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Bodies switched Josh wants to carry a baby and more happens.

But that's not what he wanted - or what I wanted. I slid off the couch and placed myself between his legs. On my knees as a dozen girls had done so for me.

I was so eager to gorge on the greatness that was in front of my face; I could smell the taste and the salty prickle of sex right before me. But I could not let this opportunity go to waste. I wanted more from Will. More than a once off blow; and if that was going to happen then this needed to be the best cock sucking he had ever experienced. I was up for the task; I had some experience in giving; and plenty in receiving.

I put my hands on either of Will's knees and slid them up his thighs to wrap around his balls. He leaned back onto the couch and relaxed as I brought my mouth in close and gave a slow long lick down the length of his dick. I tasted the pre-cum and knew instantly that I would let him cum in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and licked the underside while slowly pumping his shaft - the whole time I could hear his staggered breaths and gasps of excitement and longing. I knew it felt great, but also knew it teased him. I planted a series of kisses to his pubes and balls, and then more to his cock and his head; and wondered if he now realised just how much I had wanted to suck him off.

I started to lick the bell of his penis, whilst fondling his sack; but the sexual energy was too much. He placed his hands on either side of my head; he made no attempt to force me or lead me anywhere; but I knew he could take no more of the half measures. I slid my arms underneath his legs and back around to grab his thighs and then pushed forward taking his cock inside my mouth.

I heard the sigh of relief and ecstasy from above and wasted no time building up a steady pace. Back and forth my head bobbed; taking more and more of the cock deeper and deeper inside; slamming at the back of my throat. My tongue dancing with elegance and joy. Dick tasted like nothing else - there was a reason that so many women enjoyed it such; and it had nothing to do with the one different chromosome. The aphrodisiac of the taste of savoury skin and sweet musked semen is undeniable; and it made my own genitals solid with fury.

"Fuck yes" He moaned as the sound of sucking and slurping echoed around the room; anything else fading from our minds and becoming irrellivent. I thought about all the girls he had enjoyed down here. How many had blown him out of expectation or relationship requirement? how many had truly enjoyed it? as much as I did? This wasn't some reluctant chore to please my boyfriend; I loved his cock inside my mouth; and I could tell from his head arched back and heavy breaths that he loved it to. I felt proud of the pleasure I instilled as I stayed there, down on my knees, worshipping his cock.

He moaned again as his hands started to guide me down, forcing me down deeper on him, his eyes shut and body completely relaxed in pleasure - he had forgotten it was a guy sucking him off. The dance of sex we both now entangled ourselves in was no longer one of sexual orientation or gender. It now existed outside the rules and opinions of social constructs; girlfriends; boyfriends; gay; cheating; wrong; friends - It was just an intimate connection; lust manifested in the slow mindless sways of relaxing tender pleasure. At least that's how I felt.

'Damn your cock feels so hot filling my mouth' I thought 'I want to taste the cum, I want it all down my throat, like some hungry cum slut. Oh god, fucking fill me you stud.'

Will let loose a wild deep moan; almost in response to my thoughts.

'Fuck, this is one hell of a blowjob; my lips were made for this.'

Will moaned again, comfortable with the rhythm of slurping joy I set for him.

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