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"Hey!" Shouted a familiar voice. "Calm down. Relax."

Lexus' eyes filled with tears of anger and relief. "You left me!" He screamed yanking out of Darian's grip as they both tried to right themselves. Darian grabbed him again by his upper arms, his grip tight as a vice, and Lexus shoved and hit him. He pushed against his chest, throwing all.of his weight backwards. "You left me! I trusted you, and you left me!" He was blind in the darkness, and his struggles had him falling against a wall covered in that similar material.

Darian said nothing. They shifted until his hard body was between Lexus and the wall, and sat down with Lexus in his embrace, pinning him down with his side against Darians chest. He laid his leg over both of the struggling man's, effectively restricting his movements.

Lexus slowly calmed in his grip. His breath still came in sharp short bursts, any attempt to draw a deep breath causing his lungs to seize and ache. Despite his anger and fear of being locked in this room, he felt safe in this man's embrace. The thought renewed his anger and he twisted sharply, straining his arms against Darian's grip. He knew he couldn't break free but he wanted to inconvenience him. He felt like being petty was his only defense.

It was 10 minutes before either of them said anything, or moved. Lexus' breathing had returned mostly to normal and Darian slowly released his grip. Lexus flung himself away from Darian, who grabbed him by the arm to keep him from getting far. And then with a sharp pain his head whipped to the side and he fell hard against the padded floor, his face throbbing as he was slapped hard. In his minds eye, he imagined old Hollywood movies where the pimp would slap his hoe after cocking his arm back, hand firm, in a hard downward motion that would put her on her knees. He whimpered, holding his face. He felt Darian stand. "First of all." He said, his voice like ice down Lexus,' spine. "You will remember who you are talking to."

Lexus said nothing, curling up on the mat. "Second of all, you can't hit me for shit I don't even know about. I'm guessing something happened. Care to enlighten me?"

Lexus sniffed from the floor, and slowly sat up. He reached out and felt his pant leg and leaned into it, his forhead against his shin. "Guy named Kendall dragged me out of the cell and pinned m-me down in t-the hallway." He whispered, plucking at a stray thread he found in the seam of DCs pants. He focused on his solid form to distract himself from the walls that seemed to be closing in through the darkness.

Darian chuckled, and Lexus hit his fist against his thigh. "It's not funny!" He said loudly, and Darians chuckle turned to a snarl. "I-I'm sorry, Boss..."

"Kendall is a bitch and he loves fucking with wimps because it makes him feel powerful." He said. "All you gotta do to make that pussy back off is act like you're gonna hit him." He ran his hand through Lexus' hair, brushing it back from his cold, clammy forehead.

"So basically I got raped by the biggest bitch in this place. That's not gonna put a target on my back or anything."

"I protect my own. I wasn't expecting that asshole to fuck with you that day, I wasn't planning on ending up in here. Then I traded a favor for you with Benny."

It was as close to an apology Lexus figured he would get. He remembered that it was curious that Benny was the one to come up so often. He's interacted more with Benny than any other guard. "Do you ever plan to end up in solitary?"

"I've been in here 16 years, boy. Sometimes I need a change of scenery."

Lexus coughed, wondering how miserable he must be to pick fights on purpose to land in a dark padded room.

They sat-well, Lexus sat and Darian stood against the wall in silence for several long moments. Lexus felt the walls, invisible but so close to crushing him. He needed a distraction. He licked his lips, and he felt a shift in his loins as he imagined making Boss orgasm again. Of his own orgasms that have been denied to him so far.

He hesitated before Reaching up,

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