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Things heat up between Max and Jenna.

"I thought we were friends, Abby," Ellen said. Her voice sounded calm, but her face was flushed and her eyes literally glowed white-hot with rage. "I believed you were someone I could trust, someone who would never hurt me. I know now I was wrong. You weren't my friend, not at all. What kind of friend seduces her friend's husband?"

"Ellen...I..." Abby said. Wide-eyed, she continued to stare at the pistol which her friend held pointed at her. "Ellen, you have to understand. state of mind wasn't what it should have been, I..."

"You can't talk your way out of this, you slut," Ellen said. "You cheap bitch, you destroyed my marriage. You took away my happiness. You have to pay for that."

"Ellen, please!" Abby begged. " don't understand. can't mean this. don't know what you're doing!"

Ellen laughed coldly. "Oh, yes. I do know what I'm doing," she said. "I know only too well. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to me. You will pay the ultimate price for destroying my marriage."

Stan Bixby turned to his partner as he reached for the door to Greg's cabin. "You know, Lexi, if we wind up having to stay up here over night, I sure as hell hope Atkinson's got a satellite dish," he said. "There's a championship wrestling match on tonight and..." He opened the door, looked inside the house, and exclaimed, "Hey, what the fuck...?"

Alexis Loomis saw her partner stiffen, then she heard three soft pops and thought, "Damn! Those sounded like gunshots! What the hell is going on?"

The next thing she knew, her partner, staggering backward, collapsed on top of her and both of them tumbled down the cabin steps. Alexis heard a snap and felt a spear of pain run up her leg. She didn't know what it was, but something had broken. She tried to get Stan off her, and fumbled, trying to reach her gun as she did.

When Abby heard the door open, fear stronger than any she'd ever experienced swept through her. She was afraid Greg had come back and had walked in on this scene. Given Ellen's frame of mind, she could very well shoot Greg. Then, as she gazed in horror, Ellen swung the gun in the direction of the door and it went off.

Abby was no less scared than she'd been before, but now she was angry, too. She was sure Ellen had shot Greg, the only friend she had in the world right. Before the anger-crazed woman could turn the gun back toward her, Abby leapt from her chair and grabbed Ellen's arm.

Alexis finally managed to slide out from under her partner. The pain she was feeling was so intense she could barely focus but, somehow, she managed to crawl back up the steps, toward the door. There was an armed suspect inside the house, someone who'd shot her partner, and if she could, she was going to get him! Vaguely, she thought she heard the sound of a siren, but she wasn't sure if she was imagining that or not. All she knew was she had a job to do. She had to get the shooter! Then, when she tried to push the door open, everything went black.

Abby and Ellen rolled around on the kitchen floor. Abby clung to Ellen's gun hand desperately. She knew if Ellen got her hand free, she'd be the next person shot. If that happened, there would be no one to get help for Greg.

Greg raced up the road behind the cabins, whipped his vehicle into his driveway, then he jammed on the brakes slid to a stop in front of his cabin. He saw Stan and Alexis lying on his porch and, before the vehicle stopped moving, he was out, his gun in his hand. Who'd done this? Was Abby OK?

He reached back into the police vehicle. "Operations from James County Fifteen," he said, forcing himself to speak clearly. "Get me backup now! We have shots fired, two officers down. I'm going to need rescue, too!"

"We copy," the dispatcher said, sounding a little agitated, "You should have a state patrol unit and a couple of Lincoln County units there in a couple of minutes. I'll start rescue right away!"

Holding his pistol carefully, Greg edged toward the house.

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