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The good, the bad, and the lucky.

How could she do it? Women in my headphones sang about having two lovers that she loved "both the same!" I wasn't really listening to it, but I guess on some level I heard.

The truth of my situation flared to light like a match striking fire. THERE WERE TWO WOMEN! I screamed my muffled scream up the vagina on my face, "My god, Valeri..."

But that's all I had. I couldn't get my mind around the reality of it. My cock swelled, my balls drew up, and all thought ceased. Instinctively I kept licking and sucking the strange fury cunt, but all awareness and attention was focused on my imminent orgasm. My Valeri, my Lady Deep Throat felt it too and plunged my cock as deep into her throat as she could and sucked with unbelievable strength.

It was the strongest eruption I have ever had, by far. I exploded!! The power of my seminal release was nothing less than a launch. Every part of my body gathered together for that sole purpose, and let go in unison. Wave after wave of such intense pleasure racked my body so deeply that it, somehow, was painful. Exquisitely painful! After forever had come and gone, I started settling down. Lady Deep Throat, whose fingers were dug tight into my ass cheeks, slowly withdrew her mouth from my still throbbing cock. This act provided sufficient stimulation to generate multiple after-shocks. I trembled again with another, though milder orgasm. I had never before had a double orgasm.

Clouds of passion and confusion, of sweat and pussies and breasts with pudding, all swirled like snapshots and strobe lights in my head. My breathing returned to normal, and only then could I gain any sense of the last few...what... minutes...hours. My sense of smell returned, and I caught a whiff of that strange vagina, it's juices drying on my face.

God, what happened? Surely this all had to be a dream! It was as impossible as anything in a dream. I needed perspective. Go back to the start...when did it start. And this I did. I tried to anchor on getting out of bed this morning. Then having that firmly rooted in my mind I followed the sequence of the days events. They story unreeled like a movie in my head. It had all the detail, all the senses, sound and touch, smell and even sight. Except now, even though sight was stolen from me now, that in itself somehow made it real. The whole thing was real! Bazaar as hell, but real.

Another thing was real too. I said, "I have to take a piss" in my most demanding voice. I don't know what I expected, but for a minute there was nothing. "This is no joke, I have to pee!"

The next thing I knew my penis was being grabbed and pull. It felt like a condom was being put on my limp penis. It was not a gentle struggle. I think my cock was refusing to be stuck into anything again today, but the assault team was persistent. When my handlers stopped and my poor penis fell back to my belly, there was something encasing my abused organ.

The joyful tones of my dear wife broke in to my musical world, " OK, big boy, take your leak."

"What... here?" I said. "In front of whats-her-name?" Then I laughed at my own silliness. Being bashful after what just transpired was nuts. I peed.

"What is whats-her-names name?" I asked as my bladder emptied itself into whatever was attached to my penis.

"Who's name?" my captor replied.

"The other women Val," I said proudly. "I know there are two of you. You couldn't deep-throat me with you pussy on my face. Or was that your pussy on my face and you didn't really have a Brazilian?" I had only to taste my pussy soaked lips to know that the fury pussy was not Valeri.

"She giggled into my headphones. The giggle had all the bravado of the SEG I saw on her face at the beginning of all of this. She said, "So many questions. I'll answer one. Her name is..... the Siren of Wind", then she went silent leaving me with, of all things, Roger Miller singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport". Did she plan the timing of this music?

I finished draining my pipes, and was happy when the devise was wrestled off my cock.

Valeri came o

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