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Our first meeting goes places we didn't expect.

I gulped. The cat was out of the bag. Not only could I lose him, but I also opened my big mouth. He could destroy me. But I did it to keep him. I confessed to incest to keep him. How much worse could it be?

"Yes." I said in a meek tone.

"You are birthing it. You are doing it without painkillers too. You will experience the full consequences for your indiscretions. In fact, your body my choice now. Every aspect. Don't expect condoms anymore. You didn't use them when it mattered, so I am not giving you that freedom anymore. And I'm not raising your brother's bastard without having one of my own. So you can expect me to impregnate you myself in the near future. At my discretion. It's only fair, since I'll need to claim ownership of your current mistake." Kyle said.

"But it's inbred" I replied.

"And you can remember that as it rips it's way out of you. That's the price for nine months of growing another man's child, I hope it hurts like hell when it comes out. I hope you beg for painkillers and I get to tell the doctor as it passes that it's your brother's brat, and not mine. You want to keep me, you will pay the price." He said.

"Okay. I will do as you demand. Please, just don't leave me." I sobbed.

He came over and held me.

"As long as you pay for your actions, I will never leave you."

He held me for a little while while I calmed down. Then suddenly he pushed me away and looked at me.

"Now, suck my dick. Use my new body and suck my dick until I cum. But don't swallow. Hold it in your mouth, against your tongue, until I say otherwise." He said.

I knelt down. I was eager to physically show him I meant it. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down. Then brought down his underwear. He was semi flaccid. I grabbed him with my hand and guided him into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his penis inside my mouth, applied vacuum, and bobbed lightly. First making him erect, then rock hard, and then brought him to orgasm in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock until it came in my mouth. The idea always made me feel uncomfortable. He peed out of it, what if he peed in my mouth? That was why I didn't do blowjobs in general. I guess it was his right to now. At least if I wanted to keep him, which I did. Him cumming into my mouth was an interesting new experience. It blasted into my mouth in several pulses. It tasted like a gelatinous sweat, but a little fruity. Like nothing I ever tasted before. Not really unpleasant, just unique. It felt hot, but colder than any hot liquid I ever drank. As it moved in my mouth it left a coating where it went, unlike any gelatinous thing I ever ate. I looked up at Kyle. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled his clothing up, and looked at me.

"Show me." He told me.

I opened my mouth.

"Good. Now close your mouth and keep it in there for awhile. Keep kneeling on the floor there as well." He said.

I did as he commanded. He took a seat in a chair and pulled out his phone. I sat there for a good twenty minutes while he played on it. My throat felt dry while the slime in my mouth seemed to get runny.

"Show me." Kyle said suddenly.

I opened my mouth and showed him again.

"Good. Close up, but do not swallow." He said.

I did as ordered again. I repeated the process multiple times for over an hour.

"Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees." Kyle said.

I did as instructed. He stood up and took off his pants. He walked around and then roughly shoved his cock into my unprepared cunt. It hurt as he shoved it in dry. I almost swallowed, but managed to control myself. My throat was absolutely parched and there was no tenderness in the fucking he gave me. He roughly shoved it in and out dry. Just as I was starting to get wet, he dumped his semen inside me. He then pulled out, slapping my ass with his satisfied cock.

"Stay put." He said.

I did as he told.

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