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A couple receives a very indecent proposal.

That's fine, we didn't need much lighting for what I knew we both wanted to do.

She pushed me onto the barely covered mattress, hands on her hips as she stared down at me with those creepy, blank white eyes. Surprisingly, even if they did look a little creepy, the stare was kind of erotic with the intoxicated lust that I knew was behind them. Wasn't my ideal situation for our fated reunion, but since the amount of desire matched the copious amounts of alcohol flowing through our veins, I would've taken anything I could get at the moment. Plus, the thought of walking away from here with the most painful hard-on I've ever had, then going home to jack-off with some bad porno actually made me want to cry.

"Why are you here, Lo?" The voice was softer than I expected. Her white fur covered boot pressed over my strained cock, causing me to groan loud in the almost silent room-only the distant bass and the occasional loud and mostly sexual noises could be heard.

"Could ask you the same thing, Yaz. You're baked out of your fucking mind."

Her grin and the slow movement of her foot almost made me cum. "You don't seem to be too upset. Well, maybe a little frustrated from the looks of it. Guess you haven't cum yet, huh?"

"Waiting for the right moment."

"And what would that be, Lo? Buried deep inside me? Or maybe down my throat? Or should I make you cum inside my favorite pair of jeans?" Her throaty laugh was always so fucking hot. "I can't believe you actually wore them."

My groans grew into louder moans, spreading my legs a bit to try and relieve some of the pressure, but it only made her put her foot down onto the black and white tile floor. "Why are you here?" I asked again.

"Hanging out with some friends. We were at Rain til around midnight, but then decided we needed something a little more...entertaining. Were you entertained?" She threw her head back and giggled; her hair falling over her shoulder and showing off more of that candied neck I wanted to bite. "Guess I don't need to ask."

"We need to talk."

"Nooo...we really don't. We either need to fuck each other's brains out or you need to leave. I have this very nice buzz going on and I don't really want to ruin it by dealing with our petty drama."

"Yaz, it won't feel satisfying if we don't air out our drama first."

"Ohh...I beg to differ." Her hand slid down her stomach and between her legs, playing with herself as I could only sit back and watch. "You slamming your cock inside me right now would feel fucking fantastic. Right up against this paper-thin wall. All the people just on the other side walking by, listening to my loud moans, and hearing the wet slaps and the pounds of you fucking me. Don't you want that, Lo?"

"I want you."

She chuckled, her other hand running over her body; the silver ball on her tongue gently traced over her teeth before she bit her bottom lip. "I know you do, I saw you watching me. Did you miss me?"

Not being able to take it anymore, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock. A small smirk curled my lips when I saw her eyes shift down to my stroking hand. "You know I did, baby."

Layers of tension built up between us-anger, frustration, lust-as our eyes met each others. I laid back on the uncomfortable mattress; vibes of college coming back to me. I closed my eyes and continued to stroke my cock while she starred in another one of my x-rated fantasies. My other hand moved over my stomach and chest, teasing myself into thinking it was her who was causing the pleasure currently running through my tingling veins.

"Why were we so stupid, Lo? We could've had this for the past four years, but we threw it all away."

"Youth does stupid things to the mind." I felt the familiar drops of precum onto my fist when I sped up my movements. "So does hormones."

She let out a long sigh followed by the sexiest, breathy moan I've ever heard.

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