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Two callgirls who perfect the art of tease.

"I'm sorry, Miss Worthing." Jim said, startled. "I didn't see you there. Is there something I can do for you?"

"No, I'm fine, carry on, please don't let me stop you," Miss Worthing said but, as Jim returned to work, she stayed leaning against the door, still watching his every move.

"You're quite fit, aren't you?" she said at last. "I'll bet your girlfriend loves all those muscles."

"Girlfriend? I haven't got a girlfriend," Jim replied as he lifted another bale to the top of the stack.

"No girlfriend? Why ever not?" Miss Worthing said in mock amazement. "A good looking lad like you, surely you have to fight them off."

"I just... I just haven't met the right one," Jim returned. He wasn't going to admit that his crippling shyness around girls was a major contributing factor.

"Well, you're certainly a hit around here. Neither Mrs Johnson nor Amanda and her crew seem to be able to keep their hands off you." Miss Worthing laughed. "I'm assuming that little fiasco in the stables was Amanda's idea; I can't see Kathy volunteering and I would certainly hope you have more sense.

"But that's different," Jim countered. "Aman... Err... Miss Fforbes and her friends aren't interested in me; they just want a victim to play with. Someone who can't fight back." He looked away in embarrassment.

"And Mrs Johnson?" Miss Worthing queried.

"She's just playing with me as well," Jim replied. "She's not mean or vicious like the girls and it can be fun playing with her but she doesn't want me, she's not interested in Jim Broad, anyone will do as long as they're willing, it's all just a game to her, a bit of fun, a nothing. It doesn't mean anything."

"And are you 'willing'?" Miss Worthing queried.

"I was ordered to do whatever she asked; I didn't have that much choice in the matter," Jim gently reminded Miss Worthing. The look on her face told him that he was close to overstepping the mark so he turned back to the bales. With a final shove he picked up the last one and pushed it into place before leaning on his pitchfork, panting slightly.

Miss Worthing looked him over as if weighing something up. "Is that you finished for the night?" she said eventually.

"Yes, that's everything, unless, of course, you have something else for me to do."

"No, not at all. Look, you're all dusty. Why don't you take a shower before you go home? Use the one in the stable block, the one off the staff room." Miss Worthing suggested brightly.

Jim picked up his tee shirt from the bale where he'd put it and thought it over. The dust and sweat had combined to make him all grimy and a shower would be just the job to freshen him up. Although he used the washroom attached to the staffroom when he needed to use the toilet he hadn't thought of using the shower, or indeed, the staffroom itself. He'd been kept far too busy and the tack room had become his de-facto office.

"Thank you, Miss Worthing" He said. "I'd like that."

"Get yourself over there then. I'll fetch a towel for you."

Jim went to the washroom and ran the shower, adjusting the water until it was warm rather than hot. Then he stripped off and stepped into the cubical. As the water cascaded over him he was in heaven, feeling refreshed as the cares of the day washed away along with the dust and the dirt. There was soap and hair shampoo so he was completely clean by the time he had finished and, slightly reluctantly, he stepped out.

"Is that better?" Miss Worthing said as she held out a white fluffy towel. Jim jumped back in embarrassment and doubled up, trying to cover his groin with his hands.

"Don't be such a silly." Miss Worthing chided. "After all, there's nothing I haven't seen before, or have you forgotten? Now stand up straight and dry yourself off."

Reluctantly Jim straightened up and took the couple of steps over to where Miss Worthing stood so that he could take the towel.

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