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Gary encounters a succubus.

Pulling off each other's clothes was easy because M Chan was wearing just a sweater with no bra underneath and a short skirt with only stockings and a garter belt. Once I got my pants and underwear off nothing else mattered to M Chan because this gave her free access to my rock hard cock.

"Lie down on your back!" M Chan commanded me, "I want to get on top and suck your cock while you lick and tongue fuck my pussy and ass."

As soon as I was flat on my back, M Chan threw her leg over my head and pushed her wet, dripping pussy into my waiting mouth. At the same time I could feel my big hard cock sliding into her warm wet mouth. I stayed away from licking her small hard clit because I knew the minute I touched her there she was going to cum very hard. I wanted to wait and tease her a bit before letting her explode. I moved my tongue to her asshole and started licking all around her little butthole. When I started to slide my tongue into her asshole, M Chan nearly swallowed my cock and balls into her throat, she was moaning so hard that I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself from shooting my load down her throat.

"You're not cumming yet!" M Chan groaned as she released my growing cock from her mouth. "I love having my ass played with as much as I love having my pussy fucked." That's when she started reaching into her carry bag again for something, and pulled out this little pink butt plug and passed it to me. "Slide this in and out of my asshole while you lick my pussy, and when I tell you, suck on my clit and watch me shoot my pussy juice all over you!" M Chan groaned.

After wetting the butt plug with my spit, I watched it slide into M Chan's tight little asshole with so much ease, that I was a little surprised at first. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, but had heard lots of stories about how much it could hurt if not done right. When I knew that it wasn't hurting her, but giving her so much pleasure I started to slowly slide the plug in and out, while at the same time I slide two fingers into M Chan's super tight pussy. That got her going on my cock again, only this time she wasn't using her mouth, but her cute little hands. While she was stroking my cock up and down with one hand her other was playing with my balls and rubbing my asshole.

"This feels so fucking good. Fuck my ass faster, that's it, I'm almost there!" M Chan was moaning. "I love the way your fingers are rubbing my G-spot and the plug is fucking my ass at the same time." "Suck my clit, now and watch me explode my cunt juices all over your face!"

As soon as I sucked M Chan's hard little clit into my mouth I could feel her body start to shake and her moans were growing louder and louder by the second. The first sign that she was getting ready to shoot was from her asshole, it tightened up so hard that I couldn't move the plug in or out anymore, then her pussy starting squeezing my fingers and a white cream started flowing out and down my hand and onto my cheek. When I used my hand from the butt plug to pinch her nipple, M Chan really let go. Her body was convulsing, and M Chan was screaming, "FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!" , that's when she started squirting pussy juice like it was coming out of a water gun. She was shooting so much juice all over my face and hand that I thought that I was going to drown. I had seen it in videos before but never in real life like this, it was so amazing and such a turn on.

As quickly as I could roll M Chan off of me and onto her back, I grabbed one of the condoms she had taken out of her bag early and slide it onto my cock. Without waiting for M Chan to come down from her orgasm, or to take the butt plug out of her asshole, I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me, then put her legs up around my shoulders. I put the head of my big hard cock to the entrance of her hot wet pussy and then drove into her as far and as fast as I could.

I thought that I had made a mistake at first because M Chan screamed and then it seemed like she had pas

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