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Delilah & John bring home "one little Indian boy".

I started to touch it through my pants when I remembered that I had a willing participant in front of me. Moving in front of her as she finished her sad story, I could see her eyes focusing on my bulge. With a sigh of resignation, she reached her free hand out and ran her fingers up and down the shaft. Obviously the teenager was not as innocent as I had thought.

"Want me to suck you off, Warden? I may be only 19 but I've been fucking and sucking since my father raped me when I was only fourteen and I've never had any complaints."

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the zipper down and reached inside my pants and freed my blood-filled cock. Pulling my balls through the opening she now had me in a very sensitive situation. She knew it was time to negotiate.

Stroking my shaft, she looked into my eyes and said, "Look, Warden Armstrong, I'm going to be here for a few months at least while my lawyer appeals the court's decision and I think that you can help me make it through that period. I'll fuck and suck you any time you want and in return you'll protect me from those lesbos in 'A' Block . Maybe you could move me to Cellblock 'B' and if asked, you'll tell the judge I've been a model prisoner. Agreed?"

Pushing my organ forward towards her waiting mouth was all the answer I gave her. She teased the head with her tongue and continued to stroke, rotating her hand as she squeezed the purple-veined shaft. Finally she smirked and opened her mouth wide enough for me to shove my hardened dick in but not before shocking me with, "Come on, old man, fuck your little girl's mouth! You know you want to fuck my face so do it! How often does an old guy like you get to fuck a young woman? Fill my mouth with your cock. I want to swallow every drop of cum!"

Now I have had a lot of blow jobs in my 54 years starting with my tenth grade Math teacher, Miss Hoey, but this little lady ranked right up there with the best of them. She could suck the hubcap off a Volvo if she wanted and soon I could feel the cum boiling in my testes as it started its journey to the awaiting mouth. Feeling the need to punish her for some reason , I moved closer so that I was straddling the arms of the chair and grabbed her blonde hair at the back of her head and pulled her face directly into my groin. Caught unawares by my forcefulness, Robin gagged as my cock touched the back of her throat. Pulling all but the head back out and preparing for my final thrust, the young woman tried to stop my assault but was defeated by my superior strength.

"Suck my cock,slut!! Oh fuck! I'mmm..cummmmingggg!!!" An explosion of semen splashed against the back of her throat as I forced my cock as deep into her oral cavity as possible. She had no choice but to swallow.

"Eat every ounce, bitch!" I cried as I worked the shaft around in her cum-filled mouth. She tried to do as I had demanded but the amount of cum was too much and droplets filtered out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin onto her heaving breasts. Finally spent, I zipped up, ambled over to the door and told Garrett to put the cunt back in her cell as I headed off to take a piss.

Since I hadn't seen Robin when she first arrived, I now made it one of my priorities to inspect the new talent when they were unloaded. The next crop arrived two days later and I stood in my office window as Garrett had them line up beside the bus. There were 5 of them in this group - two young ones, a middle-aged redhead with big tits and two grey-haired grannies. I decided to let the dyke population scare the young ones while I interviewed the redhead.

Laying down the rules is always a favourite job of mine and seeing the bored response of the thirtyish redhead annoyed me.

"Am I boring you, Ms Jenkins?" I asked angrily while reading her jacket.

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