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A slow seduction occurs with a young and horny college student.

Looking around the neighborhood, she saw some people looking at her from a deck. She waved to them.

They waved back saying, "We like your outfit."

She yelled back, "Its my birthday suit, got it a long time ago, for my birthday. It has a few wrinkles but husband likes this outfit also."

They all laughed. Just then the door opened, it was Arthur.

"Hi Arthur, nice to see you." Said Bev and she reached up an gave him a kiss on the cheek. She followed him to the living room, where she met Mrs. Fox.

"Please sit down while I go get Mr. Rolls." Said Mrs. Fox.

Bev took a seat that looked out over a valley. Boy this is a beautiful place here she thought to herself. Just then James came through the door.

"Hello, lovely lady." he said. He went to her and gave her a kiss on her lips.

"You have been a good girl, Bev. I want to do whatever you like today, for you" James said.

"How about a full body rub, while you're nude, as I have never have seen you naked, but you have explored all of me." Bev said.

"OK", said James and he called for body rub lotion and a table. Arthur brought in the table and Mrs. Fox brought in the lotions.

After they left, Mr. Rolls took off his clothes and had Bev get on the table, on her stomach. He started at her neck, working his way down her back to her buttocks. She was enjoying this immensely. He started at her toes and worked his way up each leg until he ended at the lips of her vagina. She spread her legs so he could comfortably rest his hand at her opening. He had her open her legs further, so he could begin to massage her vagina and rectum. She was really enjoying this. He was taking any stress she had out of her. She was in heaven. He had her roll over on her back. Starting at her feet he massaged each toe on each foot. Working his way up to her vaginal lips again. Doing each leg the same. He then started at her neck and worked down her stomach to just about her belly button. Missing her breasts, she was moaning by now. Bev told James she had to cum. He massaged her bringing her almost to orgasm and stopping. Bev was screaming for release now. She did not get it for another five minutes. The orgasm was so powerful she past out.

She awoke to the ministrations of Mrs. Fox. She was wiping her down. Mrs. Fox asked Bev to spread her legs, she did. Mrs. Fox wiped her vagina for her. She gave her a towel to dry herself. Bev looked over and saw James sitting on his recliner watching Mrs. Fox taking care of her. When Mrs. Fox was done she left the room.

Bev went to James; she got on her knees, between his legs and gave him a blowjob. Within minutes he was Cumming in her mouth and she swallowed the whole load without loosing a drop. James was proud of her and told her so. He had her sit across from him in a chair with her legs spread. He called for, some wine. Arthur brought it in; Beverly just stayed in the position and was talking to Arthur as he was pouring her wine. She could tell he was looking directly at her vagina. She was beginning to like the attention.

After they finished their wine. James said he had work to do. He called to Arthur. Arthur came in. he told him to get the taxi for Bev. Before leaving she gave James a kiss on the mouth, then followed Arthur out to the area, by the rear door.

"You will have to go to the gate to get the taxi. Do you want me to go out there with you?" said Arthur.

"Yes, I would like the company." said Bev.

Mrs. Fox asked Bev if she would like her company also.

Bev said, "sure."

The three of them waited for the taxi at the gate. Many cars went by, while they were waiting. Beverly did not even care that she was naked and the people could see her. She was becoming very comfortable being naked in front of people.

The taxi came and picked her up.

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