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I had no idea sissy brainwashing was real!

Andre said he agreed with my husband and went on to say it was never too late to pose. I told him that I had posed for my husband, but that we had never found a professional photographer who did nudes. He replied that he knew someone; himself. It was then that I found out that Andre was quite an accomplished outdoor photographer. He told me that he did not often work with models but that he would love to work with me, if I felt comfortable with him. He even offered to pay me a modeling fee, which I quickly refused. We agreed to meet the following afternoon in the local county park.

The park was just down the street from our home. I passed it every day going to work. It never occurred to me that photographers used it for a location. The park ranger who took my dollar at the gate handed me a map of the park. I located the place Andre asked me to me him and pulled into the parking lot at the same time Andre was doing the same. We unloaded his equipment and Andre pointed out the path we needed to follow.

It was a warm fall afternoon. Andre guided me down the path that lead to a meadow. The grass was a mix of green and brown with a scattering of wildflowers. We walked a few hundred yards from the cars and into a grove of trees. I could see and hear voices nearby and followed their sound to see the river a short distance away. Fishermen waded in the water, unaware that a look over their shoulder would soon reward them with the sight of a woman without her clothes. I watched them fish while Andre set up his equipment.

"I did like you asked," I said. "I'm not wearing any underwear."

"Good," Andre responded. "We won't have to wait for the bra and panty lines to fade from your skin."

I had worn my blue checkered short-shorts and a white crocheted halter top. Andre asked me to wear my boots, which came to just below my knee. He complimented me on how I looked and asked if I was ready to start.

"Sure," I said. "Just tell me what you'd like."

"Our light is going to be leaving us soon," he said. "if you don't mind getting right to it, how about a few topless shots?"

"Sounds good to me." I replied.

With that, I reached behind my neck and pulled the strap of my halter. With no effort it came free and I let the top fall away from my breasts. I was already showing Andre more of me than he had ever seen before I started and now he was looking directly at my bare breasts. I don't mean to brag, but I've been told that I have a pretty nice set of tits; a 34D cup. I guess you could call my nipples the color of cherries. They are very sensitive and react to the slightest temperature change. The afternoon breeze on them made them quickly erect.

Andre let a sigh pass over his lips. "I love your breasts"

he breathed. "Would you be offended if I called them tits because I want to call them that very badly?"

I smiled, "Tits will be fine."

I removed the top completely. Standing there in a public park, in broad daylight with my tits bared to the world was an incredible rush. Andre took my hand and led me to a spot where I was bathed in sunlight and had me stand with my hands on my hips. He shot a series of photos with me that way and with my arms raised over my head. As he snapped the photos, Andre fed me constant compliments about how good I looked and what a good model I was. He had me in the palm of his hand and I gladly followed his instructions.

"Can you take of the boots and shorts now? he asked. "Your legs are far too beautiful to keep covered up."

I slipped off my boots and shorts in short order and left them in a pile with my top.

"Your pubic hair is lush and pretty," he said. "has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful pussy?"

I blushed and said that my husband hold said so.

"He's right. Your pussy is superb." Andre said. He spread out a blanket on the ground and took my hand.

"Would you mind laying down on this?" he asked.

I took his hand and let him pose me there on the blanket.

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