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He meets up with his sisters.

She laughed at little jokes Ken made, and they generally got along well together.

For just a moment, he entertained a thought of courting her. The thought had no more entered his head before he shook it out and turned away from the enchanting sight of her on the bed, pulling the covers up over her at the same time. She had lost her husband to violence only a few months before, right before her eyes, and it would just be cruel to make her think about those emotions again.

He could still feel her arms wrapped around him the night before, no matter how hard he tried to push the sensation away.


The sheriff slapped his hat against his thigh, saying, "Well, I reckon you about have to be the rightful owner of what was in that wagon now. Ain't nobody coulda known so much about what was in it unless it were theirs."

"I don't know what could be left," Karen said quietly, hugging her arms about her.

"Well, somethin' you didn't know about, obviously. There was a sack fulla gold under the seat of the wagon, enough for you to be right well off."

Karen looked up at the lawman with surprise, "Gold?"

"Yep. Yer kin musta been better off 'n you knew. That's why Barret wanted to make sure that the folk it belonged to got it."

Ken smiled and turned to Karen, "Well, that should help get you back East." Even though he was happy for her, the thought of her leaving was painful. No matter how hard he fought against it, he was becoming deeply enamored of the beautiful little woman.

The Sheriff put back on his hat and said, "I can send word to Barret, or I can just send a letter with you. He said he'd trust my thinkin' on it."

"We'll have to sleep in the wagon, it'll take longer than a day to get there," Ken explained to Karen.

She shivered and whispered, "I don't know if I can."

Turning to the other man, Ken asked, "Would this Barret give me her things, if you told him it was me that was comin'?"

"I reckon so. I could send 'round a deputy to keep an eye on the place, if you'll be staying Ma'am," the Sheriff offered.

"I don't want to trouble anyone," she responded softly.

The lawman laughed, "Ain't no trouble at all. A couple of them boys ain't been earning their pay lately. They could do with a little cold and wet."

Ken asked, "You want me to go get them things for you? I could go today. I'm sure you're yearnin' for home."

Even though the thought of home, her real home, did warm her heart, Karen did not relish the trip. The thought of leaving Ken also caused her a little twinge of regret as well. He was everything she hoped her husband would become once they were married, despite knowing his nature. She had thought she could change him, but he proved her wrong quite quickly. Perhaps it would be best if I didn't see Ken for a couple of days, she thought.

Nodding her head, she said, "If you don't mind."

"I'll get the wagon hitched up, then. You should have enough to eat while I'm gone."

The Sheriff laughed, adding, "And I'll tell one of them lazy boys that they're gonna be ridin' out this way regular for a couple days."


Karen found that she stared after Ken long after he vanished from sight in the distance. Sighing, she finally turned away from the window. Catching a tangled lock of her hair between her fingers, she thought that it could use a washing, as could the rest of her. Although Ken said he thought bad weather was coming again, for now it was quite warm in the house, despite the season. Her hair should dry well enough that she wouldn't catch cold, if she did it now.

She felt and smelled quite a bit better after a good washing. The deputy greeted her, shortly afterward, and she saw him twice more during the day. The Sheriff also came to call, to make sure the other man was doing what he was told, and that she didn't need anything. The house was lonely without Ken, even though she took on his chores - at least those she could manage - to keep her busy once her hair dried.

The bed also felt empty when she lay down that night, and that thought caused her c

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