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Today we go outside.

The chambermaid, whose name is Alice, had spent hours helping Ella clean up and get dressed--even having ironed her hair into long, auburn curls! Tying the lace bindings up her back was the most tenuous part of her night so far, but Ella smirked at knowing that she was wearing something so taboo to her culture. She truly felt like royalty at this moment-how curious.

Fireflies started to glisten randomly throughout the outdoor garden as the sun fell behind the forest trees, and a gardener went around as she explored, lighting lanterns which marked a path that took her all over the incredible courtyard.

Unable to hide her childlike amazement, Ella exclaimed at the plants she found--which were seemingly from all parts of the world. Water fountains and streams ran all over the property without inclines or normal natural curves to keep the garden stream moving, giving the entire environment a sense of surrealism. Her feet crossed one in front of another as she carried her shoes with her, and she came upon a fountain whose water actually did flow backwards to gravity! Ella sat on one of the stone benches which encircled it--completely entranced by the beauty and the sound of dripping water.

The large dog--whom she had found out was called Athos--followed her around endlessly this entire time, pushing his head up beneath her hand each time she would stop. His huge frame sat on her bare feet as close to her as possible while she pet his large ears and massive noggin.

She sat there, stupefied and completely content when Sander appeared out of nowhere onto the pathway behind her.

"Are you enjoying your evening?"

Ellas' trance was quickly broken, and the smile in her eyes as she looked into his answered his question sufficiently.

"How did you do this?!" Overwhelmed, this was the only question she could form for the moment.

"I will teach you, if you want. Have you decided? Do you still want to enter my world?"

"Yes.. I absolutely do. This is what I've wanted my entire life. And, no matter the price."

Ellas' eyes burned with ferocity as she answered him with all her heart, overcome with the need to know what he knew.

"Ah. The price, yes. Well it's not so much a price paid to me but to the powers in stars.. There is only one way into this world, and that is through them. One must enter with a chaperone, and this night is the only night it can be done until next year. I can help you get there, but the Ceremony is meant for more, intimate partners."

"What does this mean?" Ellas' heart skipped a beat. What could that possibly mean?

"In order for me to share this world with you, I must share myself with you. The powers I have were given to me from another, and before then another had given them to her. In essence, one must enter this world through another.That's how it was meant to be, and that is how it must be. I must give myself to you, and you to me."
Understanding what he was getting at, Ella sat there watching the water flow up the sides of the fountain--through the air and back into the center of the carved stone rose, which lay at the center of the pool. The moonlight was now full and shimmering down on the water, as she made up her mind.

The dark could not hide Sanders' uncomfortable stance as he waited to see Ellas' reaction, and they ended up there for a few minutes in silence.

"I've never been deflowered.." Ellas' thoughts were all encompassing as the fear on her face finally became clear. Her gaze on the fountain was unbreakable.

"The choice would be yours, my lady. I'm not opposed to waiting with you for the next Harvest moon. If you decide then that this is what you want."

All the apprehension she felt melted away, and this mans' kind eyes pushed whatever fears she had, out of her mind in a split second. The free will she felt of her own choice, was screaming one thing. She knew she didn't want to wait any longer than she had already, for her life to begin. A life beginning with him seemed like an interesting prospect to say the least.

Turning her pale peach face to look towards thi

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