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Now Dad pushed me to my hands and knees. Instead of sticking that strap-on cock in my face as she had with my brother, however, she moved around to crouch down behind me. I soon felt why when she began to rub her strap-on dick around my ass crack.

I gasped as I felt Dad's hard finger slide between my ass cheeks and penetrate my anus. I had never had anything back there and it felt incredible feeling so prone and penetrated, getting my ass used in a whole new way. Still, as my ass clenched around that hard finger, I wondered how it would ever cope with being torn into by Dad's much longer and thicker plastic penis.

"God this bitch has a tight ass," Dad said, directing this to Mom who still stood watching, her dick beginning to poke her skirt up into a tent of arousal once more, then adding, to my brother, "Little sucker, come over here."

In a moment, I felt my ass invaded once more, this time though with a warm, wet tongue. I turned my head back and was shocked to see my brother Harry kneeling behind me tonguing my ass like it was a hot girl's pussy. It felt incredible the way his hot tongue rimmed me and then slid right up inside me, making me wet and lubricated and ready for more.

"Oh boy, brother, that feels so good," I sighed, "It's so wrong but so good."

I could see that the wrongness of the situation didn't deter my brother at all, he only licked more eagerly, sliding his tongue deeper into my ass as I encouraged him. Meanwhile, our dad had gone back to blowing the Dad's fake dick, getting it as slick and wet as my ass.

Dad pushed my brother and father out of the way and got back behind me. With her dick and my ass nice and wet, she was able to push the head of that plastic penis between my ass cheeks and on up inside me. It was a slow and slightly painful experience, but Dad was unremitting, pushing into me, tearing my ass open, readying me for a lifetime of submission.

Pretty soon, it started to feel really good, to feel really right getting filled up from behind like this. My body just knew how to act, how to take it, how to love it as I gave my ass and my self up to this hard, dominating man-woman.

As soon as she was buried inside me, Dad begun to slide out, only far enough though to push back in. Before too long, she was sliding back and forth, thrusting in and out of my waiting ass, riding me as I pushed back against her long, deep thrusts, yearning to be filled with thick, hard prosthetic cock.

"Oh yeah, oh boy, oh yes, that's good," I sighed, "Fuck me like that, give me Daddy's dick!"

My real dad was still across the room, watching me, his youngest son, give up his anal virginity to a woman with a big strap-on he himself had sucked. I noticed that he had stripped as naked as me and was watching with his dick every bit as hard as mine. I guess he could hardly disapprove of what was going on, so engaged in the depravity as he was.

I didn't see Harry for a moment until he was pushed to the ground next to me, kneeling and bent over with his naked ass in the air just like mine. I realised that he was about to get the exact same treatment that I was getting from Dad's strap-on, only from Mom's real fleshy cock.

Mom grabbed Harry's waist and shoved her dick hard right up his ass, causing him to scream out. It didn't take long, however, until he was moaning, sighing and pushing back just in time with me, our asses being torn into together, both us just as willing to give our naked bodies up to being ridden like this.

"Mmm, there's a good girl," Mom said, slapping Harry's ass, "You like Momma's dick in your tight girly ass?"

"Oh Momma, yeah, it feels so good," Harry sighed, "I must be a good girl to enjoy getting dick this much!"

"Not so much as me, brother," I turned to face him, smiling, "I'm getting my ass shafted by an even bigger dick and loving it even more. If anyone's a real good girl it should be me!"

That's right, we had actually reached a point where we

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