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A husband makes a wife's fantasy a reality.

She'd realized what happened and the lewdness of the act did in fact send her over that edge. She'd cried out "Daddy!" as she'd spasmed, her sex gripping and milking the fingers within her. She'd unconsciously ground herself onto her hand as wave after wave of sweet release crashed within her body.

Anne enjoyed giving hand jobs, she'd always been fascinated with how a man's cock reacted as they came. The twitching jerk, the pulsing of the shaft -- the filling of that wonderfully veiny tube that ran along the underside of the man's prick -- how the meaty cock head swelled then spat jet after jet of creamy semen. It was a process she adored... and she typically knelt with Reynolds towering over her and his load streamed onto her face.

Not that time. No, that time she was able to get a little of her own back with the strumpet in front of her. Pure church going pastor she'd grinned -- as she jerked her master's cock and aimed his load all over the little whore's ass. God she hoped the little twat's husband would somehow see the cum stains on the inside of her skirt. She'd smiled as her hand worked Reynold's cock, her other finger massaging his prostate.

His slave knew how to give a hand job Reynolds had reflected as he caught his breath. And as he'd hoped his cum had been messily splattered over the wonderfully full ass laid out in front of him. He'd touched Anne's hand and quietly said "Stop" and she did, then felt her finger slowly removed from his ass. She knew a lot of whore's tricks Reynolds had thought -- and he'd shared those with her husband during their weekly after hour's drinks.

He'd gone commando for the session and allowed his slacks to slide down his legs, kicking free of them. He'd rubbed his cock in a pool of his semen on Tori's ass, then walked around the desk until he was standing close to her face. He'd looked at Anne and caught her smirk just before she hid it, smiled back at her in return. "Clean Mrs. Quirke if you would Anne. Use your tongue -- do a good job of it."

His eyes had bored into hers as he pressed his cock against Tori's lips. With a small smile the younger woman's mouth opened and she took him in, sighed her pleasure and contentment. Her tongue had been soft and unhurried and he stood staring at his slave.

Anne had wanted to protest but she'd learned her lesson the last time she did. That had cost her. She'd been brought by her husband to Reynold's house, and after leading her inside the bastard had made her strip. Grinning and chuckling he'd made her climb onto the top of a rough and equally sturdy table then tied her arms over her head to a heavy ring secured to a rafter.

She'd been made to seat herself on a specially equipped Sybian, and after her arms were secured her husband -- oh god her husband - had strapped her ankles to the side of device -- she couldn't move away from it. Reynolds and her fucking asshole of a spouse then spent hours playing with the controls as they drank, smoked cigars and watched porn. She'd lost count of the orgasms she'd endured -- her cunt was numb for days afterwards.

Anne didn't know how long she'd ridden the Sybian -- her orgasms had reached a point where they never really ended and she'd hung limp, moaning, shaking and babbling.

The two men had tired of her unresponsiveness, and had taken turns using a hand held vibe turned on full then touching it against the golden disk suspended from her clitoral hood. The sensations of it had felt as if her clitoris had been struck by raw electric current. The sensation had caused her to shriek, to thrash and fight her bonds as the subsequent orgasms ripped through her.

They had made a game of having her beg, to agree to ever more humiliating and debasing demands so as to keep the little buzzing nightmare away from her masters mark of ownership. All while the Sybian pulsed and twisted and buzzed inside her cunt and asshole.

After she was finally released, her body aching, sweat soaked and disheveled, she'd been left sprawled limply on t

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