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A Peek a Boo shoe, and the devil made her do it.

Shannon had huge nipples, big and pink and puffy. Bigger even than Beth's, I thought, before throwing the thought out of my mind. I ran my hands up and down her still clothed thighs, approaching but never quite touching her mound while I suckled on her nipples.

"Take of your shirt," she gasped.

I paused and did so, and she took the moment to jiggle out of her jeans. Her hands went to her plain white panties, but I stopped her.

"Let me," I said.

Shannon lay back on her bed, reclined on her thick pillows, and I knelt between her spread wide legs. I leaned over her and planted a trail of kisses down her belly until my chin rested on the waistband of her panties. I smiled up at her, meeting her eyes between the rounded, almost conical peaks of her breasts. Slowly, I rolled down her underpants, millimetre by millimetre revealing the clotted hair around her pussy. Shannon was a natural blonde.

She was very wet - juice was almost spilling from her cunt, and the panties I tore off her legs were soaked with a wide, translucent stain. She smelled different to Masoko and Beth. The aroma from her pussy was sweeter, and as I dipped my tongue between her parted labia, she tasted delicious. She had obviously washed before calling me over, and on top of the taste of her pussy, I could taste the soap she must have spread between her legs.

As I lapped at her lips, I let my fingers discover her clitoris, which was less protuberant than Masoko's. Her moans were becoming almost frantic, and I didn't want her to come like this. I hefted myself up, until the huge length of my cock was poised over her welcoming cunt.

One last time, I asked, "Are you sure?" If she said no, perhaps I might even be able to stop.

She nodded, and her hands clasped my cock. She placed me against her pussy, and slowly, as delicately as I could, I entered her.

"Oh, Rob," she said, "Oh Rob," as I entered her. Her pussy was even tighter than Masoko's had been that first time, though then I hadn't had such size to realise it. Sooner than I thought possible, I felt my slow thrust stopped by her hymen.


She bit her lip, and her hands grasped my shoulder blades. As I pulled my cock back slightly, she dug her nails in and when I thrust, irrevocably taking her virginity, she clenched her hands tearing away what felt like all my skin. We both cried out in pain, and I rested my hands on her headboard, not withdrawing my cock, but not entering her further just yet.
Once the pain had subsided, she began to slowly grind her hips, trying to take me into her, so I started to thrust again. I fucked her gently, filling every inch of her cunt, but never taking her roughly. I ground against her g-spot with each thrust, and in the force of her moans and the frequency with which she called my name, I followed the growth of her pleasure. Shannon's hands rode my ass, squeezing it and forcing me to fuck her faster and faster as she approached her orgasm.

When she came, her tight, virgin cunt squeezed down on me with all the firmness and care of a set of thumbscrews. This was too much for me, and I came with her, each of us gasping each other's names as my cock spasmed within her amazingly hot pussy. I collapsed on to her exhausted, then rolled over, letting my cock fall out of her. She rested one hand lightly on her cunt, and stroked it absently.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Mmm... yes," she said. Between her legs, a small wet spot was forming, a pale red formed from a mixture of my come, the juice from her cunt and the small trickle of blood that had left her body with her innocence. Her body shone with sweat, and her skin was flushed with health. "That was wonderful, thank you."

I kissed her. "Don't mention it," I said.

The door opened, and in stepped Kim, her huge breasts squeezed into a tiny bikini that just covered her nipples, her bikini bottoms clearly showing that at the very least she had a Brazilian wax. In her hand was a Polaroid camera, and before Shannon or I could react, she snapped off a couple of quick shots.

"Finally done?" she asked.

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