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We meet a sexy co-worker at a Habitat build.

e you a chance of dating me?"

"Not quite. She said you lunched here Tuesdays and it would be a good opportunity to meet you. I can't recall it going beyond that."

"And so how did the subject of me come up?"

"You might not like this."

"Be a gentleman and allow me to be the judge of that Rusty."

"Well Rosie's mom told her since the publication of that article all sorts of women have been chasing after me to join me in bed. Her mom reckoned they'd need to be more than good at sex to please me. Further, the woman of my choice would have to muck in and be prepared to manage when I was away and enjoy chatting to me without taking over and like going to football matches and sleeping when I sleep."

Eloise said, "I'm surprised you didn't specific big breasts and a small butt."

"Um I thought that but didn't say it."

"Oooh an honest man. Go on."

Rosie cocked her head in thought and then said I appeared to want an angel and the only person that would come close to my specifications would be Eloise Dubois but I wouldn't like her because she thinks like a Frenchwomen although you had lived in England since coming here when you were sixteen. She said if I came here at lunchtime on Tuesday I might meet you here, and here I am."

Eloise said, "Well all I can say this is incredibly interesting, being discussed like a piece of meat by a waitress and a randy farmer in his late forties."

"You misunderstand," Russell countered. "I was asked to specify the type of woman who might interest me and gave it and Rosie thought about that and said you were the nearest woman she could think of who came near to fitting that specification."

"And my breasts, do that fit your specification?"

Too late. Russell stared at them without thinking and when he looked up Eloise was glaring at him icily.

He groped to appease. "No they are too perfect."

"What?" she said and looked astonished, as if he were some breast size and shape guru.

Feeling he was out of his depth and no longer accepted, Russell said, "I shall move to another table."

"Don't you dare. This is one of the few conversations I've ever had with an adult male that actually intrigues me. You did discuss me like a piece of meat, own up or I'll know you are a liar."

"I did not regard you, sight unseen, as a piece of meat and be very careful about calling me a liar."

"Or what?"

Not in the mood to back down he said, "Or I might thump you."

"Omigod, a weather-beaten middle-aged farmer who thinks like a Knight of old."

"Laugh away, I won't become distressed."

"I would not laugh contemptuously over that. I find it immensely cute. God in this age of men becoming pussy-footed here is you, a guy who would consider hitting me."

"Are those good grounds for accepting an invitation to date me?"

"I'll consider that," she said, as Russell topped up her water glass.

"Thanks," she said and smiled. "Are you still reasonably sexually active?"

He said with a sigh, "Of course but I can no longer go all night."

She giggled and said thank god for that and that made Russell think he'd heard that before. Had modern women lost the ability to go the full distance?

They talked on, both aware that young Rosie was keeping close watch on them.

Finally Russell said he must go. He had a load of calves outside in a trailer.

"A British breed no doubt, Angus?"

"Charolais actually."

Eloise smiled and said he really was an interesting guy.

"Why?" he said. "Because I cart around Belgian livestock?"

Being French of course she knew the origin of Charolais cattle. "And because you are a tease."

He waited till Rosie had disappeared into the kitchen and stood and said he must go.

"Leave your card with me please."

He handed one over and left wishing he could kiss her but a young woman like that might vomit at being publicly humiliated.


"Well?" said Rosie, hands on hips.

Eloise smiled and said quite a surprise package really.

"Then you might see him again?"

"I might. Thanks for the introduction love."

Eloise drove home in her Toyota Hilux pickup, aware it needing replacing.

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