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She made a deal with him for one last orgasm for the year.

It usually involves her looking at your flaccid Johnson and asking "do I have to do all the work here" as she smiles. She than grabs it like it's a dead chicken's neck and shakes it hoping that will speed the process.

"Did you get a shower today," she asks as she sticks her tongue out to barely make contact with the head. Usually than she just starts sucking just the head as she grips your shaft with her death grip while she attempts to jerk you off.

"Are you almost there, my mouth is tired," she says after about 2 minutes. It's at that moment that you need to focus all your energy to finish before she quits. Some fun huh?

Well that's how this all started for me, men that is. I distinctly remember lying there one night as my wife and I rushed through her version of the oral Olympics, by the way she got zero points for style but 10 points for speed.

At that moment I thought to myself that I knew that I would be much better at sucking cock than she was and I wanted to prove it to myself.

In time I met another man online who had what I wanted. We could meet at his home, he had a very thick 8 inch cock, he wanted it sucked badly, and he had no interest in returning the favor...Perfect!

We met at a local restaurant at first for coffee where we planned to meet at his house the next morning after his wife left for work.

When I arrived he was shaved and showered when he met me at the door in his bathrobe, perfect! He was also handsome and very well kept, and smelled very clean. After some small talk he sat down in a chair in the living room and opened his robe. He took his cock in hand and lifted it up as he very nicely said, "I've been thinking all night about you sucking my cock, I hope that you are ready."

Ready, I couldn't have moved faster to him if I had my PF Flyers on. That was my last fast move though because I wanted to slowly, and lovingly suck his wonderful cock better than any women had ever done before.

I sat down between his knees and I got my first close up look at his cock. He was wonderfully hung with low hanging balls and he didn't shave at all. His stomach was basically flat for his age and his chest was well developed. He pushed forward in the chair to give me easier access to his cock and balls as he stretched his legs out.

First I just smelled his manly smell and loved it as I moved closer to his balls. I pointed his cock head straight at my mouth as I licked his head with a very wet, hot tongue.

"Do you mind if I take my time and just suck the head for a bit I asked". I didn't wait for an answer as I wrapped just my lips over his cock head and ran my tongue over his head and pee opening. The spongy head was great to suck on and I knew that he loved it also as he moaned the entire time. He finally put a hand behind my head and started to drive it deeper into my mouth.

"Drive it all the way down my throat," I told him.

If you have seen someone is such a state of sexual excitement you will know what I mean when I say that his eyes were ablaze.

I opened my mouth wide and looked up at him as he aimed his cock head towards the opening. He put both hands on my head and slowly (thank God)pushed his cock all the way in my mouth until my lips were flush against his pubic bone.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, move your tongue for me honey" he said as he slide all the way in and out.

I slid my tongue under the belly of his cock and he rode in and out. Finally I held his ass and pulled him all the way in and just held him.

I looked up as he looked down to see me with his cock buried to the hilt. He looked very peaceful as he wiggled his hips to move his cock back and fourth over my tongue.

"I'm gonna cum deep in your mouth honey, I'll let you know when" he said.

Looking at my watch I realized that any blow job that my wife would have given to me would have been over 10 minutes ago; I was just starting.

"Lick my balls for me while I jerk off a bit" he said.

As I took one of his balls into my mouth and slowly nursed on it he pulled my face hard into his scrotum with one hand while he stroked with hi

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