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"Think twenty times the size and output and you will have visualized the difference."

Duke had breakfast during the short wait in Sydney for his Melbourne connection and thought he should look carefully at Nikki as a contender for a permanent domestic partner with Lisa being the other. He couldn't say Nikki would win hands down at sex because he'd not rumbled yet with Lisa, if that was ever likely. Yes he should compare them closely. He patted his groin thinking he'd arrange for Nikki to come to the hotel late at night. He was well overdue for sex.

A rep for the agency representing a Japanese manufacturer met him at the airport, holding up a sign. She was Japanese but very westernised and called herself Kit. Kit had been in Australia eight years and was the CEO's personal assistant. She drove the top-of-line Lexus beautifully and for once Duke wasn't nervous about being driven by a woman. He grinned thinking about the way his mom ripped into him for expressing thoughts like that.

"About tonight," Kit said as they approached the agency's suburban facility. "Mr and Mrs Isogawa would be honoured to entertain you over dinner if you are available. Later in the evening I am available to take you for drinks at a club or a series of clubs."

Duke was tempted but although Kit was very attractive she had no discernible breasts and appeared to have no body shape. Jesus just a pencil, he sighed.

"I would appreciate it if you could advised Mr Isogawa that unfortunately I am otherwise engaged," Duke lied, thinking the American agency would probably toss an American female with big tits at him. Or at least hips substantial enough to hold on to. God no wonder Lisa didn't appear to really like him and when she found out how he thought, like someone out of a cave, she'd high-tail it.

A driver for the other agency picked Duke up at 1:00. The guy was effeminate and substandard at conversation. Duke wondered how the women he knew would rate his expertise at conversation. Substandard?

There were six guys in the board room drinking chardonnay so Duke thought it polite to ask for wine instead of beer.

The chief executive asked, "Where's Leigh?"

One of the guys said he'd fetch her.

Her? Duke had thought Lee would be a guy. He asked the two guys talking to him who was Leigh.

"An American babe but don't think she's a bunny. She's our sales manager and what she doesn't know about generators isn't worth knowing. She has a masters in electrical engineering and worked in GE helping to assemble generators when she was at college and then university."

Duke eyed the blonde with moderately sized tits enter. She winked at him and he almost dropped his wine.

Late afternoon as Duke was leaving Leigh invited him to her home for dinner.

He accepted and she whispered he wouldn't be required to behave because her husband was attending a convention for maxillofacial surgeons. From that Duke assumed the husband had the expertise to repair the faces he pummelled of guys he caught seducing his wife.

* * *

Duke was horrified at the physical change of Nikki. She's packed on weight and had two curved eyebrow rings above one eye and a stud inserted just below her bottom lip.

But she hadn't changed. "Oh it's so lovely seeing you again... how have you been?"

"Fine thank you," he said stiffly.

"Oh come on Duke, piercing for jewellery is part of modern life. You should see my pussy rings.


He couldn't repeat the words pussy rings.

"Do you still adore Gina?"

"Yes," he said, glad the conversation was normalizing.

"She has a simply pussy ring or haven't you managed to get that far with Gina?"

"Let's get a drink," Duke croaked, propelling fatty by the arm to the bar.

"I'll have beer," she said. "I know I shouldn't because it's piling the weight on me but Gavin and the gang all drink beer and I wish to conform."


"My fianc__e."

"Oh congratulations."

"Thanks. In case you're wondering how I know Gina has a piercing..."

"You have had sex

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