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Leena bonds with Oleg; Chris wants to whip her.

I wanted to stay up yet and talk.

We went to their room and went inside. Stuart told me to have a seat. I sat down and as Jeff returned from the bathroom, he motioned me towards the bed where he was standing. I got up and walked over and it was there, Stuart shoved me to the bed.

"Hey, what is going on?" I asked.

Both Jeff and Stuart started to remove my clothes. I tried to fight back and resist, but it was no use. There were two of them and I was drunk as a skunk by now. It took them just a few minutes until I was totally naked there on the bed. I was in a stunned state as they then proceeded to get naked as well.

Jeff climbed on top of the bed and knelt over my head. His thick cock was dangling there, directly over my mouth.

"Open for me Tom," he said.

I had no intention of doing that, but Jeff forced my mouth open and stuffed his hard salami down my throat. Before I could do a thing he forced his cock as far down my throat as he could shove it. I was gagging on it and trying to resist, but I didn't have much will power. It was then that I felt Stuart playing with my cock.

He had gotten some warm oil and squirted it all over my shaft and down along my ass crack. He then pushed two of his fingers past my ass rim. It hurt like hell with his digits pushed up my bowels. He was now working them in and out as Jeff was fucking my mouth.

I didn't know how to react to this assault. I guess I just gave in and let these guys do their thing. After a few minutes of sucking on Jeff's cock, I was taking the whole thing down my gullet. His balls were hitting my chin as I sucked the biggest cock I had ever seen before. I am not sure how long I had his cock in my mouth before he blew his load.

Jeff just grunted and the next thing I knew I felt his hot flow streaming down to my belly. It was then that Stuart lifted my legs by my ankles. I couldn't even react. I just felt a sharp dart trying to enter my asshole. I was really tight and Stuart kept prodding at my pucker hole until I felt him inside me. He then started to push his shaft in and out.

It took some time until he had the whole thing inside me. That was when the fucking really began. He took me as if I was his whore. Long, deep strokes that seemed to stretch my ass to its limit. I had felt women's fingers in my ass but nothing to compare it to this.

Stuart's ball sacs were dancing off my bottom. Stuart was also loud to the point of shouting at me. He told me he was going to breed me and fuck me. He said he had a giant load he was just saving for me alone. Even being drunk, this kind of talk was getting me stirred up. Jeff had stepped back and was watching Stuart fill me up.

I was now to the point of begging for Stuart to rape my hole. I wanted it now, more than I wanted anything else. Stuart obliged and fucked me hard as he could. It didn't take long before I felt his cum pouring into my ass heading to my stomach. He pushed my legs forward to my chest and dumped every hot drop of his seed into me. I was almost delirious now.

Stuart eventually pulled out and then both men shifted places. This time Jeff was going to fuck my ass and Stuart was going to make me clean off his pole using my mouth. Where all this cum was stored I couldn't figure out. It seemed like them two men had endless stamina and could fill me up all night long.

That is what they continued to do. I was made to get on all fours as both men took turns doggie-fucking me from behind. I also sucked the other one's cock while being taken that way. I guess I eventually passed out.

When I awoke, I was all alone on the bed. Stuart and Jeff had long gone. It looked as if they had checked out of their room. I was on my back lying in a pool of fluid. Matter of fact, cum coated every inch of my body. My ass and jaw were sore. I could taste both men's cum in my mouth. Manseed was dripping out my ass as well.

I also had a tremendous hangover headache.

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