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Mavis fills up a gap in her life.

MRJ: Well yeah I've done the phone thing. Sorry to sound dumb I just haven't heard of cyber sex.

Ginger69: It can be really hot if you're with the right person and stuff. Do you RP?


Ginger69: Yeah, role play, You know like act out certain fantasies or a dream or a story. Are you a kinky guy? Straight? Hey sorry for all the questions but we have to find out about each other, right? Tell me what you like as in fetish or anything else. You mentioned you're single so are you seeing anyone special or just masturbate?

Paul's mind raced trying to answer Ginger's queries and almost blushed from her bluntness. What had he tapped into here? An obviously outgoing and sexual woman.

MRJ: Well to start I enjoy acting out some fantasies but they seem to happen mostly in the bedroom. Most times with a willing partner. If not, I do masturbate. Why lie to you, right? Kinky? Hmm, somewhat. I have to say you've sort of caught me off guard but I'm liking this.

Ginger69: Good! Maybe you can call me sometime after we get to know one another. I love to talk as much as I like typing. At work are you in a place with privacy?

MRJ: Yes. I share an office but am alone today, why?

Ginger69: Because I swallow and want your cum.

MRJ: Oh my!

Ginger69: Imagine I am there. Kneeling between your legs. My hands stroke your inner thighs. Moving towards your crotch. I look into your eyes and lick my lips. I feel the bulge in your trousers. Do you like this?

MRJ: Yes. I can imagine you. I've seen your picture.

Ginger69: I love cock. I need cock. I undo your belt, unzip and slowly pull your pants and underwear down. Your cock springs to life and my fingers wrap around it's thickness. I love the soft skin surrounding a stiff penis. So, Paul...are you getting hard?

MRJ: Getting there.

Ginger69: Smiling. If you're into this then let your cock and balls free. Okay Paul? Smile.

Paul's cock was indeed bulging. He was surprised at how quickly he'd become aroused by Ginger's words. Paul locked the office door, undid his pants and returned to the keyboard.

MRJ: God...this is such a turn on. Wish you were here, really.

Ginger69: I am there. Can't you see me? Wet lips kissing the soft underside of your cock. Your balls are heavy. I like that. Taking the tip into my warm mouth. Sucking. Mmm. Licking your shaft. Smile.

Paul's legs were spread. He cupped his balls and moved the skin of his towering erection up and down. Paul was amazed at the effect simple words on a screen could have.

MRJ: You're good Ginger. Total hardon. Love being talked to.

Ginger69: Giggle. Most men do. My cheeks collapse around your engorged head. Sucking hard. I swallow your length. Choking. Saliva runs onto your balls. My pussy is wet, soaking my panties. I want to sit on this huge cock but want to taste your cum more. Paul...please. I want your cum. Want you to cum in my mouth. My fingers are stroking your big cock. My tongue laps the front of your sensitive cock. Cum for me.

Paul's wrist was a blur. Leaning forward, he ejaculated a rope of warm cum into a wad of tissue. Paul lovingly painted Ginger's pink tongue with white jism. She engulfed his prick and swallowed the sweet froth. Paul groaned aloud from the powerful, spontaneous orgasm and sweet rivulets of pleasure washed over his stiffening torso. Cumming in delicious spurts, he was lost for minutes with the imagery provided by Ginger.

Ginger69: Hey Paul, still with me? Giggle.

MRJ: Ohh wow. That was awesome...whew...

Ginger69: Did you cum a lot?

MRJ: Oh yeah...

Ginger69: Cool. Love knowing that. I'm very turned on here also but have to tend to some domestic things first. Whine. Catch you later?

And just like that, poof, she was gone. Paul was stunned at the interactive spontaneity he'd just had with an unseen person. Postured as such in the office, pants around his ankles, cock subsiding and holding a load of sperm, Paul felt a tad silly but fulfilled at the same time.

Over the weekend Paul thought of the new found medium he'd stumbled upon.

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