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The insidious seed is planted by a married colleague.

These elves are magical creatures. They would cast spells, but they lack a source of spirit energy sufficient to break their magical bonds. If they get your cum, they get spirit energy that they can save until we are gone. If they get pregnant, they get a small version of your aura.

"Yeah, I know. So?"

So, any elves you fuck are going to get magic, and they can use that magic to escape their chains. The Unredeemed no longer wish to remain in the Belfry, which has become a prison for them. We can assume that all of them will quickly vanish into orc territory once they know they have spirit energy. We don't even want to contemplate what could come next, especially with one who can retain your aura for the next nine months, with the orcs. It would be like pouring sugar on a fire ant colony.

Cresania had just put on her white robe and rejoined us.

"I apologize for my fervor. I wished to conduct an experiment, but I confess I had neglected to consider some of the risks." To my surprise, I had the impression that Cresania was not as worried about a sudden attack from Medina as the rest of the coven. She was not entirely aware of our telepathic conversation, however.

"Your ladyship, we only wish to help," Morgana replied. Then she turned to me. "I'm guessing that Medina does not realize you are here alone, at least for the time being. Let's not push our luck."

"Medina does not have to wait for Jeanie to leave the sanctuary. She does as she pleases, and sends assassins wherever she will," Cresania lectured. "Listen to me now, Lady Morgana. You can hide from other witches in Faroldhomme, but not from the serene adept."

"Your point is well taken," Morgana said. "Now, about the, uh, the elves here?" Morgana's meaning was clear, that she implied the elves that I had fucked, who could now escape, if they knew.

"A miscalculation on my part. I thought it would surely work. We're bringing three of them back to the village," Cresania said.

"Very well, your ladyship," Morgana said.

I caught Irina's eye, and she looked back at me, somewhat warily.

"Hey blondie," I said, smiling. "I haven't seen you for two whole days. Don't I at least get a hug?"

She smiled at me coyly, then embraced and kissed me. I beckoned Karina over and kissed and hugged her as well. Soon the three of us were sharing in a sweet three-way kiss, and I was thrilled to be back with them.

"Ahem," Morgana said. "Let's get going, remember?"

Morgana brought the three elves I had fucked together and through a little telepathic snooping, confirmed her fears that they still had the Urge. After conferring with the elves that came along as guards, they agreed to escort us and ensure that the three Unredeemed elves would return home, leaving seven to wait.

Cresania used a simple incantation to release the elves from their mithril chains. This made the elven guards nervous, but as an elder they held their tongues. The urge comes and goes with the Unredeemed, if it were to suddenly take hold, and the prisoners knew they had spirit energy, they would try to make good their escape.

"They will need a change of clothes," one of the elven guards suggested.

Morgana nodded to her and with a gesture, conjured a white gossamer dress with a wave of her hand, then another and finally a third. We offered them to the Unredeemed, who looked upon the robes disdainfully.

"Come on, I conjured them out of thin air, just for you!" Morgana complained. Had she been using hard-earned and finite reserves of magic, she never would have wasted it so frivolously, but she was within my aura and took every advantage.

While this was taking place, I imagined my stone fortress, and I imagined each of the three elves coming in through its massive main gate.

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