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Her whole body was on fire in a way that she never imagined and the carnal heat was merciless in its honesty and validity. She was spread open, vulnerable, with no parts remaining unseen or undiscovered. She imagined Ken hovering over her, threatening to taunt, taste, kiss, caress, bite or fuck her anyway he wanted. In her lust fogged mind she was his possession, his captive and she was his willing prisoner, waiting to be ravished.

The tension and anticipation was excruciatingly intoxicating, with her mind being consumed by the fiery expectation. Elsa's body arched backwards over the altar emulating the stressed bow she had become. Her arms stretched over her head and slipped through the manacles at the top of the altar. As if by magic the manacles tightened on her wrists and ankles locking her in the perfect position.

Her body was locked in an erotic arch with the phallus was pressed perfectly against her G-Spot as it began to vibrate. Elsa's eyes popped wide and her mouth hung open as the erotic power inside her was catapulted to a whole new level. She twisted and squirmed as the energy inside her grew to incomprehensible levels. Her arms and legs strained against her bonds as she fought to keep her sanity in face of the unrelenting lustful onslaught.

There was another part of her mind that glorified her sexual bondage. She had always wanted to be taken and forced into carnal bliss. Now it was happening. She was the altars prisoner as it worked its sexual magic on her body. The helpless feeling only intensified the wanton heat rushing through her loins. She was powerless before the altars lewd and lustful control. She craved and needed more. Her body responded in ways she never imagined. The heat in her womb pushed away all doubts. She eagerly gave into her animal needs and desires.

Her hips had a mind of their own as they began small thrusts pushing her lover's cock deeper into her love starved cunt. She couldn't move, she couldn't breathe and her mind was lost in the sensual overload. Fear and panic set in as the unrelenting wanton power continued to build. She knew if it continued she would explode and then suddenly the powerful lustful arrow was released. All the tension, pleasurable anticipation and expectations were all released in one singular moment.

Elsa felt her mind burst in thousands of colorful fireworks at the same time her body cramped in rigid exultation. She finally understood why an orgasm was called a little death. Her mind seemed to leave her body and all rational thought abandoned her. The extraordinary, unparalleled pleasure took over her mind and body leaving her floating in a lustful fog. She screamed her frenzied elation until she was left euphorically breathless.

Elsa's passionate scream was the signal for the group of locals to enter the pyramid. They began filing into the pyramid and then into the sacrificial chamber. They all took notice of the spectacular naked beauty in the throes of ecstasy strapped to the altar. They all took their respective place and began chanting to the emerging Moon Goddess.

Elsa's heart beat wildly in her chest frantically pumping blood to all her euphorically stressed body. Her skin flushed red as the heat from her orgasm rippled through her body, but everything centered in the furnace between her legs. Cramping knots in her belly and womb forced her womanly nectar to drench the phallus inside her. Her passionate contractions forced her sexual honey out of her body with it collecting in the altar's channels below. The altar, it seemed, fed off of her womanly juices and the vibrations inside her only got stronger.

Elsa had never felt anything like the fiery tsunami that took control of her body.

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