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Honest, no lie... I couldn't help myself, was I going to see her again, "Hell Yes!!". I really wanted to pay her back for the great cock sucking, and nail her with a great fuck. Little did I know. The next day, the very next time I saw her she came by my house. Ten minutes later, I am down her throat on my couch. Serving my cock to her mouth over and over again... she is loving it and so fucking thirsty it's just unbelievable!!

This goes on for at least 2 weeks, she is always over to my house and I'm mouth fucking her constantly. Anytime I want, in the kitchen, on the couch, in my truck, the back porch, in the bathroom... anywhere and anytime, she is so open to my cock and always thirsty, always!!

After 2 solid weeks of mouth fucking Deb again and again and again. Suddenly, one night she is sucking my cock in front of a sparkling fire I've built in my living room fireplace, when she decides to let me fuck her. For a second I didn't know what to do... I can fuck her. Suddenly it clicked, I can fuck her! I wasted no time at all diving into her pussy, like a hunger dog, I began lapping and sucking on her clit. This was the first time I saw Deb completely naked, she had a nice pretty little pussy, with small thin pink lips, she was super wet and nicely trimmed with only a small patch of hair over her clit. I licked her with my tongue and she tasted great, I buried 2 fingers into her pussy and she moaned and met my fingers by pushing against my thrust. I began finger fucking her, while getting a real good taste of her sweet pussy. Then I move and flip over her, straddling her head, I begin fucking her mouth while I'm fingering and licking her from above. She was so hot and dripping wet, so I took my time deep fucking her mouth while I fingering and teasing her clit. After a couple of minutes Deb begins to push her pussy aggressively onto my penetrating fingers, I can fill her pussy start to tighten and she begins to orgasm on my tongue and fingers. I throw my fingers deep into her pussy grinding them deep and hard as the waves of her orgasm lets loose.

I can stand it no more! I want to fuck this girl now, I have been mouth fucking her for weeks, I am so ready to destroy that pussy. I move over her in a military style push up position. I thrust my big cock into her wet pussy and begin my push up fucking. Slowly moving my cock deep into her pussy in and out, in a push up motion, fucking her, meat to pussy, no other touching, just my hard cock penetrating her wet pussy as I hover above her, pushing up and down, slowly working that pussy with my cock. I keep slow and deep thrusts at first, building my thrust rate as she moans. Deeper and harder building and building, pushing up and down. I can tell, she is really into it now, moaning and grabbing at my ass. I move, throw her legs over my shoulders pinning them, I start hammering her now. Slamming my cock hard into her pussy, pounding it deep. I can hear a slap against her pussy as I hammer and hammer... faster, harder... She begins thrusting into me, meeting my hammering with her hips. She pushes and grinds as she explodes into another orgasm. She grabs and pulls me into her forcing my cock deep inside.

I let the waves of her orgasm subside, making sure to allow my cock the pleasure of feeling her pulsating pussy as she cum. I tell her to flip onto her knees so I can get her from behind. I throw my cock into her, grabbing her hips and pulling her into my cock. I begin pounding my big cock deep into her dripping wet pussy dogging style. Thrusting, pulling her into my large cock, force feeding her pussy my meat. I take my time enjoying a few minutes of the crackling of the fire and forcing my cock deep into her pussy. Then I reach my left around so I can reach her clit, I start fingering her clit as I fuck her from behind. it only takes a minute or two and she is thrusting her pussy back onto my cock in another violent orgasm. I slam my cock deep, grinding into her allowing her to enjoy the release.

I now push her down, flat onto her belly and I whi

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