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Invitation to dinner leads to a surprise.

Selfishly, I want you in my bed right now, but I can wait if you'd like to freshen up."

She glanced across the enormous bathroom, with its huge walk in shower and enormous mirrors. She noticed the specialty soaps and amenities, felt the humidity of his shower on her face. Such a dilemma. He would be hers for the weekend, so she chose to shower, under one condition.

"Only if you join me," she whispered to him.

Her self-confidence had always generated a power over Jon. Within seconds, they were under the warm water and loving the soapy goodness of each other's naked bodies. Jon was playful and loving, not disguising his delight in finally being with his Caribbean goddess lover. He knelt behind her and in a worshipful manner, covered every part of her body that he could reach in bubbly, soapy, vanilla-scented suds. She closed her eyes and basked in this most erotic moment. Moments later, standing behind her, Jon kissed her ear and said, "I'll be waiting for you in bed." He then stepped out, dried off, and disappeared to the bedroom.

Peeking over to the vanity, Marissa noticed a carefully wrapped gift box, and small card attached. She rinsed off, stepped out and pulled on the thick cotton robe handing on the back of the door. She dried off, then freshened up in front of the mirror. Her curiosity of the box couldn't be ignored. She opened the card, which read, "Babe, I think you'll find the contents to be all we'll need for the weekend. All my love, Jon."

To her surprise, the box contained three bright colored thongs, a short, red satin robe, and a bottle of lavender massage oil. Under these, she detected other items. Moving away the tissue paper, she uncovered a bottle of lube, and two toys. One was long and thick, the other short and more narrow. She just shook her head and smiled. She looked up at the mirror and mouthed to herself, "Here we go!" She removed the cotton robe, slipped on a bright sea green thong, readied herself, and walked to the bed. Jon noticed every part of her as she joined him. The way her breasts pushed out against her robe, the enthusiasm in her step, and the slight giggle sneaking out of her all confirmed her lust for him. The covers were pulled down, and he lay there in only a pair of black silk boxer shorts. Almost on cue, Dionne Warwick and Kashif's Reservations for Two poured out softly over the room's stereo speakers . . . I don't want to lose you, you're the one I'm living for, and I need you here beside me, can't be without you anymore . . .

The beauty of their relationship is that Marissa knew that Jon would always have her best interests in mind, and would never think of doing anything that would hurt or upset her. Jon knew that Marissa trusted him, but also relied on him to be a man, to assure her of the pleasure that she required of him. So when Marissa crawled onto the bed, and her sweet Jon turned into an aggressive lover, she wasn't surprised at all.

She did moan loudly as he quickly climbed on top of her though. His kisses were frantic and wet and sloppy, as if he was trying to kiss more of her than his tongue could actually reach. His fingers interlocked with hers, as he nestled his body between her legs. She lay there, completely under his control, and watched as his kisses cascaded downward, settling on her swelling tits. Her hard nipples were aching to be plunged into his mouth, but her hands were locked in his, held down against the bed above her shoulders. Jon looked into Marissa's eyes, teasing her as he slowly extended his tongue onto her nipple.

"Mmmmmmm, yes Jon, oh FUCK that feels so good!" Her eyes closed as she felt the warm, juicy wetness trickle out of her pussy.

Jon sucked her nipples again and again, until he could feel her warm wetness spread over chest.

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