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Misaki finished Sachiko first, as she had relatively little hair to remove. She planted a small kiss on the top of her small slit near where her clit was hidden and bid Sachiko to now make sure that she was smooth also, and the women switched places.

When Shinju finished cleaning Pat, she ensuring she was smooth all over by slowly running her fingers all around Pat's vaginal area and planted a few lingering kisses on each lip and her clit before handing her a mirror so she could see her new totally bare sex.

"Oh my God" Pat explained, "I look like a sixteen year old slut now. What will Rick ever think of it?"

Shinju then softly kissed Pat on the lips and said, "Sometimes it's fun to feel like a slut, I certainly sometimes enjoyed it when I was one. Rick will love it just as much as he already loves every part of you. You are just removing your last barriers to giving yourself fully and completely to him, that no part of you is now a secret to him."

If the swelling bulge in the front of Rick's pants was any indication, he couldn't wait to sample his wife's newly revealed charms.

The girls kissed again and hugged, and exchanged places, and it look no time at all for Pat to remove any tiny stubble Shinju might have had on her, Pat slowly kissed the top of Shinju's mound when she was done. Nude, all four women finished drying themselves and emerged from the bathroom, extinguishing the candles there and in the near total darkness we remained silent and hidden and quite undetected as the women moved into the bedroom and started to light more candles in there. If Shinju winked in our general direction, it remained most definitely a secret to the other three women.

Shinju and Misaki kissed deeply at the foot of the bed, rubbed their noses and tits together a bit and giggled, and then each took a long silk belt from a kimono. Shinju walked up to Pat, who seemed extremely nervous from the sound of her voice, and deeply open mouthed kissed her, her hands openly caressing her large soft white breasts. She told Pat to sit on the chair next to the bed, and she did. She then asked what hand Pat used to masturbate herself with and Pat lifted her right hand, which was then immediately tied behind her back so she was affixed to the chair with only her left hand free.

Misaki had done the exact same with Sachiko, whose right hand was also tied behind her back onto a chair on the other side of the bed at Pat's. Misaki then sat in Sachiko's lap facing her and they began to kiss passionately, and we heard Misaki whispering to her captive naked lover for a few minutes before they parted.

Shinju and Misaki climbed onto the bed together and again deeply kissed, before they separated and Misaki lay down upon the bed and spread her legs eagerly for her lover's attentions. But first Shinju addressed her two captive watchers in turn.

"Sachiko, your love scene in the movie with Misaki is not going well because you say you do not understand female love and have never experienced what it is like to enjoy a woman as a lover. You wish to learn how a Samurai lady would make love with her favored servant woman, and tonight you will learn. As you learn I want you to orgasm slowly and with your unfamiliar hand, as if it were the hand of a new and unfamiliar lover. Patricia, you are my friend but you are now eager to now become my lover as well, but this is an important first step that can never be taken back once started, and while I would welcome the embrace of your body with mine, it would be best if you knew more of what fate would certainly befall you once our paths as lovers has begun."

Shinju blew a last kiss to each bound woman, and immediately dove into Misaki's arms and the truly serious and torrid lovemaking now began in earnest.

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