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Taryn discovers a new fantasy about naked men.

She tells me we can't do it here. I pay no mind and continue to tear away at the shirt until no buttons are left and the kiss continues.

She pushes away again. Car sex is overrated anyways. Another idea pops into my head. I glance at my watch. It's already midnight and the building we just left only has a few lights on. I pull away.

"I've got a better idea then."

Attempting to hold her shirt together, we get out of the car and steal away towards the building while the soft beep of the car locking is heard behind us. Approaching the now dimly lit doorway I gently press on the handle. Click. It's been left unlocked. I hear her giggle softly as she realizes just where I want her. We scurry up the small stairs and into the acting room and flick on one of the stage lights. I turn around pull her in close and press her against the door. I slide up her back with one hand to unlock her white lace bra whilst the other fumbles to lock the door.

We can't let go of each other as we slowly drag ourselves to the small circular stage in the middle leaving a trail of our clothes only taking our lips away to take off each other's pants.

She pushes me back onto the stage with my feet dangling off the edge. She slowly and seductively crawls on top of me and leans down to kiss me some more. Straddling me now I can feel the heat of her pressing down on the tent in my boxers. Grinding hard on me, our breathing gets faster and faster and I can't take it anymore but her hands are holding me down by the wrists. She pulls her face away and looks down at me, then down at my hardness and looks back straight into my eyes and gives me the most devilish grin I ever saw. Natalie is now breathing heavily into my ear, kissing my neck and my chest slowly moving down. Her hands let go of my wrists and down my body putting all my senses on edge. My boxers come off and my mind is blown as the warmth of her mouth takes me in. My back is arching with the ecstasy of it. Her head is now slowly going up an down, her lips taking in the whole length of my hard dick. Her tongue flicking around the head between each movement and I shudder with excitement every time I feel the head touch the back of her throat. She giggles and moans at the same time knowing that I am completely under her control. Under her spell. My toes curl as Natalie starts to suck harder and faster, loving every second of it. I have to stop myself before I lose control even though all I want is to lose it. My hands are pushing her head down harder as she puts one hand around the base and the other starts fondling my balls. I feel like I could die a happy man right now, but no way am I going to leave this angel unsatisfied. I pull my cock out of her and grab her body and flip her into the same position I was just in.

I start at her neck and tease my way down stopping to give each nipple a gentle suck with the smallest of nibbles to heighten her sensitivity. My tongue leaves a trail down her stomach and as I move down I feel the heat of her arousal greeting me. I gently run my tongue over her lips as they smile at me so welcomingly. But I don't think she's ready yet. I tease her with my tongue finding where her clit is, gently going over it. I hear a gasp escape her lips as she raises her legs up with her knees now in the air and her legs starting to squeeze my head in closer and closer. I lick around and on her clit more and I feel her tense every time my tongue grazes it. I stick my tongue inside and my mouth is covered in her hot wetness. It tastes so sweet and I just can't get enough. I bring up my hand and start to insert one of my fingers as my tongue flirts with her swollen clit. Her back arches with this new introduction and I begin slowly eating while inserting my finger in and out. Moans can't help but escape her. The breathing becomes ragged. On and on I go with a hunger I've never felt before. Her whole body tenses and her toes curl back to an impossible angle.


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