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A college boy gets a chance with his former teacher.

By the way, I'm Ruthie."

Theo handed Ruthie his boxers and slid into the booth. As he did the other three girls got up to leave. "Don't forget, Gail, you're on the hot seat next week," Ruthie challenged, "We're three for three and you don't want to screw up and have to eat pussy all night!"

Theo could not believe his ears. "How long has this been going on?" He asked.

"Just the last three weekends," Ruthie explained, "let me have a feel." She didn't wait for him to respond. She reached over and squeezed him firmly. "You feel nice, open your zipper."

Theo looked around the bar and saw that no one was paying any attention to them. He slid his zipper down and Ruthie reached in and rubbed his tortured penis.

She continued rubbing and put her head on his shoulder. "Let me see it." She whispered.

He was hot and cold all at the same time. She was tearing down all his inhibitions. He wanted to please her. He unbuttoned his trousers and she freed his engorged cock. She kissed her fingers and caressed his aching cock; she felt the precum and brought her fingers to her lips. "I want more, let's go to my place."

Theo didn't argue.

As they left the bar she took his hand and said, "My place is just down the block."

They walked wordlessly, down the block, up the steps to her front door. A light was on; she reached inside and turned it off. She took off her blouse and skirt, shoes and socks, and told Theo to strip. He hesitated. She took his hand and placed it on her boxer clad mound, leaned into him and seemed to rub her tits on his chest. "Strip for me." She whispered in his ear. She was driving him nuts with desire, he could not resist and against his better judgment he began to remove his clothes. Ruthie smiled as he stripped. She had only removed her skirt and blouse but he was willing to get naked for her and he didn't even know her last name! In seconds he was standing naked on her porch. She made a small bundle of their cloths, took his cock in her hand and led him into the darkened house.

Theo couldn't see a thing but with Ruthie leading the way, squeezing his cock he didn't need to see. He felt like he might cum before they could get it on. She stopped, turned and pulled him to her. She kneaded his ass cheeks and ground her belly against his cock trapped between them. She put her arms around his neck and whispered, "Stay here while I get the lights."

She left him standing naked, cock pointing across the room. His eyes slowly adjusted and he heard breathing, soft steady shallow breathing. Ruthie slowly raised the light level in the room and Theo found himself standing in a room full of women. He was too stunned to move but not too stunned to be embarrassed. His cock wilted.

Ruthie returned and wrapped her arms around his neck. Once again she whispered, "If you keep playing my game every woman here will kiss your cock." She took Theo by the hand and led him around the room. "Ladies, I give you our guest of honor." On the second circuit she led him to three older women seated on a couch.

"Ladies, as founding members you have the honor of inspecting our guest first." As Ruthie spoke she gestured as if to usher Theo forward and as if he had been trained he moved closer placed his hands behind his back and let the ladies handle his package. Ruthie smiled; this one will do anything I say she thought.

For the next hour Theo entertained the ladies, some like the founders were in their sixties, others were in their middle years like his mother, still more were in their twenties or thirties and a few, like Ruthie were just eighteen or nineteen.

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