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Frustated girlfriend spanks cheating boyfriend.

They split up about six months ago after a heated war of words about his involvements with his colleague and that he didn't love her any more. After that painful experience, the idea of being with someone to replace her seemed such difficult task that he stopped trying and buried himself in his work. It was an easy life, but a secluded one.

"You're a handsome guy," she said, reaching over and caressing his leg, "I know you could score big-time if you gave it a try."

He felt his cheeks blush. "Please, Amelie, give me a break? I'm uncomfortable talking about it."

"Sorry." She stroked his knee. "Just one more thing though."

Her hands moved up along his legs and rested on his torso. Her touch on his shirt was soft and comforting. "Carry on, I'm all ears."

"I guess you have been working out a lot more than you were. You've got a nice chest."

He quickly glanced at her hardly covered chest. "Yours is attractive too."

"So I've been made aware of." She moved her hands underneath of her breasts and pushed them up. "I think these brats are my best assets though. What do you think of them?"

The sexual nature of their talk had made him rather forget about how sexually attractive she was, but the way she was directing his attention back to her breasts caused his cock throb.

" to agree." How does a brother answer a question like that?

She sat silently in her seat and watched lazily at the walkers as they drove along the street. While her exterior beauty filled him with a longing for her, it also awoke something that ran way deeper; something that had been buried for far too long. He now wanted more than simply a carnal coupling of bodies, however thrilling that could be. He needed what he'd had with Carol before the whole thing went wrong.

"Steve..." she said.

What he saw her doing when he moved his eyes to look at her snapped him out of his thoughts about a deeper bonding. She was gently rubbing her exposed thigh from her knee to the hem of her dress.

He fought hard to not get distracted. "Yes?"

She slid forward a little on the seat, raised her legs, and threw her bare feet up on the dashboard. "We now know that you like my tits, but what about my legs?"

The action of lifting her leg up to the dashboard had pulled her dress so far up that he could now see most of her plump round ass cheek. Not just that, he now knew she was wearing matching blue thong panties, since he could see them as well. They were the same bright shade of blue as her dress and tiny; just a small fabric triangle at the front that began above her pubes and thinning into a fine strip that vanished between her thick thighs. His cock began to become painful, trapped inside his pants, and his heartbeat sped up at the tempting sight of what his sister was almost showing. The thought of what was inside her thong caused his incestuous feelings to return.

"They're good looking legs, beautiful in fact," he said, experiencing great difficulty in breathing normally, "They'll carry you around places just fine."

"You're not watching them the way you usually do." She turned her ass a little towards him and rubbed her nails what he thought was a made-up itch on the lower part of the butt cheek. "Look at them closely and give me your opinion."

"You have sexy legs," he said, forcefully turning his eyes onto the street in front of him.

"Yeah, I thought so." She scratched the entire length of the outer side of her thigh in a deliberate stroking motion. "But, it's really nice to get a compliment from a brother every now and then."

"You're a gorgeous girl, Amelie, you know that."

She stopped caressing herself, stretched over and squeezed the thigh of his left leg. "Your legs aren't bad either, I am sure you know it too." She slid her hand up his leg. "You should wear shorts and show them off."

He pulled her hand off his leg and left it beside her before she slipped her hand higher and felt how hard he was. "Please, Amelie, you're distracting me from driving."

"Oh, sorry," she said, and turned and looked out of the

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