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One woman's last night of pleasure.

An almost inaudible grunt passed her lips and her smile grew wider.

Rosa withdrew both fingers from her center and pushed Nicki's legs further apart and then bent her face into her cunt, licking long and lasciviously along each of Nicki's larger lip, making sure she tugged lightly on each ring in turn.

"You're all I had hoped you would be," Nicki gasped.

When Rosa looked up she saw the woman biting her lower lip, as if willing Rosa to do the same down below.

Rosa did bite her then and felt her entire body quiver with delight. And after hesitating briefly she bit harder and quickly changed tactics, sending her loving tongue into Nicki's slit and licking round and round, tasting the woman's juices as they began coating her tongue.

She kept licking and sucking on the woman's pussy, almost overwhelmed by her taste. It was the most exquisite pussy she'd ever had and she wasn't sure if she would ever get enough of it.

Nicki shuddered and groaned as Rosa's tongue flicked her clitoris. And she cried out when Rosa's fingers caressed a breast before closing down on her pierced nipple. Rosa's mouth descended upon the cunt in front of her and covered it in its entirety, sucking voraciously upon it.

Nicki bucked up at her, her hips taking on a life of their own as they rose to meet each deep swipe of Rosa's tongue. Rosa knew the woman was enjoying the fact that she was proceeding at a pace that would ultimately provide her with a stupendous orgasm and would in all likely hood do the same for her.

"You're my angel!" Nicki moaned and clamped her thighs tightly against Rosa's ears.

"Ease up!" Rosa cried out and Nicki immediately forced her thighs to relax somewhat, willing herself to hold off her pending release.

Grateful that her head was no longer in a vise-like grip, Rosa concentrated her efforts on Nicki's protruding clit, sealing her lips around it and pulling on it, over and over and over. Nicki's arms began to jerk up and down as she started to lose control.

Her face a grimace of lust, Nicki cried out, "I'm tryin' to hold back . . . please don't get me there to soon."

"But you're so hot!" Rosa managed after releasing the stiffened nub for a second.

"You think you're hot!" Nicki snarled as she pulled hard on her nipple piercing, stretching her nipple out and additional inch. "Oh, God . . . I'm so fucking . . . you are good! You are so fucking good!"

Rosa took her to the very brink of orgasm and then backed off until she felt Nicki's tension ease somewhat and then she began again, pressing her hips down, sliding a finger into her and seeking out her "G" Spot and circling the area as Nicki's orgasm built up to the point of no return.

The room was filled with one long, continuous moan, coming from Nicki's taut vocal cords. Nicki's whole torso vibrated each time the finger reentered her cunt -- each time Rosa's tongue licked her tuning fork of a clitoris.

Rosa intensified her efforts.

Nicki's head was now rocking from side to side. Her eyes were open, but unfocused.

"Come for me, baby," Rosa cooed and smacked Nicki's pussy with her hand.

"Come for me, baby," she repeated and again smacked the pussy, this time a little harder.

Suddenly Nicki's whole body arched off the chair and she screamed out in delirious joy as she gushed a piss-like stream from her cunt directly into Rosa's face.

Nicki trembled, groaned and tried to breathe, taking short gasping gulps of air. And when Rosa clamped her mouth to Nicki's pulsating pussy in order to capture the remaining juice spurting at her, a second climax took Nicki and slammed her back into the chair, breaking the suction of Rosa's mouth upon her. Rosa climbed into her lap and held her close, stoking her face, shoulders and arms, helping Nicki to calm down and sink into a rapturous state of sexual bliss.

Rosa took a moment to admire the woman and the sexual flush residing in her beautiful face and the halo of hair spilling over her shoulders before kissing her on the lips.

They remained in place, allowing the sensations of Nicki's orgasms to defu

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