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A new power mysteriously emerges.

I wondered if I should say anything but chicken out until we got home. I helped her in and had to help her undress she was not totally out of it but very unsteady. I was so turned on when I saw her knickers with a large wet patch I couldn't resist a quick fell of them and her pussy before I took them off. Linda let out a small moan and I asked if she was horny, she looked at me and nodded. I asked her what had got her so horny she blushed and looked down, I said it's alright I won't be mad, but she still didn't respond.

My mind was racing now, had Brian caused this? I had to know but was scared to find out, but I was so turned on and hard by my thoughts my horny self to over. I asked her if she had been turned on by Brian, immediately saying it was OK if another man turned her on it was only natural. She still didn't look up but said sort of, I told her it was ok, in fact it was rather exciting. She looked at me then rather puzzled, but I told her she should not be guilty about being excited by other men, that I loved her and said she should not be embarrassed by how she got excited but to enjoy it. She blushed and asked what I meant. I told her I enjoyed watching her flirt and that she should do it if she wanted to. She asked what if it went further I said that was up to her but I wanted her to enjoy herself, boy I couldn't believe I had just said that. She looked at me and we hugged and drifted off to sleep. Little did I know how I would feel 24hours later.

The next day at work when the same guys invited me and my wife out to dinner with two of her work mates, we had a great meal and Brian was very attentive to Linda, she seemed happy to be in his company. I spent time chatting to the others including Linda's work mates. When the meal had finished we moved out of the restaurant and to the residents lounge, although Brian lead Linda by the hand up the next set of stairs too! I stood not knowing what to do, but Vicky drew me to oneside and asked if I was OK, I said I think so, she said let her have fun , winked and me and came and sat next to me. I was very confused horny at what she might be doing, jealous and embarrassed that work colleagues would know why she was with Brian. Vicky kept my mind off it to a degree by getting so close I could feel her suspender clips and silky skirt. Linda's other mate then came to me and Vicky saying she had a problem, she had just phoned her boyfriend who had said he was on his way to her house and was cross she was out. She asked could I run her home as I hadn't been drinking. I was happy to do so, mainly to get out of the hotel for a bit.

I took Ann out to the car, and we drove to her house, she asked If I would like to come in for a coffee before i went back, I am sure she was keeping me out of the way while Linda was with Brian. I did not want to get back and yet I did, but Ann was nice and I thought why not. Her boyfriend turned up soon after we got there. We both chatted and sat in the two arm chairs as Ann got our coffee. When she came in with hers she sat on the floor next to her Boyfriends chair facing me. When she sat down I couldn't help notice her knickers, she looked at me and I knew she was teasing me by flashing them. She looked at me and winked but her boyfriend could not see what she was doing, I hoped he could not see the hard on developing in my trousers. I couldn't stand much more, Ann teasing me and thinking what Linda was up to. So I thanked Ann for my coffee and left.

I drove back to the hotel wondering what might be happening, where Linda might be. I walked in the residents lounge and found no one there, I checked with the bar man and the told me my friends had gone to room 217 and I was to go up. I walked up feeling rather sick but excited, wondering if they are all in one room. I got outside and could hear laughing and moaning, I knocked and waited.

The door eventually opened and I was invited in by one of the guys with a smirk on his face, I walked in scared of what I might find but

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