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..whatever my brilliant opening line was going to be, she added, "I'm sorry, I'm just playing. How did you like it?"

"Well, yeah, it was great but..."


"Well, my girlfriend and I broke up."


"Yeah, well..."

Jill put that teasing look on her face again and said, "So, finding any other uses for that massage oil, cuz we usually don't do refunds on the unused portions."

By now I was enjoying her attentions even when that meant being the target of her teasing and just went ahead and asked what I'd come here to ask. "Jill, would you like to have lunch with me?"

This time I think I made her come up short. She hesitated, smiled and said, "Sure, but I don't even know your name."

"I'm Aaron."

"I would love to Aaron. Do you mean today? I take my lunch at one."

"That'd be perfect." So thus our romance began. A few great dates getting to know one another culminating in our first sexual experience. And this leads us to the story of our second time.

Jill had invited me to her apartment for dinner. She said she had a surprise for me that I was going to like. Of course my imagination ran wild. Surprises aren't always great, but she *did* say it was one I would like. I rang the bell. She answered.

"You look so beautiful," was all I could say and I handed her the flowers I'd brought her. She was wearing a very pretty summer dress that was cut low enough here and high enough there to show off and frame her sexy body perfectly.

"I wanted to look nice for you," she said almost shyly as she took the flowers and hunted up a vase.

We had a nice light dinner, hared a glass of wine after and then she said, "I expect you're wondering about the surprise I mentioned." She reached into her purse and pulled out a colorful scarf. She saw I looked both curious and a little perplexed. "You have to wear this and follow me." She put the scarf over my eyes and tied it behind my head. I must admit, I was a little excited, and a little worried. We hadn't known each other all that long. Was she about to reveal something that I didn't *want* to know about her? Some deep dark secret? Or was this just part of the fun . Seemingly in answer to my not-too-serious worry of something 'sinister' going on here, she said, "Don't worry, it's no deep dark secret, just a bit of a treat for you...and maybe me too."

She led me up the stairs careful not to let me trip. I enjoyed the feeling of her arms around me, guiding me up the stairs , down the hall and what must've been her bedroom.

"Ok, play along with me here," she said. "Keep that blindfold on, but take off all your clothes." She must've seen my eyebrows raise even with the scarf over my face, so she added as she kissed me on the cheek, "C'mon Sweetie, there's nothing there that I haven't already seen."

I laughed and followed her instructions. She helped me and kept me from getting tangled up and falling over. She then guided me to her bed. "Here, crawl up here and sit cross-legged on the bed. I'll take off my clothes too......but no peeking!"

"Ah, you're no fun!"

"Oh, we'll see about *that*!" she said in her sexiest tone.

I heard and felt her crawl up on the bed in front of me. I also heard another sound, the rustling sound of a bag or something.

"Here, hold out your hand." The feeling of vulnerability coupled with Jill speaking in such a sexy voice was starting to get me aroused---ok, being naked on the bed with her, who according to her report was also naked had a lot to do with it I'm sure. I held out my hand the way I did when we had first met. She began massaging in a fragrant oil into my palm. "You like?"

"Mmmm," was all I could say.

"Now watch out now; don't spill. I'm going to pour some into your palm." She did so, and then gently guided my hand onto her breast. "Yeah, that's nice."

"Yes it is," I answered as I began to gently massage it into her breast, gently rolling the nipple between my fingertips and enjoying the feeling of her softness cupped in my hand.

"Do you like the scent? Breathe it in." I did as she asked.

"Now give me your other hand.

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