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Getting comfortable on campus.


"I think she looks good." Brad interrupted.

"I don't care what this asshole thinks, she's mine and she's amazing, not to mention an excellent cook."

"Dude at this point you'd say anything to justify yourself."

"If you come while she's making dinner you're gonna want to eat."

"Bet that."Brad and Anthony said at the same time.

Sean began telling his friends about the time they've spent together while Kylani and her friends talked about her new man.

"So tell me, how'd you end up with someone like him?"Jenette asked enviously.

"You make it sound like she it's impossible for her to get him." Neisha said defensive.

"Anyway, when smart ass wrote the order for my spa visit, he was my masseuse, he followed me around and we finally sat down for coffee and hooked up." Kylani said.

"So how is he in bed?"Jenette asked eagerly.

"Why? You have Brad." Kylani said matter of factly.

Sean walked over and sat by her, kissed her, and started looking at the menu. Neisha was happy for her. She was also curvatious but not like Kylani. She had known Kylani since high school and she knew her best friend more than anyone. She was mixed with curly hair and hazel eyes, and she loved to party. Jenette was a clone to the 125ib. brunette Sean met at the Paradiso. She had hired Neisha and Kylani and they became friends. Jenette was a true slut. She got what she wanted when she wanted it and no one could stop her. Anthony and Brad looked alike but were nowhere near related. They were both 6'0 tall, one with blonde hair one with light brown hair, and they both had blue eyes. They met in college and Anthony became friends with Sean through Brad. Sean and Brad grew up together, they always acted like brothers and stuck together.

"So Sean, what do you do?" Jenette said flirtingly.

"I'm a...well I quit my other job but I'm the owner of Rusman Realty."

Jenette almost choked. Kylani and Brad were surprised that he just came out and told her about his real job since he didn't want anyone to know about his lavish life. Anthony was shocked by the news of his friend's resignation.

"Girl how did you get this man?" Neisha asked smiling.

They stayed and hung out almost all night. When Sean got his Jewel home he kissed and hugged her.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight?" Sean asked.

"Yes I did and you?" Kylani said.

"No, I couldn't wait to get my hands on you."

"Yeah right," She said with a smile "Hey when can I start driving one of the big boys out there?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

"Come on Sean, I know how to drive, I'm an adult."

"I know that, but just because you're an adult don't mean you'll always make adult decisions. I don't want any tickets or accidents."

"Sean, I'm a grown woman I can take care of my own self. I don't need you chaperoning my life."

He looked at her and crossed his arms sensing her attitude.

"Do you really want to go there?"

"I'm not trying to start anything and I remember those shitty ass rules or whatever, but I don't understand why you can't put those aside and start treating me like an adult instead of a child."

"Do you remember the rule about whatever I say goes no objections? What about the one against foul language? Violated, you know what that mean."

"What? Hell no!"

"Kylani, we talked about this, when you break a rule you have to be punished."

"Punished punished," she said in a mocking voice "you tend to believe I'm some kind of school girl or toddler and I'm not." She said walking off.

"Kylani are you really going to do this."

She noticed he called her Jewel lovingly but when he was upset with her she was Kylani. She kept walking realizing how much trouble she was in. She went to his little bar and fixed herself a drink to calm herself down. She could feel his disappointment grow thick when he walked in.

"Are you ready to get this over with?" He asked calmly.

She looked at him and he seemed calm but she knew she had messed up.

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