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He gets it on with his aunt in her car.

He told me things about the Romans and their battle groups and easily switched to galaxy formation and merging's. We got back and said 'hot tube' at almost the same instant.

We had been in the hot tube before, me with just panties and him with something, I think knit shorts, on. I got there first and after getting in took off my panties and rolled them up in a little ball and put them behind my towel. Shortly he got in and sat across from me. He must have seen my bare tuff through the bubbling water and he quietly slipped his shorts off, squeezed them out and put them behind him. I pretended I didn't see. It was kind of dark in the room and no lights in the tub.

It wasn't that far between us. The tub was designed so you could put your feet up on the seat in front or the left one or right one. Comfort. Our feet occupied about the same space so we were soon playing toesies. I played up one of his legs, on the inside, and put a foot on top of his knee. He played with my toes with his fingers. Then I did the same on his other leg and knee and he played with that one too.

We smiled and enjoyed and played. Then Mont slowly opened his knees and my legs opened up. My knees were up some with the short distance so I just let my knees flare out and enjoyed the bubbles playing in my crotch.

A few moments and I felt his toes touch my inner thigh about an inch from my pussy. Then his heel was on my seat, right in the center and his toes were playing with my tuff. You can't imagine how much I wanted his toe to drop down. Then I felt his other toes below, right above my vagina.

I softly moved one of my feet forward on his thigh and rubbed my toes over across his dick. I felt him thrust up slightly so I moved the other one forward and played with the shaft, my big toes on each side. With the angle I could easily move my toes up and down about two inches. He was playing along my ankles and calves with his hands.

He slowly let his big toe drop down through the slit and held it right at my vagina, not moving. His other toe was playing with my hood. My choice. There was absolutely no way I was going to play with his toe with my vagina. He was holding it very still, not moving at all. I pushed out just a little to see exactly where it was. I could feel it plug up my vagina entrance so I squeezed to push it out. He didn't move it and he was still moving along my hood with his other toe.

I pushed out again to push it backwards. That was a mistake. I tried to push it backwards several times, maybe more than that. He held it firm and I guess I became thankful for that. He surely knew how to turn a girl on. I guess we toe fucked and shaft fucked for about forty minutes.

I was hoping he was getting as much as he gave or I was giving as much as I got but he was far better at this than I was and the pleasure he was giving was enormous. I think he felt the same. A 62 year old man playing with an 18 year old girl had to be satisfying. I was doing my best. Well, not yet.

We were dry, dressed, rested, light sandwiches on the patio for an early supper. Mont said, "How would you feel about this evening, about seven thirty, or tomorrow evening about the same? My bed. Or your bed if you want."

I thought a moment and said, "This evening would be wonderful. I have the wine, your bed." I hadn't used any deodorant after the hot tub. He spent the next hour giving examples of evidence of birds gaining intelligence. Birds evolved from dinosaurs so it had been ongoing for over 250 million years. Possibly one of our replacements as the dominant species.


For Mont this was about giving a young girl some of her first highly erotic sexual pleasure. For me this was about giving Mont some of the sexual pleasure he was missing for some years. Hopefully I could give him a lot more.

I had on a pair of knit thongs.

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