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An off-limits seduction.

They went inside together and ordered their drinks before sitting down in a quiet corner away from the other patrons.

After some small talk Linda asked, "Paula it is nice to see you and I do enjoy your company, but I am a little confused as to why you wanted to meet this morning. Is something the matter?"

Paula didn't respond for a minute and Linda could see she was trying to build up to saying something important, "Linda, the other day we had a meeting at the office, well in the unit above the office to be exact, and John explained in detail what his health problems were. I must say it might sound like a man's dreams come true, but the awful results are too terrible to think about. Can I ask how the two of you are really coping with it? It cannot be easy for you being pregnant and having to get help for John."

Linda thought about her response for a moment as this was not exactly what she had expected. She had thought Paula would ask to help John as well, so her just seeking how they felt was unsettling. So she decided to describe things exactly like they are but with more icing than normal.

"I am going fine with the pregnancy, although it is early days yet so I have to be very careful. As far as needing others to help with John, I am perfectly okay with it. I have sought the help for him and pulled him along kicking and screaming to start with. He was like a toddler being forced to eat brussel sprouts. Fortunately necessity has made it all much easier and he accepts that I cannot be his total one and only. John has learnt to roll with the punches that his health has thrown at him, even to the point where he is enjoying himself when not feeling guilty. He considered what he was doing as cheating on me, even though I have been there with him most of the time. Although that is getting less as I cannot always be there with him 24 hours a day. He is cute when he next sees me and gets the guilts again."

Paula asked another question, "But surely this is putting a strain on your marriage and relationship?"

At this Linda decided that she might have misunderstood what Paula was like and she could be leading towards unwarranted judgements being given, "Paula I am not sure where you are going with this, but if you are going to tell me how you disapprove of what is happening and condemn us for whatever reason, I think we should stop now. We did not ask or seek this in our lives and are trying to make the best of a shitty situation. It is nobody's business what consenting adults do in private. I realise John told you all at work about his problems but he did this so you would understand, not so judgements could be given."

Linda began to stand as Paula's face went as white as a ghost. She reached a hand out to restrain Linda from leaving, "I'm sorry Linda, that is not what I was meaning. Bugger! I'm really really sorry, please sit down again so I can explain. Please Linda."

Linda did sit but held her bag on her lap ready to leave again as Paula continued, "That all came out wrong. I was really concerned that you would be feeling troubled at John having sex with other women and I didn't want to do anything to make it worse. I could not fathom how you could be so trusting and loving with him sleeping around. Damn now that is coming out all wrong. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked to speak with you about this as all I am doing is hashing it up."
Linda looked at the younger woman and decided to take the bull by the horns and proceed as though her assumptions were originally correct, "Paula I love John absolutely and trust him beyond any doubts. I know he would never ever cheat on me, just as he knows I would never do that to him. We have a fantastic relationship and neither of us would destroy that for any fleeting passion. I will lay all my cards on the table here and tell you exactly how we are getting this to work. I just hope I was originally correct about you and why you asked to meet me.

"Except where necessity dictated otherwise, John has only been with women we have known for

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