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She becomes addicted to the fit of his cock.

Yes. Let's get all these cute little kitty panties," said Leif playfully picking up more pairs with the different types of backsides.

"Pussies for my pussy! I love it!" giggled Lynne, stuffing more of the cute kitten panties in the bag.

"Great. I'm glad you like them. You can model them for me this afternoon, while you demonstrate your new playthings for me," he panted huskily in her ear. The smooth globes of her breasts were outlined nicely in her black dress, and he wanted to squeeze over the black faux leather fabric so badly, and feel how soft it was against her skin.

Confection. How fitting that she looked like a fucking toy, looking for sex toys, especially since she'd be his toy in very short order after she found some items to please her tight, juicy little pussy!


Already he was spoiling her. Filling up the bag with goodies. Lynne expected to get one or two pairs at the most. But Leif had filled her shopping bag with every variant of the adorable panties.

When she tried to look at the price tags, he smacked her hands away.

"You don't need to be worried about this. Today is Christmas for your cute pussy. I said you can have whatever you see that you want, and I mean it. I've got the tab. I have cash I brought us and we have some wedding gift money," he added.

He kissed her forehead and then she leaned up and hugged him tightly around the neck and kissed him on his mouth. She couldn't help it when the kiss ended up passionate. He smacked her ass.

"Careful, we want to at least make it out of the store before we start another round,"

Beside the kitten panties, there were a few with an image of a tiger on the crotch.

Lynne chuckled at the image. A much more brazen one, that spoke of wild, untamed hunger. She picked up a pair and chuckled.

"This is me when you tease me and won't give me any dick when I'm craving you," murmured Lynne.

He traced her lips with his finger.

"That roaring little tiger also is going to be your greedy little pleasure seeking pussy after I make it purr with pleasure teasing it with toys, my tongue, and my cock," offered Leif.

Lynne grinned at Leif. She was glad that Elissa was off straightening another part of the store. When the door flew open and Leif ushered her inside, Lynne caught her eyes checking out Leif.

However, the way Leif introduced her as his wife, and probably also Lynne's sexy outfit had quickly diffused any notion that woman had of flirting. Now, witnessing their bond, Lynne knew that the shopkeeper knew that Leif was not to be trifled with. But Lynne still loved how Leif could quickly read the barometer of another woman around, and didn't play into any of those silly flirtatious games. She always felt like the most beautiful woman in any room to Leif. It set a great foundation for their marriage.

She couldn't wait to reward Leif later for his purity of heart towards her. A husband who loved her with such pure intensity deserved all the fun and kinky adventures that two people could share.

Beside the panties were many sets of metal balls in these pretty oriental boxes.

"What are these? They are so pretty!" said Lynne.

"God. You're so dam sweet and innocent! I love it! Those are Ben Wah Balls baby," said Leif patiently nuzzling at her neck.

"Ben Wah who? Sounds like Chinese food!" said Lynne.

Leif chuckled.

"It does kinda sound like a Chinese food dish. But these balls train your pussy. Not that you need it, you are already so, so tight lovely, if you were any tighter you might hurt my cock," whispered Leif lustily, pinching her ass where it joined with her thigh.

Lynne giggled at the pleasurable, ticklish invasion.

"But these make my pussy tighter? How? I want to make it tighter for you, if it makes you feel good. I'd do anything to make you feel good baby," purred Lynne Lynne.

There were big ben-wah balls, small ben-wah balls, there where balls with a string on the end. It was difficult to know which set of balls she should think about getting.

"I love your pussy just the wa

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