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Alex snapped the new cuffs around her wrists and ankles admiring how they fit her shape perfectly. He pulled at the D rings to test their strength and concluded that there was no way she could get them off.

"Slave, I know you're awake." he whispered in her ear. "You have till the count of 5 to get yourself over to the animal skins. 1....2....3....4...."

As Alex wandered over to his chair, Jess flung herself out of bed and ran to stand on the rugs. Once there she was mortified at how quickly and thoroughly she had obeyed him. She wrapped her arms around herself feeling the need to physically hold herself together against the sinking feeling in her stomach and the pleasant tingling feeling further down.

"That was good Slave -- I'm pleased with you. Now I'm going to teach you to present. On your knees, Slave."

Jess gaped at him and her eyes opened wide with shock. Alex knew this would be a huge step for her to take. To kneel in front of another person when ordered is such a degrading act and the first time would be by far the hardest. He calmly met her gaze and waited. Slowly Jess lowered her eyes to the floor and bent to his will. Silent tears ran down her cheeks and she fought against the little voice in her head that told her he was truly her Master now. She felt his hand on her head stroking her hair.

"Well done -- I know that was hard. You're doing very well. Now I want you to move your knees as far apart as possible keeping your ankles crossed."

She complied. There was nothing he hadn't seen before and nothing he could do to make her feel less free.

"Good. Now put your forehead on the floor and stretch your arms out in front of you." The tears fell heavier now and she sobbed as she lowered her head into such a submissive pose.

"Touch your thumbs and fingertips together Slave. Perfect. From now on whenever I enter your cage you will present yourself like this as quickly as possible and stay there until I give you permission to move. Do you understand?" Alex used a calm, reassuring voice throughout. He knew she could easily tip into hysterics at any moment and he needed to keep the atmosphere composed and serene.

"Yes Master" she sniffed without raising her head.

Now she was where he wanted her, he picked up the box and sat down in the chair.

"Up, Slave. That means sit back on your heels and place your hands palm up on your thighs. Then look at me."

Jess did as she was told but she struggled to raise her eyes to his. She looked at his chest instead and Alex decided to let it go for now.

"You will have noticed the new cuffs you're wearing Slave. They cannot be removed, not even by me, but you will find them far more comfortable than the manacles. This is your collar. It shows others you are mine and has many uses. Eventually you will become used to it and in time you'll forget its there." With that, Alex snapped it in place. It was the last straw for Jess and she broke down completely, curling into a ball on the rugs. She was his slave and he could do anything to her. She felt him lie down behind her moulding his body around hers. She let him rock her as she cried and appreciated his closeness and comfort.

"Shhhh Slave.

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