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to cum! Please baby! Hurry baby! Hold my hand baby! Ohhhh! Jesus Tommy! I love his big dick!"

Her husband was trying to be enthusiastic and came over and sat next to her. His hand reached out and held her hand. Then took his other hand and held her hand between them. This had to be incredibly crazy. And, I guess at the same time sexy to watch a stranger fuck his wife right before his eyes.

As I continued fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, she was encouraged me telling me and her husband how good it felt. I was close now and knew she was too! I was almost there and about to explode!! She told me, "Cum in me Tony! Cum deep in my pussy! Oh God Tommy he's going to cum right in my womb baby! He's so fucking good and big!"

Her husband sat right next to us holding his wife's hand as I pounded into her pussy with all the strength I had shoving all of my 8-inchs deep inside her. Every time I was fully inside her, my cock head was moving into her womb. And each time that it did she would shutter and shake. I knew she was having one orgasm after the other now as she arched her back, cried out as she lifted her ass and rotate her hips against me. Tommy held her hand and I saw her squeezing it tight each time she went off. And then I moaned and arched my back thrusting my cock into her one last time and she cried out, "OH FUCK YES TONY! FILL ME WITH YOU HOT CIM BABY!"

I slammed into her with two very quick thrusts and began to cum like I have never done before. She cried out, "I can feel him Tommy! I can feel his big cock exploding inside me!! Oh God his cum is actually pumping into my womb! I have never felt this before Tommy!! It's so good! Oh fuck yes Tony, give me all of it! Oh Jesus I love this!!"

And when my orgasm started she began screaming as she felt my cock getting harder and thicker as I shot my load. Then she shuttered as a huge orgasm ran over her body! She looked at her husband as she told him, "I can feel his cum hitting me deep inside baby. It's filling me It's covering my womb baby! Oh Tommy he's so much deeper than you could ever get baby! I have to have him in our lives baby! I have too! Oh Jesus it feels so wonderful!"

She began to orgasm for god knows how many times and this time she was cumming so hard her entire body lifted up off the bed. With only her feet and head remaining on the bed, Louise moved her hips and pelvis rotating them as her pussy pumped away on my cock. I was buried as deep as I could go; I was balls deep in her now! I held it there and she fucked her pussy on it! She was like some crazed animal as she fucked her cunt on my hard shaft deep inside her body. As I just held my cock in her I had finished cumming and watched this beautiful woman fucking her pussy on my wild and totally free of any inhibitions or embarrassment or fear from her husband who was sitting right next to us watching and holding her hand. This actually turned me on!
This was just the start of what turned out to be a long session that lasted for 3 hours. I looked down at her and said, "I think your husband is ready again baby!"

She looked over at Tommy and saw him holding his little hard on in his hand. Even with him as hard as he got, his cock wasn't as long as the palm of his hand. But he was hard super hard! She said, "Oh Tommy do you want to fuck me again baby? Are you hard again! See you liked this too. You haven't been able to get hard again on the same day we fucked for years. But when you saw Tony fucking me and you saw how good it was it made you hard didn't it?"

He said, "I...I don't know Lou. But yes I want to fuck you again. Can I?"

She looked at me and I said, "Well I'm done for a while." And I moved off of her. As the head of my cock popped out of her pussy it made a squishing sound. Tommy moved over and got between her legs. She smiled and said, "Go on Tommy. Go ahead put it in!"

He moved up and with one motion put all of his cock into her spread open pussy hole.

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