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A therapist helps a step brother and sister.

Beep. Beep. Back up the truck Gertrude! You and Pat fooled around with each other?"

"Relax. It wasn't my first experience with another female. Remember all those rumors back in the day, about the Tri-Gams on campus. Well, those weren't rumors. The sorority based everything around sex. I licked more nipples that I can remember and my pussy was poked and prodded by my future sorority sisters, during pledge week. The initiation night was over the top. Pat had a similar experience at her college, too. But that's all for another night. You may want to get some kleenex. I'm sure you will drop a load when you hear what I did with Pat. We really enjoyed one another, before we met you guys to watch the sunset."

As I guzzled my wine, Mary said, "Once we got in the master bedroom, Pat suggested I try on the bathing suit she was wearing. I took off my lime green suit and stood in front of her naked. She removed her suit, too. We were both blown away by the similarities of our bodies. The only other difference beside our hair color was her pussy is completely hairless.

We stood facing one another and noticed our nipples were the same height and actually touched when we pressed our tits together. We turned around, and pressed our ass cheeks together. They were also a perfect match.

There was a lot of gentle touching when I was trying on her bathing suits. We both were getting aroused. Her nipples are as sensitive as mine. We laughed when we saw how big our nipples were getting. Pat stayed naked the entire time she helped me in and out of the remaining bathing suits. I also tried on some of her sexy clothes.

I don't remember who initiated the first kiss, but I do remember our tongues touching and rubbing each other's naked hips and ass, as we rolled on the bed together. Pat pushed me on my back and started licking my nipples. She took her time, and worked her way to my navel and eventually my extremely wet pussy. She followed the contour of my vagina with her tongue, slipping her tongue in every fold. I was pinching my nipples, squirming under her, and sighing when my legs started to quiver. I had my first orgasm from a woman since my college days. Pat continued to drink in my fluids until I stopped jamming my pelvis on her face.

She laid on her back and I repaid the sexual favor. I also took my time licking her sensitive nipples. She began purring like a contented cat. I spent time licking her navel. I inserted a finger in her wet slit and slowly moved it, in and out. I replaced my finger with my tongue. I darted my tongue in and out of her sweet tasting gash. Pat yelled louder than I did when she came. We were both surprised you guys didn't hear us at the beach!"

I tried not to spank myself listening to my naked wife, but it was getting more difficult. Mary got up and walked to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine. I put a couple of more logs on the fire and watched my sexy wife, wearing nothing but red thigh high stockings, refill our wine glass.

Mary continued, "We took turns offering one another our little brown ass-holes.

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