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Immediately following the end of her hand-spanking, Colby picked up the wooden paddle.

"You're getting twenty-five spanks with this paddle, young lady. I want to hear you count them out, thank me after each one, and ask for the next. If you fail to do any of these things the stroke will not count. If I have to remind you more than twice we will start over from the beginning. Do you understand, Brandy Lynn?"

"Yes, Sir, I understand"

"Good, then lets begin, shall we? Start the count."

"Please sir, give me the first stroke of the paddle." Brandy said, trying to brace herself for the pain that he was making her ask for.

Raising his hand high, Colby swiftly brought the paddle down to land with a splat on her left bottom globe. Brandy couldn't help but utter a startled yelp. The pain was intense on her already sore backside. It seemed to explode across her bottom and reverberate across every nerve in her body.

"Please, Colby, not so hard. It hurts so bad! I promise I will be good. I've learned my lesson and won't mess up again, just please don't spank me any more." Brandy implored him, hoping against hope that just this one time he would stop.

"Brandy, I hear the same promises from you every time you are being punished. If your promises were sincere then you wouldn't be finding yourself in your current position, now would you? I fully intend for that to change tonight. I am going to give you a punishment that I hope will make you think twice in the future. Apparently, I have been too lenient in past lessons as they do not seem to have gotten through to you...but this one will or the next one will last an entire weekend. Now, are you going to ask for the next stroke or should I just double the count to fifty?"

"No, NO, don't double it, PLEASE. I'll count!"

"Good, then let's get on with it."

"Thank you Sir, for the first stroke, please give me the second so I will learn my lesson."

Again, Colby raised his hand and delivered a blistering stroke to her right bottom cheek. Two matching scarlet blotches could now be seen super imposed on the lighter red coloring imposed upon her from the hand-spanking..

The paddling continued her thanking him and asking for the next stroke, he delivering stroke after harsh stroke until the entire twenty-five had been given; leaving her bottom and thighs an intense shade of scarlet.

"You took those very well, Brandy Lynn, but we aren't quite done with this position. Lift your legs high and spread them as wide as you can, it's time to punish that naughty pussy and anus, my dear."
Brandy cringed at his words but complied while he exchanged the paddle for the short leather strap.

"You will be receiving 6 strokes on each area, no need to count them or thank me for them. Do no move out of position or the stroke will not count and you will receive it again. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir"

Raising the strap, Colby brought it down with medium force up her open pussy, catching the entire length with its stinging kiss. She tried to hold her reaction inside, emitting only a slight hiss between her clenched teeth.

Every 15 seconds Colby delivered another stroke to her most tender area. By the third stroke, Brandy was thrashing her head and moaning; clutching her legs so tight the tips of her fingers turned white. She was bound and determined not to get out of position. There was no way that she wanted to receive any more strokes than she must.

By the sixth stroke, her pussy was bright pink, the inner lips and clit slightly swollen...and very wet. He knew, that know matter how painful a spanking she got, she was always aroused by them. He couldn't wait until the time came for him to feel himself buried deep within her.

"You are taking your punishment well tonight. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, Sir.", said Brandy, his words of praise lightening the heaviness in her heart a bit. She hated that she disappointed him and knew that whatever punishment she receive, she deserves. She wouldn't hesitate to punish him just as severely had the roles been reversed.

"Now, its time for your anus to

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