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Playing lost and found and hide the shaft in Paris.

While the car idled at a red light, Olivia had enough time to recompose herself and catch her breath. She was absolutely determined not to cum. As she gritted her teeth, she silently decided that she would not allow Officer Amelin to bring her to orgasm by using a clit clamp and leash while she was seated in the back of a police cruiser.

However, as the traffic light turned from red to green, and Officer Letov put the vehicle back in drive, the older policeman once again began gently tugging on the chain. Olivia was forced to endure the humiliating unwanted stimulation of her most sensitive erogenous zone.

As they drove several more blocks, the pulsing in Olivia's cunt became stronger and stronger. She took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled, trying hard not to think about what she was feeling between her legs. As the pleasure between her thighs continued to build, Olivia's grip on the front of her seat tightened. However, as they approached yet another intersection, the traffic signal turned red, the car stopped moving, and the pulling on the leash halted for a few moments.

Olivia quietly panted in the back seat. But apparently not quietly enough.

"You doing okay back there?" Officer Letov asked from the driver seat.

"Uh, yes," Olivia squeaked. The two policemen snickered.

As the light turned green and they resumed their drive to the courthouse, Olivia squeezed her eyes shut as the soft tugging on her poor little private part continued.

As they came closer and closer to the courthouse, they encountered an uninterrupted series of green lights as they drove through the various intersections.

As Officer Letov guided the squad car towards their intended destination, Officer Amelin continued his ministrations of Olivia's little button. Sometimes his pulls on the chain were slow and steady. At other times his tugs were fast and jerky. As Olivia squirmed around in the back seat, Officer Amelin was unrelenting in the stimulation that he inflicted on her.

During one particular quick, sharp series of pulls, Olivia began arching her back until her bottom was no longer on the seat. She grunted as she tried desperately not to cum. How could this possibly be happening, she thought to herself incredulously. Why would the police do this? This could not possibly be legal.

Soon they were a mere few blocks from the courthouse. Officer Amelin's rapid tugging on the leash had Olivia on the edge. She could not believe that, with her clitoris clamped and attached to a leash, she was on the verge of a massive orgasm.

"Ohhhh ..." she moaned amorously. "Mmmmm..."

"Aren't you glad you didn't wear panties today?" Officer Letov quipped. Olivia tried to ignore his remark as her hips continued to lift up and off her seat.

"Jesus," she grunted. "OH GOD!" The throbbing in her clitoris was too much. Even though she loathed the idea of orgasming under her present circumstances, she could not hold out any longer.

However, as Officer Letov pulled the vehicle into the parking lot of the courthouse and parked, Officer Amelin released the tension on the leash and let the chain go slack. Officer Letov turned off the engine and both men exited the vehicle. Officer Amelin opened the back car door on the right hand side.

Olivia was slumped in a disheveled heap on the back seat. There was a sheen of sweat coating her flushed face. Tendrils stuck to her forehead. The back of her hair was tousled and messy looking from where her head had rubbed against the back of the seat. Her pink pouty lips were parted as she breathed laboriously. The skirt of her dress was bunched up around her waist. She was slouched so low, her ass was hanging off the seat. Her knees were wide apart and her soft pale thighs were splayed wide open.

"Well," Officer Amelin said, looking at her expectantly, "We're here. You'd better compose yourself. You're about to stand before the judge."

Olivia looked up at him with a disoriented look on her face. Her ample chest rose up and down as she panted.

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