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The exchange of power changes slightly.

"Me too, Alanah. Protector, please forgive us. We were being rude. We would love to join you tonight," Daniel added.

"I'm delighted," Pilau stated warmly.

"Alanah," Justice started. "You know how hopeless I am about finding an outfit for special occasions like this. Would you help me in the TARDIS, please?"

Alanah glared at her suspiciously. The Time Lady only offered an innocent glowing smile. Alanah turned to Pilau and excused herself.

"It's no problem at all, Alanah. I shall send Dion to you when it's time," Protector Pilau insisted.

Justice took Alanah's arm giddily, sauntering out of the Temple and around the front of the TARDIS. Daniel followed closely behind.

Once inside, Alanah rebuffed Justice's escort and stayed close to the door of the ship. She watched Daniel and Justice eye one another suspiciously. Alanah crossed her arms and glared.

"Alanah, come away from the door. We need to talk," Justice requested.

"Not a chance," Alanah defied. "I know you're trying to kidnap me."

Justice laughed, but quickly saw Alanah's seriousness. "Computer," Justice announced. "Under no circumstances will this ship leave its current position unless under the direct command of Alanah."

Alanah huffed, and uncrossed her arms. "Computer, close the door." The TARIDS door slammed shut behind her as she walked to meet Justice at the control panel.

"Let's go to the lounge and talk. There is much to discuss," Justice suggested.

In the lounge, a warm fire lit the room with an orange glow. The three companions sat in individual seats like three points of a triangle. Daniel struggled to sit comfortably on his sore asshole. Alanah picked at her fingernails ruminating. Justice was the first to speak.

"Eight hundred years," she started. "That's the time it took for me to find true love. I realize that human years are more pronounced. A decade by your standards is far too long to waste being unhappy. Even a minute of sadness is intolerable. I would never be strong enough for that level of pressure. I want you to know that my time spent with the two of you has been the happiest years of my life. It pains me to admit it, but it can never stay this way forever. We can stay together for fifty more years if we're very lucky, but someday, you'll both be gone. You'll grow old, and I will be alone again. And if I'm very lucky my pain will only continue for another eight hundred years. Much longer if I'm unlucky.

"I don't tell you this to make you feel guilty, or trick you into pitying me. I only tell you because I want you to understand the gravity of my love for you. A few thousand years of life is meaningless compared to one minute of human suffering, and I would trade places in a second to relieve you of your sadness, Alanah. Tell me what I can do," Justice begged.

"I don't know," Alanah admitted.

"It's not that simple, Justice," Daniel continued for her. "I'm not anywhere as old as you, but all my life I've been a human being. I've been around nothing but human beings. If we all had eight hundred years, I doubt we'd ever be able to figure out what's wrong with people. We're just broken machines. It's some kind of crazy miracle that all the parts even know how to work together just to breathe, or walk, or sleep. Throw in imagination and love and the whole system just collapses. No one knows how to man the controls, but nothing ever stops those machines from ticking."

"I'm not a fucking robot, Daniel!" Alanah exclaimed.

"That's not what I mean.

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