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A second lesson, and Lily is enjoying herself this time.

He carried her to the built-in bench and lowered her down onto her back. He power fucked her, leaning against her, his legs outstretched, using gravity to help drive his cock into her hard. She cried out again, and her nails dug into his ass cheeks. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she called to him.

She reached up to grab him by the hair and pulled his head down, kissing him savagely. He poured his passion into the kiss, tongue attacking hers as he fucked her intensely. She was panting, and her orgasm was getting close. She tightened her legs around his waist, ankles interlocked and lifted her ass up off the bench, straining to take every inch of his cock as deeply as she could.

"We're going to be late," he said with gasping breaths. She bounced her ass up and down, meeting his thrusts in response.

Suddenly, Bob pulled his cock out of her needy pussy mid-stroke. Her cunt spasmed, the hole opening and closing like the mouth of a fish out of the water. "Noooo!" she cried out, clutching for him as he stood up and stepped back.

"You want this cock?" he asked her, stroking it in front of her.

"Fuck yes, I want that cock!" she said angrily.

"Then turn around," he demanded, "and show me how much you want it."

Rose immediately rolled over and dropped her feet to the floor of the shower, her belly laying on the bench. She reached down between her legs with both hands, rubbing her cunt seductively. She spanked it with one hand, hard enough to make her cry out. She rubbed her pussy, pushing two fingers into it, curling them inside, then pulled them out to slap it again, harder than the first time. She gasped and groaned deeply.

Bob stepped behind her and rubbed the head of his cock in her wet slit, then slid it up to her asshole. As soon as it touched her anus, she moved forward and turned halfway around to face him, "Not the ass, baby, please."

He held his cock in his fist staring at her. Rose loved anal. Rose craved anal. Rose never refused anal.

"Why not?" he asked, feeling his curiosity rising.

She hesitated, then confessed with an embarrassed sigh, "I haven't pooped, and I have to be perfectly clean for that. Please just fuck me in the pussy, baby!" She turned back around and slapped her pussy again.

He moved back into position and rubbed his cock in her slit again, then plunged into her hot, slippery pussy. She cried out again, and drove her ass back to him, shoving her cunt down around his shaft.

He held her hips and started fucking her as fast as he could. His balls were slapping rapidly against her clit. "Oh, baby! Fuck me! Own this pussy!"

"Yeah, that's my pussy!" he snarled as he fucked her wildly. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, kissing her hard on the mouth.

She reached between her legs to rub his balls and shaft as he fucked her. Her other hand rubbed her hard clit rapidly. She was shaking uncontrollably, making loud whimpering sounds.

He slammed into her, as hard as he could, then held his cock still. The head was resting against her cervix. She groaned and rotated her hips slowly. The shaft rubbed against her g-spot as she moved. She felt his cock swell, and a spasm move from the base up the shaft just before his sperm poured out into her womb.

Bob pushed in harder and cried out as he started cumming. He pressed his hips steadily, firmly against her, holding his cock in place, but pushing hard against her inner reaches. His body shook with each spasm of his cock that sent more and more of his thick seed into her. "Oh fuck yes!" he shouted, "Cumming baby!" He jerked from head to toe, body tensing and releasing, tensing and releasing.

She had never felt anyone cum like that inside her, and it triggered her orgasm. She bounced uncontrollably, panting wildly as she came. She squirted, and her liquid gushed out, splashing around Bob's cock and balls. She couldn't breathe. Everything seemed to go dark, and she saw swirling patterns of stars and sparkles. Her body went completely rigid.

Then suddenly an overwhelming feeling of warmth and ple

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