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"Hi, this is Amanda..." she hesitated, as if unsure of what to say next. "I... I've never done this before" she stammered. "But I was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime?"

"Get together??" I asked.

"Yeah, for coffee or something."

"Sure," I said, realizing I had probably just passed the point of no return.

We arranged to meet at a local coffee shop that very evening. We said goodbye and I checked the clock. It was 3pm, I had five hours to prepare myself. I had no idea if she intended anything to happen that night, but I figured it was best to be ready. I jumped into the shower and shaved my legs, trimming more than usual along my bikini line. I wanted to look real good. I selected my outfit... Tight black jeans, no panties, I've never really felt a need to wear panties, A lacy black bra and a black velvet top. I finished off the ensemble with Black lace up boots and dark glasses. I checked myself in the mirror, I looked pretty good, I just hoped she liked black.

At 8pm I strutted into the coffee shop. Amanda was already there, I joined her at her table, and then went to grab a coffee. The evening got off to a flying start, we chatted, small talk at first, then we discovered we both had a liking for vampires. Eventually the talk turned personal. I found out that she'd never been with a woman either, but was also bi-curious. As the conversation hotted up I felt the sexual tension between us increasing. As the coffee shop closed I invited her back to my place for... what else... Coffee. It was a really silly suggestion and she picked up on my mistake immediately. It was obvious neither of us had any intention of drinking more coffee that evening.

As we arrived at my house I set the mood with soft lighting and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge, pulling off my boots to ease my aching feet. We settled down on the sofa and soon the conversation turned to my video collection. I mentioned that I owned some porn and we threw one in the video player. As the movie started her hand rested lightly on my thigh and we shifted closer together. We drained our wine and turned our attention to the TV.

To fit with the mood of the evening I'd put a lesbian video on. There were three women fondling, sucking and licking each others chest. Hands wandering everywhere. I glanced at Amanda and felt the ache that had arisen in my loins increasing. I could see her nipples standing to attention beneath her flimsy black shirt. She looks up and catches me watching her. The movie is forgotten as we slowly move together for a passionate and lingering kiss.

For a few minutes our tongues entwine, then we part and look at each other. Having a silent conversation with our eyes, as we agree to proceed. Her hand begins to rub my crotch as I unbutton her shirt, revealing a red lace bra. I remove her shirt and my hands travel sensually over her body, finally coming to rest on her pert bosom as we kiss passionately again. I feel for her nipples through the fabric as I began to kiss her ear and nibble gently on her neck. She removes my shirt, momentarily removing my hands from her breasts so I lower my head and suckle on her nipples, gently ant first, then harder, as she lets out small gasps of pleasure. Her hands found my erect nipples and returned the favour.

We spent hours on the couch, exploring each others bodies with our hands and mouths, but both hesitant to move further.

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