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She finds key to nasty sex in submission.

We rested a bit and had some wine and Ruby asked me if she thought Joan would be interested in meeting her. She continued by saying that Joan was so sexy and she would love to have sex with her while I watched and then join in.

I told Ruby that I thought that her and Joan would hit it off. Ruby asked me if it would bother me if she had sex with Joan. I told her that it wouldn't bother me and that I would encourage it, as long as there would be room for me at some point. Ruby said she would make sure I was involved and smiled.

That night Ruby and I fucked several times and I even took nude pictures of her. It was great having a woman squirt on me when she came.

The next morning as we were having breakfast, I told Ruby that me and Joan were going to the nudist resort next weekend and that might be the way to meet Joan and see where it goes.

Ruby said that sounded great and after a morning fuck, we planned out the meeting.

I told Ruby how to get to the resort and what to expect. I told her that Joan and I had a cabin for two nights, Saturday and Sunday and that she should come up Saturday. I told her that we would be by the pool and to meet us there by accident and say hi to us and introduce herself and that she saw us in the restaurant. I also told her to tell Joan that this was her first time here and wanted to stay over but there were no more rooms.

I told her that Joan would definitely ask her to join us at the pool and to hang out with us. I told Ruby to ask Joan if she would show her around the resort. I reminded her to repeat that she wanted to stay over but had no room.

Ruby agreed and for the next day and a half, the two of us fucked, took pictures and even took videos of our time together.

Before I left, everything was set for the weekend and I told Ruby I would stay in touch with her.

Late Sunday night, the phone rang and it was Joan. We talked a bit and she said she would make it up to me at the resort next weekend.

The week went by quickly and before we knew it, Saturday came around and we were off to the resort.

We got there early and checked in. The weather was hot and we undressed and headed to the pool.

Within the next two hours, I spotted Ruby coming through the pool gate. The show was about to begin.

As Joan and I were lounging naked, Ruby, who was also naked with her pussy at eye level with Joan, stopped in front of us. She then said, "Excuse me, but I know you two. You guys go to that little restaurant on Cherry Street. I have seen you there. My name is Ruby."

I looked up and said hi as did Joan. I noticed Ruby looking Joan up and down. Joan was also eyeing Ruby up and I knew then that there was a spark.

Then Ruby said, "I am new here and wanted to stay over but they were all booked."

Joan looked at her and said, "Why don't you hang out with us? We come here often. It will be nice to talk to another woman."

Ruby sat on the lounge next to Joan. The women complimented each other on their looks and Ruby said that she liked Joan's smoothness and said she was thinking of going smooth too. Joan said she would help her with that, if she wanted to go smooth, and smiled.

Ruby then asked Joan if she would show her around and tell her about the place. Joan was quick to agree and the two women got up and Joan took her on a short tour.

After about a half hour, the two women came back and I noticed that both of their nipples were hard.

As it was hot, the three of us went into the pool to cool off.

Ruby said she loved the place and wished there was a room for her. Joan looked at me and said to Ruby, "Look, it's a long ride home, so why don't you spend the night with us?"

Ruby looked at me and then Joan and said, "I don't want to inconvenience you two. I am sure you guys will want to have sex later and I will be in the way. I don't think you want an audience."

Joan answered, "Ruby, you can stay, really. If John and I want to fuck, we will. It wouldn't bother me if you were there and I am sure it wouldn't bother John either."

Ruby looked at us

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