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Up and cumming lawyer is held against her will, but likes it.

There's a shortage of cute guys in Ottawa, unfortunately. I met one named Theodore Saint-Croix at school. He's new to Canada, hailing straight from the island of Haiti. I've got mixed feelings about Haitians. Growing up as a mixed-race chick in a mostly Haitian section of Montreal, I used to get teased by Black girls because of my skin color and exotic looks. I don't typically go for guys from the islands but Theodore was cute. He's taking up Law at Carleton University. Dude thinks he's God's gift to women. He's alright but not that hot. I told him off the last time he put the moves on me.

Enough about my human life. Now I get to be free. Tonight, I am on the prowl for my favorite prey. I am a Lycanthrope and when the full moon rises, I've got to hunt. That's why I make sure that I'm in the woods by nightfall whenever there's a full moon. Tonight I want to eat some venison and since there's plenty of deer in the woods of Kanata, I see no reason why I shouldn't fulfill my need. I shed my human guise and morphed into a perfect replica of a silver-furred wolf with golden eyes and pearly white fangs. Feeling strong and free I ran through the woods, my senses picking up so many sounds, smells and sensations that no human shall ever experience.

For example, I knew that there were five female deer in heat within three miles of me and wherever they roam, the bucks follow. I wanted to bring down a buck, a strong male with large antlers. I don't like to hunt easy prey. I want to take down something that can give me a fight. Having caught my prey's scent, I was on the prowl. My heart thundered in my chest with the anticipation of my next meal. I love deer meat. It's so tasty, once you've tried it you won't want to eat anything else. If you're me. I ran and ran, with the wind in the opposite direction, and neared my unsuspecting prey. With a predator's smile on my face, I crept closer to the deer. I smelled fear from them, but they hadn't heard or smelt me, which was weird. Instantly I knew what was up. Something must have spooked them.

The only thing a predator fears is another predator. The hairs on my neck raised like hackles and I bristled with anger. There was someone else in my favorite hunting grounds. Who could have dared? I don't know who the fool was but he's dead meat! A moment later, something leapt out of the shadows. The thing was all black fur and yellow eyes, and seemed made of night, but I knew instinctively I was facing something very much like myself. The black wolf bared its fangs and growled menacingly. I did the same. We stood less than five meters apart. It came at me, and I leapt in the air, intent on taking it down. The black wolf leapt on me, striking me in mid-air and I fell on my flank. Before I could blink it was on me, holding me down, its fangs inches from my throat.

I looked at the black wolf, and sensed that this was no ordinary wolf. Without warning it nipped my neck with its fangs, drawing blood. In panic, I cried out and transformed back into a human. All of a sudden, the magnificent she-wolf I had been was gone, and I was a shivering human female. The black wolf looked me up and down, and then in a flash it vanished...replaced by a man. A tall, broad-shouldered and dark-skinned man. In the moonlight I could see his features clearly. I gasped when I saw who it was. Hello Christine, Theodore said with a smile. I leapt to my feet, though naked I was far from defenseless. What are you doing here? I asked him through gritted teeth. We're two of a kind, Theodore said.

I stood inches from him, naked as the day I was born.

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