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Chester always enjoyed a visit from his niece Eve.

My androgynous boyfriend basking in admiration! With his penis slightly tumescent and swaying jauntily.

I threw the covers back so that I was completely exposed, patted the bed, and called, "Sabina," and she hopped from the chair directly onto the bed next to me. I knew she would do that though I don't know how she does it. She was sprawled now alluringly on the sheet and the gorgeous boy came forward and got on the bed with us, stretching out and gently taking my housemate's torso in his arms, caressing her and placing tender kisses on her face. She pressed her lips to his and they engulfed one another in kisses.

To my astonishment, Sabina after a few minutes of this torrid reciprocation, croaked hoarsely, "Florenz, enter me!" as she reached down to grasp and stroke his sex, which was at this point swelling and readying itself. He sat up and adjusted Sabina's torso. She spread her thighs as it were, splayed her arms out beside her, and looked up at him expectantly. Her body seemed to be almost nothing but a welcoming pudendum, gaping lips and nicely furred. Florenz's penis slid directly into her-the opening not hard to find and he quickly thrust himself all the way in. Sabina went, "Uhmhph" and then groaned a long slow delicious groan. I was riveted, I must say. Now Florenz was thrusting to and fro rhythmically and then the two of them plastered together rolled over so that Florenz was laying on his back and Sabina sat-that is to say stood impaled-upon Florenz. She used her palms upon the bed to heave herself up and down upon him and I could see the shaft of his sex when she raised herself momentarily before plunging back down. She seemed amazingly strong as she heaved her deliriously sexy torso up and down upon my boyfriend. Her breasts would fly up and then down again according to the elevation and descent of her body. I started masturbating as I watched.

Now Florenz put his hands on her waist to aid the up and down motion. He was hefting her up and down upon his dick and now her hands were flying freely waving about as she allowed him to completely direct her motions as if she were a sex toy deployed upon his erect shaft. Then she pushed herself down leaning forwards rubbing her clitoris against Florenz's stomach. And then Florenz came. He gasped and then let go of Sabina as she wriggled and tugged with her body and Florenz gasped and whimpered. Sabina rolled off of him and as she lay gasping on her back, I pressed my mouth to her pussy, gently grasping her clitoris between my lips and sucked her to orgasm.

Then my companions were both laying back exhausted, Sabina spreadeagled on the bed next to me and Florenz standing rather unsteadily next to the bed looking at us, his penis swaying and bobbing and dripping with sweat and male and female bodily juices. He flopped down in the chair, his member languidly drooping over the edge of the seat. I was looking around at my partners, still excited, and then...the door flew open and there was Sari, our other housemate, standing there stark naked and smoking a joint.

Her face lit up. "Look at this! Fuck an A!" She was smiling broadly. "What can I do to help?" Florenz reached over for the joint and she handed it to him.

"Lick my pussy!" I cried and the little darling crawled onto the bed and put her face between my legs. Ooh la la!

II. The Third Eye...

Okay, so you know now about my boyfriend who is writing stories that he posts on a website for dirty stories. So now we have all sort of joined in, especially since Florenz's stories-masquerading as fiction-appear to be based on our actual lives. And Maddy was already writing a roman a clef...and so we have all started dabbling in the genre-or is it oeuvre?

I already told you a little about Florenz's housemate Sage.

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