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Damned if she'd try to cover herself. "If you overheard, you'll understand that I'm not sleeping with you today," she announced, "so you might as well leave."

"That's OK," said Neil. "I don't mind staying and enjoying the scenery. I can assure you I have no intention of sleeping with you, either." He laughed at her startled look, before continuing. "Doing other things, yes, but not sleeping."

"Have I ever told you how lovely your breasts are?" he asked. "Remiss of me if I haven't. These are truly exquisite." Neil reached out and gently ran his thumb across Heather's breasts, rolling her nipples slightly as he did so. "It seems to me," said Neil, "that it would only be fair for me to give you a chance to use your body to start persuading me." He started undoing the buttons of his shirt.

"What do you think you're doing," demanded Heather.

"I'm getting on level terms with you. Once I'm undressed you can use your body and see if you can persuade me to beg."

"You're kidding, right?" Heather watched, dry mouthed, as Neil continued to strip. Even as she watched he stepped out of his trousers and she realised that he was ready for anything she might want to do. She swallowed with difficulty.

"This isn't proving anything," she muttered, avoiding looking at him. "You might as well get dressed again."

"Yes, it is," said Neil. "You want to prove your dominance." He reached out and drew her up against him, her nude body pressed closed to his own. He backed up until the bed was pressing against his knees. "I'm going to give you your chance. Are you going to take it?"

Heather was sweating now. She felt hot and bothered and little stabs of excitement were tormenting her loins. She knew where this was going and she also knew that she wanted it. Just how far could she tease him she wondered. Then again, why bother teasing? Why not go straight to torment?

Neil could see determination gathering in Heather's face. She wanted him but she also wanted to dominate. He was prepared to let her try but was confident that when the games began in earnest, he would win.

Heather was mentally tossing a coin. Should she or shouldn't see. Catching a movement out of the corner of her eye she glanced to the side, to see Janet watching them, hardly daring to breathe. Knowing her friend was there watching was enough to decide the mental toss. She would take him and make him beg.

A spasm of excitement ran through Heather at the thought. She pressed herself firmly against him, feeling how his hardness complemented the softness of her own body. Feeling how part of him seemed very hot and hard as it pressed against her. She pushed forward, feeling a thrill as Neil first sat, then lay, on the bed.

Letting himself be pushed back onto the bed, Neil lay there watching as Heather climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to him. She placed one hand lightly on his chest while her other hand ran along his erection, squeezing and stroking. Neil reached up to stroke Heather's breasts, only to have his hand pushed back down. She wanted to control what happened.

Heather played with Neil's cock, teasing him, letting the excitement build in him. By refusing to let him touch her, she thought that he would soon be frustrated and start pressuring her for more, while she'd stay in control. The more she played and teased him however, the more excited she found herself becoming.

Neil watched, enjoying Heather's administrations. He noticed her flushed face and deeper breathing and wondered how soon before she took the next step. Not long, he realised as she suddenly swung her leg over him and straddled him, pressing her moist slit firmly against his erection. He almost groaned as she started rubbing herself along the length of his rigid pole.

Heat burned deep within Heather, calling for a closer intimacy.

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