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The man sat at the table looked up at Holmes' with trepidation, like a cowed dog awaiting his next command.

'Now, leave and return to Arabia by the very next boat. I will know if you do not. I suggest you stay there and only communicate by letter. It is only my concern for Lady Warburton's honour that I have not handed you to Scotland Yard. If you are not out of Baker Street in the next two minutes I may change my mind . . . or even shoot you where you sit!'

The man sat dumbfounded at the last remarks, delivered quietly but with unimaginable menace.


My friend's sudden shout shook the man from his trance and grabbing his hat and pushing past me with a look of fear and, strangely, some other emotion I could not place, on his face the man left, clattering down the stairs and slamming the door behind him.

'Holmes?' I enquired, aghast.

'We expect one more visitor before the game is finished Watson so help me square the room away slightly, we are expecting nobility. I will explain while we work.'

I moved to help him as he unfolded the story.

'That, Watson, was Mr Alexander Torrington.'

'Miss Torrington's father? But he isn't expected in England until tomorrow.'

'He has been here for two weeks Watson. I ascertained this from the records of the shipping lines. It was he who drugged his own daughter, had her mutilated and blackmailed her.'

I stopped still, a pile of papers slipping from my hand.

'Hard to fathom I know Watson, but when I read that his fortune came from trading spices from Arabia but that his company was doing badly due to heavy competition from emerging rivals I began to suspect a hideous twist to our plot, especially considering the Arabian history of Miss Torrington's Harem Knot adornment. A few hasty telegrams and some sincerely delivered threats got the truth out of him. The man is verging on bankruptcy Watson. He cannot afford to pay for the wedding or provide a dowry for his Daughter, but to admit as much would be the final nail in his company's coffin so instead he hatched a brutish plan to scupper the wedding through either his Daughter's or his would-be Son-in-Law's part.'

I was aghast, I simply could not believe what I was hearing.

'But you said you were letting him go to save Lady Warburton's honour, how is she affected?'

'I was referring to his daughter, but refuse to give her his name, he does not deserve her, but I hear the approach of a carriage so some subtle timing is now required. Go back into my room and see that the piercer leaves, but not before our new arrival is safely in this room. It would not be becoming for them to meet on the stairs!'

I moved back to Holmes's room but found that the piercer had already left. However, any surprise at that was eclipsed by what I saw. Miss Torrington was still lying naked, but for the veil, on the table but Mrs Hudson was between her legs, manipulating her vagina and gently blowing on it. The veil over Miss Torrington's face alternatively billowed away from her faced then was sucked into her mouth as the young lady's breathing caused her breasts to heave on her chest. Her back arched again from the table and a staccato breath erupted from her as I witnessed her climax once more before she sagged back on the table.

'I'm sorry my dear but this cream will soothe you and bring the swelling down quickly and I had to make sure I got it in all the folds my love.' Said Mrs Hudson with genuine concern before moving away from the table to retrieve a dampened cloth from the side stand.

As she did so I noticed that one of the rings was still in one of Miss Torrington's labia.

'He left without finishing?'

Mrs Hudson turned quickly, she had been unaware that I had entered the room. Her face was flushed.

'Oh no, Doctor, no, Miss Torrington asked that he leave one in, she thinks her husband may like it as a wedding gift.' She dropped her voice, 'if the wedding is still going ahead but she trusts Mister Holmes and says we must too.'

She turned back to the side table, retrieved the small pile of rings and chains and handed them

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