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Dad catches son sniffing mum's panties.

" Dr. Bryant said.

"Oh? What's that?" I asked.

"Once Jamie has been on the meds for a few months she's going to need someone to help her start lactating."

"Oh and how do I fit in?"

"Well, she's going to need someone to give her oral stimulation and suction." Dr. Bryant grinned looking directly at me. "Think you can handle that, Steve?"

"I guess," I said grinning like a fool. "Boy the things I have to do to help my wife!" Jamie smacked me on the arm and glared at me, though she was grinning.

"Hey, if you find the task too onerous I'm sure I can find *someone* to suck on my tits!"

"No, baby, no," I said apologetically. "I'd love to suck on your tits, any time you want."

"Good, I'll hold you to that when we get home. We can practice our lactating procedure." Jamie and I stood up thanking the doctor for his help. I drove a little faster on the way home, hey, we had to practice!


"Honey, I need you," Jamie whispered as she walked into the room. I'd been watching TV but now my attention was drawn to my wife. We'd been working for weeks on getting her to start lactating and had finally succeeded. At first we didn't think it was working at all but her doctor told us to be patient. A week later I tasted the first few drops and we were ecstatic. A week after that and she was producing enough where I had to suckle her once a day. Her breasts were now at least a cup size larger and were even bigger when swollen with her milk. I had come to enjoy her milk so we decided that rather than waste it by pumping I'd suckle her until the baby came. I know a lot of guys would be turned off by mother's milk but it was sweet and I came to like it a lot. Twice a day, morning and night, Jamie and I emptied her breasts then we made love. It was hard duty but I was a trooper! Jamie was naked, her nipples were leaking a little and her clit was hard. She enjoyed this time at least as much as me.

"Come here," I said as I extended my hand. She sat on the sofa next to me so I could lie in her lap. We'd tried a number of positions but having me in her lap was our favorite. She held my head to her breast as I sucked and licked her nipple. Suckling her was more than just relieving the pressure in her breasts for us. It was very sexual too. I not only sucked her I'd lick her nipple, get it good and hard then go back to sucking, then do it all over again. By the time I'd emptied one breast she'd usually have come once and would be on her way to a second. She'd let me know when she was going to come so I could stop sucking her tit and move to her clit. She'd grab my head in almost a death grip, holding me in place as she pumped her hips into my mouth. When I'd drained her little balls I'd go back to sucking whichever breast I'd been sucking then do the whole thing over when she was ready to come again. Of course by the time we were finished I was hard and leaking precum all over. Sometimes we'd fuck and other times she'd suck me to completion. I really enjoyed this new dimension to our sex life.

"I'm really full today, baby," she said as I settled in place after taking off all my clothes. "I hope I don't produce any more milk or I'll need to start meeting you for lunch!" she said with a giggle then a sigh when my lips contacted her nipple. I took two or three good sucks, filling my mouth each time to relieve the pressure for her.

"If that's what it takes, that's what it takes," I said seriously. "You know I'll do whatever I have to for you." I went back to sucking. I alternated sucks to her nipple with sucking the entire breast and nipping the nipple with my teeth.

"God, Steve, that feels so good, baby!" Jamie gasped, holding my head lovingly.

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