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Ellie starts her second act.

" Amy said.

"Yeah, once Robert and Susan did what they did all 10 of us were pretty much committed to finishing the project. If it hadn't been them it would have been the rest of us with these 'undressed rehearsals'. As soon as two of us were with someone other than our spouse the idea became a reality." John said.

"The reality could be great though. We've got a great idea for the story. We've got a great location to shoot it. We've got 5 hot people to be in the movie. We've got a professional film maker that's going to shoot it. If we can pull it off, it could be incredible." Amy said.

"I think so too. It would have been easier on everyone if we were 10 friends...not 5 couples. It would have been easier on everyone if we were still just dating and not married. It would have been easier on everyone if we were complete strangers. Of course it was because we're 5 couples that have been together for so long that we initially felt comfortable doing this together." John said.

"Yeah, I don't think that at this point in my life I could just go to a bar or a club and pick up a guy, but the idea of fucking you, Tom, Eric, or Mark didn't bother me that much. I wouldn't have been upset with Robert if he had decided to be in the movie and was fucking Julie, Lisa, and Kelly. I'm mad about what he did with Susan because I didn't know about it beforehand. I think that one text message while they were writing would have been enough. 'Hey, we're getting pretty worked up while writing. We might fuck. Is that okay?' If he'd sent that before fucking her I probably wouldn't be mad at all." Amy said.

"That would have required blood in his brain Amy...his blood was somewhere else at that point." John said.

"I know. Speaking of which, it looks like your blood has returned to your cock. Are you ready for me to suck that thing?" Amy asked.

"You want to go from talking about what the movie could do to our marriages to sucking my cock?" John asked.

Amy smiled.

"Do you not want a blowjob?" Amy asked.

"Oh fuck...of course I want one." John said.

Amy smiled.

"Then let's see how much of your cock I can get in my mouth. Have a seat on the end of the bed." Amy said.

John moved so he was sitting on the edge of the bed and Amy moved off the bed to her knees between John's feet. She reached up and started slowly stroking John's cock. Amy leaned in and flicked her tongue over the head of John's cock. John smiled.

"You like that?" Amy asked.

"Find a guy on earth that doesn't like that. Even a gay guy would just close his eyes and pretend you're his boyfriend." John said.

Amy smiled and took the head of John's cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down the first few inches while continuing to stroke the rest with her hand. John closed his eyes and moaned.

"Until the other day I'd forgotten how good another woman's mouth could feel. With Kelly and Lisa you're only the 3rd person to suck my cock since I started dating Kelly. Once the movie is over I'm probably going back to just Kelly and I'm fine with that; especially if she learns how Lisa takes the whole thing in her mouth and throat." John said.

Amy pulled her mouth off of John's cock and looked at it.

"Lisa took all of this in her mouth? I can't even take half of it." Amy said.

John nodded.

"Yeah, she took all of it and it was awesome. You're doing a damn fine job with what you're doing too though." John said.

Amy went back to sucking John's cock. John looked down at Amy and shook his head.

"This is all just nuts." John said.

Amy pulled her mouth off of John's cock.

"No...this is all cock...these are your nuts." Amy said.

Amy moved her head lower and started licking John's balls.

"Oh Jesus that feels good." John said.

Amy smiled.

"Your cock feels pretty good laying on my cheek like that." Amy said.

John looked down and saw his cock against Amy's face as she continued to lick his balls.

"God damn that's hot. We might have to have Eric shoot over my shoulder to get that on film for the movie." John said.

Amy smiled up

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