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Daughter helps father to relax.

"What was that?"

Janet was in no mood to be put off now and pulled Steve towards her as they stood in the middle of her bedroom.

"Nothing, honey," she cooed, "just noises that an old house like this makes from time to time.

In fact she had heard something as well, but the heat from between her legs told her not to give it a second thought. She wanted Steve and she wanted him now!

Harry wiped the specks of perspiration from his brow as he realised that his discovery was not imminent. He looked out of the crack in the door. Janet was sitting down at her dressing table and looked as if she were about to brush her hair. But Steve was behind her now. His hands caressed her swan-like neck and down over her shoulders. Harry heard Janet moan as her lovers' fingers traced patterns over her skin and slipped lower into the low-cut top of her blouse, cupping a naked, bra-less breast.

"Take them out." Steve whispered into her ear as his fingers massaged the soft flesh. "I want to kiss them."

Harry looked on as his wife immediately obeyed Steve's command. She pulled the top of the blouse, stretching it downwards and under the swell of her breasts. Harry looked at Janet's breasts as if seeing them for the first time. They looked full and heavy; capped with pink nipples that looked harder than he had ever seen them.

Steve's head dipped and Harry heard a moan escape his wife lips as one of the nipples disappeared between a pair of full lips.

"Mmmmmmm." Janet cried. "That feels so good baby. Keep going, please."

Steve's hungry mouth devoured Janet's nipples as he feasted greedily. Harry could hear the noises of sexual excitement echoing around the room and, again, found himself with a rock-hard erection. He wondered how hard Steve was right now and was surprised at himself for thinking how much he'd like to see the younger man's cock.

Janet had not taken her top off but had stretched it right down so that the whole of each breast was at Steve's disposal. She sighed deeply and could feel the mounting passion manifest itself in a seeping damp patch between her legs. She had never achieved orgasm before by just having her nipples sucked but she had a good feeling. She was heading in that direction right now!

Steve bobbed his head and switched from one nipple to the other as he lightly bit and nibbled on the sensitive flesh. He could sense the woman beneath him responding and guessed that she was building up towards an orgasm. He smiled inwardly. He loved to feel a woman shudder to a climax.

Suddenly he felt his lover stiffen up. The nipple in his mouth seemed to pulse as if with a life of its own. Janet's back arched deeply and Steve felt the warm breast mash into his face. He could see her legs trembling and knew she was cumming.

From within the closet, Harry watched his blonde haired wife climax with another man. His erection pulsated inside his work pants as he saw her legs part and her stockinged toes curl. He knew he would have then left it at that and insisted on his turn, but it was evident that Steve was a much more considerate lover.

Harry's eyes bulged as Steve picked Janet up and laid her gently back on the bed. Her legs fell open almost automatically and her whole body twitched and contorted as the climax continued to wash over her.

"I've been looking forward to tasting you for so long, baby," Steve whispered as he ducked his head between Janet's splayed thighs, "and now the moment has finally arrived!"

Janet's cry of lust almost pierced Harry's ears as she felt her lovers' tongue snake lovingly into her vagina. Her hips bucked as the orgasm returned and gathered strength and Steve had to almost pin her to the bed to save her from falling off.

"Oh my God!" Janet cried. "I'm still cumming!"

Steve's tongue flicked and probed at the moist pink flesh.

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