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Masked and Mysterious.

As she slid the coat on she gasped at how cool the inside lining was and realized that it was the first time silk had touched her naked skin. Its sheen and coolness made Sara's nipples stand on edge as if they were bullets.

Feeling a slut in secret Sara was taking one final look at herself when the doorbell rang and she knew the car was here. Opening the door she saw the same brunette who had brought her home that final day with Selene and closed the door, wordlessly following her to the car. As she was driven out if the city the window on the Limousine was pushed down and the brunette spoke. 'When we get you to the estate I am to lead you to the Training Room and prepare you for your weekend.'

Sara knew it was useless to ask the driver who Mistress L was and that in good time things would be made apparent to her, and as with all slaves, she did as she was told. 45 minutes later Sara was standing in the middle of a large warm room in just her skirt, heels and restraints. The collar had been placed on the table and a light was shining over her and the rest of the room was so dark her eyes could not focus on it. The first hint she had was not alone was when she felt a cool hand wrap itself around her wrist and pull it over her head and attach it to the chain that was hanging from the ceiling. Sara's mind screamed at her trust of someone she had not even met yet her body was betraying her. She could feel the wetness oozing out of her down her leg and her nipples were like bullets waiting to damage the first passerby.

'So slut, have you figured out who Mistress L is yet' said the soft whispered voice as her wrists were finally restrained. Sara gasped and said 'Leanne!' as she recognized the voice in her ear. Laughing Leanne stepped in front of her so she could be seen. 'Very good slut, the coven was right to chose someone so smart as you to join us' Sara looked at Leanne and saw her for the first time and realized she had a great hunters body. Leanne was the same size as Sara, but her dark skin and toned frame spoke of a deadly focused woman. Looking at her dressed in only a silk robe she could see that Leanne's nipples were pierced and was as erect as Sara's. 'Now slut, when we are finished here I will break you in as my toy and your next phase of your training for the coven will begin. By admitting you to our ranks we own you for the rest of your lives. Selene trained your mouth and is a nice Mistress; it is why we let her go first. However, I am a total fucking bitch who enjoys breaking sluts and I will break you.'

As she said this Leanne stepped forward and slid her hand under Sara's skirt and roughly rubbed her pussy to make her point. Sara moaned and tried to pull away. 'The coven is power slut, and we own this city. Do you remember the controversial power bill that was passed two weeks ago slut?' Sara nodded mutely feeling the savage attack on her pussy, 'the bill should have failed, what with the millions the oil lobby threw at their campaign. However it passed, and the reason is because our friends the environmentalists traded us some power and concessions in their ranks to make sure we got it through' As Leanne lectured her Sara felt her body building to her first orgasm and tried to control it. The pain this woman was coursing through her body with those fingers inside her was both exhilarating and nothing like she had faced before' The governor is not the power in this city, his wife is.' As she spoke Leanne wrapped one hand in Sara's hair and forced her to look at gynaecologist's chair in the corner, 'three years ago slut, it would have been the governors wife training you, but she is busy now and I am the top bitch. Weeks before the bill was due I had the governor on that chair... it took me 20 minutes to break him. His wife owns him and we all know it - its why he dances to our tune.'

Yes Sara, the coven is an old institution and one we have kept very quiet for hundreds of

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