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Pleasuring her son’s cock in the dressing room.

She wanted those gentle fingers on her scalp, the hard buzz of the machine dominating her, for as long as possible.

"Close your eyes," her barbarette whispered. Jan felt her head tilted back, and the clippers move slowly, agonisingly slowly, back over the top of her head. The flash of a press camera lit up the inside of her eyelids and she realised that she'd see herself, possibly this very evening, being shorn in the local press. It was a conscious effort to calm her breathing and stop tensing her thighs. Her heart was still pounding when the clippers stopped.

She was going to ask what was wrong, but the cape was being whipped off her, and a soft brush was brushing bristles from skin that hadn't seen daylight since she was a baby. The crowd was cheering. And Brian had got there. And had found his way to the front. And was now standing, looking at her, wide eyed.

She risked reaching up. She was scalped, utterly. Whatever her barbarette had used it had taken pretty damned near everything off. Her head felt no more like it had hair than Brian's face did after a day at work. She ran her hands over it, it felt like a fine sandpaper, no more.

Someone handed her a mirror. She'd been right; her eyes were huge. And tell the truth she liked it; her head looked to be a good shape, her ears looked very pretty although they looked a bit bare now. She looked, she thought, damned good shaved bald.

Brian came up to her. "Wow," he said, "just plain... can I touch it?"

"Of course." Jan felt a pleasure; this was the most attention she'd had from him in a long while. His fingers drifted over her scalp, she resisted the urge to purr. He seemed.... embarassed. She had to know. Under the pretence of cuddling into him she reached down and cupped his cock in her hand. He was as hard as a rock.

"Why Brian," she teased, "here?"

He gasped and pulled her hand away. "I wish I could," he said, "it's just you just look so..."

They had to turn their attention back to the room. It was Marjorie's turn to be shaved. Marjorie whose determination had brought them all here. Who had raised the money for her granddaughter's maybe cure. Jan got to see what "with guard" meant; Marjorie's thick grey mane was being clippered down to a skull cap. It brought out her strong jawline, made her look like a badass, but anyone who knew Marjorie knew that anyway. Ok it wasn't a shave, but it looked damned good on her, and Jan found herself wondering if she'd keep it.

Brian's hands kept roaming over Jan's head, and she risked stroking his cock under cover of the crowd.

"I can't get over how different you look," he murmured.

"You like?"

"It's taken years off you." Jan took that as a yes.

With Marjorie done the event was over. There'd be a bit of a party but Marjorie would be giving interviews and looking after dignitaries. Jan ran over and hugged her. "We're getting out of your way," she said, "thank you that was an amazing experience."

Marjorie kissed her cheek. "You went all the way!" She ran her hands over Jan's bare scalp. "I have to say it looks bloody good on you."

"So does yours, we should have done it years ago."

On the way out Brian took her hand, something he hadn't done in a long time. She felt giddy, liberated for some reason. As they made their way to the carpark she dragged him into an darkened office.

"Is everything alright? Are you-"

She closed the door, pushed him against the desk and knelt at his feet. Now. It had to be now. If this was going to be a new her she had to surrender to it now. She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants.

"Jan," he sounded alarmed, "people are just-"

"Shhh." She pulled his pants down around his ankles. From outside the sound of people making their way home could be heard. Time and worry had taken the edge off Brian's hard-on but she took him in her mouth and sucked. It had been a while, but she fancied she'd been good at this. Brian seemed to think so. His cock hardened and his hands caressed her shaved head. He thrust gently into her mouth.

"Jesus Jan...."

She tongued the edge of his

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