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She rolled down the window to talk and I nervously looked around for the window button, what would I tell her?

Her name was Katie, a cute petite red head that was always the wild one of Debra's friends. She had a tight body and breasts that were much bigger than her frame. She had always wanted to get a breast reduction, but I always thought that was apart of her attractiveness. She had amazing legs. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them when she was around and wearing skirts or shorts. In heels her legs looked even softer and more sensual. She was the last person I really wanted to see right now. As I lowered my window she screamed at me to pull over, I reluctantly did and both cars came to stop on an empty block. She slid out of her SUV and she was dressed as if on a date. Short white cocktail dress, tan nylons and white heel pumps. I felt a twinge of lust for her as she approached my little convertible.

"Hi, I am sorry but I know the people that own this car, and they are out of town," she said, very direct, "I will call the cops, what are you doing with my friend's car?"

"I am sorry," I said as fem as I could, I figure I didn't have to hide the fact that I was scared, because I was. "I... I work with Greg, and my car broke down," I lied, trying to keep the story simple. "He told me his wife was out of town and I could borrow his car."

"Oh," she looked surprised, and she glanced down at my legs. "I have been to his work before, I don't remember seeing you."

Being as fem in my voice as I could, I turned it back on her, "I am sorry, I didn't catch your name."

"Oh sorry," she said backing off a little, "my name is Katie."

"Hi Katie, I'm Ginger," I thought it sounded good. "I just started working with Greg. He is a great guy, very cute too." Why not throw in a little ad for myself. I hardly believed it when I said it either. "He is out with some guys tonight but you can call him later and confirm with him."

"Ok," she smiled. "Well, I guess that is fine. To tell you the truth I have had sort of a rough night. If you new here, would you like to join me for a drink tonight."

She must have seen a little fear in my eyes because she began to back off the offer telling me about a rough evening. I told her that I would be glad to grab a quick drink. I figured I needed it after that exchange, and after all, "Ginger" would have loved some company. I couldn't believe really to what is going on. I thought for the most part that I had fooled her, but could I really be that stupid to accept to spend some time with a woman that could easily expose me? I felt sick to my stomach as I followed her to a quaint little bar that was not far from Katie's house.

On the ride over, my cell phone began to ring. It was Katie calling confirm "Ginger's" story. I answered it in the gruffest voice I had. Sure enough, she asked me about Ginger. At first I pretended not to know what she was talking about then suddenly remembered. I figured it added a tinge of realism. Once at the bar I concentrated on being a woman again. Watching how I got out of the car and remembering my purse and trying not to let the feel of hose on my legs turn me on.

She smiled as she stepped down off her SUV. I smiled back, more at the irony of me driving a little convertible and Katie in a large truck. She saw my height for the first time and I felt her eyes on me trying to find something wrong. I immediately felt self conscious as we walked in the smoky bar. With no real tables open we sat in a corner booth and Katie sat very close to me. At one point our nylon cased legs rubbed together, I quickly withdrew my leg and smiled at her, she did the same.

My mind raced as I knew I could not just order a beer.

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