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She spoils him and he spoils her.


We finished dinner and she helped me with the dishes and cleaning up. Kat came over shortly after and it didn't dawn on me until I saw her that she might be the one Jamie was questioning herself about. I wondered if anything was going on between them as I watched Kat enter the kitchen. She was nineteen but graduated the same day Jamie did. She had shorter brown hair and was of a slightly darker natural complexion than Jamie was. With a couple piercings and a tattoo, I wouldn't call her the rebellious one, but certainly more adventurous. This gave rise to my suspicions that maybe they were experimenting with each other.

It wasn't long after Jamie and Kat went back to their girl cave when Sharen came over. She let herself in as she often does and came straight to the living room where I was watching TV and having a couple drinks. She sat next to me and asked how things were going.

"Nothing changed since before. Kat and Jamie are back there," I said, pointing to Jamie's room, "and I can't stop thinking about your ass."

"I thought you might like that," she said while leaning closer to me, "and I have no bra or panties on right now."

"Moving a bit quick, aren't we?" I asked, turning to look at her. She had an intense look in her eye as if she had been planning this encounter for a while.

"What purpose is there in waiting? We were hot for each other back then and the only difference is that my sister is no longer with us." She said, reaching over, rubbing my cock through my pants.

I wanted to get right to it, but I was afraid Jamie or Kat, or both would come out here for some reason and catch us. That was the last thing I needed was to be caught fucking the person I was about to send Jamie to about a sex related topic.

"You've got me in a mood here, and I want to fuck you, but I'm concerned about being caught. Especially after the talk I had with Jamie this afternoon, you know?" I said, hoping she would have planned this all out.

She shifted her ass over a little, turning more towards me and reached for my zipper.

"Sharen, she's going to catch us." I whispered to her, the TV almost overpowering my voice.

She didn't respond. She unbuttoned my pants, lowered my zipper and reached through the opening of my boxers to retrieve my cock.

"I've missed this fella." she said as she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth.

She was always a perfectionist when it came to sucking cock. She always used her hand in conjunction with her mouth and knew exactly how to make me cum. I reached around her and fondled her tit as she kept sucking. I exhaled deeply, knowing I was about to cum soon when she abruptly stopped.

"That was just a sample. I'm going to use the lady's room. When I get back, you're going to take me to the kitchen and bend me over the table and fuck me properly like you used to." She informed me.

My head was swimming as she walked away. I wasn't expecting any of this. I grabbed my cock and jerked it, waiting for her to hurry back so I could fuck her. It's been so long, but I remember what she likes. In the last few months of us fucking back in the day, she used to like me to fuck her doggy style while sticking my thumb in her ass. It seemed she was getting into the double penetration scene, but then everything came to a halt. Her sister wasn't that adventurous, but she did have her moments. I was anxious to see if she developed any new kinks over the years. I was about to learn about one of them.

After some time, she returned to the living room, almost skipping back to the couch with her hand attempting to cover a huge smile on her face. She plopped down next to me and grabbed my arm.

"Guess what the fuck I just saw?" She said, shaking my arm with both hands.

Since she went to the bathroom, I cannot imagine anything in there being this exciting. Plus, she made me horny as fuck, so I wasn't terribly interested in whatever she saw. I wanted to bring her to the kitchen like she demanded and fuck her. I shrugged indicating my indifference.

"So, I was in

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