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He helped his grandmother out with him as much as he could while going to college full time. Trouble soon followed afterwards when an aunt of his decided to cause major problems within the family. First she caused a rift between Calen's parents and then had the other aunts and uncles feuding over property and money. She wanted what was hers and then some, and didn't care what she did to obtain it. Calen used to adore his aunt Lana. She was another mother of sorts to him. But soon greed plagued her mind and soul and the ugly monster in her came out. Calen's parent's behavior turned for the worse as well. Calen's dad had a daughter a few years before Calen was born. But after abandoning the girl, Calen's dad pretty much forgot about her. This angered his family and when Calen was born, most of them resented him. When Christmas and birthdays came, Calen was often over looked. They never attended his parties nor did they give him any birthday wishes. Calen still loved his family though even if they were ill towards him. Calen's mom as well became different. She resented everyone, including Calen. She belittled him whenever he accomplished something great. Instead of praising him, she would begrudgingly tell him GOOD JOB.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Natalie answered back.

"How the hell are you going to say that you are worthless and weak Calen?"

"You have been there for me ever since Mitchell was killed in that crash."

"Or how about being there with me throughout my pregnancy. Taking me to all those doctor appointments and then being there when I went into labor and giving birth to Miggy?"

Calen shrugged his shoulders.

"You are far from worthless Calen and I thank God every night that you have been there. Because if it wasn't for you who knows where I'd be now!"

Calen took in a deep breath. He knew that his problems were bad, but dropped all that when Mitchell, Natalie's fianc__ and father to Miguel, was killed in a head on collision on his way home from work. It took all of his emotional strength to gather himself up and be there for her. She took the death of Mitchell really hard and it was due to Calen that she was able to move on and stand on her own two feet, not only as a widow but as a mother.

"Natalie, I..."

"Let's go to lunch Calen. Stephanie and Raul are suppose to meet up with us. And when we finish we can finish up our work and talk more at home." Natalie said grabbing her purse and car keys.

Natalie and Calen were two of the most successful real estate agents in the company. They have sold numerous properties and were the most sought after agents. This job wasn't what Calen ever thought about doing, but was convinced by Nat and her father to try it out. After getting his license to sell real estate, Calen worked hard at his job and moved up to assistant manager of Smith's Realty. This job was his pride and joy and hoped within the next few years he will be able to open his own business. This was the only thing, along with Nat and little Miggy, that made him happy and fulfilled.

Both took their seats at their favorite restaurant and waited for Stephanie and her husband Raul to join them. Both Natalie and Calen ate at Calypso's constantly. So much so the waiters knew what their orders were every single time.

"So when did the boss say the new owners of the company were going to come in?" asked Natalie.

"I think in 4 or 5 days." Calen answered.

"How come you didn't accept Lisa's offer to be manager when the new owners come in Calen?"

"I don't feel ready for it now Nat. I wouldn't be able to run that company with a clear mind; not now anyways, but she did say that the new owners will move me up when I feel ready for it. So that's one bright spot I guess."

Smith's Realty was sold to a bigger company.

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