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The young king needed his mother's body.

"You know how you lost that contest yesterday, well this is what you get for losing. Go with these guys, they'll explain on the way."

"Wait, I thought all 3 had to agree, you guys don't know either!" Mandy said, having noticed that Jenn and Melissa looked pretty bewildered.

"You guys trust me right? We all agree?"

"Yup," said Jenn, "Have fun Mandy, watch that top!" she said and Melissa laughed too as Mandy gave in and followed the guys away, looking dejected as they all waved and laughed.

As Mandy followed them they started to explain, "Your friend signed you up as our body paint subject, we were looking for a girl to paint on stage, obviously you're it."

Mandy actually felt relieved to finally know what was going on. She was nervous, but excited for another chance to show off her body. "Ooooo-k, so what happens now then?"

"Well the prize was you get to meet Majestic One and you get a backstage pass for after as well, your friends will also get them for after."

"That's awesome, they're my favorite band!" Mandy squealed.

"That's what Erin said, and since you've done that wet t-shirt contest, this is easier, you just gotta stand there. No dancing, no judging. This crowd is probably bigger, but either way both places had huge crowds, people at the back wouldn't even see you in any detail anyways...well they'll see your lovely form."


"Also, post painting, you'll be asked to do a lot of photos, and we will be using your image in promotional materials for the tour and the partners and whoever else may benefit, you'll have to sign a release saying that's cool."

"No problem."

"Alright, so let's go backstage, introduce you to your painter and get everything setup, you're not going on for a bit, its not full enough to start yet."

So they headed behind the stage to a ton of huge trailers and buses and stuff that were parked in a big parking lot lot behind the stage area.

"Hey want to meet M1 right now?"

"Umm..can I put on more clothes first? I'd be horrified to meet my idols like this."

The guys laughed and one teased: "What? I thought that was your formal wear, for family outings and such." As Mandy cried out in defense of herself the guys laughed and one asked the other how much time until Mandy was due to get started. It turns out there was plenty.

Guy 2 got on his cell phone and asked the other person to bring a shirt and "shorts..skirt?" the guy said out loud looking at Mandy.

"Skirt, but whatever is easier, I don't really care."

"Skirt if you have it, if not whatever you can get....size?"

"Small, medium fits though."

"Small. Ok Thanks Sue, yeah out front of the trailers meet us."

He called someone else. "Hey Mel, yeah, we got a girl now, you don't need her yet right? See has quite the, uh, canvas, you'll be impressed." sayd the guy as he looked over Mandy's body, causing her to blush. "We're going to take her to meet M1, if you guys need us well be there."

He hung up. "That was one of your painters."


"Yeah, she's fun, you'll like her, she and Eric do great work...on all mediums."

"Awesome, I'm kind of excited..are they going to paint like fake clothes on me or some crazy design?"

"Don't know, they've done both."

"Do I get to wear a thong still?"

"Nope, they paint everywhere, I imagine that it can be a little...invasive."

Mandy couldn't help but smile, "yeah I bet it will be."

They arrived at the trailer nearest the stage, a young girl about Mandy's age was waiting with clothes. She was extremely tanned and cute, but she looked overworked.

"Here you go," she said sweetly. "good luck, wow, you are a great subject."

"Thanks." said Mandy and again blushed as the girl hurried off the way they came.

Mandy slid into a white jean skirt that was tight on her hips and cut pretty short, a perfect length for a hot summer day really.

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