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Hot sexual bondage, pain, and discipline.

d: "I know I'm going to be sorry I asked you this, but what did he do that you haven't had done to you before?"

Sue smiled and patted the bed. Terri came over and sat on the bed next to Sue. Sue bent in and whispered: "He tied me up and then drove me wild with need and wild with lust before he got me off. And God! When he did it was the best creamy I have ever had. In fact it was multiple creamies! I had so many fucking orgasms I lost count Sue.

Terri said: "But he's what 40 or 45 or maybe older?"

Sue said: "I don't know and I don't care. If he makes me cum like I did this afternoon, I don't care if he's 50! GOD! He drove me crazy Terri he really knows what he's doing! And WOW did he get me off. It's like I do exactly what he tells me and he rewards me with the hardest and longest orgasms of my life."

Terri said: "Hell Sue you're only 19 I hope you have a longer life than that. So OK! What did he do the get you off so good?"

Sue moved around and sat crossed legged on Terri's bed facing her. Terri sat the same way facing Sue. Sue bent forward and began talk in a very low voice to her older sister telling her what she and Rob did in his office all afternoon. Sue had on a pair of thin white and very short gym shorts. It just covered her pussy, but when she moved the corners of her pussy lips actually were showing and just about hanging out the left leg opening. Her tee shirt left little to the imagination and with no bra on, Sue's breasts pushed hard against the cloth. Her nipples were growing hard with her excitement as she began to tell her sister what she and Rob did together.

Terri only had her bikini panties on and a tee shirt cut off just under her breasts. As she sat there listening to her sister's tale of sex, her pussy began to get very wet and then it started to leak. Her nipples were getting hard too and pressing against the tee shirt. Terri was getting hot hearing about her sister being fucked by this older man in a bunch of different ways all dam afternoon. She began to shift and squirm with excitement as Sue described Rob's cock and what he did to her with his tongue.

Terri was showing her excitement as her panties began to show a stain that was growing directly in the center of them. She used her fingers along the sides of her leg openings to pull the material away from her pussy and give her cunt some air. She used her fingers to hold the material away from her wetness about an inch as her thumbs ran up and down her slit. She felt like yelling and finger fucking herself into a coma! But her sister was there and Terri didn't have the same freedom with her attitude as Sue. She slowly ran her thumbs up and down pleasing herself. But she was doing it so Sue didn't realize she was doing it.

As Sue talked she said: "And when he sucked my entire pussy into his mouth and started humming Terri! OH GOD! I went nuts! Oh dam sis I'm getting so worked up just talking about it! God he did things to me no one has ever done before. He tired me up and fucked me!" She was rubbing her pussy with her hand as she talked. Terri was listening and watching Sue play with herself.

Terri moved her hand between her legs and pulled her panties further away from her wet pussy. Her hand was soaked with her juice. She said: " You are getting me all worked up to Sue. God it sounds so good! I haven't had a guy fuck me in months!"

Sue said: "Months! God Terri! I would be going crazy if I didn't have someone get me at least once a week. And Rob is now there for me everyday I want him. Hell I'll see him twice a day when I start training for Masters!"

Terri now had both hands under her leg opening of her panties and she was working her swollen pussy with all her fingers. She didn't care if Sue was there now. Hell sue was fingering her pussy and didn't care. Why should she care in her sister fingered hers? As sue continued she told Terri how Rob had drilled her pussy better than any "boy" could ever do. She looked at Terri and saw her rubbing her pussy like a madman. Sue said: "Bad huh?"

Terri shook her head yes and said: "Es

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