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Things get hotter for fireman & his daughter.

They mashed their lips together and opening them, gasp for air as they both came hard.

After a couple of minutes, Rick and Jamie knelt up and at the same time, fell back and went under the cool, refreshing water. Even before they surfaced, Kate and Eddie followed. Rick caught up with Kate as did Jamie and Eddie. They splashed around naked and after a couple of minutes, they clung to the side of the pool and watched another four of the guests starting to get a little frisky across from them.

Kate looked around the pool and there were a number of their friends in different stages of sexual frolicking. She tapped Rick on the shoulder, he was watched the four across from him. "Rick, looks like we started a trend; just look around it seems the four of us sort of got everyone in the mood to lose their inhibitions and join in on the fun."

He chuckled, "Yeah I think you're right, just look over there." He pointed to the two women by the lounge chair and the two guys standing over them watching, waiting to join in.

Maura Isles, the long blonde haired medical examiner was sitting on the lounger. Jane Rizzoli, the raven haired detective from Boston knelt before her. Jane pulled Maura's hips down the length of it, till her ass rested on the edge.

Maura was sunning topless, something she always wanted to do, but not until today had the nerve to do. Seeing all of the sucking and fucking going on all around the pool, she thought, "What the hell, why not, when in Rome..."

Jane was kneeling before her was already down to her bikini bottoms, just like Maura, her dark sultry eyes looked up at Maura's hazel eyes and Maura knew she was in for some sexy times. Jane reached over and picked up her full glass of red wine and leaning over Maura, she dribbled the dark liquid over Maura's large, C cup tits. It ran down in a line across her belly and settled in her naval.

Frankie, Jane's brother was standing beside the two gorgeous women. He couldn't resist, he dropped his trunks and slowly stroked his cock watching his sister playing with the slender, full breasted dirty blonde.

Jane lifted Maura's leg, pushing her knee up, she reached down and deftly removed Myra's tiny bikini bottoms that hid very little to start. She revealed Maura's plump pussy lips and the darker gash of flesh between them. With her other hand, she slowly dripped wine, a drop at a time into Maura's gash. Maura's head was propped up against the back of the chair, her chin against her chest, straining to see the wine being dribbled on her. Still holding the glass in her hand, Jane edged forward with her tongue extended; she used the tip of her tongue to lap away at the droplets clinging to Maura's fleshy lips.

Maura arched her back and groaned out, "Oh God Jane, don't stop. I'm so fucking hot watching Beckett and her husband fucking, I need a release!"

Kate turned to Rick and pressing her puckered, stiff nipple against his forearm. She cupped his face and gave him a hot tongue-full kiss. "Mmmm, nice to see we instigated some of the fun around here."

Rick's hand went below the water and slipped two fingers into her juicy cunt. He pulled back, let's watch and see where this goes. I can't believe how erotic this is."

Kate giggled and leaning over whispered to him, "You are taping all of this, right?"

He nodded, "Oh yeah Kate, every room and nearly every inch of the property is covered with cameras. It cost me a small fortune, but once over, we'll have thousands of hours of hot amateur porn to watch."

She stroked his cock, "You are so fucked perverted, I guess that's why I love you."

"Shhhh, just watch!"

Jane's tongue was slowly sliding through the folds of Maura's fleshy wine stained flesh.

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