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The women bring him back to attention.

His hand was always between my legs and he liked to put his fingers up me and then lick them because he said I had a beautiful pussy. And he wanted me to suck on him for hours! Sometimes that was all he wanted. It didn't matter if he was on the telephone or looking at papers, he wanted me to get on my knees and suck his penis with my hands tied. He had a cushion on the floor by a writing table and that's where I would spend hours if he had work. Then at night he would release me and let me put on a dress. He liked to dress me up in girly, frilly outfits or peasant dresses, without panties. He said it was so my pretty pussy would be there ready for him anytime he wanted." For a moment Janine found herself wondering what Marjorie's pussy actually looked like. She would bet it looked good.

"We would go to some fancy restaurant -- he was always given a room of his own, or to a party, usually in the officer's club, with other nomenklatura and their girlfriends -- never ever their wives. Sometimes they would come with prostitutes. Those parties were fun at first but they were always the same and all the time everybody drank too much. He liked for me to kiss other girls and let them feel me and sometimes he let the men kiss me and feel my breasts but never my cunt because that was his. And only he could fuck me. He liked to do it with people watching. Then we would go back to the apartment late the next morning and he would tie my hands together and we would go to sleep with his dick in me from behind. I couldn't get up in the middle of the night without waking him." Deidre laughed at that detail. Marjorie saw that Janine was stunned by it and didn't understand.

"It took me a long time to figure it out. He was in love with me but he lived in a state of fear. There was always a guard at the door and the guard always searched me before he came in the room. The guards sometimes put their fingers up my holes -- they would say they were looking for hidden weapons but they were laughing when they did it. I didn't mind because many men had fingered my pussy -- what was one more - and I knew it was probably necessary.

"Many people would try to kill the General if they had a chance. He knew many bad things and he had files on them. He could be assassinated, even by his own men - even by me. I think he tied me up so I could not surprise him and kill him somehow. But it was just to be sure, not because he thought I would do it. I think that he loved me and tying me up was his way of making sure I could not do anything to spoil it, to keep me his special friend forever. His way of feeling safe with me so there would be no doubt and no regret. Janine sat there spellbound by the story.

"I think if he lived a normal life he would have taken me as his wife or at least his regular mistress. Once he said that he would make me pregnant someday when I did not expect it. I did not understand because I took pills and I got them from the chemist in my neighborhood. He said our child would be very smart from him and beautiful from me or it could turn out wrong and the child could be paranoid like him and irresponsible like me." Marjorie laughed at the thought.

"One day the General was very serious.

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