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Priestess inspires love and initiates a virgin soldier.

This man although almost 20 years older than me just made my inside flutter. I wanted him and I wanted him right here, right now.

I asked Scott to help me lift up a heavy wheel in the back of the shop, he followed me back there and looked wheel, just an old ford truck in the middle of being rebuilt. He asked me where the wheel was, I told him, "Sorry, Larry must have already moved it." He started to go back to the front of the shop, I grabbed the back of his belt and pulled him towards me, he turned around and gave me this strange look. I must have been bright red with embarrassment but I didn't care. I pulled him hard against me and felt him immediately get hard. I rubbed myself against him and felt his bulge grow larger in his jeans. He let out a low groan and I knew I had him.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I undid his belt, his buttons and tore off his pants. I knew there was a chance my boss or a customer could show up at anytime but I just couldn't help myself, besides that added to the excitement. I knew nothing about this man, but I had never been so horny in my life. I rubbed my hand gently over his swollen cock outside of his boxers and realized how big it was. I got scared for a minute. I had never seen nor felt a cock this big and didn't expect this. Could it possibly be that big? would it hurt? Is a black man's penis different than a white mans penis? So many questions ran through my head and I started to back away.

Scott grabbed my hand and put it back on this rock hard shaft and I once again became wet and excited. He bent down and kissed my neck, nibbling softly until I moaned. Damn I was turned on, he tore off my pants and I ripped off his boxers. As cold as it was in that shop we didn't even have a clue, it felt like August in there! His cock was at least 11 inches long, hard as hell and dripping wet. That made me almost climax right then! I couldn't wait to get it inside of me. He played with my breasts, trying to take it slow, kissing me gently. He was driving me crazy!

I couldn't handle it anymore, couldn't wait another minute it was making me absolutely crazy! I grabbed his ass (oh so firm!) and pulled him right up against my naked body, he lifted me up a little against that old truck and I begged him to PLEASE put it inside of me NOW! I think I saw him smile, just a little...with that he entered me and I melted!

He filled me up so completely, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before, how have I gone all my life without this kind of connected. He could have just stood there with his perfect, hard penis inside of me without moving a muscle and I would have had no problem climaxing just like that, but he pulled it out slowly half way and put it back in slowly. I moaned so loud, I couldn't help myself. It was amazing. I begged him, "fuck me hard, please, just give it to me! I want it all, every bit of it! PLEASE Scott! Fill up my pussy!"

We rocked that old truck, side to side, him fucking me with all that he had and me matching his every move with my tight pussy. I was dripping wet, you could hear my excitement and he loved that. I came to a climax and rocked myself faster and harder. I grabbed his ass and put him right where I wanted him. After what seemed like a lifetime (probably only 2 minutes) I came. I came so hard that I screamed, I wanted more, I couldn't get enough. I loved every second that this stranger filled me up.

He asked me, "Do you like that Lisa, do you want some more?"

"Oh please, please don't stop!" I begged.

He slowly set me back on the ground, bending down so that his manhood wouldn't disconnect from my wet, throbbing pussy. He stroked my insides, putting himself deeper and deeper inside of me until I came again. I had never had anybody make me feel this way before, nobody has ever made me cum twice in 10 minutes. I was in absolute bliss!

He pulled his wet cock out of me and got down on his knees and began to lick my juices.

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