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Dad needs relieving, should I help.

I saw him ogling my breasts. My nipples are always hard and when the cold crisp air hit them that morning, they were just sticking straight out like the knobs on my dresser. I was so glad I had gone to the spa the day before and had that Brazilian done. I would have been totally mortified if my pussy wasn't all neat and tidy. Don't you just love the feel of your skin after it's just been waxed? So smooth!

Well, Brownie was getting his eyes filled that morning. I'm sure he can't wait for me to order the rest of Tom's golf clubs. The one he was delivering that day was the putter I had ordered for his birthday. It had been on backorder and I told Tom ahead of time whenever his birthday gift was delivered that we would celebrate his birthday all over again with another birthday blowjob. I'm still so in love with Tom, but deep inside me, I love his cock even more. Oh, Sue, I think that was a play on words. Ha. Ha. You know what I mean!

So, the UPS guy shoves the long box over to me and I try to grab that and yank my bathrobe closed at the same time. I never realized that one of my boobs wasn't quite inside the robe. He still needed me to sign that little electronic box they carry around with them. I think he was just waiting for another unveiling to occur. Sue, when I handed him back the box thingy, he had a huge bulge in those cute brown shorts they wear. His wife must be a very lucky lady to own the package that UPS man must deliver every night.

When I closed the door finally, there was Fred, sitting up on his hind legs with the belt between his teeth. Some days he reminds me of Tom. Men are all alike!

I want to finish telling you about our trip to Rumson in August. I already told you we were staying in Tom's boss's house that's not really just a house, but a mansion. Mary had already told us the two hired-help they have would only be around on the weekends.

Come to find out, they are a married couple who are here illegally from Russia. Alex is the gardener most of the time, but if George needs a ride into the city, he'll have Alex get cleaned up with his black suit and cap and drive him in. I think they've even asked him to butler at some of their big fancy Christmas parties they have. His wife is Lydia and she does all the cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping for Mary. Nice, nice couple. I hope they can find a way to make their stay here more permanent. When I have more time to write, I'll fill you in about all the other services they provide for Tom's boss and his wife. Woohoo!

When Lydia heard all the commotion going on in the foyer with our suitcases and all, she came running to help us get settled into one of the bedrooms upstairs. She told us we could make ourselves to home and pointed us in the direction of the kitchen. She said there was plenty of food in the fridge and the bar was completely stocked. She told us George had asked her to bring up his best bottle of champagne and put it on ice because he knew we were going to be celebrating Tom's birthday.

While Lydia schlepped upstairs with all of our bags, we made our way toward the kitchen. Did I tell you about the black marble floor in the foyer? Absolutely gorgeous! It had little specs of shiny stones in it that sparkled like diamonds. Tom told me it was mica. I just thought it was bits of glass. But, up against that red carpet on the stairway made for a striking contrast and the word gorgeous doesn't do it justice. As we walked out of that area to find the kitchen, I whispered to Tom that I wanted to make love to him right there in the middle of the staircase, on that red carpet that looked like velvet. I was hoping that Lydia didn't overhear what I had said, but I couldn't wait for those two to leave the house for the week.

I'm so in love with Tom and I had a goal to fuck him in every room of this mansion, but first we had to pop that cork.

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