uncle wishes."

Seeing me naked with my prick rampant Denis started taking off his clothes. As he was pulling things off in shaky excitement I took Wendy by the hair and pushed my prick into her mouth.

Denis was beside me as I started fucking her face.

"Would you like to feel Auntie Wendy's tits and pussy?"

"Yes Uncle."

"Go on then. Suck and lick them if you want to."

He needed no more invitation. Doubts and inhibitions had gone now. While I continued to pump into her mouth and throat, Denis slobbered over her tits and then dived his face into her wet cunt. When I was feeling close to cumming I told Denis to get up and watch. I took out my prick and shot a large load into Wendy's open mouth.

"See that in her mouth Denis? That's where you put yours too. We don't want any on the floor or over your clothes. You be nice and tidy and make sure it goes into Auntie Wendy's mouth."

"OK swallow."

She gulped down the mouthful then put out her tongue showing an empty mouth.

Denis was playing with himself and his good sized prick was standing very firmly to attention.

"Are you ready to put it in her mouth?

He didn't answer. He walked shyly towards Wendy still wanking slowly. I took her head and pushed her face onto him. As she started to suck I took Denis's hand and placed it on the back of her head.

"Do you put it in a lady's mouth?" Said Denis

"If she wants you to. You can put yours into Auntie Wendy's mouth whenever you want to. Do you like it?

"Yes Uncle. It's warm and it tingles."

"Good. Push it in as hard as you like and keep it there until you fill her mouth with cream like I did."

I didn't need to say any more. He was already groaning. He pulled her nose hard into his pubic bone and spasmed.

Denis went and sat on the bed smil

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