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Anna sees a very different side of Erica.

Next door was another villa. It's yard was basically all sand. There was an elevated deck to one side with steps leading down to the beach. Continuing down the shore was a third house. It looked unoccupied, its windows boarded up, and the yard in front seemed overgrown. There were no other houses before the dingy dock that we'd seen earlier. I guessed that boats that moored further down the beach in the cove used this dock as their access to the island. At the other end of the beach I could see a number of boats tied up to mooring pins. On the beach opposite these boats a number of tables and chairs were scattered and I presumed this to be a beach bar and restaurant that I'd read about in the documents about the house.

We began our return to our end of the beach. There was a little coral reef about 200 feet off the sand and we took some time to swim around it peering through the water. I made a mental note to come back out with goggles or my snorkel gear to get a better look. Heading back in to shore I pulled up even with Liz as we stroked in.

"Hey," she said. "Are there people out on the beach at the house next to us?"

I squinted to bring things into focus. I could make out two people unfolding low beach chairs right at the edge of the water. There was a man who looked to be in his 50s, grey hair on his head and chest. He was wearing a Speedo style swimsuit like I wear in the pool at home. He looked very tan. The other was a woman, also tan. Her shoulder length hair was pulled into a pony tail, a beautiful silver color which was in stark contrast to her dark skin color. She had on a bikini top and a colorful sarong was wrapped around her hips. I noticed as she took it off and sat down that the bottoms were a T-back style. I'd tried to get Liz to consider wearing one of those on this trip but she was too afraid that she wasn't thin enough.

It became obvious that our neighbors were settling in to their chairs to enjoy the morning sun and a beachside breakfast. Liz turned to me with a panicked look.

"What are we going to do now. There's no way to get back to the house without being seen."

"Well," I responded. "Our choices are to stay here until they go back in, and we don't know how long that will be, or just bite the bullet and be nonchalant about it. I mean, after all, it is the tropics. They're not wearing much more that we are. We'll just be casual about it, as if its something we do everyday. I'll walk beside you so that I'm between you and them."

By this time we were in about 3 feet of water and 25 or so feet away from the beach and another 20 feet to our gate. I remembered having shut the gate after we came out. I could see our towels on the other side of the fence laying on a small table under the palm trees.

"Are you ready?" I ask Liz. "Don't run and splash, that will just draw attention to ourselves. Plus, you needn't be embarrassed. I think you look hot!"

Hand in hand we stood up and began our walk. I glanced to the right to see if the folks next door were even aware that we were there. Both were looking directly at us and the woman lifted her arm with a wave.

"Well," I reported to Liz, "We've been seen. Just smile and wave back."

And that's just what we did. It only took a few seconds to get to the gate but my heart was going a hundred miles and hour and it seemed like it took 10 minutes. On top of that, the latch for the gate was rusted and it took a bit longer to get it undone. Finally we were back inside our yard and out of view. We both wrapped towels around ourselves to dry off. We both started laughing.

"Howdy neighbor!" I said to Liz. "That's a heck of a way to make an impression. I hope we didn't scare them too badly."

We were just about to head up to the deck and get breakfast when we heard a voice call out.


It was our next door neighbors not standing at the fence at the corner of the yard where our yard bordered theirs.

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