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Young Marine home on leave brings pleaseure to a MILF.

My whole body jerked in reaction to that, but I didn't want him to go much further. I wanted to make him feel good.

I put an arm around him and rolled him onto his back. My hard cock escaped my jeans in the process and his hand wrapped around it immediately. I licked at his collarbone and ended up leaving another hickey on him because his hand moving up and down my shaft felt so good.

I kissed my way down his stomach and he had to let go of my cock. I could see the outline of his erection against the material of the pajama pants he'd borrowed. I kissed around the outline and he squirmed a little bit, gasping and grabbing a handful of the comforter. I pulled the elastic of the waistband down, but stopped before his cock was free.

I was really nervous, more nervous than I'd ever been. This was obviously my first time sucking a guy's cock and I hoped that I wasn't going to be bad at it. From the way Ayden reacted, I think I did a pretty good job.

I pulled his pants down and his dick snapped up against his smooth stomach. His whole body is just so smooth. I started off slow, wrapping my hand around his cock and moving my fist up and down. It seemed surreal when I did it, but I wasn't scared or shocked at all. It felt natural. I licked the head of his cock and he took in a sharp breath.

I kept licking his cock. It tasted a little salty, but mostly it was just warm and smooth like the rest of him. He was rock hard and breathing fast. I put my lips around just the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around. His hips thrust forward a little when he softly moaned and I allowed him to slide further into my mouth. It was a weird feeling, just not what I'm used to, but I really like it. I especially like how loud he moaned when I took in as much as I could. There was maybe an inch or two my gag reflex wouldn't allow, but otherwise I think I'm pretty good at it. I moved my head up and down and his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I took it all in and sucked, swirling my tongue around as I let it slide out of my mouth.

The best part came when Ayden suddenly grabbed a fistful of my hair. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open, mid-moan. His hips bucked forward and a shot of heat hit the back of my throat. His cum coated my entire mouth, a new but kind of great taste. He moaned and his breathing was fast as he moved his hips forward a little with every throb of his cock. I kept sucking, pausing to swallow once. When he was done I let his cock fall out of my mouth and swallowed the rest.

I rolled over again and settled next to him. He looked up at me, I'm pretty sure it was in awe.

"You..." he said. Just that.

"Did you like that?" I asked.

He nodded, giving me a quick kiss. "I didn't...I didn't expect that. I've never actually...uhm, never had a guy do that. I've only ever done it for other people."

I messed up his hair and kissed his forehead. "I'm glad you liked it."

"Do you want me to..."

The answer came naturally to me. I didn't even think. "If you want to." I meant that. I honestly got satisfaction just from making him happy.

"I want to," he whispered. Of course I was glad he said that, but I still would have held him if he'd said no.

He moved down my body to my cock and took the whole thing in his mouth. My toes literally curled. And there it was, my constant wet dream coming true. His long bangs touched my stomach, making my entire body even more sensitive to him. His mouth was so warm and wet. He was amazing. The metal snakebite piercings created a great sort of feeling as they glided up and down my shaft while he bobbed his head. I grabbed his hair and he moaned while sucking my cock. That just pushed me over the edge. My hips slammed forward as I came.

When looked up, I saw that he had my jizz on his chin and lips.

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