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Student fulfills Teacher's fantasy.

This room contains things that look like torture machines, cages, whips, vibrators, ass plugs. Everything you could possibly want for a slave.

Master and I are approached by a woman in a sleek black pantsuit. She also has on a collar, but no leash. She seems to be a prized slave, or something, to be walking with so much poise and regalness. She smiles at Master, her teeth blindingly whitened. As she hands a large black duffel bag to Master, I notice something on her neck. A tattoo. I try to look closer, but she notices and pulls up her collar with a look of disgust shot my way.

The woman walks away, her plump ass swinging from side to side. She turns right before she exits the door, blows a kiss to Master, then walks out, slamming the door shut. Master punches in a code to a pad beside the door, obviously locking us in. I have no escape now. Master approaches a bench on the wall and pats the empty bit beside him. I walk over and sit, tentatively, sure that this is a test and I have failed. Master, however, seems to be content.

"Now, slave, I want you to start off hard. Very hard. It will put you through immense pain, but soon after, immense pleasure. Trust me, darling, this is the best thing that has ever happened to you." Master reaches down and drags my chin so that I face him, He bends down, his face an inch from mine. He brushes away a strand of hair, then takes my face in both hands and kisses me. I linger for a few moments, but then push away. It feels strange.

"Are you ready to start?" Master asks, and I shake my head 'no' once, then nod for yes. He smiles and lead me to a machine.

"This will stretch you a lot, and you will be hurt. No bleeding, I promise, as long as you aren't a virgin. Get on." I obey my Master, climbing onto the machine before me. Master helps me get strapped in. I see a massive dildo, perhaps 14 inches, and enormously wide, hooked up to the machine and poised at my vagina.

"No, no, nooo!!" I have changed my mind, I can't do this! I scream and scream, but Master just ties me tighter. I close my eyes and wail, until Master stuffs a ball gag in my mouth. I continue to scream, though it is now inaudible. I cannot move anymore, I have no control.

Master switches on the machine, and I almost black out. The dildo is smashed into me with such force that I feel it in my stomach. I scream out as I feel the dildo going as deep as my vagina allows, and then pushing deeper. I scream in agony as the thing approaches my womb. I sweat and scream until Master switches off the machine and the dildo is pulled out.

I lay there, shaking and sweating and crying. Finally, I feel my vagina being entered again. At first, I think it is the dildo, then realize that it is Master's actual cock. I yell out, then realize that it doesn't hurt. I am so stretched that it no longer hurts for a cock to enter me.

I gasp and squirm when I feel Master's cock tighten. He is about to cum. I expect him to pull out, but he does nothing of the sort. I begin to panic when the first load of sticky, hot semen is shot into my fertile vagina. Doesn't he know that I could get pregnant?! He shoots his load three more times, groaning with pleasure.

"I was just kidding you before. You aren't a slave." Master's hot breath tickles my ear as he hisses into it. "You. Are. A. Breeding. Slut."

My stomach drops. I scream and cry as the weight of the situation crashes down upon me. Master just laughs, not even bothering to pull his dick out. I think he is making sure that I get pregnant. Jesus Christ, what have I gotten myself into?!

3 months later

"We're all awake, are we?" Master swaggers into the dark room that I am held in. I look up at him, and then down at my naked body. A quite noticeable bump has formed on my stomach. I look around me. The women who are also used for breeding stay in here with me. One looks to be in pain.

"Ah, breeding cow number 5 is in labor." Master talks into a walkie-talkie, and soon enough, a few men come in and take her to the hospital wing.


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