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A warning.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes Dylan!! Fuck... God!! Where... Where did you learn that??" Taylor says, the approval clear from her moans alone as her hand plays with his hair as her now more than just a regular friend continues to work his tongue against and around her snatch, his lips stained with her forming juices from how eagerly he's been tasting her sweet and needy hole. "Ahhhhh... You could... Mmmmm... Teach Karlie and Selena a thing... Mmmmm!! A thing or two about eating pussy..." She compliments, showing no shame in having revealed perhaps details of her private life to him and her now former rival, who herself is keeping more than busy by sucking away on the lengthy man meat of the stud who was supposed to be making them all bond as friends, and instead is now in the hottest threesome of his life getting blown by Katy Perry while eating out Taylor Swift at the same time.

Delivering another couple of sucks, the female on her knees on the floor lifts her head away with a groan, smirking as Katy takes in air for a moment and watches the other two involved in this enjoying themselves still. "I bet he is fucking good at munching some carpet... But personally, I think I'm way better at it." She boldly says, shifting back to stand up as she begins to further peel her dress off her curvaceous body.

Hearing that, both the others look over to Perry as Dylan lifts his head away from the snatch he'd been working over, but both take a long moment to just enjoy the sight of her large tits, and then her full, sexily thick backside along with her rather wet appearing pussy as Perry steps out of the dress. "Oh, you think so?" Taylor smirks as she swings her head over the back of the couch she's been straddling. "Well, we do have a lot of time to catch up on..." She says, accepting the offer as she now sits on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart for her ex-rival, following the lead as she now lifts her tight top up and over her head to let her perky and perfectly rounded tits be revealled.

"This... This is crazy!" Dylan admits as he watches Katy eagerly moving up now between those pins of the blonde. "But damned if it isn't fucking awesome..."

"Hey, who says you're getting a break..." Perry smirks now as she looks over at him, teasingly bringing her face close to the other woman's snatch. "How about you get the lube out of my bag over there, and you can fuck my ass?" She boldly says, her voice alone showing she isn't messing around with the offer as she shifts herself to be invitingly in the classic doggy style position.

"You fucking whore!!" Swift says, eyes wide upon hearing that offer but grinning with approval. "Offering up your ass to your friend like that... What makes you think... Oh, nevermind..." She trails off, laughing as he sees what he's doing.

Indeed, Dylan has already (as any red blooded male would) accepted the invitation as he's moved across to Perry's handbag, searching and finding the bottle of sex lubricant, now moving back to them and popping the lid off, so he can pour it down into the crack of Katy's big, juicy backside, causing her to groan as it trickles down over her asshole and splashes against her cheeks.

"Well... Ahhhhh... I can't risk a pregnancy..." Katy reasons but her sly smirk cast up at the woman she's kneeling between shows that there's more than just that boring reason to wanting that big dick in her ass. "Mmmmm... And if he can handle getting blown by us both? Imagine... Ahhhhh... How good he must be a fucking..." She groans, as he continues to ready her by using his finger, pushing it in and out of her backside in order to properly lube up that tight feeling back passage, and this finger banging alone is already making her push that juicy rump back towards him.

"Excuses excuses Katy.

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