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A wife issues a challenge to her husband and best friend.

I was crushing her breasts and still going hell for leather but I wasn't going to last much longer. I wondered how she was going, but only in a disinterested way, I have to admit. My driving need had me fully committed to what I was doing.

Then I was climaxing and she seemed to go into contortions at the same time, bending almost in double she was pushing back against me so hard. Her muffled screaming rose to a crescendo and then tailed away and she leant against the side of the house, exhausted. I was in a similar condition.

"What the hell was that in aid of," Denise asked as she hastily tidied her clothes.

"A warning to mind your own business, perhaps?" I suggested.

She just looked at me.

"Well, don't expect that to happen again. That was a one-off that never should have happened. You should be ashamed of yourself, jumping a poor helpless woman like that."

Where was the poor helpless woman, I couldn't help wondering?

"Anyway, back to what we were discussing, when are you seeing Megan?"

Some people are born snoops and it seemed Denise was one of them.

"We weren't discussing Megan. I don't discuss ladies. Goodbye, Denise."

She humphed and grumbled but departed, leaving me to finish washing my car. Should I have been surprised at her willingness for me to all but rape her? Probably, but somehow I wasn't. It had, all things considered, been a totally unexpected encounter. Unexpected by both of us, really, but sweet for all that.

Megan turned up just after lunch as promised. Being a gentleman I didn't rush her straight off to the bedroom. I escorted her into the front room.

"You're probably feeling as nervous as a kitten arguing with a Doberman," I said, "so I'm going to make you even more uncomfortable."

I smiled at the look on her face.

"I want you to get undressed," I said. "You'll find that it will actually help you to relax and will also give you a little bit of a sexual thrill. You're committing yourself and you're taking those first steps to show it."

She blushed and looked around as if making sure there was no-one else here. Then she started fiddling with buttons.

"Um, do you have to watch?" she asked.

"Yes. It helps make you more aware of your body and that you're female. Getting undressed knowing I'm watching will actually stimulate you."

She blushed some more and then set to work. She didn't try to turn away from me, facing up to me as her clothes slowly came off. Once she was naked she just stood there, hands behind her back, her face slightly flushed.

"Let's just sit on the couch for a short while," I suggested, following up on the suggestion by sitting and drawing her down onto my lap.

"You know what I'm going to do now?"

She nodded. She should have known. We went through this scenario the other evening. I bent down and kissed her breast, lightly suckling on a nipple.

For a while I followed the path she already knew, teasing and touching and generally arousing her. Once she was nicely warmed up I deviated from what she expected. I swung her to her feet and stood up.

"It doesn't seem fair, you naked and me with all these clothes. Why don't you take them off for me?"

She was flushed and breathing hard and now slightly shocked.

"You want me to undress you?"

"Uh-huh. You shouldn't find it too difficult."

She chewed on her lip for a moment and then started undoing the buttons on my shirt. She had no problems helping me out of that and found taking my singlet off was quite easy, too. I was quite fit, not having a pot-belly yet, so I didn't think seeing me naked would frighten her away.

She was a little more nervous when she took my trousers down, eyes continuing to flick towards my shorts and the bulge under them.

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