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An undercover sting goes wrong.

My mind did wander a little, returning to the sight of that little pleated skirt retreating down the hallway, and shapely ass of the little brat wearing it.

Kathy was right ... I no longer saw Amy as a kid. Hell! Doesn't make any difference since she detests me so much, and I am so happy with Kathy ... for now. After classes a month later, I got a phone call from Janie.

"Hi Michael! Taking a little break from school, and thought I would give an old friend a call. How about lunch today? My treat!"

"Janie! It's great to hear your voice! Yeah, lunch is good. Meet you at um, that place we went that time ... noon."

"Okay Michael, see you there!"

Janie looked great! She seemed more mature, and dressed in expensive clothes. We talked mostly about her schooling out east, and her career goals. She wants to be a corporate CEO by the time she's thirty, and talked about getting her MBA right after college. We talked back and forth for an hour and a half as we ate and drank. During a lull, she asked,

"So, how is Amy? I understand you two have a class together."

"Amy? Why should I know anything about Amy?" I asked, not understand the question.

"Well, I just thought that you two might have had lunch together or ... something."

"Amy hates me ... you know that! She would sooner spit in my eye as talk to me!"

"Michael! You mean to tell me that you never noticed when we were together, that Amy had a crush on you?"

"What do you mean? She was a pestering little brat. She is your sister, but why would you think that she crushed on me."

"Michael, haven't you ever heard of Hamlet? Shakespeare? 'The lady protests too much, methinks'? It means that sometimes a girl might resort to inappropriate or, say, bratty behavior to attract the attention of someone she really likes."

"Sorry, I guess I was sick that day in English literature! Do you remember when I got pissed at her, and spanked her in front of you? All the times she threw things at me, that little girl had it in for me!"

"That's not what she told me Michael. We talked about it afterward in my room. Her panties were a little moist after you laid hands on her little teeny-butt. Later, she told me that she was embarrassed and mad at the time, but that she tried to be bratty enough for you to do it to her again."

Janie lowered her eyes and smiled at me and continued, "I have to say Michael, I was a little jealous of Amy for her admiration of you, but we didn't stay together, so no big deal."

"Well, that's a real mind-blower Janie! She slammed into me in the hallway after a class one day, and just continued on without saying anything ... my girlfriend noticed."

"Don't you see, Michael? That was classic attention-getting behavior. Amy likes you."

"Are you saying that I should call her up and ask her out? She'd tell me to go to hell."

"Yes, under that scenario, I believe she might, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't try to find a way to say yes sometime."

"Janie, this is Amy we are talking about. Remember her? That skinny little sixteen-year-old that drove us crazy on dates?"

"Michael, she is not sixteen anymore ... she is almost nineteen, and has become quite a looker."

"Well, the point is moot, since I have a girlfriend I like." I said hoping to settle the question.

"I didn't hearhe word love in that sentence anywhere, Michael!" I took Janie's hand in mine and said,

"Janie honey, you were my fantasy girl in high school and as thrilled as I was to be with you, I guess we never really loved each other either."

Janie smiled in agreement with me and just said, "Okay Michael ... just saying!"

We continued with our lunch with a lively discussion, and then I looked at my watch, remembering an appointment, and walked Janie back to her car, giving her a hug and a brotherly kiss on the cheek.

On the way home, I just could not get my mind around what Janie told me about Amy.

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