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She finds new ways to satisfy her desperate needs.

Ralph had been silently watching her and I had just become aware of it when she started to walk towards us. I don't think she saw us through the reflective glass, but Ralph saw me watching him watching her and said, 'Rob, there's a naked girl by your pool and she's coming in the house!'

At that moment Tracy reached for the door and slid it open. Ralph stepped back to Tracy's surprise, but then she saw me and relaxed.

'Ralph,' I said, 'this is Tracy. Her mother and I are about to get married. Tracy this is my friend Ralph.'

Tracy, not feeling any discomfort with her nudity, stuck out her hand for Ralph to shake. Ralph, visibly shaken by the sexy young teenager standing naked and dripping wet before him, took her hand and shook it and mumbled something totally unintelligible. Tracy smiled her sexy grin and turned to walk into the kitchen.

I watched as Ralph's eyes followed her naked butt over to the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over to look inside. She found what she was looking for and it must have been way in back because she reached inside and seemed to take forever to finally retrieve the can of juice. Ralph was watching intently the whole time. Her hairless young pussy was clearly visible between her legs. The lips puffed out practically begging for attention. When she stood up and turned around, he pretended to look away. Tracy walked back towards us and flashed me a grin that told me she was enjoying showing off for us. Her little nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them before. Perhaps from the cool water and the cooler air inside, or maybe from the shear excitement she was feeling, but she was one hot young babe and she knew she had us both entranced.

'Nice to meet you Ralph.' She said as she stepped back through the door and out to the patio. We watched her as she strolled back to the chaise lounge and laid back down in the sun.

Ralph turned to me with his jaw hanging open. 'Does she always walk around like that?' he asked incredulously.

I smiled and admitted, ''fraid so my friend.'

'My God Rob! How do you keep from walking around with a perpetual hard on?'

I laughed and motioned for him to come sit down. He took a seat where he could still keep an eye on the patio. I told him that we all felt comfortable with our bodies and had no shame at being naked in front of each other. The logic of my reply helped him to understand and downplayed the whole scene. But I still knew that seeing Tracy undressed for the first time was a very thrilling moment. And I felt the envy that Ralph had for me at that moment.

We allowed our conversation to get back to golf, and matters at the club, and the rest of his visit became pretty normal. We finished up our business and when it was time for him to go, Ralph got up and made a point of taking his glass into the kitchen to put it in the sink. This of course gave him one more chance to look out at Tracy who was now dried off and glistening in the sun.

He looked over at me and knew I had caught him leering again. 'You be sure and keep your hands off of her now, Rob.' He said jokingly. Little did he know that even that wasn't an issue around my house. But I certainly wasn't going to go there!

We said our goodbyes and he left.

I went to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes. I stepped outside and walked over to the pool and dove in. When I got up and out of the water Tracy had sat up and was waiting for me to come and sit down with her. She slid over to one side of the oversized chaise and I laid down next to her.

'I guess your friend left?' she said with a sly smile.

I laughed and told her 'I think he went home to jack off to visions of you!'

Tracy giggled. 'Sorry Rob. I didn't know that you guys were in there... honest!'

'I know you didn't.' I assured her, 'But I think you enjoyed putting on your little show anyway. Right?'

Tracy grinned and reached for my hand.

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