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A Velvet fairy tale.

He casually put his hand on my thigh.

"Usually, this is when I would fantasize about doing that with you," he whispered, "But, now..."

"What?" I blushed. He pulled my laptop out of my lap, put it on the coffee table and kissed me. He held the back of my head in his hands. His hands soon fell to my hips and pulled me closer to him. He began to kiss down my neck. I ran my hands up the front of his shirt. He quickly pulled his shirt off over his head to give me full access. He pulled me onto his lap. I straddled him. He grabbed my ass and pressed his hips against mine. He began to bury his face between my tits. I pulled his face back up to mine and kissed him. He broke the kiss.

"We made a mess of my bed. Let's use yours," he said as he got up, with my legs still wrapped around his waist, and walked to my bedroom. We quickly fell into my bed. As he kissed me, he pulled my shorts and panties off. He settled between my legs and just looked at my pussy.

"What are you doing?" I giggled.

"Planning," he responded. I laughed. He lazily traced his fingers over my pussy. His light touches made me flinch. He spread me open and carefully blew over my clit. I squirmed at his touch. He grabbed my hips and held me still. He began to work his tongue against me. He took his time, teasing me, and licking me from back to front. I felt my wetness begin to pool between my thighs. I was sure I was going to make a spot on the bed. He eased a finger into me.

"Careful, I'm still sore," I whispered.

"So am I," he chuckled. He swirled his tongue around his finger, exploring the folds of me, tasting me. I moaned as he carefully massaged me. He pressed a second finger into me, stretching me. Then he delicately swirled another finger around my ass, not quite entering, just teasing me with the idea. I gasped. He rolled his tongue against my clit. Even though was lying down, I felt my knees buckle. I felt his fingers massage inside my pussy. He ate me out slowly. I grabbed his head as I got close. I spread my legs wider and he pressed into me. My hips began to grind against his mouth. I let go of his head and began to play with my nipples. I looked down at him only to catch him watching me writhe. I felt myself begin to cum and then quickly cum again.

As I lay there, recovering, he slowly kissed his way up my body. He carefully slid my shirt and bra off. He sucked on my tits and began to slowly grind against me, letting me feel his hardness through his shorts. As my pleasure subsided, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. He moaned into my mouth, obviously, needing release. I hooked my legs around his hips and flipped him on his back. He laughed in surprise. I slid down his body and made quick work of his shorts and briefs.

He was hard. I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked him all the way to the back of my throat.

"Holy shit, Erica," he moaned. I loved the salty taste of his precum. I loved how he filled my mouth. I slowly drew him out of my mouth and then pulled him back in. His hips rose off the bed to meet me. He raked his fingers through my hair.

"Fuck," he gasped, "How did you get so good at that?"

"You taught me," I quipped in the quick moment I took my mouth off his cock. I quickly engulfed him again to make my point. He groaned as his eyes rolled back in his head and his hips rolled into my mouth. I moaned around his cock. I took my time going up and down the length of him until his cock was cover in spit. I took my hand and began to swirl it up and down with my mouth.

"Shit!" he cried, "Slow down, I don't wanna cum yet," he whispered as his hands pulled my head off his cock. I looked up at him. His face was flushed, he smiled down at me. He sat up, got closer to me and carefully pushed my hair out of my face. He began to stroke my face and just stare at me.

"What?" I asked, uncomfortable.

"Nothing," he whispered. His seemed lost in my face. I blushed.

"Stop it," I whispered.

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