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Alyssa is pleasured, Scott connects the dots.

He whispered in to my ear saying " you love me rubbing your pussy don't you." I moaned "uh huh" & licked my lips. He told me to reach over and grab my husbands friend Franks crotch & pull out his cock. I thought what are you doing but I did it anyway. Franks cock was huge but then I realized it wasn't completely hard yet?! I slowly strocked his cock as my pussy tingled from his boss, Tyson's finger work. Just as we were about to get to carried away my husband comes up and says he forgot some reports at the office and a gift for the boss at the house. He asked if I would be alright till he got back. I mumbled yes and I still don't remener if it was to him or Tyson's two fingers in my pussy while his thumb rubbed my clit. he said he would hurry as quick as he could & he was gone.

I moaned louder as his pace quickened with his fingers. Then suddenly he stopped. I groaned a sigh and tried to rub my pussy against his hand but he moved it away. The look I must have gave him because the look on his face let me know I was theirs for the night. he leaned over and said you want it don't you. Yes I said. How badly he replied? Bad is all I can say. Then beg he said. No I thought. Then he grabbed my hand & moved it his cock it was huge. BEG HE SNAPPED. As frank rubbed my snatch from behind it was more than I could take. Please I need your cocks know please I exist only for your cocks. I heard three men laugh I had forgot about his son Louis. they led me around the corner of the bar where the pool table and dartboards were. The 50 or 60 other people were just around the corner at the piano bar just 15-20 feet away or directly across outside doing karaoke but might easily see us. This is where I became my true self and this is where it began!!

I dropped to my knees in front of Tyson and pulled his Armani pants down He was a middle aged man of 45 Italian and built about 6 feet 220 pounds but his son Louis was about 5 feet 8 245 pounds of thick sexy muscle. Tyson's cock being about 8 inches and normal thickness but Frank also Italian about 5 feet 6 190 pounds must have been about 12 inches but a little thinner. then Louis pulled out what I thought was a club it was about 10 inches but thick. My god so thick I barely could get 2 hands around it. I did my best taking turns jerking and trying to suck these cocks. I knew I'd never be the same. they pulled me up and stripped my dress up to my waist. they laid me over the corner of the pool table when Louis moved behind me. I tried to suck both cocks in front of me.

Suddenly I realized if anyone looked up or around the corner they'ed see everything. Just then Louis started to rub the head of his massive cock against my pussy. Now I didn't care who saw. I settled on franks long cock in my mouth. I licked from the tip 2 the base licking then sucking his balls. Then up to the head I sucked. he grabbed my hair & told me to swallow it all. I started to shale my head no way could I When Louis thrust what I know had to have been a baseball bat into my pussy. the thrust slammed me forward forcing franks dick 3/4 the way down me throat. I groaned so loud I'm sure everyone heard. I started to say I couldn't believe I took all of Louis's rod when he pulled back and slid the other half in. That was it I spasmed in orgasm & screamed I was cumming.

Louis kept slamming into me deeper & deeper while all the time I beg him not to stop 2-3-4 orgasms as my pussy gushes wetter. I cry that I live for their cocks. The boss leans over and whispers into my ear the question do you cares who knows or sees what a cock slut you are. As Louis keeps pounding me I scream no I don't care who sees what a dirty slut I am. As I grew more relaxed with Louis size I lunge for franks cock I beg him to fuck my face.

Grabbing two hands full of my hair after sliding my dress completely off and my panties long since being gone, and in rhythm with Louis thrusting deep down my throat.

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