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Robert gets to know Vicky's mom, too.

She gently kicked Sam with her right foot and made him fall on his back in his bed.

"It would be a waste if you only imagine and don't do anything in reality, big brother?" Kate said and squatted on top of Sam's cock. Her panty covered pussy touching his cock.

A shiver ran through Sam's body when Kate did that. He had no sense at all of what just happened. Kate took Sam's hand in hers and placed them on her back, right above her bra's hook.

"Remove it, Sam." Kate asked Sam in a low voice.

Sam did as he was asked. He unhooked her bra and pulled it off of Kate's body. The passage light was the only light available in the room. He saw Kate's boobs naked in that light. Just as he had imagined, they were a decent pair, neither too big nor too small! Her nipples were like a tiny shirt button, but slightly elongated. They were followed by a small light pink areola. Sam moved his hands on Kate's boobs and cupped them. He played with them, kneading them, pressing them, feeling their softness and tenderness in his palms. He brought his mouth up towards the right boob and put his lips on its nipple. He sucked on it hungrily. A loud moan escaped from Kate's mouth. He moved his mouth to the other nipple and did the same. He then lightly bit the flesh of her breasts, sometimes above the nipple, sometimes under the boob. He occasionally licked the nipples. He continued doing that for a few more minutes.

All of a sudden Kate stood up. She moved over his chest and kept her hands on the waistband of her panties. She pulled it down swiftly and asked Sam to pull it completely off of her body. Sam obliged. Then she moved over his face and sat over his mouth. Sam's lips were directly under Kate's pussy lips.

"Eat me, Sam. Eat me!" Kate demanded.

Sam held Kate by her hips and gently pushed her upwards so that he could see her pussy lips clearly. Her pussy was nicely trimmed. It was dark pinkish in color and leaked its internal juice. A sweet musky aroma came from her vagina. He pulled her down and lapped at it furiously. Sam ate Kate's pussy for a couple of minutes more before she got up again. Kate moved back and again squatted on Sam's crotch. She held his cock in her left hand and kept her right hand on his chest. Kate then moved down slowly. She sat on his crotch with his cock entirely inside her. She brought her hips up and then sat down again to allow his cock enter her pussy comfortably. That way she started to move her hips up and down steadily. Sam was lost in the pleasure he got from that sensation. Kate's pussy was very tight and soft. The flesh inside it gave his cock a very exotic feeling. He saw Kate move her hips up and down on his cock. Her firm and tender breasts jiggled along with her movement.

Suddenly he felt a slight pain in his penis. He looked down to his crotch and found a thin trail of blood oozing out from Kate's pussy. Was Kate a virgin? Had he just broke her hymen? If that was true, then it should be she who should have felt the pain, not him. But Kate didn't utter a word out of pain. Suddenly he found something strange. He had not seen Kate's face since she had entered his room nor had she moaned since he entered her! There was something wrong with Kate.

All of a sudden he felt immense pain in his cock. He felt as if Kate's vaginal wall had been trying to crush his cock. He experienced a suction force inside her vagina trying to suck his penis completely inside it. A strong breeze blew inside the room from the window and lifted the hair from Kate's face. Sam saw Kate's face for the first time. Her face had turned white and blood oozed out from her eyelids, nostrils and ears. Her eyes were black as a shadow. Kate's fingernail began to grow long. Sam closed his eyes on realizing what Kate had in mind, as she lifted her hand and pointed the nails directly towards his heart...

Henry came home and found the TV on.

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