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Virgin David finds himself in bed with hot Laura.

I felt like so out of place being here, yet there was something so pleasant about this. I relaxed all of my misgivings, and slowly stepped into the warm pool. A long sigh followed as I eased below the surface. Oh, this was by far much more luxurious than any hotel room. Stretching my arms out, I sank into the pool until I was fully submerged. My long mane of styled hair lost it's form as I swam through the lagoon. Rising up for air, I bellowed out my complete euphoria as my entire frame relished the infinite sensations my body was feeling. I felt alive again... pure... whole.

"I see you found your bath." Said a familiar voice from afar.

Looking over my drenched shoulder, my eyes noticed Fiona standing there at the edge of the lagoon, now dressed in a sleek robe that hung from her powerful frame. The thin fabric held a deep blue, polished texture, accenting every bulging muscle she possessed. Her arms reached up to slide off the elegant kimono. Crippled in awe, I watched as this woman's fully nude body was tediously unveiled. Gliding beyond those annular shoulders, down further along the fertile knolls of her bosom, along that ripped abdomen I so wanted to feel against my own... The fabric fell to her ankles as she stepped into the water. I couldn't move. I stood still as I watched this mammoth creature ease into the lagoon with me. I felt as if I were a meek animal in the wild... a creature just like her, plucked from it's habitat to mate with her in the most ferine manner known. Her arms extended outward, allowing the surface of the waters to graze her palms... Her primitive appearance enthralled me so... no eye brows, no hair at all on that unimaginable frame. Nothing but skin... soft, yet commanding flesh that was coming closer and closer. Her gaze was latched to mine as the sounds of rippling water was the only timbre that could be noticed. I turned to meet her as our bodies came within inches of one another. Her gaze held a measureless intensity to it... a simple, yet rigorous expression of need. My eyes fell to her breasts, and to her robust forelimbs. My hands extended out to place themselves upon her wrists, fluttering higher along their athletic form... I had to feel those muscles for myself... to appreciate this majestic woman whom held my every breath. I couldn't believe how fabulous those muscles felt beneath my fingertips. Her eyes fell shut as my scrutiny proceeded ever so slowly. Her languid breath fell warmed my forehead as my hands reached the colossal boulders atop her arms. There wasn't an ounce of soft flesh anywhere on her body, except for those lips that I so longed to suckle from. My arms lifted higher so my hands could roam down her rigid back... our foreheads pressed together as I inadvertently committed her physique to memory. My touch soon caressed the thickness of her backside, clutching each stiff globe of her rugged ass. She soon surrendered to the painstaking exploration I found myself basking in by taking my womanly frame in her own mighty grip. Her fingers crept along my wide hips, only to clasp them as she spryly brought me into her embrace. I let out a bellowing gasp as I felt her breasts press against my own... Thrusting my neck back, she sank her teeth into my bare neck.

"Oh my God!" I shouted as her tongue thrashed violently against my skin.

A series of low moans came from her lungs as her arms easily wrapped around my waist, hoisting me from the water. Her bald head buried itself between my dripping breasts... mouth agape as she inhaled as much breast flesh as possible into her famished mouth. I lovingly cradled her smooth head as I felt her entire frame press against me. My mind was inundated with boundless thoughts and images of our sumptuous union. How I would love to be an observer right now... to witness the erotic contrast of our bodies... a mighty beast matched against a buxom woman.

Fiona carried me to the steps of the lagoon as she lifted me from the water.

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