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He gave her a hard time, so she gave his butt a hard time.

have to see you-"

She shushed him immediately.

"Just enjoy," she whispered into his ear. "Just enjoy."

Then she reached one hand down, sliding it between her body and his in order to snake it between his spread legs and enclose his dangling balls in the warmth of her palm, closing her fingers gently around those two precious orbs.

"Ahhhhh," was all he could manage, and the sexy rumble in his chest created a vibration Taryn felt in her breasts as they pressed against him.

"See?" she whispered. "I told you it was going to feel good."

"God, I need to kiss you right now," he said urgently.

"Not now, Darrian," she replied, knowing she had other things to do to him while he was in this position. "I'm dying for that, too, but I want to play a little bit first."

"Have you been studying how to be sexy or something?" he asked, now slightly panting with the desire Taryn was building in him as she toyed with his balls.

She laughed softly in his ear.

"Graduate studies in making a guy hot," she said as she reached farther between his legs, rising from his back to allow her hand to release his balls and move up to the shaft of his hard cock. "You wouldn't believe the courses I took," she said playfully as she closed her fist around his erection. "There was an entire semester devoted to hand jobs."

Sliding her fist up his shaft, Taryn was rewarded with the wet stickiness she found leaking from the head of his cock. She had to bend lower to gain that access, bringing her face to his lower back, kissing him there.

"Would you like to find out if I learned anything when I took Advanced Hand Jobs 5241 as part of my grad studies, Darrian?" she asked slyly, enjoying the tease of telling her naked date about a make-believe curriculum in arousing men.

"Yes!" he hissed, pressing his hips forward to thrust his cock through her fist, his pre-cum smearing along the length of it as Taryn created just the right amount of friction with just the right amount of grip around his beautiful hardness.

"Too bad you'll have to wait," she teased, releasing her grip and rising to again lean over him, putting her lips close to one of his ears. "In the meantime, I'm sure you taste really good, baby," she said softly, stepping to his side so he could turn his head and watch as she licked his wetness from her palm.

"God damn!" Darrian said, straightening. "You're driving me completely-"

"Back down," she said, interrupting him in mock severity, and she swatted him smartly on one of his luscious asscheeks.

_God! That felt good_! Taryn thought, the satisfying pop to Darrian's ass feeding another part of her man-fucking fantasies.

Surprised, he lingered upright for a moment.

_Come on, baby, come on . . . back down into position for me_, Taryn thought, desperately hoping she had not pushed him too far.

She shivered in sexual excitement when Darrian eased himself back down into position.

Pop! "That's better," she said, swatting him on the other cheek just to even things out. (And because her first smack had been such sexy fun!) "It'll be so-o-o-o worth it to wait just a few more minutes," she cooed, stepping around back behind him and again draping herself over his back in order to press her abdomen against his sexy ass. "I didn't want to have to smack your little butt like that," she lied, knowing what was coming next was going to make her crazy with lust.

Taryn slid down his back, her hands running down his rib cage. She savored the feel of his skin under her fingertips. She drank in the scent of him. She teased her nipples with the friction of their track along his back, reaching his ass before she stopped, lingering.

Then she dropped to her knees behind him.

"Maybe I should kiss it and make it better."

Darrian groaned loudly, dropping his forehead to the countertop.

"Shit, woman! You're the sexiest lady I've ever-"

The sensation of Taryn's lips sealing against the cheek she had just swatted interrupted Darrian's compliment as he gasped at the sensation of her lips and tongue pressed against his naked asscheek.

"Mmmmm," Taryn said, her

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