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Former lovers find themselves alone, and can't resist.

She did not have a paddle in the apartment, but she did have a wooden bath brush. That would have to do. When she was sure he had enough time to complete her orders, she strolled into the bedroom. The sight of him made her catch her breath, and smile involuntarily. He was standing there, completely naked as ordered, facing the far wall. Hands clasped together in the small of his back, feet shoulders' width apart, with head and shoulders squared... He looked like a soldier at the position of 'parade rest'. Well yes, that's right, she remembered, he was in the military. Broad shoulders, narrowed waist, and a muscular ass created a mouthwatering vision. "Hands interlaced behind your head" she ordered. He quickly obeyed. A thrill rushed through her. "Stay there!"

"Yes, Ma'am" he replied. Oh, this was going to be fun, she thought. Why hadn't they done this sooner?

Ten minutes later she had retrieved the bath brush, and he was still maintaining his position, though shifting from foot to foot occasionally. He instantly stilled when he heard her come in the room.

"Marc" she snapped, breaking the silence, "Come over here, now."

She was standing by the bed. Startling a little at the sound of her voice, he dropped his arms, and moved quickly to her side. His cock, slightly softened from the long wait, now bobbed back to attention. She grasped it firmly, pulling him in a little closer.

"Are you ready to be spanked" she asked, staring up into his big brown eyes.

"Yes Ma'am" His breathing quickened. She admired his bare chest, firm abs and muscled thighs.

"This might not last long" she warned, giving his hard cock a last squeeze. "Lay down over the bed, feet on the floor!"

She smacked his rear end smartly, as he turned away from her. The bath brush rested close by and he eyed it warily as he folded himself over the edge of the bed.

"Hands out in front, and they better not come off the bed!" came her order. Again, he complied.

"Why are you being punished?" she asked sharply.

"Because I flirted with that girl in the store", came his reply.

"And what is flirting?"

"Wrong?" came the hesitant response. Jenna chuckled to herself, but responded in a no nonsense tone.

"Yes it is wrong, Marc. But it is also a form of cheating, don't you think?"

"Yes, Ma'am" his head dropped to the bed. He was a natural at this submissive stuff, Jenna thought.

"Since you need to be punished" she decreed "I am going to start with a hand spanking to warm you up. Then I will use the bath brush for your paddling, understood?"

"Yes Ma'am" he said softly, a sudden shiver running through him. She took a moment to admire the perfectly raised ass in front of her. A light red hand print marked his right cheek. She ran a finger nail lightly up the inside of his thigh. He shivered again. Oh what fun they could have, she thought, if they could get beyond his bad behavior.... If she could get him on the right track... and trust him.

The first smack of her hand made him jump slightly, but he quickly regained his composure and kept his position. She rested one hand in the small of his back. Then she began to rain down the spanks slowly, covering his ass in a circle, from the tops of his thighs to the crest of his buttocks. After she had created a nice pink glow, she began concentrating on each area. Three smacks on the lower left cheek, then three on the lower right. Initially, he had been still and quiet. Now he let out a hiss, and bunched the bedding up in his hands. She repeated this process over all the areas of his ass and upper thighs. His breathing was becoming ragged, his body twisting and jerking.

"Stay still, Marc" She commanded, pressing the non-spanking hand into his back.

"But it hurts" he pleaded raggedly.

"Um, yes, I am sure it is starting to hurt" she replied "but it is supposed to hurt. It is supposed to deter you from flirting with other women... and from even thinking about cheating on me!"

With that statement, she began spanking him hard and fast, turning his ass a bright red.

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