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He gets a service call at home.


Rob leaned to me, holding my hand.

"Well, Miss Moneypenny," he tried to look charming arrogant, "I have to admit, there is some kind of inner beauty in you, whenever we speak together."

"Oh James! I'm convinced, you've said that to so many ladies, but its so nice to hear this."

"Well, Miss, there is a difference to those ladies, comparing to you. I never knew if I'm right on them, they could be my biggest enemies. But I was never in doubt of your righteousness, your purity, about your feelings."

"Oh James!" Miss Moneypenny was blown away.

"By the way, Miss Moneypenny, where will we do it?"


"Yeah, you know: IT!" Rob wiggled with his pelvis, giving me a blinked eye. "Maybe we could do it home at you. Or at me. Or in my car. Wherever you like."

Miss Moneypenny became a bit scary. So closed to do it.

"Well, there's a special place, I would do this too lovely." Miss Moneypenny seems too afraid to speak, while James Kickass Black Bond tries to drill her with his watching.

"I would prefer to do it on my desk."

Miss Moneypenny was a bit shocked. Did she really said that? But Rob James Fucking Bond smiled his ubercharm with that near-blinked eye. "You're nasty, Miss Moneypenny! "

"It was always a big wish to me, in all the time you was away, James."

"No Problem, Miss. We will do it on your desk." He gave me an air kiss. 5 facial expressions in 1 second later he said "Really!"

The rooms at the bureau were dark. Nobody in. We walked in, turning lights on, turning them off again, as we entered his working room. Only his desk lamp gave a little light. Enough, so we could see ourselves. His desk was built to survive earthquakes. I leaned on it.

Miss Moneypenny was looking so adoring, holding the hand of the best 007 ever. The black one. "Finally we will do it, James!"

"Yes, Miss Moneypenny" What a sexy boxer face looking at me dreamfully.

"My name is Sarah." She was melting away.

"What a beautiful name." It happened! James Bond kissing Miss Moneypenny!

Who became horny as hell. Look, how she licks her lips after it. Her eyes were vitreous, she begs for a wild man. That man opens the jacket she wears, touching her hips and her breast, massaging it, moving that silky stuff. Another kiss, deeper. With holding her head. She tries to grab something of his big body. What a beautiful, long kiss! Sarah Moneypenny feels the poison moving in her face musculature. She's ready for everything that will come this evening. The more, the better. James took the jacket off from her. One last kiss, a strong, a brutal, a real man's kiss. She feels her body, feels the poison move in her shoulder blades. James shakes her softly. She laughs, licking her lips. She's ready to be taken.

She's on her knees, but still wears the blouse. Opens one knob after another, while James opens his zip and puts his cock out. 3 knobs on her blouse remaining, as she took his cock in her mouth, with closing eyes, enjoying like a gourmet. She waited for so many years to do that.

Miss Moneypenny is more than willing, more than horny. She's a guinea pig for the brutal sides of James Fucking Bond. He takes her hair, grabs the back of her neck and gives her throat a stark feeling of his cock size. Heavy. Ruthless. But Miss Moneypenny is numb about her satisfaction and sounds like that. James leads her head on the desk, holding her hair, stroke-slaps her, using his cock as a roller deo all over her face. Again, cock in her mouth. Her face bones stretching. Her blue eyes wide open. Scared, but aroused. As the cock slips out of her mouth, she gasps, moans and shakes. She's insatiable.

She sucks his balls, while he's undressing. He turns. Miss Moneypenny licks and sucks everything in her near. He sits softly on her face. Miss Moneypennys tongue doesn't stop. She's insatiable. James Motherfucking Black Bond is a giant big asshole, yes, for sure, and Miss Moneypenny is about to lick especially that, with satisfaction in her moans and movements. She holds his legs as a sign not to release his body.

James Bond

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