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A young woman finds her inner vampiress.


"Yeah, I get what you mean. Let's change the subject. What'd you think of my pussy?"

We both begin howling at the same time. Her twisted sense of humor is just one of the many things I loved about Sam.

At my house, we grab a couple beers and dig into the food.

I'm squirming and finally say. "Sam, my crotch is killing me. I need to get these clothes off. Would that freak you out too much?"

Picking up a dumpling, she pauses and says, "Nah, not too much." Her smile tells me she is cool with it.

"As a matter of fact, I might join you. My pussy is really getting irritated."

In seconds, we're both bottomless.

"Ah," I say, enjoying the relief from chaffing.

"Yeah," she agrees. "Weird, but good." We each regard the other's newly manicured intimate lawns.

I get us a couple more beers and remain standing while I eat. Sam is across from me at the kitchen counter.

Looking at my groin, she says, "Seriously, Mac, that thing is pretty big. How many inches?"

"Sam, it's not that big. And, you think I've actually measured it?"

"Dude, every guy has measured his dick. Just like every girl has measured her tits."

"Oh yeah! How big are your tits?"

"32-B and sweet as honey."

I stare at her tiny breasts with the dark nipples standing out. I slowly shake my head.

"Ok, asshole, they're an A cup. But, they're a full A."

Laughing together, we share a high-five.


"Ok," I say. "Hanging like it is now it's a little over six inches. Well, make it close to seven."

"And when he's all happy and standing up for truth, justice and the American way?"

"I guess you could add a couple inches."

Changing the subject, I ask, "So, how many of these classes have you done?"

Sam swallows, "This will be my fourth."

"Do guys every, you know, get excited?"

"Excited, like with a boner?"

I nod.

"Only once and Mim just had him go off stage. He came back about five minutes later. It was no big deal. The only thing is she won't let a guy stay there and be hard. And, obviously we are in a no orgasm zone. Are you worried?"

"Concerned is a better word," I admit.

The rest of the week I spend trying to keep my mind off the impending Show and Tell at Barton Hills. I did check out the You Tube video and Mim was right. The guys handled it without a problem.

I finally finish Mim's car on Friday and tell her I will drive it out on Saturday and that Sam will give me a lift home.

I arrive at the small auditorium to be greeted by Sam.

"Come on," she urges, "everyone else is here."

She leads me back into the girl's locker room. Entering I see the other men and Mim. "Ah, Mac, great. Now, I can go over the details." She does quick introductions.

"You can begin to get undressed whilst I go over things. In a couple minutes two of our seniors will join us. They will be our helpers. As you all know, you will be wearing black-out glasses. The girls will escort you onto the stage and take your robes. Obviously, they will take you back here after the class."

As she speaks we all begin to disrobe. We arrive at a stage of standing in just our boxers at the same time. Mim gestures and we drop them.

Mim looks at each of us and nods.

"Great, you all look fab. Actually this is probably the hardest part-stripping off whilst Sam and I watch. In a few moments you will not be looking at anyone and you will actually start to relax."

Sam gives me a discrete "thumbs up" and looking at my exposed parts, winks.

A knock on the locker room door interrupts my thoughts.

"Come in," calls Mim.

Two young women enter carrying white Terrycloth robes. They're dressed in the Barton Hills uniform of white blouse, plaid skirt and navy blue knee socks; and are extremely cute.

They look at each of us. As the girl with the dark hair makes eye contact with Robbie, her mouth drops.



I glance over at the senior boy from Cameron. His entire body seems to blush and he covers his privates with his hands.

"You two know each other?" says Mim.

"We grew up together," says Ruthann.

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