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The story of a family with an unusual dynamic.


Groaning, I rolled my head towards him. His cock was right there, so close that if I stretched up, I could take the tip into my mouth. I looked up to his face, which was a mistake. His was looking down at me with wicked serenity, and such intense intent that I felt my cunt flush as it clenched in animal response.

"Don't make me tell you again." His voice got softer, more dangerous. His cock twitched, and I could smell his excitement.

I gulped and nodded, immediately and quite unsophisticated plopped his cock into my mouth.

Having taken no heed of what I was doing, I ended up gagging myself as the tip of his cock was rudely gouged up into the back of my throat. I tried to pull back, moisture immediately brimming in my eyes because of the sensations. My hands came up as if to push against his thighs, but were stopped by the restraints, all I could do was rest my hands against his legs. I couldn't apply any pressure to him.

I choked and gargled around his cock, trying to get air in. I could feel slobber already slicking my chin, and real tears were beginning to form as I fought the dick blocking my throat.

"Oh, that's good. Choke on it, I love to feel you choking on my cock." His hands were holding my head, now keeping my head forced up.

I relaxed my body, tried to reposition my head and softened the muscles in my mouth, flattened my tongue, instead of trying to fight him. Instead of trying to breathe around his cock, I tried to breathe through my nose.

His hands gripped the sides of my head, fingers pulling hard at my scalp. "Fuck yes, fuck me with your mouth..." he sucked air in over his bottom teeth, "mmm, that's a good girl, my good little fuckdoll."

He slowed his stroke, and I took the opportunity to feel the contours of his cock. My tongue rode up along him, feeling the difference in skin, sampling how the skin tasted different. My lips wrapped around the girth of his cock, stretched open, and let the drool drip out of my mouth. It seemed that my mouth was was wet and ready as my cunt.

"Mmm" he groaned out, cradling my head to his pelvis, "mmm, you like sucking my cock." I nodded my head as much as his grip would allow, moaning around him, "I knew you'd be good at sucking dick, that you'd make such a good slut."

My body was in a frenzy, my hands were no longer against his thighs, they were ravaging at my breasts, and my mouth was working at his cock furiously. I was electrified by the knowledge that he had seen into my core. All I could think of was satisfying this cock, of pleasing it, milking it until it exploded.

My chest heaved, and I didn't care what I looked like as I huffed and snorted air in and out of my nose, driven wild to keep my mouth on his cock. I could feel my pussy throbbing with heat and wetness. My subtle gyrations were no longer subtle, I was humping up into the air, squeezing my cunt as his phallus pistoned in my mouth.

He let go of the side of my head with one hand, and reached down to feel between my legs. I gagged in excitement, my rhythm ruined in the shock and jolt of his finger parting my lips, and dipping in to swipe at my clit, then traveled down to my vulva. I instantly stilled, luxuriating in the feeling of his finger, delighted to know that he would feel how wet I was, hoping he would know that I had been this wet since I first came to.

He jammed his cock deeper into my throat, holding fast with the one hand while the other parted my pussy lips, "Good girl, what a good whore, already wet, and I haven't even touched you." He sounded so genuinely pleased with me, that I whined and pressed myself deeper onto his cock. My pelvis lifted up to urge his finger deeper.

In response he brought his hand back up from my pussy, and after a pause, said, "Oh my, what a tasty cunt."

I groaned again around him, forcing his cock deeper into my throat, and my groan turned into a choking gag. Runners of spit flew out of my mouth when air did make it out, and cold tears tracked slowly down my face as I plugged my throat with him.

My jaw hurt from be

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