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Her boyfriend's unexpected gift has very sexy consequences.


Holly was asleep by midnight, dressed only in her chemise and pantalets after rounds of trying on various gowns. Elena remained awake, her heartache disallowing her to sleep. Instead, she kept herself busy by tidying the room and thinking about what could have been.

By two in the morning, she found herself curled on the windowseat with Shakespeare's As You Like It opened in front of her. The rain had long since subsided and only a few raindrops from the ramparts flitted down the window.

Absorbed in her own thoughts despite the book in her hands, she started when a dark carriage pulled up in front of the house. Who the devil could be visiting at this late hour?

She watched as a cloaked feminine figure stepped out of the carriage and started up the steps. The door was opened from the inside, which meant that whoever the visitor was, she was being expected.

Frowning, Elena rose from her seat and set the book back on the shelf. Then, wrapping a robe over her nightgown, she peaked into the hallway. It was sparsely lit, save for the light emanating from the door to the study.

The study?

Now more panicked than curious, Elena stepped into the hallway and shut the door softly. Her footfalls were masked by the carpeted floor as she scurried across the hallway, afraid of what she would find.

She heaved a sigh of relief when there was no sound on the other side of the study's door. Laughing at herself for her active imagination, she turned to return to Holly's room. Perhaps the visitor had been for someone else, like one of the servants.

She'd taken merely three steps away from the study when she heard sounds of movement behind the door. Panicked yet again, she ran back to the door and pressed her ear to it. It sounded like a chair or a piece of furniture was being moved.

Then, to her horror, she heard a husky feminine laugh.

"You were always one to cut right to the chase," she heard the woman say with laughter in her voice.

Elena was having a seizure. A heart collapse, if you will. Nothing could feel worse than the pain in her heart at that moment. What was Matthew doing with a woman so late at night? Had he requested that she come visit him? Lord, Elena knew of these kinds of women. Her own father had taken to visiting them a few years after her mother had passed on. They were women who gave their favors away for a few coins.

A sultry moan reached her ears and several tears began trickling down her cheeks. No, no, no! She would not let this happen! She would not give up on this man so easily, no matter what he might do to dissuade her.

Swiping at her tears, she stiffened her back before swinging the door open.

Then she wished she hadn't. She dearly, dearly wished she hadn't.

She had only seconds to take in the image of Matthew with his mouth fastened to the other woman's breast before tears clouded her vision and grief engulfed her body. She bent her head and tried to wipe her tears away.


She heard him call her name, then let out a singeing curse. He said a few low words to the woman, who quickly righted her clothes and walked out the door. Elena shrank from the woman as she walked past her.

"Elena?" he called again, but she didn't know what she should say. What would one say in this situation?

"What are you doing here?"

Her eyes rose to his, hers turning a vengeful red. "How could you?" It was a hiss, but it conveyed the pain thrumming through her blood.

He stepped around the desk. "How could I what?"

"That woman... how could you? How could you?"

"Elena, I've told you before, you and I are nothing. You have no right to question me about Portia."

Portia. She lifted anguished eyes to him. "I would have given you everything. Why would you belittle what we had by cavorting with that woman?"

Matthew's eyes narrowed. "I am not going to repeat myself anymore, Elena. There is nothing between us!"

"Liar!" she shouted. "Liar! Liar! Liar! You can lie to yourself but don't lie to me."

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