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Another Couple falls victim to having an Open Mind.

"Tammy. What if you were to get pregnant by Mark?"

"Honey, Don't worry. I started taking birth control pills two weeks ago."

That was a relief . . . Two weeks ago? .....This was planned for sometime! She was planning to have sex with Mark before I ever knew who Mark was!

"Jenny. You come first in my life right now and Mark understands. Mark told me that when he gets married someday, he was to have children . . . Gosh . . . I would like to have children someday."

Tammy was right . . . She mentioned it in the past . . . I couldn't help it . . . Low sperm count . . . Would she want children with Mark?

So much happened this weekend. So many changes would take place in our lives. We snuggled and fell asleep in each others arm's.

Chapter 6

I felt like a kid again when I got up Monday morning. Tammy brewed our coffee and lined up my pills that morning for me to take. I remembered my mother giving me vitamins before I went to school each morning.

I left for my electrolysis treatment soon after Tammy left for work. This was only going to be an hour treatment today and I wouldn't be going back for a week. Thom was waiting for me and we got started right away.

"Well . . . Jenny . . . How did the big weekend go? ....Did the little wife have her hot date with her new fellow?"

I tried to remember if I told him about the date. Must have been Jean again?

"Uh . . . It went as planned. It's not worth talking about."

Thom stopped his work for a second and padded me on the shoulder.

"Oh . . . I'm so sorry Jenny . . . Listen to me . . . I got just the thing to get you out of your misery . . . Let me finish and I'll show you what I'm talking about."

I sat trying to figure out what Thom was talking about. He was humming away while he worked and I just wanted to stuff cotton in my ears.

"OK . . . Jenny . . . We're done for the day . . . Remember that we don't have another appointment until next Monday. We have to allow this to heal, remember how I explained what to do for itching."

I was just about ready to walk out the door when Thom shouted out.

"Jenny . . . I have something I want to show you."

Thom took a bunch of pictures off his desk and walked next to me.

"Jenny. See this blonde guy here on the right next to yours truly?"

I nodded my head.

"His name is Rob . . . My dear Jenny . . . I told Rob all about you this weekend. He is aware that you are going through a lot right now and could use a friend to talk. He told me he would be interested in meeting you sometime."

I nodded my head again. "OK. I'll let you know."

I left Thom's office wondering where he got the idea I wanted to meet his friend. I had Tammy to talk to about everything. We could share everything. I wouldn't need a guy around for any reason.

Tammy called me on my cell phone that afternoon and told me she was able to get an anointment for me with a special doctor. She said it was tomorrow morning and she would go with me. I felt so much better knowing Tammy would accompany me to the doctor's office.

I was nervous, felt like butterflies in my stomach as we drove to see the doctor. She was a woman. Dr. Rice and she examined me. She checked everything a normal doctor would do on a routine exam

She also took my measurements, hip's, waist, and bust size and said she would keep a record and check me in six weeks again. She asked me if I had any signs of depression. She wanted to know about any mood swings I may have over the next few weeks.

When she finished with me, she asked to speak to Tammy alone in her office. I think that made me the most nervous.

I sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes. Tammy walked out and smiled. I asked Tammy what the doctor told her, she said the doctor wanted my wife to keep an eye on my vital signs and watch for any mood swings.

We were driving home and Tammy took an alternate route and pulled into a driveway of a house I had never seen before. I looked over at Tammy who was smiling.

"Honey. Does this have something to do with real estate?"

She was still smiling at me as she got out of the ca

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