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The End.

And then Marty's finger was out of my hole and he standing on the floor of the hot tub. I could see his erect phallus, and it was leaning its way in, toward my butt.

My intense pleasure flipped to fear, "No! I half yelled. No, I don't want . . ." My voice was muffled by Seth's big mitt coming up and covering my mouth.

"Hey, you came to find out what this is all about. This is part of what this is all about," Marty said with a husky voice. "You came here. Who are you going to complain to? Who in the neighborhood wants to know what you are a part of now? Your wife maybe? Don't worry; I'll make it a good experience. No, I'll make it a great experience; I can tell from your reaction that it's already gone beyond a good experience. And your hole has opened up incredibly. I've never seen this happen the first time. I bet you could take me and Seth both." I moaned and writhed at the thought. I didn't want to admit that I'd played dildo games with my women partners for years.

He still had my left leg over his shoulder, so he lathered up his dick with ointment and positioned its head up against my asshole with his right hand and pushed in just enough to get the helmet in and to have purchased. Then he grabbed both of my legs at the ankles and split me up and out like a wishbone. I saw him slowly entering me and I began to buck my pelvis, which only increased the pain, so I stopped. What I didn't want to admit, even to myself, was that this felt a whole lot better than the dildos I'd taken up there. Marty held still, while Seth reached over and turned up the music and did a quick turnaround on me. He had my hands by the wrists and was kneeling with my chest between his knees.

"You can scream if you want," he told me. "But I'm going to get rough if you do. And I'm going to get rough if you don't pay some attention to me now." There was little doubt what attention Seth had in mind. From where he was positioned, the moist head of his long dong was touching my cheek.

"Seth's right," Marty said from below me. "I can either give this to you within your tolerances, or I can give it to you really hard. If you service Seth, I'll be as gentle as possible."

"Go to hell," I screamed. I had barely gotten this out, though, when Marty pushed a good five inches up my ass in one slide. I thought I was going to be ripped apart.

"What was that you said?" Marty asked.

I didn't answer, but I opened my mouth and turned it toward Seth's dick and took the bulbous head in. I licked and sucked, and Seth gave little whimpers of pleasure. "Get your tongue under it," he said, and I complied. He entered me about three inches and I thought I'd gag. "Don't think gag," he directed. "Lift your chin to give it a straight shot and push your tongue and under it as far as it can go. And open wide, very wide. Loosen your jawbone. You can do it." I did so, and he slid in a little farther. Then me began to slowly pump in and out, fucking my face but not trying to give me more than I could manage.

Meanwhile, down below, Marty had withdrawn his prick most of the way and was pushing back in. He reached my prostate again with his cock and he was rubbing up against that and giving me a not-unpleasurable sensation. Other than the one painful punishment thrust, he hadn't been doing more than slowly working his way in at this point, holding for me to stretch to be able to accommodate him. After he had gotten past the sphincter, I no longer felt great pain and the sensation of being stuffed beyond limits, and shortly I could feel I had loosened and relaxed and a felt the whole length of him glide on in. I could feel his pubic hair mashing down on mine.

"There," he grunted, "you did it.

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