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Encountering a nude druidess forces Darkni to face destiny.

I grabbed the pillows, made a mountain of them, and rolled Dad over them on his tummy. "Arrrrrggggghhhhh, Baby ...." Dad said as he squashed his cock against the bed. Reaching behind him, he grasped my arm, pulling me to him. "I love you Baby ... the sheets ... your understanding my needs ... thanks."

As Dad relaxed and let the enema flow into him, I began to play with his ass and work the huge enema nozzle slowly in and out, up and down, inside him. Dad moaned and gasped while clutching the pillows. My clit was screaming for attention but I wanted to go slowly and do this evening right. Finally, when the bag was empty, I gently removed the nozzle and replaced it with Dad's favorite butt plug, the ribbed one. "Let's give the enema ten minutes to do its work, Dad. In the meantime, take a peek inside my pussie and see what I have there."

By now I could see that Dad's cock was long and hard as a block of wood. Growling with lust, he threw me on my back and pushed his tongue deep inside me .... let me tell you, ben-wa balls AND a tongue are almost too much at the same time! I moaned so loudly that it surprised even me. Dad must have tasted the slippery, shiny balls because the next thing I knew he had two fingers inside me moving the balls faster and faster and faster. I squirmed, I twitched, I pinched my nipples and then I came ... long, and wet and hard. My cunt was so full of hot sticky cum that I could "hear" Dad's tongue lapping it all up, after which he began to suck my clit, as if to pull me to the maximum. Having been close to orgasm for several hours before Dad got home, I came in volumes. We were both soaked and Dad wasn't quitting. He continued to suck my clit and then he slid two fingers inside my asshole, all the way inside. Momentarily holding my breath in surprise and then moaning loudly with pleasure, I realized that Dad had begun to massage the ben-wa balls in my cunt with his fingers inside my rectum. I scissored Dad's head between my thighs, wanting to pull him into me ... he was driving me mad! Now convulsing in deep throes of ecstasy, I bucked my hips so hard that Dad placed one strong arm across my tummy to steady me.

This was TOO incredible! I'd never, ever felt this turned on! As I approached another hard climax I thought I might faint from the rush! Reaching down, I placed my hand on Dad's and helped him pump me. And then it happened. I came so damn hard that a pain shot through the top of my head and my body curled into a ball, while Dad never stopped moving his fingers. I came and came and came ... it seemed like forever! My rosebud was so tight around Dad's fingers that I feared breaking them! "OOOHHHH GOD!!!!" I screamed over and over. Slowly, slowly, the orgasm was over and Dad was smiling over me. "See here, Baby. This is what you get for buying sex toys about which you know nothing!" Then he started laughing ... and I started laughing, and we experienced a full minute of good belly laughs together.

Dad then rushed to the toilet, after which he showered and came back to bed, finding me asleep - I was too exhausted to stay awake. I woke up to pearlescent beads on a string dangling over my head. Rolling over, I saw that Dad had found my goodies and was teasing me with them. Casting my eyes down, I grasped Dad's cock and said "those are for YOU Dad ... my treat." "Yeah, I'll bet it's your treat ... I'll bet 'I' paid for them, right?" "Yes." "Well, then, if I paid for them then it seems to me that I should be the lucky one to enjoy them, right?"

Grinning, I snatched the string of beads from Dad and bent to take his cock in my lips.

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