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" Andy stood next to the taller female so that his shoulder blades were just slightly under hers and their lower bodies several inches apart. Aline was breathing fast and shallow with her eyes closed. Andy reached back and gripped Aline's bare hips and she did the same. Slowly they closed the distance between them. No one was smiling but all three were tense with anticipation and the only sound in the room was their labored breathing.

"AAHH!" groaned Andy and Aline in unison as their warm skin finally touched. Andy and Aline slowly and sensuously moved only enough to push against each other and enjoy the passion of the moment.

When they had calmed down some, Karen got on her knees, reached across to the front of their hips, and gently pulled. "Now stay pressed against each other and slowly turn."

Karen kept her hands in place and her friends did as directed. From her knees on the floor, Karen was treated to a new visual experience as the two pelvic regions came into clear view. Andy had a more prominent boner than before and it was causing the top of his suit to stand out slightly from his six-pack abs. Aline's suit had formed a serious "cameltoe" into her pussy, probably due to the thong arrangement, but also because her genitals were engorged and swollen.

Karen turned them until they faced each other. They had primly pulled their lower bodies apart so that only their upper bodies met.

"Now give your partner a good hug."

They grabbed each other across their upper backs and hugged. This was still very intense given that only Aline's racing suit materiel separated Andy's toned chest from her high round tits. They gently rocked their shoulders and increased the warm sensitive feeling across their torsos.

But that was not enough for Karen. She gripped a handful of buttock on each of them and slowly pressed them toward each other. Andy and Aline both flinched at the contact with Karen's palms and briefly looked down at Karen, who seemed to be focused only on their lower bodies. They looked back at each other and Aline slowly closed her eyes while letting her head fall slightly back.

Karen's mind was on the joining of that boner with that cameltoe. As the two genital areas got close Karen guided Aline upward and Andy downward so that the head of his penis would meet with the opening of Aline's pussy. When they were very close, Karen pushed them together. The almost visible head of Andy's penis gently and firmly nudged through Aline's cameltoe lips and lodged against the opening of her pussy.

"AAHHHHHH!" they almost yelled at the same instant. They violently jerked their hips apart. But neither one tried to fully separate.

"BINGOOOO!" yelled Karen.

She allowed a moment for her friends to calm down and continued, "Now keep turning around," she croaked hoarsely as she pulled on them. All three were breathing heavy and fast.

Aline and Andy allowed their hands to fall and touch each other as they turned. By the time their backs met they had each lightly touched the other person's thighs and buttocks with their fingertips.

"A couple of more turns and you'll be finished." Andy and Aline did not respond, they just kept turning.

As they turned to face Karen, she assessed the situation. Andy's dick had grown even more and the head was even with the top of his suit. Aline's cameltoe was a lot more pronounced due to the nudge, and her pussy lips were more engorged with throbbing blood. Normally Karen would have been shocked with such views but she was too carried away with the event to be shocked. She stretched higher to look down the top of Andy's suit and got a brief look at the red top of his dick.

Andy and Aline faced each other again and hugged their upper bodies tight together.

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