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But she found out, her job as Greg's wife was to spread 'em and smile.

In time, she began to understand what all the fuss was about, though. By the time they'd done Space Mountain for the ninth time, Linda liked fucking.

"Its 'making love,'" Greg said.

"It's fucking; I like fucking, I like the way fucking sounds. It's fucking," Linda laughed and wiggled on his latex sheathed member. "So fuck me, Mister Make Love."

Then, upon their return, Linda and Greg settled down to marital bliss.

Four months after their wedding, Linda came out of the downstairs bathroom just as Greg was putting her double stuffed bacon, cheese, peppers and onions and tomatoes omelet on the table.

"Guess what, Daddy?" Linda purred, pressing her naked body against her husband.

He did not go to school that day, she missed her favorite show, 'One Life to Live' as the couple celebrated the unexpected pregnancy.

"Don't know how you can say it's unexpected," Linda laughed as she squatted over Greg's erection. "You been putting your little Mr. Happy into my Miss Kitty every time I turn around."

"Uh huh," Greg groaned as he pushed his cock into her wet pussy. "But you make me wear condoms all the time."

"Condoms aren't a hundred percent foolproof," Linda said.

"And quit calling it 'Little,' huh?" Greg grumbled.

"Aw, but honey!" Linda laughed. "It's so cute! I just got to call it 'Little Mr. Happy!'"

Through Linda's part-time job with Young Insurance, they were able to afford excellent medical coverage. Through her plan, Linda was able to make an appointment fairly quickly with Dr. Peleour, the local Ob/Gyn.

Greg went with her to the appointment and they were told that Mommy and Baby were doing just fine, that they were about six weeks along.

... ... ...

Now, as the guests crowded into their home for a surprise baby shower, Linda was about three and a half months along, just beginning to show. Her flat belly was beginning to pooch out a little. Her round ass was becoming a little more pronounced. Her chest, already an impressive 35DD was beginning to be a little too large for her bras.

"All right, she gets off at about two thirty," Greg called out over the noise. "She'll be here any minute now. So, everybody, into the den."

"She's here!" Cindy called out and scampered out of the kitchen.

Greg turned off the lights and prepared to shut the bi-fold doors that closed off the den from the living room.

"Of course it's yours, who else I been letting fuck me without a condom, huh?" Linda spat angrily as she swung open the front door.

"Fuck, like I know how many mother fuckers you letting fuck you?" Darren, Linda's old boyfriend sneered.

"You know what? That's it, fucking ass hole, you can just forget about fucking me up the Aaahhhh!" Linda snarled then screamed as she saw her family and husband just beyond the living room.

"Surprise," someone weakly said.

(Percy claimed it was Tom that said it. Tom said Barry was the one that said it.)

"Uh, I be going now; I check y'all later, all right?" Darren mumbled, backing out the door.

"Oh, no, Darren, stay," Brent said.

"Yes, you can help her take all these baby gifts to your place," Greg said as he walked to a moaning Linda.

"It's not, it's not what you're thinking," Linda weakly denied.

"Oh, Linda, really?" Greg said, voice cracking. "You don't know what I'm thinking."

He none too gently pulled his Nana's ring from Linda's finger.

"No!" Linda screamed, reaching for the three carat diamond ring.

"Thank God for that pre-nup, huh?" someone said.

(Brent said Barry said it. Barry blamed Tom for the comment.)

"Seventeen thousand dollars," Brent said. "Seventeen fucking thousand dollars on a God damned wedding, just for you to fuck this piece of shit prison punk?"

"Hey, bitch, I fucking reduce you, feel me?" Darren snarled.

"Bring it on, pussy," Brent sneered at the posturing boy.

Maureen did not tell Brent to be nice. She did pull her own daughter out of the way.

"Now, now," Percy said.

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