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Young mother is taken in front of her husband.

I was confident that these assistants were chosen for their looks, because they all had that sexy-smart look, and seemed to be very professional.

The assistant positioned the camera mounted just to the side of the rail, and I saw her focus it on my waist. She switched it on and pointed it right at my gown, which was still pulled tightly shut. However I could feel my cock beginning to grow as she moved behind me to the screens on the back of the rail. I knew that one of the readouts gave her the reading which measured my hardness, and I felt that I was about to make that number climb!

"Gentlemen, we are ready to begin," announced the leader. "We will show you a series of images, and will ask you to do some things which will help us to measure the level of arousal you feel during the viewing. It's important that you are comfortable with the entire session. At no time will you be identifiable in the video recordings, it is only to measure your arousal. You will be completely anonymous the whole time. We will not ask you to do anything you do not want to do, and you are free to quit anytime you feel uncomfortable. Still, each of you was selected by your profiles because you are adventurous, and risk takers! We want to see exactly what makes you aroused, and that will help us as we study human sexuality."

I was beginning to look forward to whatever we had in store, and I figured that there might be more to this study than I had originally imagined! As the lights in the room dimmed to individual pools of light I felt the excitement level in the room increase! As my eyes adjusted, I realized that the pools of light were from four small spot lights which were shining on the center of our bodies, illuminating our crotch area while keeping our faces in the dark.

When the TV came on, my attention was immediately drawn to it, as it showed a huge pair of tits bouncing up and down. Next the scene changed to a full body redhead who was pouring water on her wet t shirt. Then, a tongue licking another pair of tits, and so on. The various porn images were having the desired effect on my cock, as I felt myself getting hard.

Then a voice began speaking to us on the video, "Thank you for participating in today's experiment. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but we ask that you do whatever feels natural for you. Please, don't be embarrassed by your natural physical arousal, it is an expected reaction to the stimuli you are receiving. We will monitor your arousal for the duration of the experiment, and your confidentiality is assured," the voice said.

The entire time the video was getting more steamy, with hot girls in various stages of undress on the screen. I knew I was hard as nails and I tugged on my gown to keep it closed. A motion to my left caught my eye, and I saw one of my co-subjects reaching inside his gown to move his cock to the side so it would not poke out of the front of the robe. It seemed that he took a moment longer than necessary to reposition himself, as his hands stayed under his gown longer than expected. Finally, he pulled out his hands, and clasped the gown in the front. I noticed his lab assistant make a note in her computer, and she watched him as he stared at the screen.

At this point, the video switched to a black screen, which caught my attention. Slowly from the right of the screen a nipple came into view, as a close-up of a great set of tits slowly began to fill the screen. Then it faded to black again. The next time the nipples came from the left side, as the camera panned across perky tits with red nipples. Again, the screen went dark, and the shot switched to a slow pan over the tip of a penis. The cock slowly filled the screen, moving left to right, with my eyes going over the veiny member as it filled the screen. Then, a bright red tongue entered the side opposite the cock, and slowly began moving towards it.

I saw the guy on my right slowly move his hips forward as if to meet that

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